The famous Laufol sites came to the end of Kiss Anime and Kiss Manga Road. Ending years of free seafood for the community. After nearly a decade on the internet. Following Japan’s strict anti-piracy laws. Both platforms will be permanently shut down.

News(kiss anime site)

The news first appeared on R / Cassimum Subraditate, when a user noticed the shutdown time between 10 p.m. and 10.20 p.m. PST on August 14, 2020.

At the end of the night, the information was formalized on Discard by the Anime Support Team, who wrote: “All files have been downloaded by the copyright owners. Which manga and which anime will be closed forever. Thank you. for your support, thank you for all these years.

achievement(kiss anime site)

However, a nasty surprise was that the outgoing streaming service was only a matter of time before it became law. The issue of legitimacy has always been a thorn in Kosom Anime’s side and the myriad of parties running, and keeping the website alive for so long is an achievement in itself.

But it is sadly in Japan raised the hammer of punishment again in June this year. Because its parliament proposed to punish those who illegally download or pirate magazines and educational works. Implemented the proposed copyright for


kiss anime site
kiss anime site

Needless to say, the community has hailed. Because of the shutdown of the world’s largest kissanime streaming website. Most of the people also visited the online space. Because they thanked the Anime and Kis Manga team for their services. But filled their dating posts with Ionic kissanime references and moments.

This is not the first time that a kiss anime and manga scene has affected Japan’s piracy laws. But it is the largest in history.

Previously, the popular manga hosting platform Manga Rock was also forced to shut down permanently. And many similar websites are likely to receive the same treatment soon.

In the future, the ideal way to use kissanime content online. Because it would be to buy services like Crunchyrol. Funimation and Netflix. As it legally backs creators and distributors.

Indeed. There are some limitations. Especially when your favourite titles aren’t available. But it’s definitely better than anything else. At the same time, accessing the manga will be a challenge. With the lack of official channels to use the proper translation material.

Goodbye, kisses and kisses. I went on and on.\

The anime lists and more information for kissanime is below in the links