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Kiss Anime My Hero Academia | 10 Powerfull Characters

kiss anime my hero academia


This post is about characters of kiss anime my hero academia. This post contains 10 most powerfull characters of kiss anime my hero academia. After reading this post you will know the 10 most power full characters of  kiss anime my hero academia.

The 10 Most Powerful Characters in kiss anime my hero academia

The world of hero colleges is the most unique and powerful superhero of all comics. Whether it’s the explosive power of a bomber’s habit. Or the impressive and comprehensive power of Midoriya’s habit for everyone. And the UA student’s body. The heroes teaching there, and anything that’s torn. There are really talented ways scattered among the villains trying to go down. It covers some of the most powerful manga and anime modes in its entirety. So for those trying to avoid spoilers, it may be time to bow down until they reach.



kiss anime my hero academia
kiss anime my hero academia

Eraserhead may be a powerful hero in itself. But his habit is not to make him so powerful. Unless you need to glance or look away. But the ability to shut down viewer habits can be very helpful. Izuku Midoriya quickly points out that the eraser head method is best suited for fighting one at a time with a villain or shadow. What makes him a truly great hero is Eraserhead’s commitment to training. And healing than what his habits offer. Perhaps his tenacity to remain a great hero is a real way to move him forward.



The power to create a vortex that can absorb everything and turn it into dust may seem like a pretty amazing ability. To save the lives of people left in the trash after some kind of natural disaster, it certainly has uses, but it has some drawbacks.

Beginners 13 seem to need a special suit to control and restrain the forces in the suit. For many, the power to consume all of this can be a problem, but there is a reason why 13 managed to be one of the best heroes taught in the UA.


It may seem like a powerful way to be able to turn any of your enemies into dust with the touch of all five fingers, but it’s also pretty flawed. First, this method is only available very close by. Shigiraki also doesn’t seem to have much control over his habits, and of course it’s hard to live a normal life. There’s still a lot we don’t know about spikes and his habits, so he may have more abilities and control than we’ve already seen, but until then, he has to keep practicing.


I haven’t seen much of him in the anime, but overhaul is a villain to watch out for. Like All For One, when your weirdness is what you call yourself, there is certainly some power behind it. Service features include the ability to disassemble and reassemble everything around you with a simple touch.

This means he can basically do anything. If he wants to dismantle or kill a part of the enemy’s body, he can do so, he needs to be injured and tighten a new arm, or perhaps fuse his body with another arm is there? A little glossy but crazy powerful.


He may not have appeared in the anime series yet, but Eli will probably appear sometime in the fourth season. Erin’s bizarre rewind allows her to rewind the human body to its previous state. This means that while using 100% All For One, he can undo the damage done to someone’s body or prevent Izuku from destroying his body. It’s all fun and games until you’re caught by someone who realizes you can use DNA to captivate the general public and accidentally involve something you like from your existence. Hard break.

All of one

kiss anime my hero academia
kiss anime my hero academia

All For One One For is a really created Allin, so some would argue that it needs to be stronger. Especially if you think that All For One comes with everything you choose. He obviously receives a lot of imagination, can keep it to himself, and is free to pass it on to anyone he chooses.

Still, despite this immense power, he was unable to defeat Almite, and as pointed out at the beginning of the series, he lost to Izuku. The big drawback of All For One (strangely) is that if you want to take something, you have to destroy the former first, while One For All is a constant gift.

One for all users (All Might and Izuku)

As the series draws over and over again, Almite is the strongest and most trusted public hero. But when the series begins, we are certainly beginning to see his decline physically and mentally. After laughing at his premium All Might hair, when Izuku gains the power of One for All, his fate is a seal. At a very early stage, Kohei Horikoshi hints that Izuku uses One for All in a completely different way than All Might. It’s only natural that Izuku will open up this side of power that All Might never thought of. Obviously, with such destructive power, speed and control, you don’t have to think outside the box. which one is correct?


Bakugo always praises how powerful and inherently talented he is, but when he starts joining UA, his world opens up quite a bit. After the explosion, Bakugo may be instructed to secrete and ignite nitroglycerin. This may not seem like it at first, but the bomber is far from his habits.

He learns from his enemies and acts improvised in a combat process like Iku. Part of the power of the bomber comes from the trust we have built since an early age. It may be enough to get to the UAE, but it will take longer if you compete professionally after leaving the UA.


Like a bomber, Todoroki Frozen has had a strange relationship with his power from an early age. Bakugo began to see his power as a pedestal to elevate his power to a star position like the hero Almite. Todoroki Koro learned to keep his strength as a burden to communicate with his father. Todoroki Koro has suffered from an early age with a sense of oneness with some of his forces to connect with his father. But now that Iku has helped Todoroki Frozen overcome his internal conflicts and connect with forces that have never begun, you should be able to see more of the talented young heroes. ..

Kurogirikiss anime my hero academia

It is a pity that someone with such a unique and powerful gift seems determined to focus exclusively on their habits and avoid exercising the rest of their body. Kuogir’s Warpgate is a truly impressive ability in my hero’s college world, but there is nothing more impressive about Kurogir. This may be due to the fact that I have not yet understood the Kurogirin abilities, but I’m not so impressed with the abilities that I have seen in the anime so far. The audience is likely to see what Black Fog can really do as the villains seem to start stepping up their efforts on the hero.

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