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Yu Yu Hakusho

Introduction(Yu Yu Hakusho)

This page is about Yu Yu Hakusho properties, summary, famous character and premier date. After reading Yu Yu Hakusho you will know about its episodes.

 Episode list of Yu Yu Hakusho anime

Anime. Yu Yu Hakusho’s animation was directed by Noriyuki Abe and co-produced by Fuji TV, Yomiko Advertising and Studio Pierrot. A 112 episode series aired on Fuji TV from 10 October 1992 to 7 January 1995.

1 Season 1: Spirit Detective Saga (1992-1993)
2 Season 2: Dark Tournament Saga (1993-1994)
3 Season 3: Chapter Black Saga (1994)
4 Season 4: Three Kings Saga (1994)

How to get started(Yu Yu Hakusho)

The story begins with the thug Yusuke Urameshi who is killed and prevents the child from hitting a car. Now a spirit, he meets Button, a blue-haired guide to the spirit world, where all sentient beings go after their death. The problem is that Yusuke can’t die and he doesn’t know what Spirit World will do with it. Fortunately for him, it will be a challenge, but there is a way for him to come back.

Through Yusuke’s journey as a spirit and spirit detective, he meets and befriends all kinds of characters, from the deadly and gentle fox demon Kurama to the third eye Hiei, the noisy and romantic Kuwahara. It is up to these four young men to keep the human world safe from demons, monsters, and evil humans as they try to outdo the class.


Yu Yu Hakusho Where to read manga

Manga is available digitally from iBooks, Google Play, and ComiXology for $ 6.99 per volume. E-book readers such as Nook and Kindle can be used for the same price. For those who prefer a physical copy, this series is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and even Walmart. The suggested retail price for each volume is $ 9.99. You can also check availability at your local comic store or order a copy.


Highlights of the anime Yu Yu Hakusho


The entire TV series is available on the Funimation website. You can watch it for free with ads or you can watch it ad-free with a subscription. Both Hulu and Amazon Prime have their first season streaming. Amazon also sells DVD copies of each season for around $ 19.99 or the Blu-ray version for $ 34.42. If you have Netflix and VPN, you can use the entire series on a Japanese server.

There are 2 films of the Yuu ☆ Drama film version and 6 episodes of OVA. The OVA episode and the first movie, Yu Yu Hakusho: Golden Seal, are available on Amazon for $ 19.99. Yuyu Hakusho: The Poltergeist Report movie is out of stock, but you can buy it on DVD for $ 69.98 and on Amazon for $ 9.98 on VHS. Two more OVA episodes were released in Japan in 2019. Funimation has obtained those licenses but has not yet released them in the state.

Best Properties of Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho has different many ways from other anime. The following are the Best Properties of Yu Yu Hakusho.

Yu Yu Hakusho is ever of the best action anime

Yu Yu Hakusho

If you ask anime fans about your favourite series. You might hear Yoshihiro Togashi’s Yu Yu Hakusho among the many answers. There are many reasons why this series is at the top. As it captures the spirit of the times in both Japan and the United States. To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the series.

The new OVA Special, released in Japan, explains exactly why Yu Yu Hakusho is remembered. So fondly as one of the great anime classics. This is the best time. Plenty of action anime is being produced every day. But fans still want more Yu Yu Hakusho. As the action anime series perfectly nails everything it needs to succeed.

Read on to understand why Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the greatest action anime of all time. It is still difficult to ascend the throne 25 years after its first release.

The most fascinating hooks of all action anime

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho has one of the most fascinating hooks of all action anime. The first episodes of the series do not look like the traditional “action” anime. It starting with the killing when the protagonist Yusuke saves the child from an accident. Yusuke has been wandering like a wandering spirit for a while trying to revive himself.

His fans can more easily and gently introduce how the spirit world works. Then, when it comes to your mind. He drops a frowning bomb at a shocking funeral. It prompts Yusuke to believe his life is really worth it. After passing a series of tests, Yusuke can return to the world of the living. But there are some caveats.

Having acquired the ability to see spirits and demons. Yusuke has received the title of “Detective Underworld”. He must solve various episodes of spirits that rage in the world of the living. From there, he is on.

Yusuke has a strong hero

Yu Yu Hakusho

Just as the introduction of him differs from many other action anime protagonists. Yusuke is a powerful protagonist who deserves the very exciting first arc in the series. In one of his first actions, Yusuke is not immediately in danger for no reason. Because he has already been introduced as a baby to do so anyway.

It begins the series like many other high school thugs in the anime. But as the show progresses, fans must deal with the terrible upbringing of Yusuke’s alcoholic mother and absent father. Find out what he wasn’t, the terrible teacher literally goes out to get him. He talks but spicy Yusuke is a nice guy who just wants friends.

It describes his intimacy with his “girlfriend” Keiko, his last teacher/student relationship with Genkai. An odd teacher/student relationship between his Toguro and Sensui villains. This series needed a strong emotional core to bring it all together. It has exactly that in Urameshi Yusuke.

Yusuke is a wonderful ally

However, the action anime series is more about the ensemble cast than the main character. So without a strong auxiliary cast, Yu Yu Hakusho would crumble. To balance Yusuke’s strengths, we have new friends and co-workers. They also have a strong presence. Like other good action anime. Yusuke befriends many of his early enemies and becomes a friendly rival with each.

First of all, Kazuma Kuwabara is a thug with a kind heart and honour. He helps Yusuke who died despite his will and, as a result, he approaches. The same goes for comrades Kurama and Hiei who have turned into demons. They initially act as enemies, but as they form a business relationship. They move into a full crew.

It will be done with heavier hands until the dark tournament events really bring them closer in the second half of the series. Each character in this main group has their own desires and motivations that are not influenced by Yusuke, so if Yusuke is not directly involved, individual battles (action series often spend a lot of time).

There are big villains in the series

Even though Yu Yu Hakusho has a strong protagonist and a strong secondary personality. He’s not as well known as he is today without a strong roster of villains. While there are things that are more forgotten than others. Like Sensei’s Seven Psychic, Demon World Tournament Ark Skeleton and Yomi. Even Rand, the series still has strengths in portraying the two main antagonists Togro and Sensei.

Both are positioned as villains in the series. But their actions make them more hostile, as their goals often clash with Yusuke’s goals. Toguro, for example, once sold his humanity to become an Almighty Devil. Constantly looking for a challenging battle to make him peaceful.

clashes of force

Sensui is a former spirit detective who, through bloody and disturbing discoveries, learns that the “world” is lying to him and tries to eliminate what he considers a real threat. When fans see how similar each of these characters are, the colliding ideology (and clashes of force) creates a great action scene, so it’s a friendly, but somewhat dark nature of Yusuke. It works great both ways.

Genkai described the strength of the series’ secondary characters as “Everyone has to fight against time to find their place before the inevitable death. Human beings are by no means just a spectacle. Every decision you make affects a myriad. of people who care about you. ”

Powerful animation

Even with powerful characters, powerful secondary characters, and powerful opponents. The action animations aren’t worth the salt without the same powerful action animations. The series has it all. Sure, there are some repeating frames and scenes. But it’s cute when it counts.

Studio Piero’s staff weren’t afraid to get dirty with perspectives and character models during the battle. This meant that every punch and blast of Yusuke’s spiritual gun was infused with a lot of personalities. In addition to the emotional weight of Yusuke’s battle. The animation works in conjunction with Togashi’s already powerful story and character. It designs by playing with the lighting of each scene. The lighting emphasizes the roughness of each shot. It lit properly, makes baddies like Toguro look much more uncomfortable.

Yusuke took him seriously, but the staff weren’t afraid to frame him in the presentation.  Because each fight gave Yusuke a new thank. For making a devastating blow without losing the cool element of him.

Strong in many languages

This debate is becoming more complicated. Because US anime fans are caught up in the constant battle of “submarine versus dove”. The media is available to more fans than ever.

However, Yu Yu Hakusho was not part of this discussion. Both language presentations well-received fans. They pointing out the English and Japanese dubbing series. These are the series that is part of the highest quality in the media.

Both Fumio Sasaki and Justin Cook have provided excellent performances for Yusuke. The subtle and less subtle differences in Yusuke’s portrayal are once again to hear. Because Yusuke changes between presentations. The series is worth revisiting.

sounds properly polished

It doesn’t take into account the performance of all the other actors or the fun sound design of the series. The body morphing sounds properly polished. The punch has a bulky sound and has a swinging opening and ending theme. Which voiced and translated completely into English. Matsuko Mawatari’s “Smile Bomb” sounds great in many languages. That’s before the series takes into account all the other languages ​​it is translated into!

Still resists

Like many anime released around the same time. It is easy to look back on Yu Yu Hakusho in nostalgic glasses. And also get promote beyond reality. Looking back at many of the anime during this period. It is easy to see how slow. It is poorly edited or previously unnoticed.

But a truly great action anime can stand up to this criticism and still be a much more interesting experience. The Yu Yu Hakusho definitely has the same problems as his action compatriots. No truly “perfect” series, but with its strong character, emotional core and presentation, it “holds”.

Yoshihiro Togashi’s original manga ended somewhat abruptly as Togashi was working on health. It fatigue issues towards the end of the series. However, Studio Pierrot avoids this trap by giving a unique perspective to the series finale. The result is a more fulfilling mood.

Once the series gets you a strong hook, it won’t let you go until the end of the series. Each episode asks the viewer to see the next episode right away and “holds up” even after all these years. The episode still has its permanence and the power of attraction they had at that time.


Yu Yu Hakusho Season 2 Premiere Date


Yu Yu Hakusho is one such anime that has the usual boyish cliché, but at the same time has a very compelling story that definitely surpasses most of the shows in this genre. It also has a lot of depth in its plot, and also the comedy that is inserted in it is really interesting. The true winner of the show, which at first looks like a cliché, is a character that is often explored over time and is a major factor in the anime’s overall success. Over the course of 112 episodes, you will find at least one character who can watch and watch the entire series.

The Yu Yu Hakusho is anything but a DBZ clone and there are no unconscious action scenes lacking proper accumulation either. It’s just one of the few children’s series that’s near-perfect. Even after it’s been such a long-lived anime, it doesn’t drop below the original standards it set and it doesn’t waste much time with fillers either. If you haven’t seen it yet, give it a try. Since it was made in the ’90s, the animation style is a bit old-fashioned, but I’m sure it will be a very rewarding experience to see.


Yu Yu Hakusho Season 2 Release Date: It Premiere?


The first season of “Yu Yu Hakusho” aired on October 10, 1992, and ran until January 7, 1995, with a total of 112 episodes. More than 10 years later, a special episode of the anime was released on October 27, 2009. It’s been over 20 years since it was first released, but the series isn’t over yet. The show was still in the ears of anime lovers and it was time for the franchise to somehow make a comeback. The OVA anime was released in October 2018 but is still only available in DVD format along with the final season of the anime.

As for the new season, “Yu Yu Hakusho” is an endless anime and tends to appear sporadically from time to time, so I can’t say much. It is no exaggeration to say that more will be seen in the future. Maybe even a completely recreated version of it. We will update this section as soon as we know the release date of Yu Yu Hakusho Season 2.


Yu Yu Hakusho English Dub


The English dub of “Yu Yu Hakusho” is available for Funimation and Amazon Prime. You can also watch it on Crunchyroll with original Japanese audio and English subtitles.


Yu Yu Hakusho Plot


“Yu Yu Hakusho” centres on a young man named Yusuke Urameshi, who is a thug who doesn’t have a bright future. But one day, throwing himself in front of a car that violates speed just to save his son’s life gives him a chance to completely change his life. His sacrifice has shocked the leading authorities of the spirit world so much that he cannot be forced to go that way. So they decided to give him a second shot at life and assign him a series of tasks that he had to complete in order to live as a human again.

Under the guidance of Button, the Great God of Death, he now needs to investigate the existence of evil on the surface of the Earth, while he acts as a mental detective. To aid him in his adventure, he decides to take on a former opponent, Kazuma Kuwabara, and two demons with serious criminal records. Together, the four train each other to become their strongest version to eventually fight the enemies that threaten human existence.


Characters of Yu Yu Hakusho

Botan(Yu Yu Hakusho)

The button is Yusuke’s best friend and a guide to the spirit world. She is a grim reaper, but she doesn’t look alone. Botan actually looks pretty attractive. She has very long blue hair, is tied in a ponytail and has purple eyes. Throughout the 112 episodes of the series, her appearance remains almost the same, except that her hair is slightly elongated. She really believes in helping people and is quite optimistic. She can be really stupid at times and often can’t see the big picture.


Kuruma(Yu Yu Hakusho)

The Kuruma is one of the main characters in the series, also known as the “fox demon”. In her human form, she has bright green eyes and long bright red hair. His characteristics are very delicate and, together with his long hair, he is often mistaken for a girl. He is a very cold and cunning character and is well known for his impeccable analytical skills. The high level of perception of him allows him to quickly identify the movements and imperfections of the enemies during the fight.

He often relies on impulses and can even coolly cut off the enemy’s head if necessary. Kurama may seem like a collected individual rather stakeholder, but the crux of the matter is definitely all because of the dynamics he shares with his more powerful half, Yoko Kurama. He has a great personal interest in the fight.

The last way he strives to balance half the human and the devil, only to hold back the human self to justify his love for his mother, is to run without offering a definitive one. The conclusion is one of the few highlights of the arc.


Yusuke Urameshi(Yu Yu Hakusho)

Yusuke is the protagonist of a series of mental investigators tasked with eliminating evil from the surface of the Earth. Initially, he is another rebellious teenager who has no real goals in life, but he soon becomes a much better person who has decided to turn his life around and save the world. He has smooth brown eyes and dark hair with tanned skin.

Yusuke Urameshi is slim but has a muscular body and is quite athletic in terms of overall fitness. He grew up in a very lazy environment and because of this, he grows up impatient, relentless and impulsive. Yusuke Urameshi

He has invested in almost every story arc. No matter how Yu Yu Hakusho ended up, the fact that Yusuke was still an excellent part of the series cannot be denied.


Kazuma Kuwabara(Yu Yu Hakusho)

Kazuma Kuwabara is another protagonist of the show that takes Yusuke on an adventure in search of evil. He is the tallest member of the team, almost 6 feet tall. He is also very muscular and has very broad shoulders. His appearance on him reflects very well his fighting style and he is one of the strongest characters in the entire series.

He has a very angular face and thick orange-red hair combed in a “punk-style”. Kazuma Kuwabara often behaves really stupid but remains loyal to his friends until the end. He is very honest about everything he is trying to do and hates fighting women.

Kuwahara might just be an excuse for Comic Relief during Yu Yu Hakusho, but it’s undeniable that the moment it shines will be one of the most powerful and memorable highlights of the entire series.

The dynamics of him with friends and rivals in the form of Yusuke, along with the potential power of Spirit Sword, make him one of the best characters in the entire series.


Hiei(Yu Yu Hakusho)

Hiei is the shortest character in the series, only 4 feet 10 inches. She has pointed black and shiny hair that has blue outlines on them. She prefers to stay away from people and often leaves awkwardly. He looks at the world around him with the utmost irony and often doubts that people appreciate love and friendship. He is open to his enemies and treats them all equally, regardless of age or gender.


Koenma(Yu Yu Hakusho)

The last person who should become the ruler of the Spirit World is a childlike being who treats his subordinates as earth, which is what makes Koenma such a unique character.

But he’s also a stagnant character in the main pieces of the show, and his contribution to the fight against Sensui is the only noteworthy thing he does in the main pieces of the show. Showing him in an adult body isn’t enough to make this character even a little more compelling.

Keiko Yukimura

The problem with characters meant to act as a loving concern for the main character in the Boys series is the fact that individual motivations don’t really matter. It is about dynamics with the protagonist, nothing else.

Keiko’s character suffers from this problem so much that when she doesn’t interact or is influenced by Yusuke, she is completely stagnant.

Shinobu Sensui(Yu Yu Hakusho)

Sensui is probably a very interesting character, creating a pretty compelling opponent after the Dark Tournament event, but he has to admit that he still wasn’t quite as compelling as the previous Ark villain.

His inner history and the idea of ​​having seven personalities were certainly interesting concepts, but the way he was easily eliminated by the transformed Yusuke ultimately hurt his personality considerably.

Genkai(Yu Yu Hakusho)

Yusuke’s mentor is definitely an interesting character in the series and his interactions are just as informative and fun for the viewer.

The dynamics she shares with Toguro will certainly help her focus very well during the Dark Tournament … her character is sure to be in terms of overall relevance as the series progresses.

Younger Toguro

The Dark Tournament Arc is the best arc on the Yu Yu Hakusho Country Mile. Not a little for a wonderful opponent who is very persuasive due to the very personal nature of his inner conflict.

From shared dynamics with Genkai to rivalry with Yusuke, Toguro is the highlight of the Ark of the Dark Tournament and the final battle with Yusuke is legendary.



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