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Kiss Anime Essentials

kiss anime essentials


This post is about kiss anime essentials and contains the user’s privacy and additional features about kiss anime essentials. It also contains a download link of it.

Free plug-in for popular anime sites

Essentials for KissAnime is a free browser extension that adds functionality to popular anime streaming sites. You can delete ads and create a list that is currently being streamed.

Unlimited anime

After downloading, Essentials for KissAnime provides various ways to customize your cat anime. The popular anime streaming site has thousands of free copy and underage episodes. But it also has a pretty basic interface. This free plug-in allows site fans to block ads, pop-ups. It also social media integration through a simple menu. You can download episodes for offline viewing. Also, find links to Reddit discussions, and adjust lighting levels. The homepage of this site can be customized to your liking by adding your favourite series. It can provide attaching anime to update new releases immediately. Essentials for KissAnime is a simple yet powerful tool that significantly improves site browsing. Its usage blocks annoying elements and adds useful features. However, extensions change the layout of pages that contain frustrating videos.

User selection

KissAnime Essential is an invaluable tool for anime fans. Streaming site number one is easier to manage and user friendly after free download. This is usually a good extension, although it sometimes causes minor errors in page layout.


Essential for kissAnime google chrome extension overview

The basic features of the KissAnime Chrome Extension. It adds the ability to turn on / off certain KissAnime elements such as ads and social media buttons and add new features.
We’ve added the ability to turn certain elements on and off in KissAnime. As well as some new features.

Note: This plugin is not 100% compatible with another kiss anime plugin called “KissAnime”.

This is because both plugins provide similar functionality that interferes with each other.

Also, this extension cannot block recently added pop-up ads.

Changelog: HTTPS: // Function: • Function to turn on / off the following:-Advertisement-Social media button-Comment section-Banner (displayed on the homepage) -Player changer/quality selector-Turn off-Filename (shown below video)-Download link (shown below video)-Bookmark management (shown below video) … and some others Elements.

Additional Features(kiss anime essentials)

Adds the currently uploaded list to your home page.

-You can pin the anime page to the front page by adding a pin box to your home page.

To change the header logo to one of the included logos.

-Ability to lighten the title.

-Ability to add playback speed slider to HTML5 player.

-One-click my anime list search.

-One-click Reddit chat search.

-Temporary fix when the browser doesn’t load KissAnimesHTML5

-Video keyboard shortcut-Pause video with tab switch

-If possible, it will automatically repeat for the next section.

-Forces the highest quality playback.

-Ability to showcase recently updated/added alternative anime lists.

-Ability to move all currently displayed presentations to the beginning of the bookmark.

… More.

* This fix forces kiss animeHTML5 to load instead of the default google chrome player.

Use this if you have this problem.

User Privacy(kiss anime essentials):

kiss anime essentials

The KissAnime username stored locally using chrome storage local. When logged in to KissAnime, but is not used by regular users.

Used to add functionality to specific users (friends, me, etc.).

All custom settings are synced to your Google account using

If the user chooses to use my anime list API feature. My anime list login information stored locally on the user’s computer. Using chrome storage local instead of being synced with other devices.

Personal information, identification information, and confidential information other than the above will not be saved.

No personal, identifiable or sensitive information will be collected/transferred.

Kiss Anime Essentials

Like many other anime fans. I use KissAnime to watch most anime. Is KissAnime legal? No. Is it easier than most other sites? You have it

Still, just use Chrome extensions (apologize to Firefox users) to improve your site viewing experience: Essentials for KissAnime.

During installation, the plug-in opens a settings menu that shows almost all settings.

Its main function is to turn certain elements of the site on and off, such as advertisements (which cannot usually be blocked), social media buttons, comment sections, bookmark management, etc.

Essentials for KissAnime also adds features like a list of current submissions to your homepage. A fixed screen anime to attach to your home page. An HTML5 player playback speed slider. And a MyAnimeList search. Right-click the plug-in icon to see a list of fixed animations on the home page.

I use the plugin myself and everything seems to work fine. Other users also reflect this feeling. If KissAnime is one of the resources uses to get anime fixes. It’s a good idea to give it a try.

Click here to download essential of kiss anime for chrome

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