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The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2: Trailers, Plots, Release Dates and News You Should Know

The coming cove is still on a lot of adventure. Here’s what you know about The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2.


The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 1 was one of the most popular shows of the Winter. Irie, who comes out of his own efforts. Because has prepared his seat for himself in a world that works against him. Fortunately, it was confirmed that the third season of the second season will be produced within the next few years. For upcoming Season 2:


Story so far(The Rising of the Shield Hero)

The first season elaborated on Naofumi’s emergence as a shield hero. Unlike the other three heroes of the kingdom broken by the king and princess. The emerging cove began an adventure and faced difficulties. After being used by former religious people and abandoned on suspicion of false rape. And he changed the world more cynically, relying on himself to become stronger. At the lowest point, he participated in the same slave covenant that his followers did not betray him like others. The cove that emerges in the course of his adventure eventually finds a true friendship that surpasses other heroes.


Start now(The Rising of the Shield Hero)

The coming cove needs to reduce his work for him if he wants to protect this world. As Season 1 is over and there is a hero who has to confront other heroes in another world. Because he is arguably the only hero in his world ready to fight other more powerful heroes. And his rivals have to catch up to be able to fight him. ..

Irie coming out mentioned plans to leave a kingdom that left all the heroes alone last season. Interference between the former king and princess prevented the hero from exploring the rest of the territory that was intended to share the original responsibilities. So blocking the opening of the cove. This will allow the emerging cove to explore more of the world while fighting against the waves of enemies.


The trailer for the second season doesn’t have much raw information to digest, but it hints at the future, recalling important moments of the past. After seeing the book he first met before the cove was transferred to the New World, the trailer begins in the court scene where all the heroes first met the king. Then there is the moment to share the past moments that Raphtalia and Filo recall. Thanks to Filo, who grew up with Naofumi, it feels like Naofumi’s past containment, all of this, has evolved at each starting point.

At the end of these three episodes, the previous book opens into a new scene. Books The methods used to introduce different scenes give the impression that the book has been updated with different adventures. Also, I feel that the new scene is suitable considering that the outing cove of the building indicated by the green flag wears green as the basic colour. No conversation is provided, but the cove that emerges within minutes of the additional footage shows several auxiliary characters encountered in the adventure. Their role in the story was unknown, but given the previous cast of adorable characters, these new characters can be interesting.

Release date

The second season of The Rising Of A Shield Hero will air in 2021.

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