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Kiss Anime Demon Slayer | 15 Animes




This page is about kiss anime demon slayer and 15 animes like kiss anime demon slayer. After reading this page you will know about kiss anime demon slayer.

Kiss anime demon slayer is the series of young man Tanjiro and his Family.

15 recommended animations if you like the demon Slayer


Are you looking for what you want to see after the day of demon slayer day of devil destruction?  Because the answer is yes, check out an animation like this.

Demon Slayer is one of the most popular anime recently. A series that pursues a young man named Tanjiro whose family members are murdered by demons and transforms into demons. Instead of accepting the fate of Tanjiro’s sister, they claim to save lives and cancel humans.

For fans who really love the Demon Slayer, if you want to experience more of the show exploring a dark and supernatural theme epic battles convincing plot, there are plenty of other animations peruse during the season.

Update August 26, 2020, by Louis Kemmer: Demon Slayer has proven to be a popular trademark series in all eras of animation from the late 2010s to early 2020s. Many fans are agreeing that Daemon Slayer is one of the new big 3’of Boys Action, but still, many other action shows are very worth watching. While waiting for Daemon Slayer’s second season and first film, fans can immerse themselves in high-quality performances as well as some.



kiss anime demon slayer

This is a rather old series and the manga suffers from some interruptions, but it still has a special place in the world of anime. D.Gray-man is set in a world Gothic Europe where the devil called the Australian devil can jump out of the man at any time.

Exorcists are magical warriors who patrol the streets and seduce and destroy Ark Ma, but that’s not all. Hero Allen Walker soon destroys and recreates the world, caught in the evil intrigues of the Millennium Count. Only Allen and other exorcists can stop him.

My hero academia

kiss anime demon slayer

This series is another strong candidate to become part of the next generation Big Three. My hero academia envisions a world where most people are born with super-strong habits. That is, there are not a few heroes and villains fighting on the street.

Habits are diverse and creative, and I was born spoiled until I received the powerful One For All that could replace Olmite as a new symbol of peace in the Green Valley of Heroes.


Fire Force



kiss anime demon slayer

Next up is FireForce, an anime show that took the world back from the catastrophe (apocalyptic tale) about 250 years ago. But there is no peace yet. Some people explode in hell or fire demons and fire soldiers have to fight them and send their souls to heaven.

To make matters worse, the cult of white people trying to reenact the catastrophe, hero Kusakabe Shilla and his allies must end the threat absolutely. Otherwise, everything will burn and lose.



Cells At work!

kiss anime demon slayer

Bogie This series may seem quite different from the Demon Slayer, but the basic idea is the same. This educational animation requires you to think and fight each special cell of the human body as a uniform worker, so there are no fewer bacteria.

Cells at Work in a fun and educational way! It is a “Monster Hunter” animation that depicts the microscopic fights taking place every day in the human body. Bacteria and viruses are huge, terrifying, and the sword-wielding white blood cells have to fight until they die.

The Rising of the shield hero

kiss anime demon slayer

This world series is summoned by a young adult Iwatani guru to a European-style fantasy world that is about to face deadly attacks by numerous monsters and undead. He has a magic shield, and also shakes three hero swords, bows and spears.

It is not easy to fight with such a large number of monsters, especially when you realize that you are an outcast who should give and take yourself. So he formed a new party and fights the enemies as necessary means. But time is running out.


kiss anime demon slayer

There are several anime adaptations to the Berserk manga series, but of course, you should start with Berserk in 1997, when it was first released. This series focuses on the cartoon Black Swordsman Arc and follows a talented prosecutor to join a group of mercenaries.

The series ran only between 1997 and 98, but many praise its mature theme and suggest it is the best example of dark fantasy animation, a commercial and significant success.

Re: Zero-Starting Life in Another world

kiss anime demon slayer

Re: Starting from scratch, this world life is the story of a young man named Subaru, who is carried from the modern to the fantasy world. In this world, Subaru learns to give her a chance to come back and challenge again at some point before dying, each time she dies.

Re: This world life, starting from scratch is only one season so far, but it is definitely a good animation for everyone. The show’s conception is fun and unique, as well as being a couple of the best-animated characters of the past few years.

Ushio And Tora


kiss anime demon slayer

Ushio and Tora is the story of a young man’s assistant who finds a demonic tiger in a temple with a spear buried in his chest and fixes it to the wall.

Eventually, this starts by dragging other demons and monsters to the temple and Ushio is forced to release the tiger to help fight them. Ushio eventually teamed up with the tiger and the two start fighting with the various supernatural forces of the world.


kiss anime demon slayer

Based on the cartoon of the same name, the road set during the Warring States period in Japanese history follows the story of a young Ronin. Hundred Oni Maru has to fight a few demons to recover a stolen body part with a character named the Douro.

Like Demon Slayer, it focuses on the historic world where demons are rampant by roads and the protagonist has to fight the demons. This series of fierce battle scenes will be able to attract the attention of several Daemon Slayer fans.

Goblin Slayer

kiss anime demon slayer

Goblin slayer, as its name suggests, is an animation about being able to kill a goblin. This is set in a fantasy world where the structure of a video game is very similar. And has quests posted on a bulletin board called “Level”, and provides action and fantasy that fans of the Demon Slayer can enjoy.

Even so, the first episode is notorious for its disturbing content, and almost certainly not suitable for all viewers.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

kiss anime demon slayer

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Many people think that Brother Hood is one of the best animation programs. The series follows two brothers. Edward and Alphonse, trying to return their bodies to their original state in search of the Sage’s Stone.

Edward lost his leg and Alphonse lost his body during a fateful event. When the two brothers tried to resurrect their mother from the dead. To reclaim his brother’s soul. Edward sacrificed his arm and Alphonse’s soul entered a nearby armour suit.

Black clover

kiss anime demon slayer

Black Clover, based on a popular cartoon of the same name. It is centred on the life of Asta who was abandoned outside the church as a baby who debuted in 2017. Although (almost) everyone can exert their magical powers by birth, Asta has no affinity for magic.

Encouraged by his aspiration to become the next wizard’s king, Asta and his friend/rival Yunho Yunho embark on a quest to join the Magic Knights.


kiss anime demon slayer

Bleach is also one of the most iconic animations to date. Because the legendary boy manga is the story of a teenage Kurosaki Ichigo. Who is a Seoul referee after an accidental encounter with another Seoul envoy, Kuchiki Rukia? The series also continues Ichigo hones his strength and abilities and beats terrifying enemies in the process.

It will definitely be fun for anyone who likes Daemon Slayer. As it has some of the best anime fights in the series, and all of them have protagonists. Who is constantly training to become stronger to defeat supernatural threats?



kiss anime demon slayer

Inuyasha is another famous animation that has stood the test of time. The series follows a 15-year-old high school girl from modern Tokyo. She has also time slipped into the Japanese Warring States era. Because they fell into the well of a family shrine. So she also meets Inuyasha, the half-demon.

Except for the presence of demons and intense action.Because  Inuyasha has an amazing and compelling storyline with a must-see cool character for any anime fan. Don’t just worry about Demon Slayer fans.


Princess Mononoke

kiss anime demon slayer

It may be controversial because Princess Princess is not an animated series like the other animated series on this list. But Princess is one of the best animate films. Legendary Hayao Miyazaki is the director. And also the only things Studio Ghibli announced. Because the Princess pursues a young man name Ashita kara. Who is also caught in a war between humans and the old gods of the forest?

This movie does not kill the devil-like the Demon slayer. But the movie still has a devil, and some actions require constant investment. Hime Mononoke also has powerful stories, cool animations, and impressive characters.

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