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Kiss Him Not Me Anime

kiss him not me anime


This post is about kissing him, not me anime. This post contains much information about kiss him not my anime. After reading this post you will know about kissing him not me anime.

Some anime shojo shows are stupid but innocent enough to bring you back to your own childhood. Seeing “kiss him, not me” is like stepping into a candy store. He takes you on a sweet journey and is fascinating in a way you can’t explain. Animated by Brain’s Base Studio, known for creating other similar animations such as “Baccano” and “Durarara”, “Kiss Him, Not Me” is most often dependent solely on character relationships. Comedy anime. .. ..

Anime is also very faithful to the manga, so you won’t lose track of your pace and completely encapsulate each character’s personality. From what it looks like on paper, most people wouldn’t even mind seeing her first episode after reading her synopsis. But if you’re just a little interested in the easy and fun reverse harem, I recommend this.

Kiss, not me Season 2 Release Date: When will it be premiered?

Season 1 of “Kiss Him, Not Me”, which premiered on October 7, 2016, was a total of 12 episodes and lasted until December 23, 2016. Immediately after its release, “Kiss Him, Not Me” is very popular and has an average rating on most anime platforms. So far, Season 1 has covered 8 of the 15 manga volumes. The anime hasn’t covered a lot of content from the original material yet, so creators need to do a lot of work for Season 2.

So far, there are no official announcements about the anime renewal, but I believe it will come back in the near future. The confirmed news about “Kiss Him, Not Me” Season 2 in the summer of 2020 is certainly promising. Until then, you can check out the shows on the list of other similar high school romantic anime shows.

Kiss him, not me English dubbed:
An English dubbing of “Kiss Him Not Me” is available from Funimation.

Kiss him, not me Plot:

kiss him not me anime
kiss him not me anime

The main character, Kae Serinuma, is a prominently overweight girl who has received little attention from her peers. She is a full-fledged nerd who is always crazy about BL (boy love). While at school, he just sits down and fantasizes about the romantic relationship between the boys in his class. With this strange fetish, she often gets lost in her imagination and rarely interacts with those around her.

One day, when I watch my favorite TV show, I see the death of my favorite character. This really depresses her and she is trapped in her room for a week. He abandons everyone and everyone during this period and stops eating. A week later, she finally recovered from her sadness, and to her surprise, a lean girl left the room. After magically losing most of her weight, she begins to get a lot of attention at school. But to her disappointment, instead of getting the attention of the guys in the class, she wanted to sit down and see them fall in love with each other. Not only does she need to learn to deal with all these newly discovered attention, but she also needs to control her wild imagination, as the four boys are obsessed with her.

The characters kissing him, not me:
Kae Serinuma

Kae Serinuma is the main female leader of the show, who often stands alone and loses her imagination. Even during lectures at school, he begins to daydream about the “boy’s love” relationship between his male companions. This is one of the main reasons he isn’t bothered by the fact that, unlike most classmates, he hasn’t received any attention. After the death of her favorite anime character, she has been in mourning for a whole week, and in the process, she loses considerable weight. Surprisingly, she suddenly began to attract the attention of everyone in the class, but her life was clearly much better when she was able to sit and daydream about BL’s fantasy. ..

Yusuke Igarashi

Yusuke is a member of his school’s soccer club and is one of four boys who fall in love with Kae. When Kaede was chubby, he was still very kind to her and never treated her badly. But after losing weight, she really begins to like it. After spending a lot of time with her, he realizes she is a wonderful girl and begins to worship who she is.

Asuma Mutsumi

kiss him not me anime
kiss him not me anime

Asuma Mutsumi is one of the other four boys trying to win the heart of Kaede. Mutsumi has long brown hair and small, dull eyes. He has a soft look and sometimes has a very real smile. The words of Asma’s body very well describe how calm and gathered he is at all times. He is also running on the street and easy to understand the mystery. In most cases, his opinion is not recognized just because he is loud and unexpressive. He is also a peacemaker, more or less always trying to end conflicts between others. Some people judge him by what he looks like and call him modest, but those who know really believe he is open-minded and generous.

Hayato Shinomiya

Hayato Shinomiya is a first grader and is much shorter than other boys who like maple. Because of his soft traits, he is often mistaken for a girl. Initially, he seems to be a wise man who is only determined to work for his future. But after he begins to like frogs, he becomes rude to those who are interested in her. It’s a typical tsundere. His mood switches between the ends of the spectrum, sometimes looking really nice, but then sometimes he hates everyone around him.


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