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Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World

Introduction(Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World)

This page is about Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World and contains its characters, popularity, about Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World.


Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World an animated version of the light novel series written by Tappei Nagatsuki. It illustrated Shinichiro Otsuka. The 25-episode series aired from April 4, 2016, to September 19, 2016. The first episode extended 50 minutes. The series was co-broadcast in Crunchyroll.

Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World the second season broadcast live on the Kadokawa YouTube channel on July 10, 2020.  The second season ended on March 24, 2021.



The popularity of “Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World” in Japan

Japan has been airing nearly 200 anime shows a year for the past 10 years. That number has doubled from 20 years ago when only 100 programs were broadcast. Japanese animation has become a successful world-class entertainment in recent years.

However, I feel that most anime works are made for mass consumption. Many animations were produced in 2016. One of the most important anime series was Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World.

We will explore why anime has become a hot topic in Japan. The meaning of the story that appeals to young people today.

Overview of “Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World”


Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World from Zero is an anime based on the light novel series. It is the same name written by Tappei Nagatsuki. The story revolves around Natsuki Subaru. A helpless boy with the ability to “return to death”. He depicts him fighting his fate in another world. The anime ran from April to September 2016 and captivated fans. Its cinematic expressions and rollercoaster stories.

The original light novel series is also popular, with a total of over 3 million copies sold. Originally published as a user-generated novelist (become a novelist) or “Naro” for short. Media Factory subsequently released a physical copy.


Reception in Japan


At the beginning of the broadcast, there were various reactions from viewers. Despite the cute character design, the death scene was quite disgusting. This contrast was reminiscent of Puella Magi Madoka Magica and had a great impact on viewers. Fascinated by the unpredictable story and complex depictions of death. Viewers felt that the subject of the story was death itself. This story effectively applies the “return from the dead” situation.

He carefully describes the protagonist’s feelings as he reopens his interpersonal relationships. Must rebuild what he was previously. He never-ending fear of repeated deaths. As a result, the viewer felt like. She was living his life cruel and hostile to him and began to sympathize with him. The role of credit in episode 15 became a hot topic. Subaru gradually dies as he hugs the heroine’s body. While there is no sound as recognition for the film.

This is an unprecedented role of merit in the history of Japanese anime. Japanese fans were surprised by the dark and depressing ending but in the meantime. They reached their true quality with an unexpected ending. Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World – Much acclaimed for its settings, directions and storylines. There has been a lot of discussion about Japanese anime.

Transported to Another World Concept


Reasons for the popularity of the concept is Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World. From Zero-Can can classify as a “Transport to Another World” story. One of the latest examples is the 2017 winter anime “Konosuba”. They usually revolve around the protagonist. who isn’t good at what he does in real life. The story describes the protagonist. Involuntarily evoked into another world. He plays an active role there.

This concept has created one of the most popular genres of Japanese anime in recent years. Find out why Japanese viewers are so fascinated by this concept. I think the two most important reasons why Japanese audiences are drawn to this kind of story.

Opposition to the unfair reality that cannot be resolved with one’s own efforts. I want to escape from a place where I can live a wonderful life without effort.

I think the concept of “Transported to Another World” is popular because it allows viewers. They are not satisfied with real-life to simulate the ideal situation to fulfil their aspirations and desires.


The desire to be someone else


Social media and video hosting services have made it easier. Than ever to see the lives of talented people around the world. YouTuber, who makes a living by posting videos, is an example. According to a recent poll, “YouTuber” is one of the most important jobs. Japanese children want to do this when they grow up. Other than that, people who live normal lives make the mistake. They comparing their lives to what they see in the internet realm.

For example, when watching a video on one of the best YouTubers. The young man might think. I’m very lucky that I can make a lot of money just by introducing a few products. No matter how hard I try in my current position. It is impossible to live like that. Introverts can be frustrated by people who are popular with the opposite sex. Because they want to be like them.

Also, I made a mistake in my life. I wish I could start over.  I wish I could have a more comfortable life. They have something in common. Instead of striving to make their lives better. They want it to be easy to start over with perfect looks and brains. But they know it’s not really possible.

People who have such frustration can get rid of the frustration. I think the story of Transported to Another World is fulfilling and fun.


At the end(Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World)

Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World from scratch. There are many animations with the concept of “Transport to Another World”. The concept seems to out of stock these days.  Appeal to Japanese anime fans. These stories require unique themes and unusual settings. Perhaps a new challenge for the future.  Japanese anime is to find new concepts that help people find their way.


Famous Characters(Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World)

Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World is a favourite dark fantasy anime for all storylines for a variety of reasons. It takes you to a world that is more like hell with all the suffering and misery. It’s an anime that makes you feel depressed when it contains all the dark elements and wonders what’s going to happen in the future (yes, we mean that!).

As for the characters in this anime, there are not only twisted characters but also really decent characters. The twisted ones will make you want to punch them! This anime is even more intriguing because it deviates from the classic metaphor of the different world and portrays the story from a different perspective.

Re: There are quite a few characters in a different life in the world who start from scratch, and you may fall in love or strangle. Re: We have prepared a list of the strongest characters who have crazy abilities and will delight your eyes with a little fan service in a different world life starting from scratch.

Let’s start the ranking. Pay attention to the spoiler above.


Natsuki Subaru

Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World

Unlike some of the more common anime that overwhelm the protagonist, Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World has the weakest protagonist of all the other characters in terms of physical fitness.

Subaru Natsuki is more than a cheerful guy who can do anything for those who care. He can be seen playing with anime girls, but his heart belongs to only one woman, Emilia.

His intellect and the experience of death return compensate for his lack of strength. He’s not good at using magic or wielding a sword, but his big brain always frees him from problem situations, so we have to give it to him!


31. Otto Swen

Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World

At first, Otto Swen was just a secondary character, and he drove Subaru in a carriage to the place. But now we see him playing a very important role in the last season. He is equally involved in the annoying situations that arise around everyone.

We mainly see him panicking in anime that badly spoils his good looks (what a waste!). He has the worst luck because he always sees him in trouble!

Otto Swen has a very useful ability to speak and control animals. He has been of great help to Subaru in the latest anime due to his mediocre power. Otto Swen is one of the characters who die for his friends, and when he is about to die while helping him, he sees him do the same for Subaru.


30. Crusch Karsten

Crusch Karsten is a secondary character and patriarch of the House of Karsten. He also wants to become the 42nd King of Legnica.
He’s not very powerful when it comes to close and physical combat, but he has Kazami’s sacred protection who can spot the lies of the people around her (in fact, we all want to have this ability. It is).
He has enormous wind power and can control it well. When he combines his wind and sword skills, he can overcome anything he can see, so don’t ignore his incredible power!

He has enormous wind power and can control it well. When he combines his wind and sword skills, he can overcome anything he can see, so don’t ignore his incredible power!

29. Fredrika


Another minor character, Fredrika, is a maid of Rosewater L. Mothers. She is said to look like a carnivore who watches her prey on her when she is angry. She also has sharp teeth that spoil her beauty, according to Subaru. Subaru also believes that she is beautiful when he covers his mouth (sorry!).

He is subhuman and can transform into a beast under difficult circumstances. In his Beast mode, he can defeat anything and hunt down all of his enemies. She is strong enough for Subaru to trust her by protecting her friends.



Beatrice is the keeper of a huge library in the Rosewater mansion and she looks like a child (she is actually over 400 years old!). She is the true definition of tsundere. It is true that she looks down on Subaru, but she secretly praises him and he has a soft spot.

Beatrice uses shadow magic and is quite skilled. Using shadow magic, she can freeze time, teleport, pierce space, and stare into her presence. She also creates a spatial loop that allows the target to roam the various corridors and get lost towards the destination.


Felt is another support player who was once a thief and is now a candidate to become the 42nd King of Legnica.

She is very agile and very skilled in combat. It also has a kind of sacred wind protection that makes it snap forward like the wind itself. She also has a knife and is a very experienced user. Her petite figure of her moved her very quickly and saved her life countless times.

    Priscilla Barielle

Another candidate to become the 42nd King Priscilla Barrier of Legnica is very arrogant and will want to hit her. She looks like a toxic flower thanks to her clothes and accessories.

She is an expert user of Yang magic and she has the sacred protection of the sun. This ability doubles your health throughout the day and allows you to beat your opponent in no time. She also owns Jansword Volakia and can stab anything. You don’t have to touch anything to cut it. She’s so strong (but she’s also rotten deep inside!)

Lye Batinkaitos

Gratney’s Sin Archbishop Lye Batinkaitos is the most mysterious character in the anime. He can eat people’s memories and use them to his advantage, and he also has their own fighting skills and styles. This makes him a very deadly enemy. Also, another character you want to punch.

He uses the garbage disposal authority and steals the memories. He has the power of Eclipse. With this power, he can turn into a victim of stolen memory. He is also a very skilled fighter and has many martial arts skills that can easily defeat his opponent without breaking a sweat.

24 Pouting Itinerary by Email

A member of an organization of unknown assassins, Meili Poutroot is the owner of a beast that looks like a normal girl, who hides in the village. Subaru noticed that he was working with Elsa to destroy the villagers and the Rosewater mansion.

She is endowed with the sacred protection of magical manipulations that allow her to control the ferocious demonic beast. The Devil’s Beast was so painful for Subaru that he was nearly killed (never mind! He can come back to life after being killed countless times).

23. Elsa Grienhart

Elsa Grienhart works in a secret society with Meili and is a lethal bowel hunter. Yes, you are reading this correctly, Catgut Hunter. She literally opens the internal organs of the enemy and is obsessed with the idea of ​​taking down the enemy (GROSS).

Elsa Grienhart has a dynamic vision that allows her to spot enemy attacks. She excels in the use of blades and is a skilled killer. Her agility is no joke and she can quickly respond to attacks. She is also immortal, allowing her to come back to life even after her heart has been stabbed.

22. Garfiel

Garfiel is Fredrika’s half-brother and guardian of the shrine. He was suppressed due to past trauma, but thanks to Subaru everything can break through!

He has the sacred protection of the Spirits of the Earth that protects him until his feet touch the ground. Like his sister Fredrika, he can transform into a giant beast and quickly tear apart his enemies! He is also experienced in the use of water magic and healing magic which can easily heal wounds.

21. Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti

Petelgeuse, a member of the Order of the Witches and Archbishop of Sloth Sin, was a spirit and loved to torture everyone he came in contact with. She takes Rem hostage and tortures her repeatedly. This is another character from this anime, and he is just plain repulsive and you will want to strangle him. (He is crazy).

She had the ability to create an invisible hand to stop and crush enemies. He was also able to hijack people’s bodies and control them as he wanted (he talks about twisting!)

20. Theresa Van Astrea

Absolute beauty, Theresa van Astrea was a former Knight of the Sword and received the sacred protection of the Saint of the Sword. She faced the strongest Demi-Human War of the time alone.
Her intuition and intelligence were undoubtedly on another level. She was also good at wielding swords and was able to defeat her enemies without any help. The way she fought on the battlefield felt like a beautiful and deadly dance!


Wilhelm van Astrea

Willhelm Van Astrea is Teresa’s husband and is now a member of Church Camp. His personality is very sophisticated and is the true definition of a gentleman. He loved Teresa more than anything else in the world.

He relies solely on her strength and doesn’t use magic at all. It is an almost superhuman level! The holy sword he used allowed him to cut anything and with that sword, he was able to defeat the beluga whale of the witch-cult that was causing trouble in the capital.


Emilia, our beloved half-elf female protagonist, loved Weave along with Rem (more on that later). She loving concern for Subaru Natsuki and she sees him pass out in almost every episode. She is also competing with other women who want to be the 42nd king of Legnica.

Emilia has a fiery spirit and Puck always protects her. She used ice magic to curb the manna from past pain. Emilia can manipulate ice and create white voids that freeze everything, including time. She hasn’t woken up yet, but she has dealt with the trauma of the past so well that she is very close to seeing what she really looks like in the anime.

Rosewall L. Mathers

Rosewaal L, the master of Roswaal Mansion. Mathers is a mysterious man and a great magician in all of Legnica. He is helping Emilia to become the next empress. But he only uses them to his own advantage.

He has enormous magical power and sacred protection of magic and is compatible with all six magical elements. He’s not physically strong like the other characters, but his insane windfall makes up for it.


Minerva was an angry witch who died 400 years ago and brought to the sanctuary by the greedy witch Echidna. True to her title, Minerva is very hostile. But she is only hostile (lovely) to those who endanger their lives. She has a nice way to scold others and she’s not scared at all.

Minerva’s abilities include healing someone by changing the violence she exerts. However, her abilities have side effects. The manna she uses can come from anywhere in the world, where it causes natural disasters. She will kill the same number of people she saved.

Secils Segmund

Also known as Volakia’s Blue Thunderbolt, Secris Segmund is considered to be the strongest in Volakia as a whole. He is ranked # 1 among the empire’s nine divine generals (I haven’t seen him in the anime yet!)

His speed is the most amazing of him. He can move at the speed of light without being noticed. Secils Segmund is an invincible fighter and is very good at wielding swords with speed and accuracy. He has two powerful swords, “Mura Shark” and “Masamune”. As a swordsman, he collects various swords as a hobby.


Carmilla, the witch of desire, is quite fragile and has a “cute” appearance, despite her being a “witch of desire”. She also takes to the shrine after her death 400 years ago.

Carmilla has the ability to call a “faceless bride” and fascinates people, who become obsessed with her and forget to breathe. Her target doesn’t know what’s going on with them until she removes the spell from them. She can also make people look like her and fool them into delusions.

Daphne smells

Daphne, the creator of the white whale, is a garbage witch who has tremendous power and can create beasts just by thinking. She has an animal mindset that is anything but human. And live only to feel full.

She can make people very hungry and crazy just by touching or seeing them. Her victim starts eating herself due to extreme hunger and eventually kills herself (scary!).


Echidna, who has a close relationship with Roswar and Beatrice, is a greedy witch who owns the full version of the Book of Wisdom. Her thirst for knowledge immeasurable and she interested in the mechanism behind Subaru’s death.

Echidna a very skilled user with all six magical elements. She has tremendous power that has not yet been revealed. She can also set enemies on fire without breaking a sweat.



11  Hector

Hector is a melancholy sorcerer and we know a little about him. We only saw him once in the anime when he was breaking through Rosewaal L Mathers about 400 years ago.

Use the authority of melancholy to create an invisible force field around him, crushing and paralyzing his enemies. He can also create a force field that cannot see in the distance and can quickly destroy that place.

Typhon(Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World)

Typhon a proud witch who brought to the shrine Echidna after Echidna died 400 years ago. She is 400 years old, but she lives in a childlike body that fans absolutely loved.

Typhon has the ability to break the target’s body if she finds herself guilty of something (the scary thing is right there!). She is also one of the strongest witches of sin, being able to carve out various parts of the target’s body without having to move to torture the target.


Working as a maid at Roswaal Mansion, Tsundere Maid Ram is a powerful creature and survivor of the Devil’s Tribe. Her horn severed during the battle, after which she lost enormous power.

Ram can share her vision with the same wavelength. This skill of hers has freed her and Subaru from many troubling situations. According to the creator of the light novel, Ram with one horn could have defeated a beluga whale alone without any help.


Rem is Lamb’s twin sister and she also works as a housekeeper at Rother House. She the favourite character of most fans alongside Emilia, and in fact, we are torn between the two!

Rem very skilled in water magic and she can heal herself and wounded people. She also has a white horn on her forehead and a demon mode that greatly enhances her power and fitness, making her one of the strongest characters in Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World.

7. Packaging(Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World)

The cutest pack of them all is Emilia’s protective spirit, and despite her adorable looks, she is literally a beast! His contract with Emilia undermined her power. The disc is the great spirit of fire and is very strong.

Packaging very skilled magic user and can use all kinds of magic to destroy enemies. He can also drain the manna contacting the target. We usually think of the Puck as a very small cat. But his true form a giant cat-like beast called the “End Beast”. He can freeze everything, even when he’s in that shape!

Sekhmet(Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World)


Sekhmet a sloth witch who brought to the sanctuary Echidna with other witches. She has a luscious body and actually looks like her in her mid-twenties as she is over 400.

Sekhmet said that she killed her entire tribe of hers just because they abandoned her once. She has tremendous power to manipulate the space around her to destroy enemies. Sekhmet usually thinks fighting is a drug, but as soon as she gets serious, she’s over for everyone!


Regulus Corneas(Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World)


Regulus Corneas, the Archbishop of Sin of the Order of Witches, entered the top five of the list of the strongest characters in Re: Zero thanks to his immense power.

He can stop time for the person who touches him and also for himself. Regulus Corneas does not have impressive physical power, but thanks to his superhuman abilities he can instantly annihilate his enemies. He considered the strongest in the witch cult due to his invincible power.

4. Pandora(Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World)

Pandora associated with the witch cult and is a boastful witch. She has a very calm demeanour and looks very graceful. Her voice fascinating and most of her fans now split between her and Emilia.

Pandora can rewrite the world as she wishes and manipulate her fate. This ability of her makes her immortal. Even Regulus Corneas cannot compete with her. She the reason Emilia had such a traumatic past.


Satella(Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World)


The jealous witch, Satella, killed six other witches and ate half of the world (true to her name!). She has something to do with Subaru and Emilia that we still don’t know. Pandora resembled Emilia in many ways, which bothered her.

She can control the shadows, manipulate people’s emotions and emotions and transform them into their tastes. Pandora is the reason for Subaru’s suffering and fighting. She controls Subaru’s mind and can stop her at any moment. It can be said that she lives in Subaru’s heart, but she is someone else’s home, Emilia!

Julius Jukulius

Julius Jukulius is a member of the Royal Guard and a knight of Anastasia Hosin. I have to tell you the number. He has two points because he has insane physical strength and is a great swordsman.

Julius Jukulius has the sacred protection of the spirit of collecting, which allows him to come into contact with spirits of all kinds and to use them to his advantage. He can also use high levels of magic that many cannot. In addition to using magic, Julius is an excellent swordsman, second only to Reinhardt. He has reached the pinnacle of the sword and cannot do much more. We women have passed out!

1. Reinhard van Astrea(Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World)

Reinhardt, the grandson of the great Wilhelm van Astrea, is the strongest character in different world life, stealing the first part and starting from Re: Zero. He is a felt knight and a member of the Royal Guard. The power surpasses the original barrel.

His skill with the sword unmatched, with agility and quick reaction, but with extraordinary power. Unlike others, Reinhardt may possess his favourite sacred protection in some circumstances. He is the current Sword Saint and a monster on the battlefield. He can increase his physical strength by consuming manna, which makes him invisible and second to none!

Conclusion(Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World)


Re: Zero−Starting Life in Another World from scratch incorporates many interesting characters who appear as completely different people after character development. We have to give it to the creators for a great story and character design not found in many anime.

Strongest Re: Did you like the list of characters living in different worlds starting from scratch? We will update the list as the anime progresses and keep you entertained. Until the next time!



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