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Paradise Kiss Anime | Animation Movie

Introduction(Paradise Kiss Anime)

paradise kiss anime
paradise kiss anime

This page is all about paradise kiss anime. Also, this page contains much information about paradise kiss anime. After reading this post you will know about paradise kiss anime |  animation movie. If you want to watch this then click here


Paradise concepts often have an idyllic image. Also, which can evolutionary cosmic, apocalyptic, or both. Often equated with the misery of human civilization. In paradise. there is only peace, prosperity, and happiness. A paradise is a satisfying place. Also a luxurious and satisfying land. The dark and hellish world. In religion, a paradise is a place of extraordinary happiness and joy.


Overview of history(Paradise Kiss Anime)

Yukari is a  high school student who listens to her parents and goes to school every day. Also, she begins to question her lifestyle. She meets a group of fashion design students. They own a clothing brand called “Paradise Kiss.” The group needs to find a model to show their design. Also, the upcoming fashion shows and decides to choose Yukari. Yukari includes the group. She realizes they really good people. Their passion and enthusiasm for pursuing their ideals and dreams made them realize.  Yukari was not enjoying her life. Which motivates her to pursue her own dreams.

Paradise Kiss (Paradise Kiss) is an abbreviation for “To Kiss”. Also, a cartoon series is written and illustrated by Ai Yazawa. It was serialized in the Japanese fashion magazine “Zipper”. Shodensha has collected five chapters. This series adopts into the 12-episode anime series. produced by Aniplex and Studio Madhouse and broadcast in Japan by Fuji TV’s Noitamina Programming Block and Animax. Also an anime television network. that airs the series on each network. It’s done. Around the world. Also including Japan, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and also East Asia.

These cartoons and Paradise animes are very popular around the world. Also, the Paradise Kiss manga and anime are available in 10 languages. It translated into different languages like ​​ Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese (Taiwan). Also Korean, Finnish, French, Italian, Polish, Thai, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Cantonese, and English.

Paradise Kiss takes place in the same universe as  Yazawa’s previous work, “Neighborhood Story,”. Also which has yet to be released in English. Paradise Kiss is a story, as only three supporting roles appear. Which are young children in the neighbourhood’s history.  the main characters in the neighbourhood’s history appear in Paradise Kiss.

        characters(Paradise Kiss Anime)

Yukari “Caroline” Hayasaka

Yukari is a beautiful high school senior who is faithfully studying for her college entrance exams. Also, she can’t make sense of her repetitive life and she really feels alive. As a prestigious high school student, she begins with a sneaky attitude toward fashion design students. After she was discovered by the storm and “kidnapped” by Isabella, her attitude towards them began to become one of the praise for the passion and motivation of the students.

Her strong relationship with George also encourages her to take hold of his identity. she feels because he is a cold and manipulative man. The members of ParaKiss support her as she discovers new depths in her ambitions and personality. Members of ParaKiss often call her “Caroline” or “Carrie”.

In the cartoon, finally, Hiroyuki after George left to pursue fashion design in Paris. Get marry. In the anime, she married an unknown boyfriend. Who appears to be Hiroyuki. In a live-action movie, she turned down Hiroyuki and found George while working in modelling in New York.


George is a senior at Yazagaku Fashion School, especially with a talent for Haute fashion design. His personality may seem cold, but he lives as a pleasure, he has wacky thoughts about everything and most of them are unacceptable to the mainstream. George is bisexual and describes himself as an “equal opportunity lover”. He calls Yukari both his muse and his joke. he wants her to be an independent woman who makes his own decisions and is responsible for them. Her appearance is loosely based on Brian Slade from Velvet Goldmine, and he makes a few references to the film in the cartoon.

Yukari humorously asks if he is actually an alien with her unique blue hair and eyes. The lifestyle he lives in is that of a wealthy young bachelor. Live in a luxurious loft and drive an antique jaguar. Both this lifestyle and his tuition are paid for by George’s rich dad, but he rarely sees him because his mother was just a lover. His mother often complains that he looks and acts like him, despite his malicious intentions towards his father. After all, it’s sad to leave Yukari behind, but he goes to Paris with Isabella and dedicates himself to fashion design.

Miwako Sakurada

Miwako is the perky pink-haired student from Yazagaku because who works with George to run her brand, Paradise Kiss. She is also the younger sister of Happy Berry brand creator/president Mikako Kouda. He is the protagonist in Ai Yazawa’s Gokinjo Monogatari work. Miwako tends to act quite childish, both in her lolita-style dress and unique vocabulary. She carries a jar of konpeito sweets that makes her feel better by reminding her how she is loved. Due to her cute personality, many of the characters adore her and she becomes Yukari’s closest friend.

Nagase Arashi

Trolls are Yazagaku students who like the punk style and alternative music. Eucalyptus, in distressed jeans and pin piercing, escapes when trying to explore her on the streets of Tokyo. George likes to harass serious punks. Miwako assures him that the trolls look intimidating but very kind. Miwako’s childhood friend turned into a boyfriend, and he said he couldn’t meet Miwako anymore, which was the cause of the collapse of the friendship between Miwako and Hiroyuki.

Arashi secretly believes that he is inferior to the perfect genius, so he hates Hiroyuki. She even broke Miwako’s phone when she realized she was sending a text message to Hiroyuki. At the end of the manga, Hiroyuki and Miwako help overcome his inferiority, and the three childhood friends attend the New Year celebration together. He is the one who speaks most directly to Yukari about her decision to drop out of school. Risa Kanzaki, who is Mikako Koda’s friend. Arashi and Miwako get married and have a daughter who looks a lot like Arashi.


Isabella Yamamoto

Isabella is the mother of the Para Kiss members. This tall Yazagaku student is a microcosm of the upper class and femininity. Isabella influenced George’s first dress as a child and she often had a habit of wearing all the clothes she finished. When she was a child, she always wanted a dress, but George was the one who fulfilled her wishes. Isabella cheers on Yukari when she needs him most, whether it’s George or her abandoned studio. In particular, Isabella is a transgender woman and regrets when someone calls her by her birth name, Daisuke.

Hiroyuki Tokumori

The intellect and handsome genius who became the object of Yukari’s affection at the beginning of the story, Yukari’s classmate. Hiroyuki once fell in love with Miwako. Also, but Arashi forbade her to see him. He advised Arashi how to understand his feelings for Miwako and his past behaviour, and soon after the three mended their friendship. Hiroyuki is the first of the class and aspires to be a doctor. Eventually, he fell in love with a girl like her and felt stupid for not showing interest in her. In the manga, Hiroyuki refers to Miwako, who chose Arashi. Yukari, in love with George, and always expresses her frustration at being second best outside of academics.


Kaori Aso

A former Yazagaku student studying abroad on a scholarship won the former Junior Grand Prize. She is famous for her talent and incredible determination. She has a romantic feeling for her old friend George. He knows that he is not the type to make women happy.

A conversation with George’s connection suggests that Kaori is the only woman George is out of court in and that he has a unique feeling for her. Also. Also, be it just praise.

Alice Yamaguchi

Miwako’s niece. She is in third grade and is just as energetic as Miwako. In the anime. Also, she just appears easily. Alice has the same eyes as Tsutomu.


media Manga


The Paradise Kiss chapter written by Ai Yazawa was published in the Japanese fashion magazine Zipper from 1999 to 2003.

Tokyopop licensed Paradise Kiss for its English-language release in North America and serialized it in the comic book magazine Smile. Following the disbandment of Tokyo Pop in 2011, New York-based publisher Vertical released a three-volume A5-size set with new covers, colour plates, and a newly commissioned translation set in fall 2012.

Rights of property acquired with plans to launch the series.  Madman Entertainment distributes the series in Australia and New Zealand. Also, this series is licensed by Kana in France, Waneko in Poland, and Comic Factory in Russia.

Yukari’s feeling

Yukari is an energetic junior high school student studying for her college entrance exams. Sadly, she is depressed about her future because it can expose her to a boring and meaningless life. Regarding frustration, Yukari begins to ignore her course and hangs out with a group of fashion design students.

But what Yukari doesn’t know is that this circle is known as Paradise kiss, and it’s already run by a couple of young designers who are making their mark on the Asian scene. Also, her life will change soon, but not because of the elite political or commercial future that her family may have hoped for, Also her life will finally be a world of high fashion. Set, she pretends to be a runway as the face of Asian fashion.

In this second volume, it seems like a lot is happening in the life of the enthusiastic Paradise Kiss heroine Murasaki Hayasaka. For starters, both her modelling career and her relationship with the mysterious cute boy George are starting to take off. One day she is a normal high school girl and the next day she leaves class and a modelling agency looks for her. Yukari thinks she has it all because George and other new friends are at the workshop.

The final volume of paradise kiss anime

In this final volume of Paradise Kiss. Yukari only has a few days to hit the runway as the teenage members of Parakis graduate. George is now known for winning awards in the real world of high fashion. So there is a real threat that London and Paris will sneak you out of Tokyo and essentially ask to be removed from the connection. So what about the future of this circle of friends? Yukari wants to continue his education while working in modelling. He wanted George to be by his side, but when he spends more time designing himself than the group, he seems to prefer work to love.


The Paradise kiss anime series produced by Fuji Television, Aniplex, Dentsu, Shodensha, and Madhouse began airing on October 10, 2005.

The director is Osamu Kobayashi. Also, who wrote the script for the series. Also, nobuaki Yuki acted as a character designer and drawing director. Famous fashion designer Atsuro Tayama designed the costumes, and THE BABYS and Narasaki composed it. The paradise kiss anime approve for release in North America by Geneon Entertainment. On July 3, 2008, Geneon and Funimation Entertainment announced an agreement to distribute some titles in North America. Geneon will continue to retain the license. Also, Funimation Entertainment will retain its exclusive rights to manufacture, market, sell, and distribute the selected titles. Paradise Kiss was one of several titles related to this deal.

The opening theme is “Lonely in Gorgeous” by Tomoko Kawase. The ending theme is Franz Ferdinand’s hit song “Do You Want To”. Both songs will appear on the original Paradise Kiss soundtrack release on December 21, 2005.

Manufacture of paradise kiss anime

In an interview with the January 2007 issue of Newtype USA, Kobayashi revealed many of his personal decisions that led to the restructuring of the manga into a television series. Kobayashi worked closely with Ai Yazawa to create a new interpretation of the character so as not to leave the original too far without approval. In many cases. Also, Yazawa was concerned that taking the source material directly might distract the casual viewer or, worse, drive them away. The most important of these concerns was the treatment of George’s bisexual nature and his interest in sadomasochism.

Representation and explanation of Kobayashi

Yazawa agrees that the dialogue should reflect this, but actual on-screen representations should be avoided. Also, Kobayashi felt that this is not entirely true for the character. So he includes some advice on this side of George in the final episode. As another example of the change, this time Kobayashi introduces a change to Storm’s character design to suit a more sloppy and unkempt look. “I wanted to look like Lupine III … I was crouching down with my hands in my pocket,” Kobayashi explains. Yazawa went to change with the consent of the director.

One of the areas where Yazawa and Kobayashi disagree in portraying Shunsuke Mizutani as a storm. But the fact that he is a musician and not a professional voice actor is the cause of this debate.

Production of paradise kiss anime

Kobayashi wanted a more natural performance that didn’t sound like the typical voice actor found in anime. Also “That’s why Yazawa and I had multiple lines,” Kobayashi explains. ” After watching about three episodes, I finally admit that Mr Mizutani’s voice  good and  able to relax.”

When it comes to clothing design. Most of the clothing left as originally shown in the cartoon. Also even though Tayama is involved in all of George’s outfits. Director Kobayashi specially commissioned an actual designer for the project. Tayama’s role in production to recreate the design. Ai Yazawa’s original manga design. Good enough already.

Updating of clothes and modifying the design

Tayama mainly involves updating the clothes to the latest trends. Also and modifying the design to make it look real when it was animated. Also, He provides fabric swatches and photos along with all of his illustrations to help the animator correct the texture. In addition to George’s outfit. Most of the characters’ outfits are design by the art director. And stylist Asami Kiyokawa. After the rough design completes. Also, texture artist Yoshikazu Suehiro manually drew all the textures and laces.  scanned them into a computer, and digitally applied them as textures during the animation colouring process.

Episode List

01 Transcription: “Atorie” (Japanese)        Osamu Kobayashi                         October 13, 2005


02 Transcription:   Irumineshon (Japanese: ) Motonobu Hori                     October 20, 2005

03 “Kiss”                                                             Osamu Kobayashi                        October 27, 2005

04 “George”
Transcription:  “Jōji” (Japanese:)             Mitsuyuki Masuhara                 November 3, 2005

05 “Mother”                                                                 Kenichi Ishikura                  November 10, 2005


6 “NEW WORLD”                                                   Shigetaka Ikeda                   November 17, 2005

07 “Butterfly”

Transcription: “Cho” (Japanese:)                 Norihiko Nagahama                 November 24, 2005

08 “Tokumori”
(Japanese: Tokumo)                                          Nobu Horimoto                     December 1, 2005

09 “Designer”

Transcription: “Dezainā” (Japanese: designer)        Yuichi Tanaka           December 8, 2005

10 “Rose”
Transcription: “Rose” (Japanese: Rose)           Mitsuyuki Masuhara       December 15, 2005

11 “Stage”
Transcription: “Sutēji” (Japanese: group)               Osamu Kobayashi              December 22, 2005

12 “Future”
Transcription: “Mirai” (Japanese: death)                Osamu Kobayashi              December 29, 2005


Live movie(Paradise Kiss Anime)

Fox International, in collaboration with Japanese production company IMJ. Also produced a Japanese live-action film based on Paradise Kiss. The estimated budget for this movie is $ 3-4 million.

In the live-action of Paradise Kiss, Keiko Kitagawa appears as Yukari Hayasaka and Osamu Mukai as George. Other cast members include Kaori Aso for Natsuki Kato. Also Miwako Sakurada for Aya Omasa. Arashi Nagase for Kento Kaku, Isabella Yamamoto for Washiji Igarashi, andTokumori Hiroyuki for Hironori Yamamoto.

This movie is released in Japan in June 2011. Featuring the song “HELLO” and “YOU” by YUI.

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