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One Piece Episode 991


This post is about One Piece Episode 991-990 reviews released to date and where to watch. After reading you will One Piece Episode 991.

One Piece Episode 991: Release Date and  Review

Episode 991 of One Piece continues the epic battle on the living floor of Onigashima. As Yamato finally makes his appearance in the anime. We’ve seen Yamato in the opening of the anime. Certainly, Manga followers have also seen he’s so capable. But last seven days we got to see Yamato’s full appearance in the anime. We also got to hear what his voice sounds like. Just like in the manga.


One PieceYamato was introduced as Kaidou’s son, despite being a girl. The highlight of One Piece episode 991 was Yamato’s appearance.  As the episode focused on the fight between Luffy and Ulti.

After a fight between Ulti and Page One. Yamato came to Luffy’s aid and made another dramatic entrance. Just as the manga chapters are getting more action. The anime has started to get more active as well.

Although there is a lag between anime and manga. The animation and effects will bring the atmosphere of the manga to life. So it will be interesting to see how the corresponding manga chapters turn out.

After meeting Luffy, Yamato expressed his joy. He also told him that he had waited a long time to meet him. By taking the spotlight away from him in the live-action. We can expect Kidd and his group to continue their rampage. Law and his group also seem to have landed by the back entrance. So this means that the Raid will be in full swing starting next episode.

This means that the manga adaptation will likely be slower. Due to the detailed chapters, the anime will have to produce. However, more action means more interesting episodes.  And its perception also feels a bit longer despite having the usual length.


One Piece Episode 991 Release Date

One Piece Episode 991 will premiere on September 12, 2021. The episode is expected to premiere according to the anime’s usual schedule. So we can expect it to air this weekend. If there are any changes to the anime schedule, we will also inform you. The preview for One Piece episode 991 is as follows:


Where to watch One Piece Episode 991

One Piece Episode 991 will air on 12 September 2021. It is released on Crunchyroll, Funimatnio and AnimeLab. The schedule will be the usual.  So there will be no unexpected changes, and if you prefer to watch the episode for free. It will be available on Crunchyroll a week after the official premiere.



Previously on One Piece Episode 990

As Luffy and Kidd continue their rampage on the Living Floor. They happen to run into Ulti and Page One. After Luffy declared himself the future king of the pirates. Aenraged Ulti was quick to recognize him as a strong opponent, and Page One did the same.

Luffy was able to keep up with the attacks of the two Tobiroppo and showed little or no fight early on. But Ulti managed to overwhelm him with his grip, causing Luffy to think about activating his fourth gear.

Luffy showed mastery of his three forms of Haki, especially his Observation Haki. Due to enhancing his advanced application of Busoshoku Haki as he fought the poisoners. Luffy was able to see Yamato’s attack before it came, thanks to his Observation Haki. When Yamato entered, he used Kaidou’s signature attack.  The Thunder Bagua, and identified himself as Kaidou’s son before escaping with Luffy.

As we saw more of Luffy’s battles, we also saw Kidd and his group take on the Gifters, mowing them down with ease. Meanwhile, Big Mom continues to chase Chopper and Ussop out of the Skull Dome as they do their best to escape from it.

This gave them enough time for their group to enter Onigashima from one side, so overall, their infiltration was successful. Law’s side, which infiltrated through the back entrance, also seems to have landed. This means that we have seen how all the infiltrators have done. They made it through with very little difficulty, so things will heat up even more when more episodes arrive.



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