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The Best 25 Harem Anime Episodes List

Introduction (Harem Anime)

This post is about The Best 25 Harem Anime Episodes List. After reading the page you will know The Best 25 Harem Anime Episodes, List. This anime is about genre. in this anime the genre is mix.



                                     Harem Anime

 Harem Anime

Harem (HRM) is an anime genre, usually with a protagonist surrounded by several characters of the opposite sex. This genre is often mixed with romance, comedy and mischief, especially since it can lead to all kinds of predictable situations.

The main character is usually a man. If the protagonist is a woman with several male suitors, the anime is called a reverse harem (reverse HRM).

This genre has become so popular today, so I decided to make a list of the best harem anime that you can see and enjoy.

Now let’s highlight some of the best harem anime series full of beautiful girls. Some TV shows also have an overwhelming, evil, and cool main character.

Therefore, keep in mind that this list is a mix of different genres of anime that are really fun to watch, such as romance, magic, action, and fantasy.

                                1.Haganai( Harem Anime)


 Harem AnimeThis harem romance anime show tells the story of an unfriendly elementary school student. They move to a new school who wants to make a positive impression, and possibly some of Hasegawa Kodaka’s friends.

However, Kodaka became unlucky when it was looked at roughly as blonde hair and a terrifying look.

But when he sees Yozora Mikazuki talking to a fictional friend in an empty classroom, he changes his life.

After a story about living in a quiet high school, Kodaka and Yozora decided to create a Neighborhood Club to solve the problem of making friends.
Club activities focus on learning social skills and how to make friends.

Thus, some people will make the exiled strategy to join the club. And Odaka can also find people who could be called friends.

               2. Love Hina( Harem Anime)

 Harem Anime

Episode: 24

One of the most original Harem anime series I love, the story of this anime series revolves around Keitaro Urashima, who promises girls to join the University of Tokyo as children.

Unfortunately, she was ranked lowest in the national practice exams, so she decided to stay at her grandmother’s hotel while continuing her studies.

She knew very well, the hotel was a hostel for every girl, and now Keitarou is the manager!

So, how can she focus on research, despite her promises, while living with five other girls?

                            3. Sekirei( Harem Anime)

 Harem Anime


Period: 25/2 season

Genre: Action, Comedy, Etch, Harlem, Superpower
This TV show is full of fan service, so this anime is made for those who like a heavy naughty harem theme.

Minato Sahashi failed the university entrance exam twice and was considered worthless by the people around him.

But when a beautiful, supernatural woman falls from the sky and enters her life, her seemingly dark future changes dramatically.

The woman, Musubi, is a unique creature known as the extraterrestrial humanoid “Sekirei,” who has exceptional abilities.

These aliens are known to kiss people carrying the ashikabi mould gene to awaken their deep latent powers.

The conclusion kisses Minato, who is confused and deepens the connection between the two.

This draws him into the world of Sekirei’s high stakes.

He and his new partner must compete with others in the struggle for survival, known as the “Sekirei Plan.”

Even if the athlete is not familiar with it, there are still far more risks than what the competition originally poses.

               4. Nagasarete Airantou( Harem Anime)

 Harem Anime

Nagasarete Airantou is an uninhabited island full of men and girls. Besides, all girls have an unrelenting interest in men (because they have never seen them). So, they try to chase you every minute of every day. Being chased by many girls can be a dream come true for most men, but for Touhouin, it’s a horrible nightmare. With that fact in mind, the show is legally a star of the genre.

The show follows the story of Touhouin, a 14-year-old boy at the height of his youth. After fighting with his father, he decided to run away and take a vacation on a boat. But it never occurred to him that his simple vacation would be a unique experience. When a storm hits a ship, it is launched into the sea and only wakes up on a single island whose population is made up entirely of girls.


5. Trinity Seven( Harem Anime)

 Harem Anime

He’s a special guy who has cast some of the same special girls too. But that is not all in this series. What makes this anime special is the unique quality of the protagonist that distinguishes it from other protagonists of this genre. Arata Kasuga befriends all the girls without problems, like the waves of the ocean. It is not crowded and is fully aware of everything.

When the black sun, which causes a phenomenon called the collapse phenomenon, appears in the sky, Arata Kasuga realizes that something is terribly out of place in the world. His cousin, Hijiri Kasuga, is missing and a mysterious magician is after him. After understanding what was going on and obtaining a grimoire, Arata decided to enrol in the Academy of Magicians to find his cousin. There, he knows the best Trinity Seven in terms of magic and skill!

6. Grisaia of Kajitsu( Harem Anime)

 Harem Anime

Nothing is more exclusive! Grisaia’s Maritime Arts is not a standard HRM anime with all the usual metaphors and normal elements. On the one hand, this anime is of a psychological genre (rare in HRM). Besides, it is full of emotions, serious developments, and lots of suspense-all the qualities that set it apart and make it different. It can contain some of the essential elements of an HRM show and a psychological thriller. It’s nicely tied.

The story takes place in a special school dedicated to reforming students. They are rotten apples. There are five living students, each keeping a terribly pathetic secret. Until now, all the people who went to school were women. However, one day, a boy student comes to class together. Everyone has their own dark secrets, but freshman Yuji Kazami may have the most controversial secrets and the darkest past of all.

7. Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko( Harem Anime)

 Harem Anime

If you think this is another pointless HRM program with worn-out clichés, you’re right. .. .. And again wrong! You will face great surprises! The Hentai Prince of the Warawanai Cat can look pretty average in terms of history and consistency. However, the characters (especially the main character) make up for it, and the HRM is above average. Harem? check. A little of ecchi? check. comedy? check. Romance? check. Cuteness / Cuteness (Moe Factor)? Check out Mark Gazillions!


Knowing the existence of a stone cat that fulfils his wishes, Hiroto Yokodera decided to give it a try to reveal his true identity and show the world his perverted personality. After always being considered pure and innocent, he was fed up with the inability to truly express and express his true self. But he will soon face unpredictable complications in his new life, as well as the new relationships he has created with the partners he desires.

Harem Girl Archetypes( Harem Anime

 Harem Anime

Anime harem girls usually fit into an established character pattern. Here are some common types of characters that appear frequently:


Tsundere: These characters often have a tough look to hide their appeal to the protagonist. Their fights often connect them. Nisekoi Chitoge is a good example of Tsundere.

Kuudere: These characters are cool and have little or no emotion. But they can have a thoughtful personality.

Childhood Friend: This character is usually the type of girl next door. They are often very kind and know the hero for the longest time. They may be dissatisfied with the fact that the protagonist was unnoticed.

The Yamato Nadeshiko: This character usually has characteristics related to the traditional ideals of Japanese femininity. They are well educated and have great elegance.

The Ojou: This character is usually rich and arrogant. Yamato Nadeshiko is a kind of contrast, as they generally have more European beauty ideals.

Her dull heroine

8. Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata


This is one of the latest anime series in the HRM genre. I have only talked about a few stories so far, but I was impressed by the brightness of this program. I even included him on this list-and sixth!

The dull heroine’s way of arranging is shining in its conspiracy and cartoonist. Yes, it’s a standard HRM program, but it’s really interesting. I’ve been hooked since the first episode, and I’m not yet. Each episode so far has been great. For the new HRM anime show, I have to say that this has great potential.

The school’s biggest nerd, Akitomoyo, faces a rare moment that looks like his perfect girl. His heart suddenly beat and he wanted to make a game based on that special moment (even if he didn’t know who the girl was). At this point, he is very serious about his new project and will be helped by two of his school’s most popular students, Eliri Sawamura and Uta Kasumigaoka. Later that day he comes across this apparently perfect girl again. Only this time, to his surprise, she isn’t really the one he thought.

9. Nisekoi

HRM did it right in Nisekoi. Yes, it is done correctly. It has all the necessities and can survive even using all the usual clichés to seen from the genre. This is because it can run in a very effective way and is not considered just another HRM series. Here it is important to use proper practice and classic metaphors, and Nisekoi has been successful in both.

As a child, Lak Ichijo promised a girl that he would be married when he met again one day. To this day, he holds the pendant the girl gave him. A few years later, when I was in high school, I fell in love with a girl named Kosaki Onodera. Her family is a yakuza group known as the Shuei-gumi, and since she is the only heir, she is a girl named Chitoge Kirisaki who is the heir of another group called another group. I was forced to make it. Beehive gang. Now he has to complete the relationship he has made in school and his true feelings for Kozaki.

10. Boku was Tomodachi ga Sukuna


I have a few friends, but the best thing is to use interesting assumptions in addition to familiar environments such as schools and clubs. It also gives a joke so you can laugh every time you see it. Believe it or not, the theme of men surrounded by girls may fit this. Every moment is not a pleasant one. Combine this cheerfulness with the perfect mix of themes to create instant classics.

Kodaka Hasegawa definitely considered a criminal because of his hair colour. In high school, he met a girl who claimed to be a friend but didn’t seem to be talking to anyone. He knew he had no friends and invited him to form a neighbouring club with the mission of making new friends. When the club started, some other villain tags along and join the club considered friends should doing together.


11.The World Only God Knows( Harem Anime)

If you remember everything that girls in the world have experienced, Keima will have the greatest harem in history! However, that is not the case. This anime tells the story of Keima. Some of the girls defeated (making a true HRM anime).  How she forgot everything after she defeated.

Keima Katsuragi is invincible when it comes to games (especially romance simulations). It’s all about being proud to play the game for the rest of your life. Then one day, a demon girl named Elsia asks for help to capture the escaped soul who lives in the place of a heartless girl. So, just like in the dating game, Keima makes the girl fall in love with him so that he can express his soul and catch her in the process all in reality!

12.Date A Live( Harem Anime)


Is this the square of love I smell here? Or more? All that Shido left behind was to captivate the woman and inspire her with her charming story and charm. Date A Life really stays true to its name. This is the date, and because it is, everybody happy life. However, only Shido himself has a problem. Then again, he likes to be nothing.

In a world often shaken by earthquakes (destructive spiritual earthquakes), mankind suffers casualties because of these many unknown spirits. One day, plans devised by the anti-psychiatric organization Ratatosk began to move. Since my sister, Kotori is the head of Ratatosk, so in high school, it will be part of the plan. Now, power is ineffective, so Ratatosk asks Shido to reconcile with the spirits and win hearts with a peaceful determination.

Open Immediate Date

13.To Love-Ru

It is easy to choose a series that passes the number one point. After all, when referring to HRM anime, the most important thing (for me and many) is To Love-Ru! Rito Yuki is the king of HRM. There was a girl around him. There is also a foreign girl! In most cases, it causes a very bad scenario, sometimes it escalates into an unexpected event. This is a comedy in itself, and I say – very effective! To LOVE-Ru!

Rito Yuki is having a romantic life. He didn’t seem motivated to acknowledge his favourite girl at school. Then one day, everything was in a more complicated direction. While bathing, a girl named Lara suddenly appears in the same tub in her place, claiming she is an alien from the planet Deville. That’s more severe, she chased the people on this planet mysterious. Rito jumped to protect her, not knowing what he was doing so quickly misleadingly.

14. Freezing

Episode: season 24/2


This villainous harem anime will take place in the future where humans are surrounded by an alien race, also known as the Novas.
These aliens leave devastation whenever they appear, and the efforts to stop them become known as Nova Crash.
Girl “Pandoras” and boy “Limiters” are trained at the Imperial Japanese Army Academy to learn how to work as a team when stigmata are embedded to give them supernatural powers and mankind has a chance to survive.

Much like Battle Royale is portrayed by Pandora, Kazuya Aoi will focus on freezing during his West Genetics Army Academy debut.

However, he takes the mighty Pandora, known as the “Untouchable Queen,” for his late sister and hugs her.
Therefore, he passes the game over to her, but she realizes that his touch doesn’t chase her and decides to take him as her Limiter.
The only question, then, is whether they can survive their superior and impending tactics.

15. Yamada-Kun and the seven witches


Section: 12

Genre: Comedy, Harlem, Mystery, Romance, School, Boys, Supernatural

This good series of romance arc anime describes: Ryuu Yamada, who attends a private school, wants to turn new magazines and lead a productive school life.

At Suzaku High, no one knows his reputation for violent crimes.

Because I’m tired of those around him. Yamada has returned to his old self and is now a lazy person with terrible grades and is often involved in battles.

One day he fell into Ryo Shiraishi, kissed by chance, changed his body and woke up.

Toranosuke Miyamura, president of the student organization, finds this ability and demands membership in the supernatural research department.

The group consists of seven female students who have revealed the legend of seven witches in Suzaku High School and acquired several powers to activate with a kiss.
Therefore, the club begins its first task: to find the identity of all the witches.

16. Is this a zombie?

Episode: Season 22/2

Genre: Action, Comedy, Etch, Harlem, Magic, Paranormal

Is this a zombie! It’s one of the best comedy animes ever. The story of this funny naughty Harem anime series begins that night when you return home from a convenience store. A serial killer kills Aikawa. And a necro named Eucliwood suddenly revived him.

When he accidentally steals a magical girl’s uniform, and his power becomes even more strange to him!

Humour becomes the main focus of the series, Ayumu tries to find the cause of her untimely death.

But his quest is to find the killer and eventually lead him into greater conflict.

17. The Quintessential Quintuplets

Section: 12

Genre: Harlem, comedy, romance, school, boy
Quintessential Bride is a Japanese anime and manga series that follows student Buntaro Uesugi, but otherwise, he lives a hard life. He’s respectful and isolated personality leaves him out of friendship, his father in debt and his family scraped away.

One day, Uesugi quarrels with an exchange student woman who demands “my place” and hates each other.

He later asked to offer a teaching gig to the daughter of a rich family. She accepts the proposal, but it’s scary to notice that client Ki Nakano is the girl she’s facing!

When Uesugi failed to regain the good side of the tree, it wasn’t the only problem. Since the tree is actually a series of five, in addition to him, the sisters of Miku, Yotsuba, Nino and Ichika also need guidance. ..

18. Saikano

Section: 13

Genre: Army, SF, Drama, Romance, School
This drama romance school anime revolves around Shuuji, and Chise is a third-year high school student in Hokkaido.

Shy Chise eventually recognized Shuuji, and eventually, they began exchanging diaries awkwardly.

One day, Shuuji tries to escape the sudden attacks of the enemy Sapporo.
Fleeing desperately from the runway, Shuji sees a scene he will never forget.

He sees Chise as if a giant weapon is part of his hand and also shoots enemy fighters one at a time.
Apparently, Chise is the ultimate weapon with important destructive power for war.


19. Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari

Episodes: 13

Genres: Action, Comedy, Ekchi, Imagination, Hareem, Mecca, School
Tenchi Mayo! “Fight Against Geminar” one of the harem anime series where Op Mc always surrounded by a lot of beautiful girls.
The story revolves around Kenshi Masaki, who finds himself in another world.
In order to return home, he agrees to assist in the assassination of Lisha Aso XXVIII, the new Empress of the Strait Empire.

While his army is fighting them, Lahara notes Kenshi’s abilities and demands that the assailant captured alive.

Just to know that a pilot is a man, who is very rare in the Geminar.
Thinking that killing him is useless, he makes Kensh his servant.

As the Queen’s new servant, Kenshi will have to follow Lashara to Holland, an academy where mechanized pilots specialize.

His arrival is eye-opening, but Kenshi is unaware that any evil is emerging in the academy and could plunge the whole world into war.

20. The familiar of Zero

Episodes: 49 / Four Seasons

Genres: Action, Adventure, Hareem, Humor, Magic, Romance, Ecclesiastes, Fantasy, School
Coming in at number 3 is Zero No Tsukaima, an action novel harem that tells the story of Louis Francoise Le Blanc de la Valier, a magician in the world of sticks, costumes and royalties.

While studying at the Tristan Academy of Distinguished Wizards, he encountered a major problem:

Louis is unable to cast a spell, nicknamed “Louis the Zero” by his classmates.

When first-year students begin calling for a ritual, calling Louis causes a devastating explosion!

Everyone sees it as another failure, but when the smoke comes out, the cytoplasm appears.
Louis now treats the familiar Saito like a slave, forcing him to clean his clothes and eat from the ground.

But when Saito’s hand begins to improve the ritual of the invitation. According to rumours, this is a symbol of the powerful familiar Gandalf.

21. High School DxD

Episodes: 48 / Four Seasons

Genres: Humor, Satan, Ekchi, Hareem, Romance, School

High school DXD is the most popular Hollywood of all time, it’s a nice ecchi, harem kiss anime, full of beautiful women, especially during the hottest anime girl I’ve ever had. ” Rias Gremory.

In this story, the student follows Issei Hyoudou, who is a miscreant.

He doesn’t do anything fruitful in his life, he sees women, and one day he dreams of embracing himself.

Things seem to be looking up for Issei when the beautiful Rias asks her for a date.

Although he turned out to be a falling angel who would kill him mercilessly!

However, he gets a second chance at life when a high-ranking devil, Rias Gremory, resurrects him as a servant.

Now we have to practice and struggle to survive in the violent world of angels and devils.

Each adventure leads to many fun and also epic moments with their new companions.
Making his new life a secret from his friends and family at DxD High School!

22.Outbreak Company

Episode: 12

Genre: Harlem, Comedy, Parody, Fantasy

Let’s start the list with this animated series from Harem “Outbreak Company”. The story of this Japanese Harem comedy animated series follows Shinichi Kanou, a closed-off otaku with a wealth of knowledge in anime, manga, and video games.
One day, after applying for a job in hopes of escaping his isolated lifestyle, he kidnapped and taken to the Eldant Empire, a fantasy world filled with elves, dragons and dwarves.

Trapped in this strange land, Shinichi given the unlikely task of spreading otaku culture throughout the land by becoming an “otaku missionary” by the Japanese government.

To accomplish his mission, Shinichi fully supported by the Japanese government and the half-elf maid Musel and Princess Petralka of the Eldant Empire.

With this pile of carpet tags, he overcomes political, class, and racist obstacles to promote the nerd’s path in this sanctuary.

23. Maken-ki

Episode: season 22/2

Genre: Action, Printmaking, Harlem, Martial Arts, School, Superpower

Maken-ki! A romantic comedy harem anime dubbed using an op mc named Takeru Ohyama, a typical perverted teenager.

His new school did not require an entrance exam and became co-ed.

Sadly, his dream of a happy high school life shattered when he learned that school much more than he expected.

All students will use a special item, Macken, to unleash their magical abilities in duels!

So can Takeru find a Macken who works for him?

Even trying to enrol in a new school and dealing with girls’ issues of all kinds?

24. Infinite Stratos


Episode: season 24/2


Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Harlem, Comedy, Etch, Mecha

This action-packed harem animated TV show shows that the balance of power on Earth has disrupted the development of an armed exoskeleton built as the Stratos Infinite, which considered the mainstream of weapons.

This created peace, but only women allowed to operate the IS, thus paving the way for their domination and manoeuvring.

15-year-old Ichika Orimura quickly discovered as the first man to control IS, and her life twisted by an overwhelming number of schoolgirls.

Under the command of the Japanese government, he enrolled in an all-female Infinite Stratos Academy!

25. Mayo Chiki

Episode: 13
Genre: Harem, Comedy, Romance, Printmaking, School

You warned! This animated harem fan service series includes heavy and naughty harem themes.

Mayo Chiki is having a cute gynophobia, an extraordinary fear of women.

Therefore, even a pretty girl can get sick, and as a training partner for her wrestler’s family, Kinjiro Sakamachi has the worst-case scenario!


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