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One Punch Man Season 2 Kiss Anime


one punch man season 2 kiss anime
one punch man season 2 kiss anime

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One-Punch Man Season 2: 5 Ways It  Exceeded Expectations (& 5 Ways It Didn’t Live up To Them)

One-Punch Man is one of the hottest superhero series in the Shonen anime. Here worked and did not work in the second season.


Miss Blizzard, Saitama, King, One Punch Man, Season 2

The second season of One-Punch Man brings Saitama and his friends back to face the enemy. Unlike everyone else they’ve encountered in Season 1. The satirical anime One-Punch Man has caught viewers with its sense of l humor. And also focused on the supporting characters when he reappeared. 2015. While some plot points moved episode to episode. Season 1 was limited in scope. Allowing each episode to stand on its own as Saitama took down one powerful foe after another.


The second season attempted to do something new by introducing. A storyline that will continue over the following seasons. Some viewers may have come to the new season with expectations of the series. While the new season has exceeded some of those expectations. It has failed to meet others.


one punch man season 2 kiss anime

Genos is one of the best anime characters ever. Time. If Saitama is a One-Punch Man’s Goku, then Genos is a Vegeta, and everyone knows how well-groomed Vegeta is.

Like Dragon Ball, One-Punch Man entertains viewers by bringing out powerful side characters. The strongest among them have the right to invite a friend of Saitama’s. The moments Saitama spends at home with Genos, King, and Miss Blizzard. These are the second best moments of the season.

2.NOT ALIVE: power scaling

The new series attempts to understand. The scale of power in the world of One-Punch Man by clearly distinguishing. The heroes of the S-Class from the other heroes of the second season. While rationalizing the world by developing ideas is a good thing. The absurd nature of the power levels experienced was one of the best parts of the time.


Watching Saitama defeat as a Class A hero in Class C was both motivating and fun. While his satirical level of power is still present  the inspiration. He offered by wearing himself under the title wore off as soon as he left C-Class and started breaking bread with more S-Class heroes.

3 EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS: Great Villains / Monsters

The villains and monsters who challenged Saitama in the first season were visually amazing. But lacked in relative character traits. Each is built with intense dramatic dialogue and a unique visual design. But the story is never shaped around their character.

One-Punch Man is a refreshing anime as its protagonist understands how anime. Anime tropes are and sends enemies regardless of their visual design. However, the hero-hunter monster known as Garou manages to take two punches from Saitama, alluding to this martial artist. His visual design may be less striking than the other monsters on display. But that doesn’t stop him from being the most interesting antagonist One-Punch Man has presented so far.

4. Did’t Live up: Genos Storyline

As previously stated, Genos is one of the best anime characters ever. Demon Cyborg is getting her hero this season, and while it sounds scary. We all know Genos is a big app. Despite his metallic exterior, Genos is still one of the most surviving human figures in this exhibition.

As Saitama’s relationship with King developed, Genos is being remodeled this season into a visually stunning action hero. While viewers are unlikely to be disappointed with the Battles of Genos. Something was missing from its arc. The fact that something made him look more than all of the other heroes surrounding Saitama. Instead of viewers loving the overly dramatic revenge illusion of the first season.



exceeded Expectations: Distracting Saitama

one punch man season 2 kiss anime
one punch man season 2 kiss anime

Creating a program with a protagonist who can send enemies out in one fell swoop is a challenge. If the main character is going to defeat all enemies in seconds, how can you develop interesting baddies and monsters to face him?

Season 2 took time to develop his other characters by distracting Saitama with video games and a martial arts tournament. While the video game scenes were mostly fillers. The martial arts tournament ended early on, tied to the Monster Association plot. This spiral allowed Saitama to be both involved and distracted.

6.Did’t Live up : satirical anime

One-Punch Man is so wonderful because it’s a conscious, satirical take on the tropics of anime. The overly dramatic nature of the setbacks, combat tactics. The visual form of the characters all come together in one comic. While his power levels are part of the satire. Saitama justifies the show by acting as a casual viewer watching their first anime.

The second season in addition to pursuing Saitama’s heroism for most of this season. Creating an emphasis on strength, sacrifice. And also persistence that is’t meant to be a joke. Viewers love the first season. Because it was intentionally irrelevant But it seems even satire is sometimes full of things to learn.

7.EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS: Narrative and Related Characters

The entire plot of the first season of One-Punch Man can put together in one sentence. The monsters attack and the heroes react to stop them. The plot that run through the season only define the heroes of this world.

The second season continued to fit into the world of heroes featured in the first. But exceeded expectations by creating an ongoing story that followed the monsters of this world. Supporting characters and villains got more filming time in Season 2. And that extra time allow viewers to meet complex and relative characters outside of Saitama and Genos.

Did’t live up : character transformations

The One-Punch Man season features the monster pairing and monster cells. When consumed, these cells transform any normal human into a powerful monster. The stronger a person, the stronger the change.

While these cells provided some decent variation, little compared to the epic anime transformations in the first season. The Season 1 final boss lost two different skins before reaching final climate form. The second season focused more directly on martial arts. And the characters dramatized in a fighting style rather than a physical form.

PAST EXPECTATIONS: Set a third season

The last episode of the second season attracted many viewers. When a hit wipes out one of this season’s strongest monsters. Garou flies away and the Monster Association continues to strike him in City Z.

The production of the series in the first season give viewers the idea. That plot threads are’t something left hanging on this show. But it looks like One-Punch Man will strike again in Season 3. Although the official release date has yet to  announce.

Did’t Live up : Hero For Fun

The first season made Saitama a fun hero. His training pushed him beyond the limits of his opponents. This allowed the authors to subtly point out the importance of difficulties and failures in having fun.

In Season 2, Saitama rarely fights villains for fun, as he was in Season 1. At times, he even seems to have given up his life as a hero in search of worthy adversaries. For most of the season, Saitama plays video games for fun and leaves a heroic job around her.


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The Wiping of the Disciple’s Butt

2  July 2019

The Varieties of Pride

25 Jun 2019

Justice Under Siege

18 Jun 2019

The Troubles of the  Strongest

12  Jun 2019

The Resistance of the Strong

28  May  2019

The Class S Heroes

21 May  2019

The Monster Uprising

14 May  2019

The Martial Arts Tournament

7 May  2019

The Metal Bat

30 April  2019

The Hunt Begins

23 April  2019

The Human Monster

16 April  2019

Return of the Hero

9 April  2019


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