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Kiss Anime Cowboy Bebop


This post is about kiss anime cowboy bebop and contains 10 animes like it. Also After reading this post you will know about kiss anime cowboy bebop.

Cowboy Bebop Live TV Show

kiss anime cowboy bebop


Cowboy Bebop, an ingenious anime/manga series, is written by Christopher Jost and adapted for live TV shows.



The Cowboy Bebop anime/manga series from the 1990s is now used in live TV shows for small screens. Since the original 26 animated Cowboy Bebop episodes began in 1998. Critics and the general public have also been a part of the franchise. Praising them for their existing style, character and themes.

Originally conceived as a co-composition of director Shinichiro Watanabe, screenwriter Keiko Nobumoto. Character creator Toshihiro Kawamoto. Machine designer Kimitoshi Yamane and composer Yoko Kanno. He was the first cowboy bebop to be broadcast in Japan in 1998, 12 episodes. Bounty Hunter, known as Cowboy Bebop. Travelled the galaxy aboard the Bebop spacecraft in 2071 in search of adventure. Cowboy Bebop first aired in 1999 after the show’s first controversy over adult-themed materials ended.


kiss anime cowboy bebop

In 2001, Cowboy Bebop finally reached the state border and became the first anime title to air on Adult Swim. Immediately after that, it became a catwalk work for American viewers. They were not used to the style and genre of Japanese animation. The news of the live-action TV movie adaptation comes after many years of rumours. That the Cowboy Bebop’s live-action movies have grown in popularity.

According to Variety, the Cowboy Bebop Live TV show is being developed by Tomorrow Studios itself. A partnership between ITV Studios and Marty Adelstein. The new series will be adopted by screenwriter Christopher Yost (Avengers: The Strongest Hero on Earth, Thor: Dark World), and Sunrise and Midnight Radio as production directors.

Cowboy Bebop

kiss anime cowboy bebop

kiss anime cowboy bebop

So the live-action cowboy bebop will live up to the original anime’s reputation. And also the anime cowboy bebop movie has yet to be seen. Given that Cowboy Bebop has proven to be big for over a decade.  Because of many viewers new to the franchise around the turn of the 21st century. They also want to know what a live-action adaptation looks like on a small screen. I would think. Manufacturing.

Cowboy Bebop, alongside contemporary anime genre masterpieces like Akira. It is the genre’s next property, receiving live updates for 21st-century viewers on the big screen. And also joining The Phantom this spring. In the Shell movies and future Netflix Death Note movies. Of course, over time you will see how fans of the original show or movie react.

10 anime series to watch if you like bebop cowboy

kiss anime cowboy bebop

Cowboy Bebop is a popular anime for fans for good reason. But if you’ve watched it a few times before, give these other great series a try.



Cowboy Bebop is one of the best OG anime series ever made from manga, according to fans and critics. Centred around the western part of the universe. Cowboy Bebop follows the adventures of Spike Spiegel. Favourite, Jet Black, Ed (Edward Won Howe Pepel Tivrusky IV) and the dog Ain. They are a bounty-collecting team, fleeing all of their colourful demons from the past.


He’s an action-packed jazz and blues mogul with great entertainment, action. Nostalgic soundtracks and a load of action. And also adventure as the Bebop team chases down. The most dangerous criminals of the solar system. It’s a rampage. Cowboy Bebop is not only highly regarded for its originality.  But also one of the best-animated series. Since the beginning for those who want to enter the ever-expanding world of anime. But if you’ve seen it. What do you see next?


kiss anime cowboy bebop

Bounty hunter. A story that bends the Western genre. And the burden of comedy. What more do you want for the anime? Trigun tells the story of Vash. He has a price tag of $ 60 million in his head. Why does he have this grace in his head? Well, Vash is a little guy.  He likes to flatten the whole town for fun. Which makes it especially difficult for him to go anywhere without being chased or even worse. Trigon is similar to Cowboy Bebop in many ways. Except that it incorporates more western themes. With a classic cowboy look and two insurance agents that warm the hero’s heels. It involves a form of price gain.

2.Space  Dandy

kiss anime cowboy bebop

kiss anime cowboy bebop

A sure-fire way to describe this boring animated show is to call it a very carefree version of Cowboy Bebop. Space Dandy is full of adventure, fast-paced action and lots of laughs. Space Dandy tells the story of the space fighter Dandy. Which takes place in the distant future. Dandy’s freelance job is to find undiscovered alien creatures. This means that our Randy Dandy has visited the far corners of the universe. He searches for an unknown vital planet to record new alien species.

3.Samurai Champloo

Samurai and hip hop? You are a winner, right? Well, Samurai Champloo certainly is. Set in another version of the Edo period. Samurai Chanpuru follows the journey of three strange characters Fu, Mugen, and Jin. After Fu, the girl convinces Jin and Mugen to help find a mysterious samurai. He “smells of sunflowers” after saving the other two from a particular death by execution. Interestingly, Samurai Chanpuru directed by Shinichiro Watanabe and Cowboy Bebop also directed.


However, it blasphemous to say that this one thing the two animated series have in common. Like Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo is a character-driven story. Also detailing every main character in every episode. Another notable point the two shares is the soundtrack based action and the style conveyed by the music. Cowboy Bebop offers jazz and blues, and Champloo emphasizes hip hop and lo-fi sound. As we remember, the characters in both series driven by one thing the constant need for money to eat.

4.Outlaw star

Outlaw is another anime starring Winners, Genestar Wind and Jim Hawking. The two winners spend their days doing odd jobs of all kinds on the planet Sentinel III. But when a mysterious woman named Hilda hires them as bodyguards, that all changes. As is often the case with this kind of comedic adventure anime. Because the couple quickly falls into a world of trouble, asking for cops, pirates, angry aliens. other award winners, and mysterious assassins. The only thing they do for them in this troubled world is their ship. The most advanced ship in the galaxy, the Outroaster.

5.Black lagoon

What’s unique and admiring about Cowboy Bebop is that the story behind each character revolves around a generally dark personal tragedy. Often, this will guide the show and make you feel a lot after learning about each of these characters. In the Black Lagoon, you can see the same carefully researched character development. And also the underlying sense of darkness. The Black Lagoon also has an interesting and dark history. This is the story of Rokuro. The average businessman caught by hackers. He decided to join the crew. Because he interested in living a hard but adventurous and turbulent life. Run by other pirates after negotiations turned sour.

6. Baccano!

If you’ve enjoyed the ultra-stylish fight scene with jazz at Cowboy Bebop. You don’t need to watch more than Baccano! Like Bebop. This anime is full of action scenes. Rest assured that the show also held in Chicago in the 1930s. So your ears treated with very good scores.

It is the story of the adventures of Szilard and his assistant Ennis. In the search of a missing vial containing an immortal secret medicine. The main story arc isn’t everything, but there are plenty of subplots, including the Mafia Shiba War.


kiss anime cowboy bebop

One of the most fascinating things about Cowboy Bebop protagonist very well written. Likeable and meaty. We learn a lot about his past and throughout the series. Spike has proven to be somewhat antihero. Psychopaths also feature a very well written hero. Plus, the show’s decor is familiar in that it’s futuristic and has a unique black feel. The story of Psychopath, in a nutshell. It is also about a new police force that determines the mental state of a citizen before they commit a crime. Of course, like minority reports, this type of system is not without its drawbacks.


8.Coyote Ragtime show

Many Cowboy Bebop fans admire him for his action and adventure. Yet visually appealing and entertaining. If this aspect interests you. But The Coyote Ragtime Show will be a great addition to your watchlist. The anime show follows Coyote (simply a criminal flying in space named Mr.) who spent almost a year in prison. Only 10 days before his release, his partners Bishop and Katana dissolved him. The show features lost treasures, federal investigators, criminal guilds and android assassins.


9.Kekkal Sensen

Before the portal opened, the Hellsalem area, formerly known as New York City. But contained all humans and supernatural beings. The Bloody Front is another anime with a great soundtrack. As well as Cowboy Bebop, with lots of secret societies, monsters, gods. And also hygienic adventures, as well as lots of jazz songs.

Also, like Cowboy Bebop, this lively show pays special attention to its shapely and dynamic fight streak.

10.Gun x swordkiss anime cowboy bebop

This leading Western genre anime is full of many punches of the same theme as Cowboy Bebop. But in a very different way. Also Van, a very hostile anti-hero. Is enthusiastic about revenge. Also As the revenge plot continues to die out in classic and animated westerns. Gun X Sword retains the anime. And also western styling aspects that fans love in both genres. By nailing it. Oh, there are also huge robots. What more can anime fans want?

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