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spy x family summary

spy x family

Introduction of spy x family summary

Tatsuya Endo’s Spy X Family is a Shonen Jump fan favourite and a must-read. Here’s how to join the hit detective comedy.

spy x family

Tatsuya Endo’s ongoing Spy x Family doesn’t have an anime adaptation yet, but this Shonen Jump manga is already making waves. With only six volumes published, this detective action-comedy series is quickly gaining popularity, reaching over 8 million copies sold. And it’s no wonder fans love The Spy X Family – with a cast of quirky and hilarious characters, a murky undercurrent with everyone trying to keep their identities secret, and political intrigue, every There is something for one.

With the series gaining more and more attention, now is a good time to start reading the manga. This is how you can get started with the Jump Breakout Spy X family series.


The plot of the Spy X family

SpyX Family follows elite spy agent Twilight as she is assigned one of the most important missions of her life: Operation Strix. Mission: Approach National Unity Party leader Donovan Desmond and stop him from breaking the fragile peace between the nations of Ostania and Vestalis. To do this, he must somehow create a family out of thin air and enroll his son in Eden Academy, where Donovan is rumored to make occasional appearances. Twilight manages to find a wife and daughter in less than a week under the apt but false name of “Forger,” but little does she know that she’s not the only one with a secret: her wife, Yavar, is an assassin and his daughter, Anya, is a telepath.

Besides the interesting setting, one of the strengths of the Spy X family is the characters, especially the members of the Forager family. The three of them try their best to act like a normal family. Which often leads to happiness as they struggle to balance their double lives. Although the main plot is the Twilight Mission, what makes Spy X Family one of the best and most dynamic Shonen Jump series out there right now is how this unusual trio slowly becomes a real family in their own right.

Detective X Family characters

The main hero of the SpyX family is the mild-mannered and polite detective Twilight, who goes undercover as psychiatrist Lloyd Forger. As Twilight, Lloyd is fairly efficient when completing her missions.. but her kindness shines through when she’s with Yavar and Anya. And he focuses on his mission, Lloyd is often surprised by his new family. As a detective, Loid decides to dedicate himself to his work in hopes of creating a world where no child will cry. This meant that he had given up any possibility of a normal life, friends or family. So the ease with which he adapts to the role of a father surprises even her.

Yor Briar, Loid’s “wife”, is a seemingly clumsy civil servant who has trouble adjusting. However, she is actually an accomplished and powerful assassin named “Thorn Princess”. She became an assassin to support herself. And her younger brother Yuri (who has a secret of his own) after their parents died when they were young. Which suggests that she plays Anya’s adoptive mother. How serious am I? The combination of Yuri’s cluelessness and her killer instinct is what makes her so much fun. And the latest chapter promises that we’ll be seeing more of her in the future.

Anya(spy x family summary)

One of the series’ most interesting characters, four-year-old Anya is adopted by Lloyd after she impresses him with her intelligence. Plot twist? Anya is not so bright. The only reason she always seems smart is that she can read minds. A result of mysterious experiments done on her. Anya is a fan favourite with her goofy expressions and constant misunderstanding of what’s going on around her because she’s a kid after all. Anya then develops a fondness for a huge, fluffy dog ​​she names Bond (after her favourite detective cartoons). Who can also see into the future.

The catalyst for Operation Strix, Donovan Desmond, remains unscathed. We get a glimpse of how dangerous he is through how his son Damian both fears and loves him. Anya’s dismal grades at the academy prevent her from joining Desmond’s elite academic circle. And Lloyd decides to reach out to Damian. Unfortunately, the two kids don’t get along at all, even though it’s an uphill battle.


Where to read Spy X Family

Chapter of the SpyX family is bi-weekly. And is found on the official Viz website. Physical volumes can be purchased at Amazon, Indigo, RightStuf, and your local comic shop at various prices. If you want to read it digitally, the series is available on platforms like the official Shonen Jump app. Shueisha’s Manga Plus web app, Google Play, iBooks, Kindle, and Nook. Digital copies can also be found on Amazon, ComiXology, and Indigo.

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