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Kiss Note Anime

Introduction(Kiss Note Anime)

This page is about kiss note anime renai broken love tyrant and all information about it. After reading this page you will know about kiss note and all information about renai bokun.


Ren’ai Bokun(Kiss Note Anime)

Love tyrant

The cover of Volume 1 of Ren’ai Bokun by Aplix featuring Guri posting as a Shinigami.

Genre                                            romantic comedy     manga

Written by                                        Megane Mihowhi

Published                                        Flex Comix

Demographic                                  Shonen

Magazine                                            Comic Meteor

Original Run                                    2012-2018

Volumes                                                                 14 books (volume list)

Animated television series

Director                    Atsushi Nigorikawa

Takaya Ibira

Hirohiko kanbe

Hiroyuki Tanaka

Produced                                       Migaku Sugita

Yousuke Takabayashi
Soji Miyagi

Shunsuke Matsumura

Written by                                                        Natsuko Takahashi

Music by                                                                    Monaca music
Studio                                                          EMT Squared
Licensed by

Original network television Tokyo, AT-X, BS Japan

Original run April 6, 2017-June 22, 2017



Episode 12 (episode list)

Love Tyrant (Love Tyrant, lit Love Tyrant) is a Japanese comedy manga series by Meganemi Hoshi that was serialized online on the website of the Flex Comics Manga Meteo from May 2012 to January 2019, known as Love Tyrant. It is summarized in 14 books. Animation adaptation has been announced. It was broadcasted from April 6th to June 22nd, 2017.

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Summary of Kiss Note Anime

Kiss Note is a powerful notebook that will instantly fall in love with anyone who has written their name together and kissing them in any situation. This magical, very intimate item belongs to an angel called Cupid, whose work is to make a couple. However, if you do not kiss someone who wrote down the high school Aino Sage, Gley will die. She convinces Sage to kiss a popular girl, Akane Hiyama, at his thrilling school. Finally. Akane and Sage are together, but she is not in front of a decision that she likes Sage too. What seems to be good for most people in hell for Sage to want a normal relationship for a woman.

Characters of Kiss Note Anime


Voice: Aoyama Yoshino  (Japanese); Jad Saxton  (English) Angel / Cupid.

He is the real child of God, the lord of hell in the past, the coachman. Thus, copper tends to “fall off” more easily than angels. She often regards her duty as a joke cupid, and her love for male romance almost exclusively forms a gay couple. But this too, she exceeded the quota of couples formed on the moon. Despite being Cupid, she doesn’t understand the concept of love. Actually, the reason she is her cupid is that her father wanted her to understand what her love was to her because it is one requirement to become God (God must love everyone). She soon begins to pay attention to some emotions when she is with Sage, and she finally realizes that she is in love.

Seiji Aino(Kiss Note Anime)

Kiss Note Anime

Voice: Kensho Ono  (Japanese); Austin Teen Dollar  (US)Sage met Green after cosplaying for the Shinigami who appeared at the front door. She told him his name was on the kiss note. If he doesn’t kiss someone within 24 hours, she dies and he’s a lifetime virgin. He eventually revealed Akane’s love affair, but he only knew her Jan Dere’s tendencies. Sage is a high-level individual to some degree and tries to please all the girls around him without damage.

He is a little angel, because he, like everyone else except Green, has a relationship with them all together. As a result, they are all virtually immortal (but they are still feeling pain), and if copper hasn’t done her job, all the people connected to her in this her way are completely non-existent.


Hiyama Akane (緋山茜 Hiyama Akane)

Voice: Manami Numakura  (Japanese); Amber Lee Connors  (US)
Sage’s school class idol. Her sage before her series began, her first loved her, but she couldn’t cope with those feelings of her in her conviction that she was out of her own league. She found this and she decided to use it as Sage’s lover so that she would not die under the influence of Glee Knot. But she approaches Akane and she surprises Sage and reveals a kiss to her Glee. Then Akane learns of her “love gaze” and eventually empathizes with him.

plunges into a psychotic rage. She begins to accuse him of flirting with her. And puts Green in her head and reveals her immortality Before long, Gley kissed the two, calmed Akane a bit, then revealed that she had also added her own name and made her worse again, although she often attacks Sage (mainly for comic relief), she really loves him. Akane has a habit of fighting by pulling countless kukri knives hidden in her clothes, and when someone tries to steal sage from her, especially copper and shichimi, she becomes very violent (sometimes through unconscious reflections).


Yuzu Kichougasaki(Kiss Note Anime)

Voice: Yuki Nagano 佑紀 (Japanese); Monica Raiaru  (English)

Akane’s younger sister who shares her same father. She loves Akane as her older sister and as a woman. But she also has feelings for Sage later. Yuzu protects her older sister a lot, so she enters Akane wherever she goes (she knows Akane well and she doesn’t care). She is good friends with Griwa Sage despite her first rock start. Yuzu also joined the harem and added her name to the anger of Glee Keith Note Akane and Sage. He has the ability to remind her of Akane’s powerful (yet unexplained) defensive barriers that can protect her from everything from her sword to her vehicle oncoming.

He felt that it was difficult to make her friends when she was young because her colleagues were afraid. After all, she had a barrier ability. But she became her friend with her after she shared her affection for the romance of her man with Yuzawa and her later she praised her fabulous ability to draw.

Shikimi  Shiramine (Shiromine Shikimi )
Voice: Yumi Hara  (Japanese); Persia · Angelle  (English)

From Akane and Yuzu sadistic, hollow, and manipulated cousin. Kiyomi learns of Akane’s relationship with Yuza, and she decides to enter Sage School. Because she is affiliated with her gris, her only reason to be protected by her immortality/God demands her to add her to her harem. However, she declined the request because she could say that her love for her sage was not true. Shikimi’s favourite hobby is to provide joy above all else in “Annoying people.” The series of gags in her series is that many things upset Akane trying to seduce or kiss Sage Seiji.


Aqua Aino (Aino Aqua )(Kiss Note Anime)

Voice: Rie Takahashi (Japanese); Madeleine Morris (English)

Seiji’s Tomboyish. Together as a child, Aqua was originally much girly than her contemporary. But as her sage less and less time spent with her trying to get her attention back, she began to change herself. Nevertheless, Sage caused his confusion without her knowledge until it developed into her hostility to Sage. When she discovers Sage’s newly discovered harem, her dissatisfaction is even higher (since she rather wants to monopolize him). Whenever Aqua Sage is frustrated that she is ignorant of her own feelings, Sage tends to hurt. But she says that if he is insulted she still depends on his attention and defence.

Korari(Kiss Note Anime)


Voice: Hiyama Nobuyuki (Japanese); Sony Straight  (English)

So Sergeant, a high-level angel who monitors Cupid’s activities under his jurisdiction. Unlike other angels, Korari does not generally take on a physical form on Earth, and often uses Aino’s pet cat Blue as a ship after his introduction. Kari says that he does not understand the concept of human love at all and he tends to call humans a lower level being than himself. Coral are has a very wasteful habit of her own looks, especially when using her own true appearance. The continuation gag of the series is that despite Korari’s claim that his shape is beautiful, most people surprise him and see him in person. Her only exception is her sage’s shock and her beauty in the joy of her Korari her aqua when she first saw her but she and his cat look still amaze her.


Kamisama(Kiss Note Anime)


Voice: Hochu Otsuka (Japanese); Barry Yandell  English)


The present god, also the father of Guri. Despite being the supreme authority in heaven, he is often lazy and is free to watch events on Earth through his special TV. His daughter is sweet and has a habit of spying on TV. He gives Sage a mission to draw for her love and allows her to be the final god in her proper Cupid. He claims that his wife left him, who loves all beings equally as his job demands.


Maou (demon king)

Voice: Takehito Koyasu Hito (Japanese);  Michael Tatum  (English)

Kiss Note Anime

Now the lord of hell. Originally, Hell was dominated by its predecessor’s coachman until she was pregnant and left. He has a sense of inferiority, and he thinks he is not suitable for dominating hell. Despite his plea that she remains as a coachman as the Lord of her demons, he could not convince her before she disappears. Because she is Maburo’s daughter, this causes him to turn her eyes to her greens as her potential successor to her and try to pull her into her hell in some way to achieve this.

TaroTsuruoka  (Tsuruoka Taro)


Voice: Yasuaki Takumi

Citron attendees and drivers were assigned by his mother’s rain ming company. Despite having to report the actions of Yuzu to her mother, there are many cases where it is compelling to help Yuzu pursue her Akane. Neglecting to do something very delusional so as not to face cruel punishment from Tsuru Yuza’s mother is likely to panic.


Stolas        (sutras)

Voice: Horiuchi Kenya

In Sage’s hometown, it is commonly known as the “devil’s star.” Strath, an antisocial anthropomorphic penguin with a violent tendency, is to mate with Sage’s younger sister, Aqua, with a disgraceful obsession with her. Attacked, but kept in a cage until it broke out to chase after Aqua again a few years later.
Stra eventually became hostile to Corari and Aqua, and all were defeated after Aqua overcame the fear of him. He gives him robotic armour and returns modified by a scientist who intended to use him as a weapon to destroy the couple. This became a frenzy when Ras Aqua recognized and resumed his greedy agenda on his own and let Corari fight back. The last clash used his divine powers to purify evil desires and turn Stra into a normal penguin. He returns to the aquarium and then matches the male penguin.


Tiara      (  tiara)

Voice: Kitamura Eri (Japanese); Jamie   marchi

Maburo (Maburo)
Voice: Yukari Tamura (Japanese); Saltwater appuriru  (English)

Akane’s mother and the head of the Hiyama Assassination Church. She loved a man like Ameisha, who was told that she was a beautiful and emotional woman. Despite the tripartite relationship being fine for a while when their shared lover disappeared, she sank in despair into the affairs of her family business. Like her daughter Akane, she hides a lot of swords in her yukata and she is very good.


Ameisha Kichougasaki (Captain Ameisha Comes to Candy Doctor)

Voice:  Rina Satou  (Japanese)

The mother of Yuzu and the patriarch of the long-haired dog Zaki clan. In contrast to Hiyama, 紀長ヶ崎藩 specializes in the details of expenses. It can only be said that the chief Ameisha is the exact opposite of Xu. With much lower sound, emotion, and dress conservatism, she clashes violently with the ascetic Xu. After the shared lover disappeared, most of them weren’t fascinated by the Ameisha event and instead chose to proceed without worry. It has similar barrier capabilities to Ameisha’s daughter but provides advanced features such as creating shock waves.


Animation of kiss note anime

Animation studio EMT Squared Nakajima Atsushiga director Takahashi Natsuko wrote the script and composed by Monaka. This series was aired on TV Tokyo and BS Japan from April 6 to June 22, 2017. Crunchyroll streamed the series, and Funimation produced English dubbing.


1       ‘I am riding, Too x Whoa! Forbidden Love? ! ‘


Warrior:’Watashimo, Sansenshimasu × Hoa! Is it forbidden, love! “(Japanese: I am also participating in the war × ほぁ! Forbidden love!) April 6, 2017

With a note called kiss Notes’, which has the power to love people and people, Glee, a nerd girl, comes to Aino Sage’s house. She claims that if Sage doesn’t kiss someone within 24 hours, he remains a virgin forever. Sage is misunderstanding it, so she kisses her instead. The next day, Sage’s frustration, Hiyama Akane, jealous of the apparent relationship between Seiji and Green, tries to kill the two at Gurukanaifu. It was paired with a kiss note that revealed Cupid’s status in the sky.

But without including himself in Harlem, the two eventually made up. Because Hugley’s boss owns her cat’s body as Korari Sage and Sage and Akane are technically in a relationship with Gri, they are immortal and must help when completing her duty as Cupid, or the danger of being sent to hell Let Sage know that there is. At school, a mysterious girl steals a kiss note, and it turns out that it is Akane’s younger sister, Kicho Yuzu, who is accidentally addicted to cloth with that magical telekinesis. Yuzu is eventually included in the Sage Harem.

2   “Snifusnifu × The only person who hurts Sage-Kun… It’s me”

Phil: “Because I’m Kunsuka × I’m good to scratch Sage-Kun… I’m the only one.”
Akane meets Sage’s younger sister Aqua. Guri and Yuzu use kiss notes to confiscate random students in pairs and Sage kiss notes. Mr Gu of the teacher is in love with one of his classmates, Marie. Even though the girls are teachers and students, they decided to investigate whether the two would be a good couple.

Marie claims she considers Mr Gu to be her younger brother. The idea is to counterfeit by taking Mali as a hostage so that Mr Koo can rescue him, but the real criminal takes Marie and Green as hostages, and Sage is shot by Yuzu, and she has feelings for him. It doesn’t help too much. Akane was beaten badly to learn that her killer shot Sage. Mr Goo says it is wrong to confess his love for her Mali, wait until she is not his student. Marie revealed that she was feeling the same, but she was likewise waiting for her to speak to him. She also personally tells Sage that her orb loved her by secretly manipulating him with her love first. Aqua is watching Sage jealously with the girl.


3       ‘I can handle this myself! x Wassup ‘

Kiss Note Anime

Warrior:’Alone I’m Toka De Kiru! × Chorīssu'(Japanese: I am somehow chlorinated by myself! × Chorizu) April 20, 2017
Acquaintance with the younger brother of Aqua knows he has 3 girlfriends Yuzu tries to get along with Aqua, but Aqua turns her own mind about her Sage wrong. Stra, the evil penguin who is passionate about Aqua, approaches them. Save Sage Aqua while Stra is being arrested. Guri and Sage observe a discussion between a man and a woman he was cheating on.

Sage will ignite a kiss note drawn on the fight. I admit that nobody knows what will happen because nothing has been destroyed in the Corari Kiss Notes. After Akane ignores Sage, it is concluded that all the couples collected by Kiss Notes are disbanded, including Sage and the woman. They show them that all the other couples are still together, they are different Cupids and are approached by Guri’s friend Tiara.

Because she is retiring from her pregnancy, she instead draws and passes her own kiss notes. Akane kissed before the stabbing, angry that Sage didn’t chase at will. Luckily, I retyped the name on the so new kiss note and restored the harem and immortality just in time. A girl with pink hair wearing glasses is looking at them.


4.      “I don’t wanna lose! x do you like me?”

Warrior:’From Ever Makema Sen! × Roshi machine Theo fellow Deathka? “(Japanese: Absolutely because I won’t lose! × I will not be there later?) April 27, 2017
In her childhood, Yuzu’s mother ordered her not to access her fabric. That’s why Yuzai skips school and finds out that Akane is stalking. Her Akane admits that her citron knows that she is stalking her and her citron tells her to attend her school because her citron has her sage to protect her and her run away pissed off her citron.

Yuzu protects her body from her perverts and she falls into the water until her sage is rescued. Yuzu admits that she hates Akane because she loved him instead of herself, and she vows to win Akane’s heart someday. A woman named Shikimi made love to Sage and Green. She can’t write the name of her unrequited love for a kiss note she draws because she doesn’t know her name. Sage becomes alone with Shikimi, and she accidentally reveals that she and her girls are immortal. She finds out that there is no such kiss note. Shikimi seduced and kidnapped her Sage and revealed that she was her pink-haired girl in her episode 3, stole her kiss notes, tortured Sage and investigated how Greene had her eternal life. Guri refers to Yuzawa Akane Shikimi’s name. Surprising Yuzu, also pissing off Akane who is already violently jealous.

5′        What is love? x  Kami is trampling himself now lolol’

Phil: “What is love? × God worship now WW” (Japanese: “What is love?” × God prostrate now WW) May 4, 2017
Akane reveals that Shikimi is her and Yuzu’s cousin. Her four seasons arrest Akane, kill Sage and threaten Akane wounds. Her copper appears and her shikimic tries to manipulate her and engage her in her harem. Kuri refuses because she can feel that Shikimi’s heart lacks her love. Shikimi is leaving after receiving her phone call from Akane’s mother, but she vows to join her harem someday. Sage means suddenly dying and going to heaven and meeting God of Korari.

God is a middle-aged reporter who is also Gri’s father, spending time monitoring Green on his room television. Because God is so only son, he explains that one day he will be replaced by God, and because he doesn’t understand anything yet, he claims to teach Sage Green about true love. Their meeting is interrupted by Ou, the present ruler of Hell, who decides to try to be a demon to draw. Sage Green claims that he is not interested because he is too free. Gods Sister and Epee agree that Gri is still inexperienced and return to Earth to teach the most about Sage Green love.

6                     ‘Are you going to the beach with me?

x is not a matter of knowing it. ”

Warrior:’Is Ikanai in the sea in your lifetime? × Isn’t it an unknown problem? × It’s not a problem that doesn’t sound like it) May 11, 2017
Sage invites his sister and girl to the beach. The volleyball war begins by throwing it in the valley of Akane’s chest because it draws volleyball on the beach. Sage is also careful about chasing them Shikimi. Kiyomi accuses Sage of weakening Akane and explains that Akane’s family is the use of magic spears.

The in-charge of the Yuzu magic shield, and that the two families are in the middle of a fight over Akane and Yuzu’s father. Shikimi convinced that Akane too weak and she cannot overcome her discord. From Akane’s return to Aqua, the strife and seriously injured, this proves to be true. At school, no one tries to help couples prove their love by hunting ghosts. However, although the couple were also ghosts in love, they refused to go to heaven until other jealous ghosts proved their love. After helping her ghost, Akane asks if she really loves Grisage. If not, leave Sage alone as it interferes with Sage’s happiness. Green is struggling with her own feelings.

7                      “Festival x what happened ?!”

kiss note anime

Warrior: “Omatsurijā x Dōshite KōNatta ~!” (Japan: Festival x Why did this happen !!) May 18, 2017
Bronze gets angry let Sage refuse to go to the festival with her. Bronze approaches a boy asking for a date. Copper constantly compares sage to a much better boy. At her festival, the boy tried to kiss her, but she rejected because her bronze couldn’t stop her thinking of sage. She meets Sage, who came to the festival to stop her dissatisfaction.

Despite his bad qualities, she realizes that she is happiest when they are together and she kisses him. It revealed that the boy under mind control to confirm that it would ruin the relationship between Mao Wu and Sage.

Akane’s mother, who believes her love leads to weakness, orders Akane to part with Sage. Sage attacks the assassin, but Aqua asks for him. She looks like she imprisoned Akane a kid when she first met Sage and eventually she recalled the process of falling in love with him. An assassin worked for Akane’s mother to talk to her pushing sage, and she locked Akane in her house as a punishment for falling in her love. At Shikimi’s prompt, Seiji, Aqua, Yuzu and Guri have decided to save Akane.

8’Farewell x We are natural rivals! “

kiss note anime

Warrior: “Goodbye x carp cooked (rival)!” (Japan: Goodbye x love enemy (rival)!) May 25, 2017
At the Akane family, Akane struggles to leave Sage, Copper, and Yuzu, and if Akane doesn’t block her, she fights Copper, who threatens to steal Sage. Akane’s parameter auger appears and captures the sage that pushes. She orders Akane to kill Sage. She almost does Akane, but she loves sage and can’t. The sage that can be done is almost decapitated, but Akane asks him. Before Akane can fight Suo, Yuzu’s mother Ameisha arrives and duels with Suo instead.

Akane and Yuzu explain that her mother had a temporary relationship with Akane and Yuzu’s father and a good friend, but the relationship ended badly and led to a family feud. Akane stops her fight, claiming she’s staying with Sage no matter what. Guri points out that Suo is acting in love and she has since poked her head into the embarrassing Suo that allows Akane to continue dating Seiji. To hurt him Akane is to kill him. Akane returns to her old appearance, attacks the copper that kissed her sage, and now declares her a rival. Suo explains to Ameisha that America didn’t know that Yuzu was also dating Seiji, who fell in love with Akane.

9 “Of course … nothing … x something wrong with me …”

kiss note anime

Continuing from the previous episode, Akane and Copper always discuss. Bronze worried that Sage and Akane are leaving her. Shikimi orders Suo and Ameisha to keep an eye on Seiji. Sage and Akane plan to succeed as a couple and show them to the rice. Akane agrees that they offer a kiss and Seiji agrees on the conditions that Akane and Guri look good on. Yuzu gets angry when she thinks of Akane and Sage’s kiss.

As part of the school festival, we decided to postpone Shikimi, Akane and Guri to the princess, article and article rivals respectively in the class. Yuzu kisses Sage and she convinced she doesn’t like Sage who confused and stole Akane when she felt nothing. Akane fights Bronze again in the play.

Yuzu arrives and kisses Seiji to grasp her feelings. Akane told to forgive her and spend all her time on her. She successfully finishes her play by kissing her bronze, hoping she can show that she can meet her if Akane needs it for Sage. Yuzu says she still hates Seiji, but she doesn’t hate him anymore. Shikimi says that the closer Yuzu and Akane to Seiji, the greater the risk of Guri left behind.

10’I’m here to stay at night x I’m growing too’

kiss note anime

Warrior: “Otomari ni Kichaimashita x Watashi Datte … Seichō Surun da yo” (Japan: I come to stay x I’m growing up) June 8, 2017
Seiji pleased to spend time alone as Akane, Yuzu, Guri and Shikimi appear at the same time. After spending a day with them, Sage’s private life trying to take a bus continues to be violated. Later Seiji keeps her promise and kisses her with Akane in her garden. In the evening, the girls all slept in Sage’s room.

Sage slept in the living room, and in the morning all the girls moved to the living room with him. Aqua returns and he meets Sage with four girls and punishes him. Seeing Aqua is upset Guri promises Aqua will be able to get Seiji’s attention.

Aqua requires copper to have the actual feelings of sage. Penguins stalls return stronger than before. When escaping, Aqua protected by collaboration Rie. Tired of fear, Aqua stands up in Stalllas and kicks his face. Seiji arrives to protect Aqua but finds that he no longer needs to be protected. Aqua realizes that her brother still likes her, despite some of her girlfriends. Copper worried about something missing between her and Sage. Propose a story with copper to push and disappear together.

11.Where did she go? x We apologize for the inconvenience.

Kiss Note Anime
kiss note anime

Warrior: “Doko Ittanda Aitsu x Ima Made Taihen Osewa ni Narimashita” (Japan: Where did he go x Thank you so much for your help) June 15, 2017
Copper has missing for more than a week, and Sage worried that Sage will take it seriously. Seiji meets her, suspecting Shikimi is responsible for her. Hold the sage to push and kiss the copper secretly watching. Bronze confided to Shikimi the horror that had fallen between her and Sage.

Shikimi proposes to leave Seiji and observe Akane and him. Bronze saw because Sage was unlikely to find her. Akane and Yuzu arrive and expose the melancholy copper they push. She asks Sage to ask what she thinks about her. Seiji responds angrily because Guri has been cocooned with black feathers, which was a hassle for Guri. Mao cries and Miwa cooperates to operate the sage, hurt the heart of copper,

fall from the sky and be reborn as a devil. The new Devil’s Copper begins to part with all the couples she gathered, saying that the old Copper is dead and it’s a sage mistake. Shikimi leaves with Maou. Yuzu argues that Seiji accuses Guri of neglecting and helps make Guri available. Akane refuses her help while Sage decides to seek copper.

12’Like, die a lot! x I finally understood “

kiss note anime

Warrior: “Sōda, Shinimashō! × Watashi Yotto Wakarimashita” (Japan: Yes, let’s die! × I finally understood) June 22, 2017
God proposes that Sage and Yuzu go to hell to get the copper back. Bronze rejects the proposal to become a new demon so that Mao Wu can retire. Sage and Yuzu found by Shikimi and forced to escape. He rescued by Akane who has peculiarly reached hell, and after reaching copper, demands that he return to normal or remain the devil forever. Seiji finally realizes how terrible he was with copper and begs her to return to normal.

After copper instinctively makes a dirty joke, Sage realizes that regular copper will eventually not disappear. Explain her plan for the disappearance of her pushing copper and her pain she felt when no one absent from her. Copper also confusing with the obvious feelings of fainting. Sima Yi Based on her advice, Sage asks what she really needs. The bronze devil wings return to normal in the realization that Sage loves her and wants to kiss her, and replaced by a sudden angel wing. Akane gets angry with a kiss and throws a knife at her copper head. If everything goes back to normal and copper wants to love, make it a harem and promise to add rice.

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