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The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins: the protagonist

There are many characters in the seven deadly sins.

Seven Deadly Sins has been popular since its launch in 2014, making it one of the most popular animated shows on Netflix. The anime has unique characters, each of whom has different characteristics and physical characteristics. All five seasons of the show can see on Netflix, as well as a movie based on a show called Prisoners of Heaven. Following in his footsteps, a unique twist that offers a new twist on the fantasy genre, Seven Deadly Sins is one of the best anime shows of 2010.

Although there are some differences between the manga and the anime, the characters are still basically the same physically. Many of the characters in the Seven Deadly Sins are very old and have lived for thousands of years. Some were reincarnated, while others remained in a body that appeared to be obstructed for a certain biological period.

10 Meliodas

The power of Meliodas, considered one of the most powerful characters in the Seven Deadly Sins, is truly impressive. It is a sin of anger and a small but powerful one. He uses the agility, wisdom, and power of the Demon Clan in battles against enemies. He was once the owner of a boar tavern, where Elizabeth and Hawk spend a lot of time. Meliodas’s love for Elizabeth causes him problems with his clan and he curses the demon king.

Eventually, Meliodas dies in front of Elizabeth’s numerous bodies. This has made him stronger over the years and it takes a lot of time and effort to try to eradicate the curse. As a character, Meliodas is a hero of the anime genre that new audiences may find interesting and entertaining, yet similar.

9 Diana

Diana is known as the sin of jealousy and is part of the Giant Clan. She has the ability to change the size of her, from 5’5 to 30 ‘. She has a special combat hammer and incredible physical strength. Even as a human, she seems to have superpower and speed. On the show, she destroys Meliodas but ends up with King. She has the power to create, which allows her to change the earth. The leader of the Giant Clan, Drol Diana, believes that he will be the next leader of his people. If Dayan performs a Drol dance, his connection to the earth increases and he becomes even more volatile.

8 Prohibition(The Seven Deadly Sins)

Prohibition is a sin of greed. She spent a lot of time in Purgatory and will work to make Ellen love her life. Pan has the ability to snatch objects or body parts from humans, making him a versatile and cunning opponent in warfare. He also uses the Holy Staff Courage, a single four-part chained staff. When his staff is stolen, Merlin returns it to him. For a long time, Ban Meliodas was considered a frenzy, but in the end, they worked and became good friends.


7 King(The Seven Deadly Sins)

Since the death of the Seven in the childhood of the King and in his final form
King is Slot’s fault on the show and part of the Fairy Clan. He has a special weapon called Chastifol, a sword-shaped spear from the Sacred Tree. Castiel can turn out to be many different things, but King often appears as a green pillow when he is not at war. Castiel offers 10 different shapes, from multi-faceted giant and deadly bears to dead flowers or crab-shaped sparrows.
King may not be very similar, but he is very strong and can easily defeat most enemies. He can lift, fly and use super speed. After growing his wings, King becomes even stronger and can use the power of the Holy Tree.

6 Gautier(The Seven Deadly Sins)

Gautier wore a yellow hat and Gautier wore a hymn of seven dead over a pale sprinkler.

He is a sin of lust with a unique opening story. Gautier, made by a long-time wizard, is a truly magical doll. He doesn’t really seem to care, he seems to care about the friendship. He does not understand human feelings and struggles to understand the concept of compassion. Gautier understands the concepts of respect and responsibility, although he does not think about others. He used to have more feelings, but over time loneliness killed his soul.

Gautier can penetrate the minds and memories of others. He can imprison, confuse and extinguish people in the past him. He can also change his appearance at will. Gautier’s sacred treasure is a bow named Herritt, which he uses in the war when Gaut remembers it.

5 Merlin

Merlin with black hair and dark red dress smiles at Seven’s mortal sin
Merlin is magic and the sin of gluttony. He uses Aldan, the floating orb, and defeats the enemies. Merlin is not his real name; he uses it because it is simple and easy for people to say and understand and, unlike his real name, it remains a mystery. Merlin is very powerful and has various abilities and spells. He casts spells, finds people, strengthens magic, teleports, summons dragons, uses fire, summons clouds of lightning, fights enemies with binoculars, etc. Merlin’s connection to magic and the occult should examine these extraordinary anime shows.


Unknown to most of its members, the Seven Deadly Sins form for the explicit purpose of defeating the Ten Commandments of the Devil Clan. Through his vision of power, the King of Leona had a premonition. They would be the guardians of the kingdom. Hearing this, both Merlin and Merlin (known only to Merlin at the time) decided to find the other five to break the Ten Commandments of Moses.

The members of this group were originally independent knights who served the Kingdom of Lions. They declared traitors and villains after gathered to assassinate the great paladin Zaratras. After heeding orders to meet him in the castle. They discovered that he had been killed by his own negligence and were soon surrounded by the paladins of the realm. Meliodas ordered the group to disband to avoid capture, and they were all able to escape separately.

Meliodas Achievement

He lost consciousness shortly after issuing the order. It was initially suspected that he was a traitor. Who aided a malicious plot by one of the members.  Because Meliodas enrage when it later reveals that Merlin the perpetrator and young Elizabeth injure trying to help him escape. But she asked for forgiveness.  One of the feats of the Seven Deadly Sins includes defeating the Troll Queen. They also broke the altar of the Great Druid.


The Seven Deadly Sins before the betrayal know as the strongest knights of the Lions. And also highly praise various paladins and apprentices, including Little Gil and Dottingdale. This group is under the command of the Great Holy Night Zara Truss.

The seven deadly sins reappeared in the kingdom ten years later, gathering six members in a short period of time. They help the third Lioness princess, Elizabeth, free the kingdom from the oppressive rule of the Holy Knight and stop Hendrickson’s plans to free the world from the clan of long-sealed demons.

When Hendrickson’s defeat and his malevolent plan to revive the Devil’s clan were fully realized by the rest of the kingdom, the Seven Deadly Sins were praised as the heroes who saved the kingdom. They were also freed from their false crimes and welcomed back to the Kingdom of the Lions.

Great fightThe Seven Deadly Sins

After this, two members of the group left the remaining members, and the other four participated in the battle with the Ten Commandments. After joining everyone again, including the last missing member, they decided to take a break to stop the Ten Commandments. With the exception of Merlin, all sins participate in the Festival of the Great Fight. And that ends with Meliodas being killed by the Ten Commandments.

A month later, Meliodas revives and, together with Escanor and Merlin, prevents the commandments from dominating the Lions. With the reunion of Diane and King and the temporarily imprisoned Gowther, the Seven Deadly Sins have officially been reformed. However, after defeating Melascula at Koland and fighting Chandler, Meliodas returned to his previous evil state as the Demon King deprived him of his emotions during his resurrection. Meliodas decided to become the new Devil King to break his and Elizabeth’s curse, and officially declared the dissolution of the Seven Deadly Sins.

However, the others won’t accept it, so they decide to continue fighting the Demon Clan and prevent Meliodas from becoming the Demon King.

With the exception of Ban, who goes to purgatory in hopes of regaining Meliodas’ emotions, the Seven Deadly Sins team up with Liones, along with Stigma and the Four Risen Archangels, to wage another Holy War.

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