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Kiss Anime Jojo | Plot And Premise

kiss anime jojo


kiss anime jojo
kiss anime jojo

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Jojo’s bizzare adventure

You’ve undoubtedly heard of JoJon Bizarre Adventures on at least one network. Whether it’s the Continuing … meme, exaggerated poses. And old fatherly rock bands hitting the scene for twenty years or more. Also JoJo has returned to the world with catchy enthusiasm. What was once considered an old racing series is now once again one of the most popular franchise anime. and for many reasons too – the show is notoriously unique for its wit, fun, and craziness. Also combining some of the most popular parts. interesting and strange. enjoy anime as a medium. It’s a show that I personally recommend to anime enthusiasts new and old as it is a great pleasure to experience JoJo – it’s not a show that can really be summed up with a simple Wikipedia summary. And explanation about TV Trope. You just have to sit back and let it go.

About new Arc on the rise

But, over 110 episodes and a new arc on the rise. So is this crazy and tangled franchise still worth getting into? Five parts later. And I can confidently say that if the “yes” (where you can read more about why you should watch JoJon Bizarre Adventure here) wasn’t good before. But a well-pronounced yes should suffice. Part 5. Which is also known as the golden wind. And the arc is probably the best I have seen from the JoJon Bizarre Adventure series so far. Because it combines many highlights and a number of better components and simplifies them to create mafioosista. Yes, it’s true: JoJo’s most fascinating arc concerns the Italian mob.


The Golden Wind takes place in Italy. And two years after Diamond’s events were unshakable. It centers on a character named Giorno Giovanna, a young Italian mob who has high hopes of succeeding and joining Passione. Only after clashing with Koichi Hirose. Does Giorno unravel a larger plan with roots tied to the ever-iconic Dio Brando. Giorno, who turns out to be Dion’s son. So must meet and work with the group to ascend to the Passione force. And while exploring the connection between the mysterious arch that supports the support and his father.


The premise may sound similar to Part 3. And Part 4 (The Diamond is Unbreakable) in certain respects. But make no mistake, there is a proper distinction between the three parts. The Stardust Crusaders were a more epic journey as Jotaro and his associates traveled the world in search of medicine for their mother. In contrast, Diamond is Unbreakable was much more local. Josuke and his friends spent most of their adventures in their hometown of Morioh. The golden wind is a kind of combination of the two.

The golden wind

The Golden Wind takes place in Naples, Italy, but the setting is more spectacular as our group travels from city to city. The formula is also a bit mixed: in both, Diamond is unbreakable and Stardust Crusaders, Jouske and Jotaro face several users of the “Enemy of the Week” and by defeating them they gain enough skill to be able to defeat any of their final opponents to end up facing. So far, the golden wind seems to be increasingly focused on team dynamics.

Is user of pedestal is giorno

Yes, the user of the pedestal is Giorno, and his gang needs to work together to defeat very often, but so far most of the show revolves around moral choices and gaining confidence rather than matching the enemies of the mill to run. . This makes for a much more interesting story that doesn’t feel repetitive or boring. Of course, it’s still in the early stages of history, but overall, Golden Wind feels a lot tighter and more aerodynamic than its predecessor’s bows.

Importance of secondary characters

The secondary characters also feel more important. Like Diamond is Indestructible and Stardust Crusaders, Golden Wind focuses on a group of men and not just. But unlike these two series, Giorno and her husband don’t have an end goal to destroy evil – they are a team of convenience. The Golden Wind does a large part of this in the early stages by sowing the seeds of mistrust among its comrades. There is no doubt that their original ties meld into strong friendships, but it is clear that everyone in this group has their own initiative and reasons for joining Passione, and while they are together for the duration of the trip, none of them are counted. cheat on another. . Personally, I can’t wait to hear his story.



Of course, as the star of every arc in JoJo, Giorno has his heart and soul, which makes Golden Wind great, and certainly better than any arc so far in franchise mode. For the past five arcs, JoJon’s creator Hirohiko Araki has experimented with characters and still lifes as a playground to find what works best as a standard pattern, and Golden Wind finally feels like the end product of this.

Giorno is a mix of the best parts of each generation of JoJo; He has Jonathan’s good heart, Joseph’s joy, Jotaro’s stamina, and Josuke’s criminal attitude. The latter in particular is what makes Giorno stand out, and while it can be attributed to the fact that he’s Dion’s son, it makes him an even more interesting character – Giorno isn’t afraid to play a little dirty to get what he wants. wants. Although former JoJo members were much more invested in the idea of ​​nobility and justice, Giorno is fully aware of his neighborhood, where he is, and the rules he has to play, and his balance between doing something good but cutting down on the scam makes him a great figure. It’s not encrypted for both the public and its enemies, and this unpredictability only adds to what makes JoJon Bizarre Adventure a fantastic franchise deal.

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