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Kiss Anime No Game No Life

Introduction(kiss anime no game no life)


This page is about kiss anime no game no life and contains 15 animations like “No Game No Life” to watch after reading this page you will know about kiss anime no game no life’s interesting fantasy world.

15 animations like “Kiss Anime No Game No Life” to watch

kiss anime no game no life

“No Game No Life” is the story of a game master’s solo and Soro caught in another reality. Solo and Soro, who have called themselves virgins, are undefeated champions of the game. Impressed by their undefeated sources, another true god challenges them to a game of chess. Solo and Soro believe it’s another game and agrees to play together. Soon they find that the rules are ambiguous and they are stuck in another universe that rarely benefits the player. The only way is to overcome God.

The show is based on a fantasy world while offering an interesting story. It’s thrilling to watch Solo and Soro take on all the challenges and come up with new plans to ensure their survival. This spectacle is particularly appreciated by those who are themselves avid gamers. For those who don’t, this is a great, fantastic sci-fi show. This is an anime list that looks like our recommendation, No Game No Life because it quickly refreshed your memory. You can see some of these anime like No Game No Life on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

15. Inuyashiki: Last Hero 2017(Kiss Anime No Game No Life)

kiss anime no game no life

The park was hit by an explosion and the people around it gained superhuman powers. A middle-aged man named Inuyashiki is one of them. Tired of his life and not finding love in his family, he discovers his new purpose after the power appears to him. He decides to make a difference in the world by helping and saving those in need. But for other men who have gone through the same transformation as Inuyashiki, the exact opposite is happening. This person was a teenager overwhelmed by his newly discovered abilities and decided to help people by taking their lives away. He killed people just because he became psychotic, loved him, and became one of the most named criminals in the world. Not being aware of the other’s existence, the two follow their respective paths, but soon realize that they are destined to meet.


14. Land of the Lustrous (2017)

kiss anime no game no life

Immortality was discovered in the future far from the present. People called brilliant roam the earth. They are immortal and represent 28 different jewels. Their world is constantly under attack from Lunarians who capture what is shiny because it looks like a gem. Lunarian wants to decorate his house with them! Lustrous learns to fight them, but not all types of jewellery are useful. The Phos is the youngest form of the chandelier and is too fragile to fight. However, this requires finding work, so they are sent on literary business and collect the story. In their quest, they come across another form of jewellery that lives in isolation because it is toxic to others. Suddenly being Phos doesn’t seem to be so bad.


13. The Devil is a Part-Time (2013)kiss anime no game no life

When the Demon King and his companions fail to conquer the world of Ente Isla, they flee to the world of modern Tokyo. But they have to understand that their power is not working in this world and find a way to survive. The Demon King takes the form of a human being who can be likened to a human being and begins a part-time job at a fast-food restaurant.


12. Code Geass 2008(Kiss Anime No Game No Life)kiss anime no game no life

Set in a world of alternating historical events, the anime tells the story of a boy who destroys his government and swears exact revenge on his mother’s murderer. Lelouch is the prince of the Britannia Empire, one of the three superpowers of the world. Britannia has hijacked Japan and deprived it of all its rights and freedoms. After his mother was brutally murdered and he was sent to Japan, Lelouch was given the power of Geass by a mysterious girl.


11. God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World (2016-2017)

kiss anime no game no life

When Kazuma Sato dies at a young age, he wakes up to the goddess and offers to hunt adventures and fight monsters, sending him to another reality where he can live the rest of his life. Kazuma chooses to take the goddess to a new world with him, but after seeing the nature of his personal satisfaction with everything, he is a magician to help combat the threat of the Devil King. And I have to initiate a crucifixion.


10. Doesn’t the children’s problem come from another world? (2013)

kiss anime no game no life

Sakamaki, Kudo, and Kasukabe have supernatural powers, but their powers make everything easy, so they still lead boring lives. When they receive an envelope that takes them to another world, they find themselves in a place called the “little garden”. Here, to secure their position in the community, they have to use their abilities to play gift games. Soon it’s more than just a game for them.


9. Death Note 2006-2007(kiss anime no game no life)

kiss anime no game no life


There is a book called Death Note that anyone can kill as long as the reader knows its name and face. When a high school student named Yagami stumbled upon it and discovered his power, he decided to kill criminals and terrorists from the face of the earth. As criminals around the world die, Interpol enlists a mysterious detective named “L” to help them capture the light. Then start the game of cats and mice.


8.  The Irregular at Magic High School  (2014)

kiss anime no game no life

“No game no life” is based on another reality, but “Magic High School Inferior Student” takes the viewer to a world where magic exists. Change of some aspects of history, it shows the existence of four superpowers after the third world war, Japan is one of them. After the war, the number of people with magical powers decreased. Therefore, others are forced to attend magic schools and hone their skills. Tatsuya is good at technical skills but does not have the magical ability that is said to be inferior in school. My sister Miyuki is considered one of the best students for her magical abilities.


7. Btoom! 2012(kiss anime no game no life)

kiss anime no game no life

Ryota Sakamoto loved the fighting video game “Btoom!” And was excellent. One day, he discovers that an error involved in a game that kills him. He has to replay the game, but this time it’s really dangerous. He joined by his wife in the game, Himiko, where they move the levels together and try to find a way out. Meanwhile, the game revealed to be part of a terrorist plot.


6. Outbreak Company (2013)

Shin’ichi is crazy about anime, manga, and video games. They are not only a hobby for him, he has a great deal of knowledge about them. (Is that totally relevant?) With this knowledge in mind, he offered a job at a large company. But soon after accepting the job, he kidnapped and sent to another reality. There, he discovered that his employer the Japanese government and sent to this world to create a cultural bridge with the people of this alternate world.


5.The World God only knows (2008-2014)


Keima Katsuragi might be an unpopular boy in real life, but he is a champion in the gaming world. He loves interacting with anime girls and playing captivating games. In real life, he failed to acquire a girl, but in this world, no girl has acquired him. This is why he named “God of conquest”. One day someone advised her to play a game of “conquering” a girl. Thinking it’s just a fun vehicle, he accepts it. But soon he realizes that it is more than he has ever dreamed of signing up.

4. Accelerator World (2012)

Haruyuki is short and overweight and is laugh at school. It’s recluse from this world in an online game that catches the attention of Snow White, who is popular in school. She introduces him to a new type of game where players can change their perceptions to slow down their time. Haruyuki soon finds out that it was more than it looks, and eventually decide to play all the levels to meet the game’s creator.


3. Log Horizon (2013-2014)

kiss anime no game no life

Elder Tale is an extremely successful online game with a user base of millions of players. When the latest expansion pack released. Those who log in at that time take to another reality where the game is in the real world and the stakes are higher. Shiroe unites with her friends to ensure the survival of the other as there are deadly obstacles in front of them.

2. Overload (2015-present)

Yggdrasil was a great online role-playing game, but one day after 12 years of operation, the server went down. Momonga, an avid gamer of the game and one of the leaders of one of the strongest guilds in the game, is sad this. Other players will log out as the shutdown date approaches, but Momonga will remain logged in until this happens. But when it’s finally time for the server to shut down, Momonga discovers that the game was actually born in an alternate reality, where normal game controls don’t work and are trapped inside.

1. Sword Art Online 2013(kiss anime no game no life)

When a new game with a virtual reality headset comes out, around 10,000 people will log in to play it. But now they know that they are catching in another reality and that they die when they face the death of the game or when they try to force the gear. The only solution is to go through the 100 levels of the game. Kazuto is one of the beta testers of the game and therefore knows how it works. He decides to win the game to free everyone, but it’s much longer and much more difficult than expected.

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