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Peach Boy Riverside Episode 12 And Characters

Introduction   (Peach Boy Riverside)

This page contains Peach Boy Riverside Episode 12, Characters and release date. After reading this page you know Peach Boy Riverside.

Release Date (Peach Boy Riverside)


The final war between the humans and the ogres begins with Episode 12 of Peach Boy Riverside, withPeach Boy Todoroki betrayed by Sumeragi and killing him for allying with the humans. The High Ogres have agreed to live with humans. This is the last episode of Peach Boy Riverside. Since the last Peach Boy Riverside, Grator, Sally, Carrot, and Frau have travelled to another town after settling their accounts with High Ogre. They arrive at the treehouse and Sally comments that it looks like a witch’s house. Grator told them they were heading inside, and Sally was surprised the door was slashed.

They walked inside and Sally noticed that it was a fantastic bar that she had expected. The Witch of the Western Forest Winnie arrives and greets them. Winnie comments that it’s the first time she’s had a guest in a long time. He realizes that there are humans, ogres and hares. Sally wonders how they know it, and Winnie replies that she’s been watching them in her magic balloon for a while. Sally made a request and asked Winnie to teach her magic. Winnie decided to tell them how they all got here.

Winnie was reading something in the library and felt a great power that teleported her to the past. Near the building, there was a boy who was rescued when she teleported. Winnie realizes that if she had had the time, she would have saved more people. Grator tells Winnie that his magic saved his soldier and thanks to her. Sally asks him about the magic he uses. Winnie replies that there are many options: attack spell, transport and many more. She lights a fire in her hand and Sally is delighted to see that.

Previously on Peach Boy Riverside Episode 11


Sally asks him again to teach her magic, and Grator wonders why Sally insists. She replies that she has been thinking about it ever since she heard about a witch. Sally reveals that she cannot wield a sword and that she is not even stronger than Frau. Frau reminds him that he beat this Ogre. Sally realizes thatPeach Boy Frau is talking about the only walrus, Sett. But he doesn’t remember defeating Sett. Carrot is still angry because Sally killed one of her own and her best friend. But they had to go with him because it was a matter of life and death.


You have to die during this confrontation, and Sally protects herself to avoid death. Sally adds that she wants to learn magic and can continue her journey. Winnie comments that she has witnessed Sally’s humanity in her crystal ball and that she will not hesitate to teach her. But she has three conditions: never tell that to anyone, follow the rules and three million. Sally wonders what the three million is for and Winnie replies that it’s to pay. Winnie reminds him that anyone can learn magic with the right mentor.

Grator intervenes and Winnie tells him that she will accept all the money she has. Sally reminds Grator that she is more important than money. Grator shows him the money and reminds him that they won’t be able to travel without it. Sally asks Grator to teach her how to use the sword, as they can pay that amount. They later go to the field and Sally begins to train. They meet Hatsuki, an ogre who struggles with his hair. Sumenki and Sumeragi met the Monster Hunter Mikoto.

Peach Boy Riverside episode 12 release date


Peach Boy-Riverside Episode 12 was released on Thursday, September 16, 2021, at 10:00 PM. This was the last update of the next final episode of this anime. This season of Peach Boy Riverside is over.

 Watch Peach Boy Riverside Episode 12

You can watch Peach Boy Riverside Episode 12 on Crunchyroll and VRV. You can visit Peach Boy Riverside online to access more details about the anime. This is what the end of the episode offers; you can watch the anime online again.



(Peach Boy Riverside)

These are the famous characters of Peach Boy Riverside.

1. Mikoto Kibitsu Peach Boy

Mikoto Kibitsu (キ ビ ツ ミ コ ト, Kibitsu Mikoto) is the main male character in the Peach Boy Riverside series. He has come to the Western Continent to kill any Oni he meets. Travel with a dog and an Oni named Millia. He frequently meets Sally on his travels.

In the Manga, Mikoto is revealed to be the son of a human woman and an Oni man named Gaki. Gaki entrusted him to the village after accidentally eating his wife. Although the village thought Gaki was human, the village discovered a horn on Mikoto’s head and tied it up to be publicly reprimanded.

He apparently took his name from the original Momotaro in Japanese folklore, who collected him and raised him. Mikoto decides to kill all the ogres after Momotaro is killed by Kishin. He is given the original Momotaros sword and his talking dog.


Mikoto is consistently seen as weak in early encounters. He is a young boy of average height with long dark hair and a very soft voice, which is why he is often mistaken for a girl. In the battle against Oni, he takes on a form of bloodlust that terrifies even those who care about him.


Mikoto has a twisted personality


Mikoto travels to the Kingdom of Aldarake. He meets Princess Saltherine Aldarake, who asks him to hide her from the guards. On learning that he is a traveller, he invites her to stay at the castle and tells her about his travels. Mikoto finds Aldarake a nice, peaceful place with nice people, but Sally finds it boring. The next day, Sally is surprised to learn that Mikoto is a boy. While walking in the castle, he sees Yaki, an Oni. He goes out and finds a group of Oni led by Moki. He asks Moki if he is the one who destroyed the Northern Kingdom and, as Moki confirms, cuts off his arm. Mikoto then proceeds and kills all the Oni, then finishes Moki. At first, Sally wanted to go with her, but seeing all the dead Oni, she stops. Mikoto then continues his journey with Dog.

Abilities and Power

Mikoto Kibitsu holds a long katana in his left hand and probably uses it to strike enemies with a quick swipe of the sword. He’s a talented fighter and one of the most skilful to kill in the entire series. His sassy appearance also shows that he’s probably the type of guy who takes matters into his own hands and prefers to work alone rather than in a team. However, his cold demeanour attracts more comrades as they comfort him by telling them that he doesn’t have to do things on his own, but the upside of him is that he doesn’t take things for granted and always sees a bright future for the future. . of his. comrades. but let’s move on to his skills.

Peach eyes:

Mikoto didn’t originally have fishing eyes. He got them when Hiko (the original owner of Peach Eyes and Mikoto Kibitsu’s teacher) was killed by the god of law/magic, Oni Nobrega. After the death of his master, the Peach Eyes switch from Hiko to Mikoto and at the same time his Oni Power wakes up, and with the help of his Oni Power and the Peach Eyes, he was able to kill the God of Law, the murderer of his master. , Oni Nobrega. Also in the manga and anime, Mikoto is seen having 2 peach eyes while Sally has one, but having 2 peach eyes doesn’t necessarily make her stronger than a Kishin / God Oni class as Hiko also has 2. mostly peachy eyes. The likely reason Mikoto is able to kill the Kishin / Oni God class is that his oni power is combined with Peach’s power.

Power of Oni:

Her Oni Power wakes up at the same time she receives her Peach Power from Hiko. This makes him suitable for his fishing and manga power, his Oni power gives him the ability to eat any oni attack, he can even eat an attack from an  / Kishin The part that his Oni Power adapted to his Peach Power is just a theory, the reason being that Oni’s ability to eat the attack is very compatible with his Peach Power.


Peach eyes

– Oni power

– Extraordinary power,

– Improved speed

– Improved agility


Long Katana (previously owned by Mikoto’s master, Hiko)

Relationship  Field

Mikoto and Sally seem to have a good relationship. They both hold each other in high regard and will do anything to help them if either of them is in danger. It seems that Sally has developed romantic feelings for Mikoto because every time they meet Sally blushes a lot and wonders what to say, but this has not yet been confirmed.


According to Nihon Shoki, Hiko Isuseri-Hiko no Mikoto, son of Emperor Kōrei, took the name Kibitsu-Hiko-no-Mikoto (吉 備 津 彦 命) with ‘Kibitsu-Hiko’ meaning ‘mighty man of Kibi’ after to have subjugated the province of Kibi. In legends, the prince kills an oni named Ura, who possibly demonizes the kingdom of Kibi, destroyed during Kōrei’s reign. Some suggest that Momotaro’s story stems from the legend of Ura, making Okayama Prefecture, where Kibi Province was located, “the birthplace of Momotaro”. In addition, the prince is deified in the Shinto shrines of Okayama and Hiroshima prefectures.

2. Saltherine Aldarake

(Peach Boy Riverside)

Saltherine Aldarake (サ ル ト リ ー ヌ ・ ア ル ダ レ イ ク, Sarutorīnu Arudareiku), also known as Sally (サ リ ー, Sarī), is the main female character of Peach Boy Riverside. It is the princess of the kingdom of Aldarake who dreams of going on an adventure. After meeting Mikoto Kibitsu and seeing him kill aPeach Boy horde of Oni, he decides to start his own adventure.



Sally is a well-endowed young woman with short blonde hair and pink eyes. He had long hair, but he cut it short just before starting his adventure.

He usually wears long, tight pants, a pink shirt, and gloves.


Sally has a caring spirit that longs for adventure. She always protects her friends and aspires to achieve her goal of living together with humans and Oni in peace, often in naive innocence. When she activates her peach eyes, she takes on an almost identical form Mikoto takes when fighting Oni.

Sally is terrified of octopuses due to an experience in her childhood when an octopus was delivered to her castle and ended up fumbling around looking at it.


Saltherine Aldarake (or Sally), is a bright and cheerful princess who wants to go on an adventure because she is bored with her little castle in the countryside. One day, a horde of vicious demons known as “Oni” knocks on his door, threatening the lives of everyone in the Kingdom. Fortunately, they are saved by a lone traveller named Mikoto Kibitsu who kills these monsters with his mysterious “Peach Eyes”. Surprised by the dangers of the outside world, Sally decides to make her own trip. She had no idea that she would set in motion a chain of events that would determine the fate of this magical world.

Power and skills


Extreme resistance and durability against the oni and get notified when an oni is nearby due to the Peach Eye activation.

Peach eye

Peach Eye allows you to become physically stronger and to some extent immune to oni attacks. When an oni is present, his right eye takes the form of peach and his mind becomes that of a psychopath whose sole purpose is to kill an oni. Over time, he seems to be able to control his urge to kill an oni. In Mikoto’s case, it’s unclear whether she’s able to control her urge to kill an oni or that due to her hatred of the oni, she lets the urge to kill peach eyes run wild. And then there’s Hiko, in the anime Hiko seems able to control the urge to kill an oni right away, but in the manga, he can only control that urge later.



She uses Knight’s short sword as a piece of equipment.


-Sally only has half the power of fishing or the power hasn’t fully awakened. The reason behind this is when Mikoto’s fishing power activated both eyes turned into a peach form, but in Sally’s case only her right eye turned into a peach form (I know of stupid reasoning), the other reason is (spoiler warning!) In ch 45 manga titled “Hearts and Barriers”, Sally and her companions befriended the oni mask god, Yuslina. When Yuslina talks to Sally, she asks why Sally is closing her right eye and Sally responds with “my right eye, uh, she sees you as the evil Yuslina”.




3. Sumeragi

(Peach Boy Riverside)

Gender    Male

Sumeragi (皇 鬼, Sumeragi oni) (also known as Emperor Oni) is a supporting character in Peach Boy Riverside and a High-Oni who appears wherever Sally goes. It is revealed that he pays attention to Saltherine due to her awakening from the power of fishing. However, his true intentions remain unknown.


Emperor Oni is a tall, handsome man. He has short blond hair, black eyes, and wears what appears to be priestly clothes.


He tends to be a fake good boy, but his true intentions remain a mystery. Sumeragi is apparently a demon who masquerades as an Oni who kills Onis for an unknown target.


4. Frau

Gender:  Not Specified  (Assumed Female)

Species:                    Harefolk

(Frau, ラ ウ) is a main character in the Peach Boy Riverside series. She is a demi-human capable of immense strength and speed with a constant thirst for carrots. The inhabitants of the western continentPeach Boy despise her for her appearance.


Frau has a semi-human appearance and wears a schoolgirl outfit with a yellow scarf. She has the appearance of a hare (half-human resembling a rabbit) with white fur and long ears. When ignited by Atra, it grows black wings and black hands with incredibly destructive powers.


Frau is a few words, friendly person with a mysterious background. She is eternally grateful to Sally for helping her and is loyal to all of her peers.


Episode 2

Frau is found on the road and is found by Sally, who at first refuses to participate, but gives her a carrot after hearing her stomach growl. She is the first demi-human he meets and says goodbye to him. Frau insists that she stay to pay for the food, to which Sally expresses some hesitation. Sally tells Frau that she can stay while they venture into the village.

Upon entering the village, the two meet a farmer. The farmer greets but shouts when he sees Frau up close. Sally is surprised by the farmer’s rudeness and tells Frau that they must leave the area. Sally then disguises Frau and they both return to town. Frau and Sally meet the village chief, who sees them hungry, welcomes them home and gives him carrots.

In the morning, the town is attacked by an Oni and as he’s about to attack Sally, Frau walks in and kicks him, knocking him unconscious. The villagers are shaking because they haven’t seen such a strong demi-human. Sally pointed out that Frau was protecting the city. Frau then goes to the village chief and thanks to him for the food. Sally and Frau leave, but Hawthorn Grattor stops them.

Power and skills

Original Power: Currently sealed, but once in the past life where Frau still had her original body, Frau is strong enough to kill the Demon King on her own.

5. Carrot

(Peach Boy Riverside)

Gender   Female

Carrot (キ ャ ロ ッ ト, Kyarotto) is one of the main characters in the Peach Boy Riverside series. She is a High Oni formerly known as Meki (眼 鬼, Meki, lit. Eye-Oni) who joins Sally on her travels after losing her powers. She’s an Eastern Oni who has a powerful Kihou who can pull a big shot out of her eye, at the cost of shrinking for a few minutes.



Carrot looks like a curvy young lady with knee-length light purple hair that has chin-length bangs that cover the right side of her face, yellow eyes, and pointy ears.

She wears a long black and white sleeveless dress (Qipao) with black stockings and white boots with black on top.

Oni  power

Like Oni, he had a single black horn on the left side of his forehead, and when wearing the show, his right eye grew monstrous, with veins pulsing around it. She would also take the form of a smaller girl, recharging her powers.


Meki and Sett attack the kingdom of Rimdarl. Meki uses her Ogre Blast and destroys the kingdom wall, but using her power makes her cringe for a while. She tells Sett to go ahead and after her recovery, she will join him. While waiting to recover, Mikoto Kibitsu appears. She tries to kill him, but when he cuts the tree down, she realizes that he is strong and that he is the reason she was associated with Sett.

Mikoto wants to have fun and doesn’t want to kill her like that, so she agrees to wait until she recovers. In the meantime, he asks Mikoto why she is killing Oni since she kills humans because they destroy the natural spaces in which other species live. Mikoto claims that she only wants revenge on the humans who take her land and even if there is no reason, they will kill each other because they hate each other.

Meki recovers and unleashes his power, creating several flying eyes. Mikoto cuts her off, but it has no effect on Meki, who reveals that all of his eyes are his body. She sends one of her eyes to call for reinforcements and plans to stay an hour until they arrive, but Mikoto creates an explosion of chi and destroys her eyes. He then immobilizes her leg with his sword and causes her to use his Ogre Blast, indicating that she won’t dodge it. She uses it, but it has no effect on him. When she shrinks, he decides to forgive her and only removes her horn and eye, which doesn’t make her any different from a human.

6. Hawthorn Grantor

(Peach Boy Riverside)

Hawthorn Grattor (ホ ー ソ ン ト ー ル, Hōson Guratōru) is one of the main characters in the Peach Boy Riverside series. He was the commander of the Royal Knights Regiment of the Kingdom of Rimdarl before Mask Oni completely vaporized him, making him one of the few survivors.



Hawthorn is a tall young man with black eyes and short brown hair. He usually wears brown pants and a blue shirt.


Hawthorn has a gentle personality and rarely gets angry with others. He’s got the mindset of a commander, so he’s good at strategizing and can work well under pressure.

Nicknamed the “weakest” of the group, Hawthorn’s current goal is to become strong enough to protect his new friends.


Hawthorn sees Sally and Frau defeating an Oni in the nearby village and stops them. He takes them to the Kingdom of Rimdarl and puts them in prison. He later informs Sally and Frau that they are free to go. At first, Sally asks why they were arrested in the first place and answers her own question by saying it was because of Frau. Hawthorn responds by saying that the reason was that Frau was not just a Half-Human, but could defeat an Oni with his bare hands.

He explains that the village is often attacked and that they patrol around him every day to try and help if an attack occurs, and he came to like Frau as she was protecting a human and bowed to the village chief as they fight to protect. what chivalry is. . Sally then forces him to buy them lunch, but when they leave, Oni attacks the kingdom. Frau tries to fight him off, while Hawthorn leads Sally to safety. However, Sally returns a bit later and beats him.

The next day, Hawthorn thanks Sally because, according to Frau, she defeated Oni. He takes Sally and Frau to prison and shows them an unconscious girl they have found, who has been seen with the Oni and looks like a humanoid Oni. He’s not quite sure and doesn’t want to kill her yet and asks Sally and Frau to take care of her like she’s an Oni, her man won’t be able to handle her. He is later informed that the girl Oni has escaped with Sally and Frau. He stops them outside the castle but is easily repelled by Frau. As he prepares to pursue them with his men, Oni Blast destroys the entire kingdom, including his men.

7. Dog

(Peach Boy Riverside)

A dog is white-haired. It is with yellow eyes.


The dog accompanies Mikoto Kibitsu when she visits the kingdom of Aldarake. After Mikoto defeats the Oni there, they continue their journey. Later, near the kingdom of Rimdarl, after Mikoto defeats Eye-Oni, Dog realizes that Mikoto left her alive because she reminded him of himself. He then senses Saltherine Aldarake in the Kingdom, but Mikoto decides to leave while being surprised that she is there and that she is like him.


8. Winnie Emex

(Peach Boy Riverside)

Winnie Emex (ウ ィ ニ ス, Winī Emekusu), also known as Winnie the Witch, is a witch who owns a bar near the kingdom of Rimdarl.


Gender  Female

Winnie appears as a young human but is actually hundreds of years old. She has shoulder-length green hair and purple eyes and wears glasses. Being a witch, she usually wears a witch costume.


Winnie sneaks into Rimdarl Castle and goes through its files. He then feels intense energy and teleports, taking three other people with him. As the energy was an ogre explosion, which swept through the kingdom, Winnie asks those she saved to work for her, but soon after, they slip away from her.

Using his crystal ball, he watches over Saltherine Aldarake and her group and knew they were coming to his bar. He gets them to order a drink and explains why he saved people and what happened to them. Sally asks Winnie to train her and teach her magic. Winnie accepts three conditions: keep it a secret, do as she says, and pay a million. Since Sally doesn’t have a lot of money, Winnie accepts a rebate for every penny she owns, but Sally doesn’t even have a penny. At nightfall, Winnie offers Sally’s group to stay the night instead of paying, they can clean the rooms.

While everyone falls asleep, Frau visits Winnie, who has been waiting for her for three hundred years since they saw each other. As he had seen Frau use a mallet, he made her a new one. Frau asks Winnie to teach Sally magic, but Winnie won’t budge on the prize, however, she claims she can be paid later.

Power and skills

Winnie can use any type of magic, so we can’t list their abilities because she can use all her magic. I only know that she is a very powerful witch.

9. Millia

(Peach Boy Riverside)


Gender   Female

Millia (ミ リ ア, Miria), also known as Hatsuki (髪 鬼, Hatsuki, Hair Oni), is a wicked Oni who is able to control her hair.


Millia looks like a girl in a sister’s outfit. He has long blonde hair and a broken Oni horn on the left side of his forehead.


Sumeragi calls Millia and gives her a mission. She goes to the forest and wakes Juki. When Saltherine Aldarake and her group arrive, she comes out and is shocked to see Meki, but realizing that she has lost her horn and her powers, decides to kill her and save her from her misery. Juki reveals himself and as they prepare for a fight, Sally offers that they come to a peaceful conclusion. As the Oni disagree and Sally shows off her power, Millia uses her hair on Sally, but Sally tears it apart easily. Realizing that Millia woke him up with a borrowed power, Juki claims he no longer needs Millia and attacks her, but Sally protects her and kills Juki. Millia then runs through the forest then finds Mikoto Kibitsu and begins to travel with him.

Power and skills


Millia has the power to control her hair because, in addition to using her hair to trap opponents, she can turn parts of their hair into various things, such as a hand, knife, axe, mace or any other object. deadly.

10. Trivia

(Peach Boy Riverside)

Millia has some similarities to Yami from the To Love-Ru series, as both have the ability to control her hair, both can turn parts of her hair into deadly objects, and both are blondes. The differences are that Millia is an Oni and Yami is a genetically modified alien as a walking living weapon.


Gender    Female

Juselino (Juserīno, ュ セ リ ー ノ) is a supporting character in Peach Boy Riverside. She is a powerful Oni known as the “God of the Masks” and the creator of Somenki.


Juselino is a young girl with long black hair and red eyes. She wears a blue skirt with a white top and a large white hat, which hides her two horns. She also has a black ribbon.



Juselino at first glance looks like an innocent child. She really likes to be carried, so she often requires other people to carry her on her back. Juselino, however, doesn’t like to be taught, as seen when Hawthorn tried to tell him that friendship requires mutual recognition. However, it seems that she got attached to him.



Improved strength


This is the only known Oni who has the ability to fly.

Resistance nullification:

This power allows Jucelino to ignore all the physical properties of any material.


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