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The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 1

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 1: Trailers, Plots, Release Dates and News You Should Know

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2

The coming cove is still on a lot of adventure. Here’s what you know about The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 1 was one of the most popular shows of the Winter. Irie, who comes out of his own efforts. Because has prepared his seat for himself in a world that works against him. Fortunately, it was confirmed that the third season of the second season will be produced within the next few years. For upcoming Season 2:

The story (The Rising of the Shield Hero)

The first season elaborated on Naofumi’s emergence as a shield hero. Unlike the other three heroes of the kingdom broken by the king and princess. The emerging cove began an adventure and faced difficulties. After being used by former religious people and abandoned on suspicion of false rape. And he changed the world more cynically, relying on himself to become stronger. At the lowest point, he participated in the same slave covenant that his followers did not betray him like others. The cove that emerges in the course of his adventure eventually finds a true friendship that surpasses other heroes.


Start now(The Rising of the Shield Hero)

The coming cove needs to reduce his work for him if he wants to protect this world. As Season 1 is over and there is a hero who has to confront other heroes in another world. Because he is arguably the only hero in his world ready to fight other more powerful heroes. And his rivals have to catch up to be able to fight him.

Irie coming out mentioned plans to leave a kingdom that left all the heroes alone last season. Interference between the former king and princess prevented the hero from exploring the rest of the territory that was intended to share the original responsibilities. So blocking the opening of the cove. This will allow the emerging cove to explore more of the world while fighting against the waves of enemies.

trailer(The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 1)The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2

The trailer for the second season doesn’t have much raw information to digest, but it hints at the future, recalling important moments of the past. After seeing the book he first met before the cove transferred to the New World. The trailer begins in the court scene where all the heroes first met the king. Then there is the moment to share the past moments that Raphtalia and Filo recall. Thanks to Filo, who grew up with Naofumi, it feels like Naofumi’s past containment, all of this, has evolved at each starting point.

At the end of these three episodes, the previous book opens into a new scene. Books The methods used to introduce different scenes give the impression that the book has been updated with different adventures. Also, I feel that the new scene is suitable considering that the outing cove of the building indicated by the green flag wears green as the basic color. No conversation provided. But the cove that emerges within minutes of the additional footage shows. Several auxiliary characters encountered in the adventure. Their role in the story unknown. But given the previous cast of adorable characters. These new characters can be interesting.

Release date Season 2

Season 2 of “The Rising of the Shield Hero” will release on Crunchyroll in October 2021. The anime streaming site announced the news on its Twitter account on March 6, 2021. Updated news on the second and third seasons have been announced at Crunchyroll Expo 2019.

Top 10  Characters The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 1

Being one of the most famous shows in the world, “The Rising of the Shield Hero” has many fans. The main character, Naofumi Iwatani, has a terrible start. But her rise as a great hero is an exciting premise. This action-packed show, made up of four cardinal heroes. Demons and monsters from other worlds, offers a great variety to the show.

Each hero has their own powers and weapons, venturing to level up and get stronger before the waves come again. In the process, they create new allies and enemies, each of which becomes powerful in its own right.

The list is made up of the characters from the first season only. However, they are classified according to the latest web fiction chapters. Spoilers are minimized. So let’s get started right away.

10. The L’ Arc

The Arc Berg Sickle is a scythe hero and a Vassal Scythe user in the world beyond Wave.  He uses a weapon that transforms into energy to cut the target in two. He can unleash potentially deadly abilities for his enemies, such as Skyblade and Full Moon Army.

Also, he has a lot of fighting experience and was able to fight the direct team with no problems at the beginning. However, as the series progresses, his strength remains stable and there aren’t many improvements.

9. Therese

Therese is a member of L’Arc and travels with him. As a gem, she receives energy from the various gems she owns and uses them to cast spells. On top of that, she is strong enough to carry a grown man on her own, so there is no physical shortage.

She can cast spells like fireball. This damages enemies, protects allies, and cleanses the curse of enemy blood sacrifices. Additionally, she can summon lightning bolts and meteors to attack the target.

8. Glass

Glass is a vassal user from another world and his power is equal to that of a seven-star hero. For his race of him, he uses the power of the soul as a source of power, and the more he has, the stronger he becomes. When he uses a fan to unleash it, the power of the soul affects his attack and his defense.

In the first season, Glass unleashed a tornado from iron fans. The tornado was able to cut through the prison with Naofumi Iwatani’s shields.

7. Filo

Philo is a subsidiary that was bought by Naofumi Iwatani and has become very familiar to him. She later became a filial queen and gained a plethora of power.  With his incredible speed and strength, his attack is extremely lethal. Also, you can magically increase your skills, making him a bad opponent.

In addition to the sheer power of him, she has a lot of combat experience and is a genius in learning spells and combat tactics. Due to his natural affinity for wind magic, Thread can create tornadoes, wind blades, and use healing magic. Overall, his power is balanced and he only gets stronger.

6. Raphtalia

As Shield Hero’s first companion, Raphtalia is the main heroine of the series. It is common to do justice to the nickname of Naofumi Iwatani and to use the magic of swords and illusions. However, she can use different types of magic later in the series.

After obtaining a vassal sword from another world, she becomes a sword hero. With it, she can strain the enemy’s magical powers, cut the enemy’s weaknesses, block the flow of magical powers, and unleash energy attacks.

With these abilities, she has established herself as one of the most powerful characters in the series, not just as the team of shield heroes. Raphtalia hits the spear hero’s ego and saves Naofumi from himself

5. Ren

Ren, the sword hero, is the owner of the legendary sword and one of the four heroes. After unleashing the sword’s various abilities and the shape of his curse he has become one of the most powerful characters in the series.  In addition to weapon abilities like Dragonslayer, Spirit Turtle Katana, and Comrade’s Sword, Ren also specializes in water and support magic.

In the form of a curse, he can use an ability called a guillotine. This holds and crushes the enemy’s body. In addition, thanks to the magic sword, after being thrown, Ren can cut enemies by increasing the strength of magic for a while.

4. Itsuki

Bow Hero Itsuki is one of four legendary heroes summoned from another world. He often combines his Esper power with his legendary bow to accurately attack from afar and do the most damage.  He has the ability to put targets under his control, bows of justice, arrows that can envelop enemies and roast them alive, and explosive bows of shooting stars.

After training with Lithia, he overcomes most of his deadly weaknesses, such as close combat, and can use pistols and musical instruments. With so many options, he has the highest growth potential.

3. Motoyasu

Like Naofumi, Motoyasu was summoned to another world as a hero with a spear. Despite his low defense, his legendary spear has great fighting power and is maximizing his potential.  With techniques like shooting stars, chaos spears, and meteoslasts splitting into hundreds of energy spears, his attacks are extremely lethal.

In curse mode, the spear amplifies feelings of desire, often causing the enemy to attract the user and provoking feelings of jealousy.  With the power of this jealousy, Motoyasu can empower himself and further increase his attack power.



2. Naofumi

Naofumi, the main character of the series summoned to another world to serve as the hero of the shield.  He is one of the few characters in constant evolution due to the legendary shield and the incident that happened in the first half.

After learning the full depth of his shield’s power, he displays a surprising variety of ways to use it. His shield can continue both attack and defense by sealing, imprisoning and firing bursts of energy. In addition, entering curse mode greatly increases the power of direct text.

Iron Maiden, which traps enemies and runs through them with spikes, Blood Sacrifice, which traps under the target and repeatedly beats them to death, Megiddo Burst, etc. I can do it. Not just to protect him and his team.

1. Fitoria


The Shield Hero Queen Fitoria is the strongest character in Shield Hero. She can easily cast the most powerful spells and her abilities are generally very overwhelming. Fitoria is free to transform at various stages of human form and the growth of the Branch Queen. She is also more powerful than other heroes in the world.

Fitoria is extremely powerful in her ability to counter the effects of the Liberation Wind Prison, Hiquick and Zweite Tornado, which create a cage of wind turbines that swirls around the target.


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