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Princess Mononoke

                       Princess Mononoke



Princess Mononoke has written and directed Hayao Miyazaki. It animated by Studio Ghibli for Tokuma Shoten. Nippon Television Network. And also Dentsu, released by Toho in 1997 in Japan. Princess Mononoke is a spectacular fantasy anime. The production company is Studio Ghibli in the Japanese language.

The main character of the Mononoke, Ashitaka. She is an exiled prince who suffers from the devil’s curse. It is also the moral center of the anime, showing quiet honor. When struggling to balance the power of nature with the power of humanity.

Based on a true story(Princess Mononoke)

The fascinating forest depicted in Princess Mononoke may seem like a dream.  It’s hard to believe but it’s actually based on the actual location. In southern Japan, the Yakushima Forest was the main source of inspiration.

With more dynamic characters, more fitting visuals, more complex stories, and more powerful messages. Because of the themes, Princess Mononoke excels in every respect.

The plot, Summary(Princess Mononoke)

Ashitaka is a young man who lives in a village in the mountains. He is also a warrior who protects the village.

The village has no contact with the outside world. Because people live a life deeply connected to nature. One day, a messenger arrives from a nearby castle. Because it is trying to establish a relationship with the village. However, according to their custom, the villagers refused.

In response, the castle sends soldiers to attack the village.  So Ashitaka transforms into Princess Mononoke to fight the invaders. Because Giant dog/lion spirits join the battle to help the villagers. And can safely chase away the soldiers. Thanks to their victory. The villagers can return to their peaceful lifestyle and have a wonderful happy ending.

Hayao Miyazaki’s(Princess Mononoke)


Hayao Miyazaki’s films cannot be classified as children’s short stories or adult films. Her work is always in the balance between seemingly childish stories. Also adult themes, or mature stories and childish fantasy flights. However, Princess Mononoke pushes the limits of that balance. It’s definitely the most gorgeous of Miyazaki’s films. These are full of blood and amputated body parts. Also, They feature some of Ghibli Canon’s most hideous monster designs. Environmental protection is an important issue as the characters struggle. They balance human survival with the needs of the surrounding nature. But the most surprising and frightening part of the film is how Miyazaki transforms. One of the driving forces of the film, the fear of the unknown, into a visible force.

Collides with each Other(Princess Mononoke)

Ultimately, most of the film’s bloodshed comes from fear of the unknown. Built deep beyond the normal human boundaries of the wild forest, Irontown. A  human city that cannot communicate and understand the forest gods. They collide with the gods of the forest. As a result, they almost destroy each other. The main character, Ashitaka, is an outsider. She can see both sides of the ongoing battle. So she can completely bridge the gap between the two companies. There is no real villain in the story. Eboshi, who controls Irontown, is already doing his best to feed the people of him. They are already exiled. The gods of the forest are now trying to protect their homes and inhabitants from human plunder.

Miyazaki’s personal philosophy(Princess Mononoke)

Ghibli films usually reproduce the character and the surrounding environment with great care. Its clear, detailed style makes Studio Ghibli stand out and is an important part of what sets the film apart from regular anime, a least in Miyazaki’s personal philosophy. It’s even more noteworthy when Princess Mononoke’s elements deviate from those well-defined lines to emphasize some spiritual and power mysteries. The film follows Ashitaka’s journey to meet both the people of Irontown and the gods who rule the forest. All are clearly seen to emphasize the clarity of their needs and demands.

However, the curse that plagues the boar god Nago and spreads to Ashitaka is not so clear in form. Monkeys trying to eat Ashitaka also don’t do it to increase their strength. The curse manifests itself in a purplish-black tendril of varying length, a strobe light between hardness and opacity, sometimes with an ominous glow. The monkeys are clearly visible but are portrayed as intangible in the encounter between Sun and Ashitaka. They are like one dark mass. Their characteristics are ambiguous and are indicated only by color changes rather than the typical black outlines. Of all the creatures of Princess Mononoke, they represent almost unknown things. They are not clearly visible and do not respond to reasons or negotiations.

Eboshi Gozen’s power(Princess Mononoke)

But although they are evil, not all of the mysterious beings in the film are enemies. The film’s Great Forest Spirit looks like a human-faced deer at first. But it’s clearly inconsistent. When Eboshi Gozen bends his head, his face changes. The general shape changes. He grows into a kind of blue liquid colossus. And becomes translucent in a way reminiscent of the curse. It distorts multiple characters throughout the film. Eboshi’s attack makes him temporarily universally dangerous – the black goo that bleeds kills everything he touches – not the evil force of nature. The melting spirit heals the barren land, unleashes Ashitaka’s curse, and returns to the forest when he dies.

Some monkeys with red eyes

(Princess Mononoke)

The intangibility of the world, defined by clear lines, is of a strange nature and it is understandable why the people of Irontown are afraid because they cannot understand the spirits of the forest and the monkeys. The reason why the creatures of the forest fear humanity is equally clear. Humanity curses with iron weapons and is afraid of curses. Humanity is hijacked by blind fear and corrupts the spirit. Ashitaka clarifies the nature of the curse, calling it a manifestation of hatred and explaining that fear and anger only make it grow faster.

rarely feature a complete villain

Miyazaki’s films rarely feature a complete villain. Further investigation often reveals that all are acting. For relevant reasons rather than malicious intent. He takes it one step further with Princess Mononoke shaping her. So people can choose to blame her for what they don’t understand, or for missing her.

Rebuilding clarifying the visual style

Rebuilding finally begins as the curse recedes. It helps Forest Spirit’s body rejuvenate the dead Earth around Irontown. Both sides of the dispute agree to cooperate.  At least not to oppose each other. Forced to work together to prevent a crisis. It opens up channels of communication other than blind hatred. Completely clarifying the visual style of the film. Shapeless creatures no longer exist. Instead. There are new leaves and ghostly Kodama spirits. All made clearly and completely visible. This image shows the possibilities of better. It has a more peaceful existence. A little clearer and more understandable in all respects.


Characters(Princess Mononoke)


There are some important characters in this anime.

The San(Princess Mononoke)

The animators seemed to try to embody the natural beauty of the forest. With an emphasis on wildlife and spirits. The fur cloak she wears of her mimics the mane of the Great Forest Spirit. Because her eyes are reminiscent of those of the Lupine family. From the first time, viewers see the princess of the wolf clan.

It is clear that she is deeply attached to both her mother and her wolf companions. She is not weak without them, inevitably only without direction. She wouldn’t have been able to attack Irontown without Puck’s help. Because later she wouldn’t have been able to help the Great Forest Spirit without Ashitaka.

Mirana(Princess Mononoke)

Princess Mononoke

Fans have the idea that she is important when her character first appears. Miranda has all the traits and manners of a witnessed leader. But that’s the point. Miranda still has a princess demeanor. She publicly admits that her family, people, and her home have been taken away from her as punishment for mistakes.

That doesn’t make her a princess, with the same approval as she does. Some of Miranda’s arcades have found that she is not useless on her own. But by the end of volume 1, she has not yet arrived.

Tessai(Princess Mononoke)


What would the iron court have done without intelligent people like Yurimaru and Genma Shiranui? Her cruel fury wouldn’t last long without instructions. Because this demon gets confused with a vengeful ninja and killed as soon as it takes a while for himself.

The Iron Court initially appears to be the deadliest of Kimon’s eight demons. It gave its large size and menacing stone skin. But it turns out to be the most vulnerable. It didn’t literally last a day after he was left alone. Because his companions had to face Jubei without him.

Lady Amalthea(Princess Mononoke)

The film dates back to the days when Studio Ghibli was known as Topcraft. But the animation team is pretty much the same. Are we talking about the role of the protagonist or her human form? Both are allowed because it is actually a single character. In both forms, she is equally naive when she leaves her comfort zone hers.

When the unicorn leaves the tree for the first time.  She doesn’t know she needs to hide or be discreet. Because her careless travel habits cause her to be captured by the mummy Fortuna. Fortunately, she eventually teamed up.  The magically inclined Schmendrick and experienced Molly Grue. Without them, her search for her would not have been able to defeat the harpy.

Alucard(Princess Mononoke)

Princess Mononoke

When he’s a team of Sypha Belnades and Simon Belmont. He’s focused and barbaric. But after the battle for his house is over and his friends leave him. Alucard withdraws from all kinds of social interactions. He becomes almost useless.

This helpless lifestyle and bitter loneliness make him vulnerable to negative influences.  When things get worse between Alucard and some of the houseguests. He takes a bloody turn and descends into his father’s wickedness. Alucard himself is quite emo. But unless Simon and Shifa get back to him soon. He’ll only get worse.

Togusa(Princess Mononoke)

Princess Mononoke

It goes without saying that Togusa is not one of the best police officers around. The Major, in fact, reveals that he has chosen to participate in Section 9. Because he is one of the best and almost completely organic. Ironically, it’s also a Togusa problem.

He is often unprepared for the types of tricks. Togusa attacks used by cyborgs.  He especially in Ghost in the Shell Innocence. The only direct sequel to the original 1995 film. He Tends to be the target of most enemies due to points weak of him.

His attitude aims to connect with an audience that has fewer cybernetic implants than he does.

Sailor Mercury(Princess Mononoke)

Sailor Mercury’s role as one of the Moon Kingdom Guardians becomes more immersive.  As both her power and the series evolve.  But she spends most of her first few seasons as a support class. These bubbles form a convenient smokescreen. but their use without backup is limited.

Visual coverage and data collection are great when working as a team. But otherwise not very useful. Of course, unless you are a hardworking type. who takes your grades and future career prospects very seriously.

Groveck Marcus

In his normal human form, there isn’t much to say about the Vampire Hunter D character. He appears to be the weakest of the Marcus brothers. He is very skinny, sick, bedridden. Groveck Marcus always obsessed with lots of drips just to survive. This is in stark contrast to the beefcake brothers, who prefer traditional close combat.

But with the addition of special medicines. He becomes something of an angelic superhero. Groveck Marcus can launch stars and lasers at his enemies. He can administer the drug himself. But this seems to be an option only available in desperation. So usually, another team member will help him.

Princes Yue the last airbender

The Last Airbender is officially an anime. But Yue is on this list until a verdict is issued. Thanks to the involvement of Team Avatar. She was finally able to understand her fate. Yue give her life so that the Spirit of the Moon could be resurrected.

She always knew about the sacred pool in a special hidden place. Where Tui and La lived in peace. But without her friends, she would have experimented with her childhood spirits of hers. It would not have been possible to connect it to the attack on the land of fire.


Princess Mononoke

Griffith did one thing right, and he’s a stronger character who has chosen to surround himself. Since childhood, he has characterized fair skin color. A  flow of long hair, and delicate features. As an adult, he retains the beauty of himself and also appears to be somehow of age.

This infamous character deliberately designed to angelic and even delicate. It kindly dedicated to his friends, especially Gatsu and Kasuka. But instead of having a positive impact on his life. It destroys not only them but everyone who loved and trusted him. This will be a jealous attachment. It is not an involuntary result. But it is a conscious choice. He makes to offer companions as a sacrifice in exchange for his ultimate desire for him.



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