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Let’s Make a Mug Cup Second Kiln


This post is about to Let’s Make a Mug Cup Second Kiln its synopsis, review and song. This is a brief note Let’s Make a Mug Cup Second Kiln.

Production Company:     Nippon AnimationLet's Make a Mug
Staff information
[Original]          Planet, Nippon Animation

[Director]       Jun Kamiya

[Series composition/screenplay]         Toshihisa Arakawa

[Character design/animation director]           Ayano Yoshioka

[Music]               Tomoki Hasegawa

[Collaboration]                Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, Tajimi City Tourism Association, “Yakunara Cup” Utilization Promotion Board

Premieres Date (Let’s Make a Mug Cup Second Kiln)

The anime premieres on October 1. It will also air on CBC TV, BS11, TOKYO MX, MBS and AT-X. Because\the lead actors and crew return for the new season.


Synopsis  (Let’s Make a Mug Cup Second Kiln)

Himeno comes into contact with the art of pottery. Through the influence because of her late mother. Also, Himena, who is a legendary potter. Himeno also participated in the Mino pottery competition. And was able to convey her “feelings” through her work. Is enthusiastic about making “even more beautiful things”. On the other hand. Toko, who missed out on the first prize in the competition. It is not usually in the air. Meeting new friends connected by the art of ceramics. The story of the birth work made Mika. The bond between Himeno and Naoko. And Toko’s secret desires. Himeno and his friends also experience many things. Go in search of what they really want to do.



Review  (Let’s Make a Mug Cup Second Kiln)Let's Make a Mug

The promotional video and main visual of the live-action part. “Yakimono After School” of the second instalment of “Yakunara Mug Cup Mo No. 2 Kiln”. Which will air from 6 October. Have been released.

“Yakunara Mug Cup Mo No. 2 Kiln” consists of a 15-minute anime segment in the first half. And also a live-action segment in the second half. Following on from the first instalment that aired from April to June. The anime segment describes the days of four high school girls. They also engaged in the traditional craft of “Mino ware” in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture. The live-action “Yakumono After School” segment features Minami Tanaka, Yu Serizawa. Also Yuki Wakai and the book. The four main characters of Rina Izumi also introduce the charms of the town. As they travel around the town of Tajimi.

In the PV, the cast visits famous places. Such as Salon Domami Which appears as the childhood home of Naoko Naruse, played by Wakai. The Kobe Kiln, Kokei Park, Tajimi Station, and enjoy barbecue and toast. And at the festival in Yukata. It records how the participants enjoy the summer in Tajimi. In addition, we will challenge the creation of original works. in the ceramic art experience. It emerges from the first period. The main motif shows four people holding cups and smiling broadly.

Theme song

Also, it decided that the theme song for “Yakumono After School.”  It sang the 6-member idol group “Glitter ☆ Unforent”. The title is “Rinkai x Rain Carnation”. And so will distribute through various music services from October 6. When the programme airs. Noah Shirase, also a member, said the band song “Rinne x Rain Carnation. What we are releasing this time is a rare band song for Kiraforet. It is also important to play it by hand like ceramic artwork. Also, it is a song produced by the artist himself. We actually watched the recording of the musical instrument. Recorded it ourselves. From the stage of the preliminary song. It is involved for the first time from the point of “making a song”. “I revealed the back.




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