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Sumikko Gurashi

Introduction(Sumikko Gurashi)

Sumikko Gurashi series of fictional characters produced the Japanese San-X. The name is also translated as “live in a corner”. Because Sumiko’s main character Shirokuma is a polar bear. It also doesn’t like the cold. So Penguin who is not sure if he is a penguin.  Tonkatsu, a piece of leftover pork chop, Neko, a shy and fearful cat. Tokage, a dinosaur representing a lizard. Smaller Minniko characters include Furoshiki. The spotted furoshiki fabric, Zassou, Positive Attitude. Tapioca, multicoloured tapioca beads.

The characters create for San-X by graphic designer Yuri Yokomizo. And also the first products were released in 2012. Their main inspiration was a sense of comfort around the corner.  They were based on Yokomizo’s notebooks while he was a student. Plenty of goods are sold, such as stationery, plush toys and clothes. Franchise-based books, mobile apps, and video games have also been produced. The animated film was released in 2019.

New videos from the second Sumikko Gurashi anime film, revealing narrators

The official website of San-X’s series of anime films is also based on Sumikko Gurashi. Its characters yet began streaming several new videos for Eiga Sumikko Gurashi. Aoi Tsukiyo Mahō no Ko (The Magical Child of the Blue Moonlight Night), the second film, on Sunday franchising. The first two-minute videos include comments from Yoshihiko Inohara and Manami Honjo. It returns from the previous film to tell the new film. The site also streams a 30-second version of the video.

The videos show that the film will premiere in Japan on November 5th.

About(Sumikko Gurashi)

Friends, Princess Jellyfish directs the film. Reiko Yoshida (Violet Evergarden, Lu over the wall, K-ON!) Writes the script. And also Kaori Hino (Modest Heroes, Napping Princess) returns from the first film as an art director. Fanworks returns to animate the film and ASMIK Ace distributes.

In the story of the film, the protagonists embark on a camping trip one autumn day. Because that night they remember a legend every fifth year. On the night of the big and blue full moon, magical creatures arrive in the city is visiting. The characters look up and see a large and blue moon above them.

Sumikko Gurashi debuted in 2012 as a slightly negative character. It likes to be in the corner of the room. The characters are “Shirokuma,” a polar bear that is sensitive to the cold. A penguin who is not sure if it is really a penguin. “Tonkatsu,” an uneaten pork chop. “Neko,” a shy cat and “Tokage,” which hides its character as one of the last dinosaurs.

The first anime film, called Sumikkogurashi. Good to Be in the Corner, opened in Japan in November 2019. The film was in third place at its opening weekend. The film eventually sold a total of 1.22 million tickets. It also generated 1.4 billion yen in Japanese box office revenue in February 2020. The film won the Best Animation of the Year award.  The 29th annual Japan Movie Critics Awards Gala in June 2020.

Mankyū ([email protected] Cinderella Girls Theater, Jaku-San-Sei Million Arthur) directed the first film at Fanworks. Takashi Sumita (Europe Kikaku) wrote the script. The artistic director was Kaori Hino (Napping Princess, In This Corner of the World).

The franchise has inspired toys, books, stationery and video games.


Narration: Yoshihiko Inohara

Born May 17, 1976, in Tokyo.
In 1995, he made his CD debut as a member of V6.
In addition to singing, she works in a number of different fields, such as plays, variety shows and theatre performances. Since 2006, he has been involved in “9th Section, Investigation Division 1, Police Agency” (until 2017 / TV Asahi).
He plays in the sequel to the series “Tokyo 9” (~ 21 / TV Asahi).
He is currently the “Haunting! Ad Street Heaven” (TV Tokyo Network) MC.
In his previous work, “Movie Sumikko Gurashi Tobide no Ehon to Himitsuko” (19), he first challenged the narration of theatre animation.

Description: Manami Honjo

Born May 1, 1975, born in Tokyo and raised in Osaka.
Active in many movies, dramas, commercials, etc. as an actor. He is also valued as an essayist and has published many books.
Recent appearances include the TV drama “Dad fell in love once” (20 years). The movie “Sora no Restaurant” (19 years) and “Another Summer. You Can’t Meet Anymore” (17 years). Appeared as a voice actor in the film “Montessori Children’s House” (21 years). “Song of the Sea Umi no Uta” (16 years), “Mai Mai Miracle and the Millennium Magic” (2009). Anime series “Oden -Kun” and so on.
Continuing from the previous work “Film Sumikko Gurashi Tobide no Ehon to Himitsuko” (19). He acts as a narrator.


Directed by Takahiro Omori

Born in Tokyo. He joined Studio Dean in 1984. After working as a freelance animator, he became director of live-action video production. He then returned to animation production and made his directorial debut with the film “Baby and Me” in 1996. His main directorial work includes “Hell Girl,” “Natsume Yujincho,” “Durarara!” and “Princess Jellyfish.”


Screenplay: Reiko Yoshida

Born in Hiroshima Prefecture. Also debuted as a screenwriter in 1993. Because Widely used, mainly in animation works. So Major works include “The Cat Returns” (2002) and “Movie K-ON!” (11 years old). “A Silent Voice” (16), “Wakaokami is an elementary school student! (18 years old).” Violet Evergarden the Movie “(20 years old) etc. Reiko Yoshida also received the script / original award in 2014, 2017 and 20. Tokyo Anime Awards (TAAF) in the anime category of the year.

Animation production: Fanworks

Founded in 2005. Starting with the WEB animation “Yawaraka Sensha”, “Ganbare.” He is involved in the production and production of numerous anime series. Such as TV anime series, films, commercials and tourist animations in the Japanese region at NHK.
Produced as Netflix’s original work, “Aggressive Retsuko” has become a hot topic around the world. And its fourth production season is currently in production.

Sumikko Gurashi Team (San-X)

A team of San-X employees have produced many popular characters such as “Tarepanda”, “Kogepan”, “Mamegoma” and “Rilakkuma”.
From the performance of Sumikko Gurash to the present day, we have controlled everything and cherished the world.
He is also involved in the original work. Screenplay and character development in a gratifying project. Just before the 10th anniversary year.

Japan Sumikko Gurashi Association

In 2017, it was mainly loosely founded by San-X Co., Ltd. with the aim of promoting Sumikko Gurashi.


Sumikko Gurashi  Anime Film,s  Trailer  Out NOw:

Sumikko Gurashi is also an upcoming anime film adaptation of a Japanese film of the same name. Because the story of the film tells the story of Sumikko Gurashi. So these characters come across a mysterious picture book in the basement of a cafe. Where they always thrive, leading them on new adventures.

A new trailer for the film was also recently released. On Wednesday, Encore released a trailer. So the trailer is available in Chinese with English subtitles. The title of the film is “Sumikko Gurashi The Movie – The Unexpected Picture Book and the Secret Child”. The trailer reveals many important details in addition to the release date confirmation.

This article deals exclusively with this new upcoming anime movie and all its details. Here’s everything you need to know about it!

Sumikko Gurashi: release date


According to Wednesday’s new anime movie trailer. The film is also scheduled to release next month. The anime film Sumikko Gurashi will premiere in Singapore on November 19th. In addition, Encore Films will also release the film in Indonesia. However, the Indonesian release date does not yet know.

The name of the film in Japanese is “Eiga Sumikko Gurashi. Tobidasu Ehon to Himitsu no Ko”. Last November, the film was shown in more than 114 theatres across Japan. It was in third place on its opening weekend. More than 114,280 tickets were sold. When the anime film brought in 132,873,500 yen in three days, from Friday to Sunday.

Sumiko Gurashi: Characters

Sumikko Gurashi is also a series of fictional characters that are popular in Japan. The characters also were first released in 2012 by the Japanese San-X. The word “Sumikko Gurashi” means “life in the corner”. The upcoming anime film tells the story of these original San-X “Sumikko Gurashi” (Living in the Corner) characters.

The anime film is an adaptation of a Japanese film of the same name. However, the plot is not going to be exactly the same. It has its own unique elements.

The main characters of Anime are:

Shirokuma –

the polar bear. The funny thing so about this Bear is that ironically, he doesn’t like the cold.

Penguin –

Another character in the anime movie. The question in the name of the sign refers to the personality of this penguin. It is not sure if he is a penguin.

Sumikko Gurashi


– a remnant of pork chop.
 Neko– a fearful and timid cat.
Tokage – a dinosaur disguised as a lizard.
Furoshiki – furoshiki fabric with spots.
Zassou – a weed with a positive attitude.
Tapioca – the remaining multicolored tapioca bead.
The anime film knows for its various adventures full of humour and laughter.



Sumikko Gurashi franchise website, ASMIK Acen YouTube channel, Comic Natalie

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