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Let’s Make A Mug Too

Make A Mug


This post is about to Let’s Make A Mug Too and contains its ep1 review. After reading this you will know the Let’s Make A Mug Too ep 1 review.

Let’s Make A Mug Too Episode 1 Review:

Make A Mug


Let’s Make A Mug Too is a short anime series. Crunchyroll aired the series. It looks like a cosy, easy series.


The main character is Himeno Toyokawa. A schoolgirl who has just moved to Tajimi town in Gifu prefecture with her father. Her father has opened a cafe in town. You also immediately notice. That the cafe is filled with interesting mugs.

In the first episode, Himeno has already become friends with the girl next door, Nao-chan. But the story-driven Mika Kukuri. She is crazy about pottery. Or just crazy, in general. Yes, Mika is the enthusiastic, bubbly and energetic type. That often appears in student series like this one. The fourth girl is Touko-senpai. The leader of the pottery club. As you can see from the description above. The series uses some common school tropes freshmen. Like Genki girl, senpai, etc.

However, you get the sense that this series will go beyond.  The typical anime comedy themes of a four-girl club. First, there’s the pottery theme. Japanese pottery is a  serious business. And the best examples of master potters can be found in international museums. It is one of the most important examples of the art of “wabi-sabi” imperfection.


Recognize Her Cups


The location of Tajimi city is not accidental. As the region is proud of its ceramic art. The manga Yakunara Mug Cup mo even started as a kind of advertisement for the area. And then there’s Jimeno’s mother, who (minor spoiler) was apparently one of those pottery masters. Mika and Touka immediately recognize her cup. They are initially impressed that Himeno joins the club.

The fact that Himeno doesn’t know her mother’s history. And that also her father seemed initially hesitant. About the pottery club suggests. A possible historical arc in the series. I’ll certainly surprise. If her mother doesn’t continue to appear or become an issue. There’s also the question of whether Jimeno can live up to her mother’s reputation. I like schoolgirl comedies. But it seems like it could be a good show.

I’m also a fan of short series.  The series episodes are only 15 minutes long.  It is longer than a short gag series or spin-off. But shorter than a typical anime series. It noticed a lot of series set outside of Tokyo. Such as Yuru Camp (Yamanashi prefecture) or the fun local series Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki (Nagoya). Hopefully, this series will also teach some lessons.  It is about local culture as these other series do.

In short, it looks like a short, cute and cosy series. It will provide some comfortable local pottery comedy.


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