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Kuroko no Basket Kiss Anime

Introduction(Kuroko no Basket Kiss Anime)

This page is about Kuroko no Basket Kiss Anime. Episodes List season  1. 2 & 3  Name  And    Air Date and 7  Anime Like Kuroko no Basket Kiss Anime.

7  Anime Like Kuroko no Basket Kiss Anime

Episodes List season  1. 2 & 3  Name  And    Air Date



It’s the same sports animation you’ve never seen before! Kuroko’s basketball is awe-inspiring to arrive at the peak of basketball excitement while combining sur with reality. So, good remarks about sports animations that run themselves to find more animations similar to Kuroko’s basketball remain.

That is all! Here you are in the hub of Kuroko’s basketball-like animation. Here you’ll find themes of more interesting sports animations that not only give you an adrenaline rush but keep you sweating more and infinite inspiration. Because it leads to a great selection of anime like Kuroko’s basketball.

Kuroko no Basket Kiss Anime summary:

Kuroko no Basket Kiss Anime

Teiko Junior High School, a team that has made an overwhelming breakthrough in basketball. Because the team shocked the foundations of the sport with players known as the Generation of Miraculous. But the team is made up of 5 players with huge abilities beyond the ace player. However, the 6th Phantom player who hasn’t yet been hooked on the court has 1 player.

On the high school stage. Because the legendary players go their own separate way to reveal their way to basketball around the world. But a fantasy player joins the Seirin team and seeks to bring miracles to the world-Kuroko’s Basketball.

Episodes List season  1.  Name  And    Air Date 2012


1  I am Kuroko         (Japanese: 黒子はボクです)                   April 7, 2012

2  I am Serious     (Japanese: 本気です)                           April 14, 2012

3  It’s Better If I Can’t Win     (Japanese: 勝てねェぐらいがちょうどいい)     April 21, 2012

4  Take Care of the Counterattack      (Japanese: 逆襲よろしく!)            April 28, 2012

5   Your Basketball               (Japanese: おまえのバスケ)                  May 5, 2012

6   Let Me Tell You Two Things           (Japanese: 2つ言っておくぜ)           May 12, 2012

7   You’ll See Something Amazing       (Japanese: すごいもん見れるわよ)         May 19, 2012

8    Now That I Think About It”         (Japanese: 改めて思いました)          May 26, 2012

9     To Win            (Japanese: 勝つために)                 June 2, 2012

10   I Can’t Have That                      (Japanese: 困ります)            June 9, 2012

11   It’s Not Like That            (Japanese: そんなもんじゃねえだろ)         June 16, 2012

12     What Is “Victory               (Japanese: 『勝利』ってなんですか)         June 23, 2012

13     I Believed in You                (Japanese: 信じてました)                 June 30, 2012

14    You Look Just Like Him               (Japanese: そっくりだね)          July 7, 2012

15    Don’t Make Me Laugh            (Japanese: 笑わせんなよ)           July 14, 2012

16    Let’s Go        (Japanese: やろーか)            July 21, 2012

17     You’re All Ridiculous           (Japanese: ふざけた奴ばっかりだ)         July 28, 2012

18     No            (Japanese: 嫌だ!!)                          August 4, 2012

19    On to a New Challenge      (Japanese: 新しい挑戦へ)         August 11, 2012

20    I Don’t Want To Be      (Japanese: なりたいじゃねーよ)       August 18, 2012

21    Let’s Get Started        (Japanese: 始めるわよ)         August 25, 2012

22     I’ll Win Even If It Kills Me     (Japanese: 死んでも勝つっスけど)       September 1, 2012

23      Not An Adult       (Japanese: 大人じゃねーよ!)                September 8, 2012

24    Don’t Get The Wrong Idea     (Japanese: カン違いしてんじゃねーよ)      September 15, 2012

25       Our Basketball      (Japanese: オレとおまえのバスケ)           September 23, 2012

Episodes List season  2.  Name  And    Air Date 2013-14

1 “I’ve Never Thought We’d Meet Here    (Japanese: こんな所で会うとはな)       October 6, 2013

2    At The Winter Cup     (Japanese: ウインターカップで)                  October 13, 2013

3     Start!!!”        (Japanese: 始動!!!)                                October 20, 2013

4    There’s Only One Answer      (Japanese: 答えは一つに決まっている)     October 27, 2013

5    I’ve Been Waiting For This       (Japanese: 待ってたぜ)         November 3, 2013

6    I Surpassed You Long Ago     (Japanese: とうの昔に超えている)       November 10, 2013

7     Give Up    (Japanese: あきらめろ)                 November 17, 2013

8   We’re the Seirin High School Basketball Team                 (Japanese: 誠凜高校バスケ部だ!)                                                                                                                                       November 24, 2013

9      I’ll Defeat You        Japanese: 必ず倒す!)                  December 1, 2013

10     It’s Trust              (Japanese: 信頼だ)        December 8, 2013

11     Don’t Be Ridiculous         (Japanese: ふざけるな)            December 15, 2013

12    Thanks         (Japanese: よろしゅうたのむわ)                December 22, 2013

13     Definitely This Time         (Japanese: 今度はもう絶対に)      January 5, 2014[12]

14   Useless Effort     (Japanese: ムダな努力だ)           January 12, 2014[13]

15   I Think He’s Extremely Happy    (Japanese: 嬉しくてしょうがないと思います)  January 19,                                                                                                                                                                  2014[14]

16      We Win Now         (Japanese: 今勝つんだ!)         January 26, 2014

17      I Believe in Him         (Japanese: 信じてますから)          February 2, 2014

18       Like I’d Lose                     (Japanese: 負けるかよ)                    February 9, 2014

19       Tell Me                               (Japanese: 教えてください)           February 16, 2014

20, Of Course, It’s Not Easy       (Japanese: 軽いものなはずないだろう)      February 23, 2014

21   First Score                 (Japanese: 初得点!!)                         March 2, 2014

22      No Question       (Japanese: 決まってらぁ)               March 9, 2014

23    I Don’t Want to Lose               (Japanese: 負けたくない!)          March 16, 2014

24 “Enough                                (Japanese: もういいや)                March 23, 2014

25   Win                Japanese: 勝つ!)                         March 30, 2014


Episodes List season  3.  Name  And    Air Date 2015

1   I’m Just Going at Full Strength       (Japanese: 全カでやってるだけなんで)         January 10, 2015

2     This Is Mine            (Japanese: オレのもんだ)            January 17, 2015

3    Don’t You Get In My Way      (Japanese: ジャマすんじゃねーよ)        January 24, 2015

4  I’ll Take This For Now              (Japanese: もらっとくわ)           January 31, 2015

5   I Know None of That      (Japanese: 私はそれを全く知りません)          February 7, 2015

6    I Will Offer Them      (Japanese: 私はそれらを提供します)         February 14, 2015

7   It Makes Me Laugh    (Japanese: それは私に笑いを作ります)        February 21, 2015

8   True Light            (Japanese: 真の光)                February 28, 2015

9    Don’t Belittle Us          (Japanese: ナメんじゃねぇ!!) March 7, 2015

10    In Order to Win       (Japanese: 勝つために)                       March 14, 2015

11    This Time, For Sure         (Japanese: 今度こそ)          March 21, 2015

12      He is the Best Player        (Japanese: 最高の選手です)           March 28, 2015

13       A Day with Blue Skies                 (Japanese: 青い空の日)       April 4, 2015

14        Sorry                            (Japanese: …ワリィ)               April 11, 2015

15      We No Longer            (Japanese: 僕らはもう)                   April 18, 2015

16        What is Victory                (Japanese: 勝利ってなんですか?)            April 25, 2015

17     Final Tip-off    (Japanese: 決勝戦試合開始!! (ファイナル ティップ オフ) May 2, 2015

18    Isn’t it the Best?         (Japanese: 最高じゃねーの?)                      May 9, 2015

19    A miracle will not happen         (Japanese: 奇跡は起きない)          May 16, 2015

20   Weight of Resolve                      (Japanese: 覚悟の重さ)                    May 23, 2015

21    In my own way, I’m desperate         (Japanese: これでも必死だよ)       May 30, 2015

22 “A Warning                (Japanese: 忠告だ)                 June 6, 2015

23 “Why don’t we give up                         (Japanese: 諦めませんか)                June 13, 2015

24 “So It Was You               (Japanese: お前だったんじゃねーか)           June 20, 2015

25    Many Times Over                 (Japanese: 何度でも)                  June 30, 2015

The Greatest Present        (Japanese: 最高のプレセントです)            December 24, 2015


      Anime Similar to Kuroko’s basket Kiss Anime

1.  Prince of Tennis

2.  Haikyuu

3.  Free

4.  Yowamushi Pedal

5.  Eyeshield 21

6.  Air Gear

7.  Hajime no Ippo

 1.  Prince of Tennis

If you’re looking for animation with the same level of surreal skills. So abilities as Kuroko’s basketball and cutting-edge sports combat. But the Prince of Tennis is the closest you can find!

Because the Prince of Tennis plays the story of a freshman Ryoma Echizen and the entire Aoki Gakuen tennis team. But the team’s goal is to compete in the national tournament and become a Japanese tennis team. However, the goal is not as simple as it is. Even if you have the abilities or specialities unique to the top players of the blue school, you have to go through a path with many obstacles that are difficult to overcome. The team will soon be engaged in crazy tennis play battles where skill sets and awe-inspiring moves are the staples of the court.

Will the Kiyuk Gakuin tennis team participate in the national tournament? So, Will, they get their hands on the best titles in Japan? But Upon entering the court, you witness the magnificent skill of the Prince of Tennis.



Because of the excitement of the action that regular ball-based sports animation brings to you. It also moves you to the realm of volleyball sport. But Introducing the trendy sports animation “Haikyu!!” held on the volleyball court.

Hinata Shouyou I have loved volleyball since I was a child. It was just bad luck to become a friend without a heart just in junior high school. However, when he was badly beaten in volleyball in a sincere match against Kageyama  Tobio, he improves sports and promises to accurately take his sweet revenge. When he enters high school, a sudden twist of the event occurs. An unexpected friend appears! It’s nothing else-Kageyama Tobio.

Now, this target is now his companion, so he’s never correct for his sweet revenge! Do they also fix their differences now and work together as a team? Or would they continue to rivalry? Capture the Haikyu and watch the two take the volleyball sport to a fairly new height!


3. Free!

What comes to mind when you hear about summer? Uh … of course, water, swimming and the pool! But it’s not about summer in all seasons, it’s about everything, swimming sports! Now we are swimming-themed sports anime – dive into the world of water for free!

Since elementary school, Haruka Nanase has loved swimming with Rin Matsuoka, Hazuki Nagisa, and Makoto Tachibana. But when everyone goes their separate ways when they go to high school, the heat of sports ceases. This is until Rin reappears in a swimming showdown to show off his incredible abilities against Haruka. Because of Haruka, unwilling to accept the unmistakable result of the defeat. But asks Makoto Nagisa and Rei. A new player, to form the Iwatobi Swimming Club and hone their swimming skills.

With all these efforts, will Haruka be able to defeat Lynn with other team members?  Because Who knows, only swimming can tell!






4. Yowamushi  Pedal

Who says popular sports animations are limited to ball games? ! By the way, but there are metal frames and other challengers who hurry from the pedals well. BecauseThe coward pedal flows into the world of animation and now takes the bike saddle!

The story begins with the freshman Onoda Sakimichi. He’s probably an otaku who doesn’t show interest in sports and other activities other than anime or manga. Because of this, he will go far to Akihabara (far behind the mountain) on his simple mom bike to satisfy his otaku fandom. Unknown to him, his constant travels made him powerful and bike talent. And the talent awakened now will lead him to the bike racing club.

Teach him cycling sports rope and follow Onoda  Sakimichi, where he finally found his brand new friend. The question now is what will happen to the animation club of his dreams. Is he really going to join a bike racing club? See it, find it!


5. Eyeshield 21

Well, I heard that the Devil Bat football team. Because Yoichi is looking for a new hire to have a little more strength. Does he have also extraordinary strength? As he has good capturing power, limitless stamina, or perhaps devilish speed. Well if you have what you need, wait for the devil bat to knock on your door. And also threaten you with baby Armalites just to get you on the Demon Bats team, please.

Eyeshield 21 follows the victory of Demon Devil Bat and his Wild Course. Once an indisputably weak team with no members, it all ends when Yoichi discovers Sena Kobayakawa’s incredible speed. With mild (or menacing) persuasion, Senna takes over visor number 21 and eventually becomes the legendary Eyeshield 21.

This legendary Eyeshield 21, along with some talented new members, uses the skills and techniques of the Demon Devil Bat to give them a lifelong chance to finally get the victory they have always wanted.

6. Air Gear(Kuroko no Basket Kiss Anime)

If all the other sports anime genres just weren’t enough for you, we’ve got another unexpected sport gearing up to speed your way. There is basketball, volleyball, football, swimming, boxing, and even cycling. So now we move on to another exciting sport, skating! Wearing fast skates and skates, he will appear in the anime “Air Gear”.

When Ikki found a set of Airtrek skates, Roller dragged him into a world of speed and territorial competition. Ikki soon realized that his passion for sports had grown and he formed his own team to conquer the test.

Will everything work out the way he wanted it to? Will Airtrek sports lead to his dreams sooner? There is a way to find out. Put on your inline skates and be on top of Air Gear sports.

7. Hajime no Ippo (fighting spirit)

Boxing may be all punches and rings, but there is actually more than what you can see. After all, it is more than just a normal sport, as it takes a lot of strength, will and fighting spirit to practice it. Boxing is another serious (and fun) sport that will soon come to mind with the first step in boxing sports anime.

It is the story of how a bullied child can stand up in the real world and show his potential talent and his overwhelming fighting spirit. It’s the story of Ippo Makunouchi and the battle in the boxing world!

A step has always been bullied when he was in school. However, one day in a serious bullying incident, he was saved by a famous boxer known as Mamoru Takamura. He started from there. One step is to join the boxing gym, redeem himself, and get what he always wanted: honour and strength.

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