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Itazura Na Kiss Anime | Season 2 Premier, Plot And Characters


This post is about itazura na kiss anime. This post contains the season 2 premier date, characters and its plot of itazura na kiss anime.


At best, Shajo’s anime can be a bit confusing, and that’s because there are two-dimensional characters that fall unshakable in love. “Itazura Naam” is admirable and believes in the wrong and at the same time can reveal mutual love that is real and heartbreaking.

“Clannad” is a Hollywood romance, but if no other show goes too far, Orina is one. Although most romantic anime shows end abruptly with high school officials, “Atzhora Na Kas” is blatantly clean. , High and low direction that comes in relationship after relationship. I do not pretend that it is about all kinds of feelings, that the essence is perfectly within itself, and connects everything around it. If you know him well, you should know.

Itazura Na Kiss Season 2 Release Date: Its Premiere?

Season 1 of “Atazora Na Kas” premiered on April 5, 2008, and had a total of 25 episodes, culminating on September 25, 2008. Similarly, unlike other Hollywood movies, season 1 of ‘ Atazora Na Kas’ ended on occasion. Note with satisfactory results. It is clear that Hollywood will never return with season 2. Furthermore, his manga ran from October 1991 to September 1999 with a total of 23 volumes. Then there was never a new problem with the manga and now the mobile phone did not come, but the point of the original material was that the coat is covered, its creators really have nothing to work on.

Although over the years many observers have called for its return to sign petitions online, its initial launch took more than a decade and so far, TMS International has been contacted. No announcement has been made about this analysis. So, unfortunately, no one has ‘Itazura Na Chum’ season 2 anytime soon. Until then, you should look at the list of other similar romantic anime shows.

Dubbed into English:

The English nicknamed “Atazora Name” is not yet available, but airs on Croncherol with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Itazura Na Kiss Plot:


Mischievous kiss anime
Mischievous kiss anime

Kotoko Shira’s schools have one of the least popular students around and it’s all very trivial. After praising a senior before the age, he will finally admit his feelings. But in her mouse, Ericson, due to the hot hit, is stable. Soon after, the stars aligned for the two of them. When Kotoko’s house was completely treated after the earthquake, her father was reunited with his friends. Coincidentally, her father’s best friend turned out to be Mr.’s father. When they both live under the knives, Irie learns to appreciate what he is to her, and finally.

Itazura na kiss characters

Naoki ire

Nouakchott Iris is one of the main characters in our school age. From sports to academics, which happens in almost everything and there are more boys in school. And before that. The woman is the protagonist of the film who tries to analyze a letter. But he does not know it. He is tall, has a natural torso, and is slightly muscular. In places that are really popular, what do they really think of other people? He goes to most people and reads conflicts anyway. It has very high data and allows easy retention of objects from photographic memory. It’s just that he’s great at everything, but then Quitko is motivated to become a doctor, but his advice doesn’t matter. ۔

When he was a child, his mother often compared him and sometimes hated him, but never compared him. His mother had always waited for a girl and he was already born, but they didn’t buy him by prescription only. The boy was frustrated and could never buy anything. Nokia still doesn’t remember acting like a girl and he knows it really hurts.

Kotoko Aihara

Kotoko is a beautiful young woman who studies in love with Noki. During the earthquake, she built her new house and at the same time moved into the house. See these beautiful long deep brown eyes. Usually, she lived with a slight smile. When it comes to romance, she’s convinced herself and among other things in life, she’s completely distracted and clumsy. It’s a bit new the link is here.



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