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Kiss Anime Made In Abyss


This post is about kiss anime made in the abyss and contains a plot of kiss anime made in the abyss and people reviews about it. It also contains its themes and high lights.

Made in Abyss Episode 1 Review: The City of the Great Pit

To be honest, when I read for the first time a starting point for this presentation, I was not sure if I was going to hook, because I’m pretty picky in terms of stories. However, the cute art style and interesting tandem of the researcher girl and the robot boy felt quite appropriate to me, so I took the plunge, and man, I wasn’t disappointed! Made in Abyss completely broke my prejudice and deserved its place in my favourites of the season just this first episode! That’s why they say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover!”


Original Japanese episode name: 大 穴 の 街

Plot(kiss anime made in the abyss)

A huge mysterious pit in the middle of the island that urges everyone to explore how deep it goes and maybe never come back? That sounds really dangerous to a normal person! For my part, fearing heights, I never dared to set this foot. But for the brave, adventurous and curious, this sounds like a big life goal, especially for our young protagonist Riko! Although Abyss demanded the life of his mother, who once explored its depths, he still wanted to be like him and look for the abyss as deep as he had.

However, he often seemed to cause problems in the orphanage that took him in, so how does he get their permission to go further? Well, the chances of this happening may increase when one day he found a robot resembling a young boy he could say was from Abyss. With a hand-fired by a laser, and an arm that can reach out, it really comes in handy in their adventure and Riko’s goal to rise from the cave tracks! Then if the hosting of the robot becomes no other reason to be blamed.


Highlights of the episode(kiss anime made in the abyss)

Orth and the Abyss: I don’t know how the folks on this show can get them nowhere when they’re near the cliffs! Just thinking about it makes me want to grab a chair. They don’t always wear a harness! Plus, aside from the risk of falling, it can be eaten by strange creatures! These cave raiders are crazy. I have their dedication to meeting their knowledge needs, finding relics and getting rich.

I am personally curious about where these precious relics came from and who owns the skeleton Rico found. But at the expense of their life? You can’t even compare their work to that of window cleaners or construction workers. At least they know where the ground is, they work in tight spaces, and no monsters are trying to attack at random.


I believe the people of Oath encourage children who are orphaned because of Abyss to “continue” the legacy of their deceased parents in Abyss just to fund the orphanage. I can not. It is as if no one is discouraged from going nearby. It deviates from the usual theme of stories with no-go zones for the safety of people, but the hero goes there anyway. So I am very concerned about the well-being of these children. Well, at least can Rico do his thing with one less limit? It’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Rico and reg:

I have expressed concern about Cave Raider’s general attitude towards life, but I am in awe of Rico’s strength. She lost her mother in Abyss. Children usually develop trauma for the cause that caused their parents to die. But Riko, she didn’t seem in any hurry at all but wanted to reach her mother’s depth in the void. Even though she wipes first and that’s her way.

It’s still an incredible achievement for me. On the other hand, the legs are very mysterious! He really looks like a robot because of the way Rico described him, but he didn’t know it himself! If a robot loses its memory, do you think it’s a human? I’m also very worried about whether her memory loss was due to her collapse or electric shock. The latter would be really frustrating! By the way, it was very interesting that Rico named the leg! But I hope she doesn’t treat him like a dog.

Themes and trivia(kiss anime made in the abyss)

Manga adaptation:

Made in Abyss is based on Akihito Tsukushi’s manga series published online at taking Shobo’s Web Comic Gamma. It has been running since October 2012, and so far there are 5 volumes of books!

The Essence of Humanity:

When I complained about the way Islanders think, I realized it was all summed up in one thing. It is humanity. With extreme measures, it is often bad all the time. The pursuit of knowledge and wealth has long been the foundation of civilization. However, when it becomes an obsession, it can harm others and sacrifice people’s lives.

Unexplored place: The world is a huge place. Despite the latest technologies allowing quick and easy access to sites, many areas have not yet been properly investigated for various reasons. Here are two listings by The Mysterious World and the Mentalfloss that cover some of these undeveloped places.

reviews of peoples(kiss anime made in the abyss)

The environment and the atmosphere, the cute art style and above all the fascinating music gave me a huge RPG atmosphere! It quickly pulled me into the show within the first five minutes, although I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on. And surely, when the first episode unveiled the story, I realized that I was completely absorbed in the mystery and the wonder! With beautiful writing and punctual animation, I can really say that the pilot episode managed to grab my attention. I hope it’s consistent until the end!

However, it looks like 13 episodes won’t air, and there seems to be a lot of material that can be covered, which made me very sad. Well, for that, we can do nothing other than supporting the show and see where it takes us! Hopefully, this will get better reception and lead to something more? But it’s just that I’m way ahead of myself because of this beautiful gem of the show.

Deep in the earth

Rico has found a new companion for Abyss on the leg, but how does she plan to keep him hidden, especially with his infamous reputation in the orphanage? I am also very excited to know what adventures they will have next and what they will find! Can’t the next episode come soon?

So, how did Episode 1 of Made in Abyss go? Did it meet or exceed your expectations? Or was it a flop for you? Hear all your thoughts in the comments section below or join a new forum to talk about our favourite shows! !! Check out the other reviews from summer 2017 and keep an eye out for the rest!

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