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Rave Master

Rave Master

Introduction(Rave Master)

This page is about Rave master. It contains some information about Rave’s master’s characters. After reading this page you will know about the characters of Rave master.

Summary(Rave Master)

Hull Glory is a boy who lives in Gargo Island with her sister Leah. After catching what is called pruning. He meets on the lawn that has entrusted him with what is known as the Rave Stone or The Holly Ring. From there, he went looking for the label 15 years ago. He left his brother on the island in the garage like his father and embarked on a quest. Hull Glory meets Ellie, a girl who wants to gamble but has lost her memory. They met Musika on Punk Street. They have to use the label to remove the daemon cards, and Eri’s Control is powered by Musica’s ability to control Silver with Eterion and Silver Kramer.

Unfortunately, they also have to collect 4 labels to get rid of Sinclair, the mother of all dark beings. Together they find their past, including Hull and Muzika. He doesn’t know much about their parents. They also find the relationship between Eterion and the label.


Most Powerful characters(Rave Master)

The Rave Master is typical of a series in which the protagonist begins with a normal life. And asks him to embark on a journey where the messenger arrives and becomes strong enough to defeat a very powerful enemy. This is an example. Along the way, the protagonist is a friend who joins him and tries to strengthen himself. A weak enemy who tries to defeat them (and maybe changed to join them). And a unique ability that appears all over the world. Meet a random character with. The hero and his friends explore.

In the end, there is a final conflict between the protagonist and the last remaining enemy (and, of course, the strongest). Which determines the fate of everyone.

With that in mind, here are the 10 strongest characters you’ll meet at RaveMaster.


10. Reina

Rave Master

Reina’s abilities are the same as those of Hamrio Musica. One of Hull’s companions. She can also manipulate silver to make a variety of weapons. Reina can actually confront Musica and defeat him in battle. She can say that Musica wasn’t 100%, but she certainly speaks to Reina’s ability to confront one of Hull’s best companions. Thanks to her unique dark bling, she can also give her an edge.

Like most others, Reina isn’t strong enough to beat someone like Hull or Lucia, but her skill and use of sacrifice (which ultimately makes Musica much stronger) is, Tells how much power she has. Really Reina.

9. Gale Glory

Gail is Hull’s father and a skilled swordfighter in itself. With above-average speed and technique. Intelligence and stamina, Gale has repeatedly shown why he was a former leader of Shadowguard. Gail’s abilities are powerful, but he’s not as powerful as the characters in the series Final Fight.

That said, Gale’s sacrifice to Hull certainly speaks to the extraordinary strength he has, and it certainly shows that he is more than just an average warrior.

8.Gale Raregroove

It is appropriate for Lucia’s father to create this list along with Hull’s list. After Hull’s father leaves due to a difference in organizational orientation, Gale Rare Groove, or King, becomes the only leader in Shadowguard. This ultimately leads King to be affected by Dark Bring and, with the help of his subordinates, terrorize the world for over a decade.

King can play five dark siblings at the same time in the final battle between Hull and Gale, so he is unlikely to be the opponent of the battle. Undoubtedly, he shows his ability to stand up to the best.

7.Shiba Roses

Rave Master

It’s been a while since the turf was influenced by the determination of the next rave master, but the influence of the turf cannot be denied. Like Plue, the turf managed to survive the devastating effects of Overdrive, not to mention the very battle that caused it.

In addition, Shiba learned and used all 10 forms of DecaForce, but Haru couldn’t master 9a and was forced to create a new sword to use 10a as well. The pinnacle of Shiba was 50 years before Hull and Lucia, but he cannot be excluded from among the strongest characters the Rave Master must offer.

6. Plue

What exactly Plue is is a source of debate among him, Hull, and anyone who meets him while the gang is traveling. From “insects” and “dogs” to “small snowmen” and “dinosaurs,” you may not get the answer to this question. But despite the size and strange appearance of the proof, it is surprisingly very powerful. First of all, Plue survives the overdrive explosion that occurred 50 years before our story began.

In addition, Plou can detect Rave Stones, help Hull, and use his nose to destroy Dark Bring. Without Plue, Hull wouldn’t be able to travel as long as Silva was trying to find the rave stone. He is definitely not a character to be overlooked.

5. Hamrio Musica

Musica, who first joined Hull’s quest after Erie, is very familiar with the ability to manipulate silver into any shape or shape. Like most Hulls in the series, Music learns to manipulate other metals and creates Hull’s new sword so that Hull can unlock the last required form.

Musica also receives a silver ray from Reina. This is a weapon that can be mass-destroyed as needed and is said to be indestructible. Music is definitely worth being in Hull’s company.

4. Belnika

Rave Master

Belnika is one of the many people Hull meets later in the journey and will eventually join the crew and become an important asset to the team. Like Ellie, Belnika had received Etherion and was a failure, but her artificial Etherion and her magical powers in Belnika ranked her among her best and best. did.

Belnika’s ability to not only heal her others but also reject and even redirect her enemies gives her incredible defense. She puts a lot of effort into elemental magic, and Belnika can certainly confront most of Hull’s enemies.

3. Lucia rare-groove(Rave Master)

If Hull is the main character in the series, Lucia is an adversary. At its best, Lucia not only has the same sword skills as Hull, but also the dark bling needed to recreate the overdrive, so she can claim to be the strongest character. I can do it.

Given that Lucia can annihilate everything completely, few characters can claim to be able to defeat him one-on-one.


He may not look so powerful when you first meet Erie. He can use the Tonfa Blaster as his weapon of choice and is not afraid to fight, but Erie certainly seems to have no advantage compared to the weapons and abilities of most other characters. But that’s because Erie uses Etherion, which definitely makes her stronger than Hull and ultimately more dangerous.

Given that Etherion could use to create something from nothing and used Erie to revive Hull when the series is nearing the end, Erie is certainly not the strongest, if not the strongest. I come across it as one of them.

1. Haru Glory(Rave Master)

Not surprisingly, at the end of the series. Hull Glory is arguably the most powerful character. He started out as a normal guy living in the garage island with his sister. But as he learns how to use the Decaforce Sword and the other nine forms that the Sword can convert. Hull’s strength grows enormously. ..

The amount of skill and destruction that Hull has is because once he finally masters the weapon. It will be very difficult to defeat in battle. But Hull’s best example isn’t just defeating Lucia in the final showdown. It also has the courage to prevent him from sacrificing his life. And suffering another overdrive of other parts of the world. But there is also.

It’s hard not to put the Rave Master in first place in a series that ends in Hull as the most powerful warrior physically and mentally.

These are your 10 protagonists from the hottest rave. If anyone else thinks you need to create a list. Or if someone doesn’t belong here. Let us know in the comments

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