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SwordArt Online Kiss Anime


Sword Art Online Kiss Anime

This post is about Sword Art Online Kiss Anime. This post contains powerful characters of Sword Art Online Kiss Anime. After reading this page you will know about SwordArt Online Kiss Anime

We  watch anime Sword Art Online in sequence –  series, movies, short episodes

Sword Art Online Kiss Anime

What is the correct way to watch the anime Sword Art

\Online in sequence?

Like most people, when I recently started watching anime on Sword Art Online, I was confused about the order in which I should watch many series, films, summaries and special episodes.

After all, there are already three Sword Art Online series out there, spin-offs, three films and many “offline” specials, and being able to see them all in the order I intended hurt my brain.


Fortunately, I finally understood this, looked at the series “the right way” and completed the anime until the next one was released.

So … if you’re in the same boat as me and are still confused about how to watch the Sword Art Online anime in order, I can tell you how you should do it, I can do it.

And yes, this article has been years since the end of the first anime series.

But as it is one of the most popular anime series to date, you may be surprised to find out how many people are starting to watch it (me, until last month!).


Sword Art Online (first season)

Sword Art Online Kiss Anime



Of course, let’s start with the first anime series.

There are 25 episodes and you’ll want to see them all before moving on to the next story in the sci-fi adventure series.

Sword art offline
A nice series of nine mini-episodes, where all the protagonists are presenters or guests of the news about SAO.

It does not advance the history of the series, so you do not need to watch it remotely. But … if you like characters and like something peculiar and ridiculous, that’s definitely it.


Sword Art Online: Extra Edition (Movie)

Sword Art Online Kiss Anime

Extra editing movies are weird. Summing up about 50% of the first season (honestly, you can go a long way), 50% is a new extra cute storyline.

If you don’t like abstracts, you can skip this, but I just liked the extra story.

Sword Art Online: Extra Edition

Another special “Sword Art Offline”. Includes some material from the Extra Edition film. Again, use the protagonist as a presenter or guest.

cute. It is worth seeing, but it is not mandatory.


Sword Art Online Kiss AnimeII




The second season of the anime is Gangale Online VRMMORPG in the first half, Alfheim in the second half, 24 episodes, and also covers Phantom Brett Ark.

SAO II: Debriefing (see after episode 14)

Strange summaries of episodes 1-14 and no reason to watch them if you don’t like them.

That said, if you’re a completist, watch it during episodes 14 and 15 of Sword Art Online II.

Sword Art Online II: Sword Art Offline II

Five additional episodes in addition to SAO II will be played in the news anchor format and are beautiful if you like them.


Alternative Sword Art Online – Gun Gale Online


There’s a list I saw after episode 14 of SAO II, but it’s a completely different story, so it doesn’t make sense to me.

That’s why I saw it after Sword Art Online II. There were 12 episodes and I was already in the middle because I didn’t want to leave the tangent before I finished watching SAO II.

Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale

The two-hour film covers a new game called the Ordinal Scale. And yes, again, our favourite character immediately jumps up and starts playing it.


Sword Art Online Kiss Anime: Alicization

Sword Art Online Kiss Anime

SAO’s third season, Alicization, has 24 episodes, the long first half of the third season, followed by War of Underworld (below).

Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld

This is the second half of that third season, with the first half and its 12 episodes already released, and the second half with another 11 episodes scheduled to be released in 2020.

As of January 2020, the first 12 episodes of this series are as many as you can see in the Sword Art Online series. Of course, until more stories are released.

And this is how you watch the anime Sword Art Online.




10 Most Powerful Sword Art Online Kiss Anime Characters Ranked

Sword Art Online has many powerful characters such as heroes and villains, but who is the strongest?

Sword Art Online began as a series of light novels and has grown into a major phenomenon from there. The series currently includes multiple seasons of anime and feature films. The original story of Kirito and Asuna, players trapped in a video game where death became a reality, has evolved: the days of being stuck in Einclad are over, but the world of VRMMO in this universe simply expands. From the nine worlds of the new Alfheim Online to Augma’s augmented reality and reality, this universe is filled with complex and powerful characters, and these are the strongest of them all!


Administrator / Kinera

Since the last season of Sword Art Online, administrators initially seem to be omnipotent in the world of project laicization. However, Quinella has more weaknesses than expected. At the start of the season, Kinsella dominates the virtual world with an iron fist and very effectively she can actually sleep most of the time and only wakes up to check on things.

You have a complete understanding of the virtual world code and, as a result, are functionally immortal. But her attempt to expand his power by transferring memory to the Cardinal is his failure (and, of course, annoying Kirito, a guaranteed way to get killed).

Deadly gun

One of the many villains who have found a way to kill in the virtual world, Death Gun is the main villain of Gangale Online. As an incredibly powerful player and a seasoned killer (who can bring out some players in the process of this arc), Death Gun is another character that seems to deserve the top of this list. ..

However, Death Gun wasn’t single-player but turned out to be a group of assassins working under one name. Still incredibly capable, it transforms Deathgun from a seemingly impossible assassin to a trio of assassins with a particularly well-planned plan.


Kirigaya Suguha didn’t play a big role in the original Sword Art Online, but since then she has become an incredibly talented player. At Alfheim Online, she was the one who was able to teach Kirito ropes, and she was clearly very good at games (to be honest, what can teach Kirito anything in itself? That’s it!).

She is also one of the five fastest sylphs in the game and one of their best fighters to win combat tournaments in the game. In addition, in the real world, she is also trained in kendo. So her strengths aren’t just online.


Another character who was able to teach Kirito one or two, Shinon, is one of the main characters introduced in the Gangale Online Series. She started out as an incredibly talented player in the game and was able to get her rare weapon, the PGM Ultima Ratio Hekart II. It makes her an incredibly accurate sniper, reflected when she begins playing the archer Alfheim Online, allowing her to shoot arrows as far as possible.

However, especially in the real world, it ranks very high on this list because of its internal strength. After childhood trauma, she began playing GGO to deal with trauma around the gun and became stronger than any online skill in the face of horror.


Another Alice from the final season of Sword Art Online will be one of the most powerful characters in the series. Originally Alice is a girl with sacred artistic knack, but after she transforms into an Integrity Night, after she defeats another Integrity Night, she can confront with Eugeo and Kirito. ..

On the way. Alice also overcomes her loyalty to her Integrity Knights, blows her eyes away, and due to her ability to face Quinella and the strength needed to make her last sacrifice, she Earn her additional points for strength.

Oberon(Sword Art Online Kiss Anime)

Oberon, also known as Nobuyuki Sugou, is the king of fairies and one of the most demonic villains in the world of Sword Art Online (and there is fierce competition for its title!). Not only is he incredibly powerful within the original ALfheim Online.

He is also one of the most powerful out-of-game characters. He is rich, greedy, highly intelligent, and can “kidnap” the hearts of 300 people and use them in his experiments. Oberon is a perfect example of a powerful figure in both the virtual and real worlds.

Yui(Sword Art Online Kiss Anime)

Yui may be an AI rather than a human. But any fan of this world would say that it doesn’t mean he’s not a very important character in the world of Sword Art Online. Originally created as Ainclad’s Mental Health Artificial Intelligence. Yui has been adopted by Kirito and Asuna and has proven to be incredibly powerful and useful for many years.

Its AI status means that it has the ability to break into any of the virtual worlds and manipulate things that no one else can. You can also go into the intestines of the game. And discover the actual locations of people that others couldn’t find. Her lack of body can slow her down. But that doesn’t mean Yui isn’t one of the most powerful characters in the universe.

Asuna(Sword Art Online Kiss Anime)

We are now in the Big 3. Of course, Asuna must be here. Asuna, one of the two main characters in the universe. And is a particularly powerful player in her own right. In Ainclad. He moved up the ranks and became one of the highest-ranked members of the Knights of the Blood Oath. Known as Flash at her incredible speed, she is one of the best fighters in the game as a whole.

She has been kidnapped and detained by most of ALfheim Online. And a small portion of both GGO and Project Alicization. So subsequent seasons may not always fulfill her justice. But his augmented reality ability on the ordinal scale is incredible. And his grit is staggering when it comes to finding Kirito in Project Alicization.

Heathcliff(Sword Art Online Kiss Anime)

The latest villain on the list is also Heathcliff, the original big villain of Sword Art Online. His real name, Akihiko Kayaba, played Heathcliff. The leader of the Knights of the Blood Oath, and was invincible in the game. Of course, this isn’t because he was such a seasoned player.

But because he was secretly the creator of everything. He designed NerveGear, the Cardinal System, Seed, and was the orchestrator for the entire Death Game, Aincrad. Not only is he incredibly smart in the real world. He is also ruthless and talented and one of the most invincible gamers in the game.

Kirito(Sword Art Online Kiss Anime)

Who else can get the number one slot? From the beginning, Kirito has always been ahead of anyone else in the virtual world. Originally one of the beta testers of Sword Art Online. He moved through the universe with almost unlimited power and weapons that made players jealous. Regardless of the game he plays. He’s almost immediately incredible.

Except for appearing on the Ordinal Scale. real-world combat has a little more than virtual combat. I learned that I need it! But overall. It cannot be denied. Kirito has the power that the main character of the anime is essentially invincible … but I love him anyway.

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