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I’m Standing On A Million Lives

Introduction  I’m Standing On A Million Lives

This page is about I’m Standing On A Million Lives Summary season 1,2 and import characters of I’m Standing On A Million Lives …….


“I’m Standing On A Million Lives ”  was written by Naoki Yamakawa., A Japanese manga series was drawn by Akira Nao. Since June 2016, it has been serialized in Kodansha’s Shonen Manga “Bessatsu Shonen Magazine” and is included in 12 volumes of the book. Manga is licensed in North America by Kodansha USA. The Maho Film anime television series adaptation aired from October to December 2020, and the second season premiered in July 2021.

The series aired on Tokyo MX from October 2 to December 18, 2020.

Kanako Takatsuki performed the opening song “Anti World” and Riyu performed

the closing theme “Calpediem.” The series was 12 episodes.

Summary Season 1 ” I’m Standing On A Million Lives”

The village attacked, Hokazaki couldn’t fight, and Yotsuya was taking care of her. She dies from afar.

Yotsuya ran into the city and fought one by one with the trolls. Yotsuya gained a new rank during the battle, became a rank ten chef, and used kitchen tools to defeat the trolls. Iu Shindo is a girl with blonde hair and brown eyes. She attends Moro Science High School. One day, Shindo teleported to the game world, met a game director, and receive a job.

After taking on the job. She managed to use her new power to kill the goblins. The game director gives Shindo a chance to ask a few questions. Shindo wonders why she chose as part of the game, and the game director reveals that someone suggested her name. During the mission, the game’s director befriends Kusue Kitazaki.

Hokozaki also became best friends with Shindo and summon to another world. They do the work, and they come together to get the work completed. They both recognize that they need a third member who can help them during the mission.

New game master (I’m Standing On A Million Lives)

The name Yusuke Yotsuya came to mind to participate. But Yotsuya is an ordinary student. He has no skills and likes to hang out alone. The game director gave two opportunities to work with Yotsuya. On the first day of school, the teacher gave the task of cleaning the blackboard. Shindo and Kitazaki are in the same class and the trio teleport to another world. Shindo and Hookazaki thought that Yosuya would be a knight or a swordsman.

But they were surprised that he turned into a farmer with a hoe as a weapon. The girls were disappointed but did not realize that Yotsuya had mastered outstanding skills during the journey. My first job was to find a village mayor and satisfy his demands. However, Shindo died during the journey but was resurrected and realized that they did not have to die because they could die.

They work together to kill various monsters. They use registration points to advance to the second stage of the mission. From the last episode of this anime, students reward for completing the purpose. Tokitate asks the game director if the world, they are true. The game master responds that this world is an alternate Earth connected to Earth’s original timeline. Yotsuya worries that everything is correct. He killed many evil people in the process. Its means that he is a murderer.

After that, Yotsuya returns to the world and shock. When the game director visited him, he was a child. The young woman told him about something and showed him how to meet new players. See you again after season 2 releases another more recent episode over a million lives.

Recap: I’m Standing On A Million Lives Season 2 Episode1 A Million Lives

 Yotsuya Yosuke was a high school student who met Shindo and Hakozaki and teleported to a different world dominated by mysterious creatures. On the first day of his arrival, they encountered a strange man known as a game master. He told them to complete the mission at the designated time. The game master helps students by empowering them during missions. Shindo and Hakozaki became wizards and warriors, but Yotsuya became a farmer and was shocked.

The trio’s adventure begins in another world where you complete missions and gain new powers. Every time they die on a mission. B they have to start over. Yotsuya recognizes that if they don’t explore, the natural world will face demons and monsters. The game master gave the student the rules to disappear. And return to the real world after explaining the student’s quest to complete it. On their first mission, the students meet a group of goblins and also Yotsuya dies on the first day.

Fortunately, death takes only 30 seconds, and after figuring out how to use the power, Yotsuya revives and fights the goblins a second time. Students will continue to complete various missions. They came across another incident where Shindou has eaten by a monster on his way to the village. After that, Yotsuya and Hokozaki arrive in the city and find a way to defeat the monsters. Yotsuya realized that Hokazaki was weak and decided to train alone in the forest to avoid further deaths.


Season 2 Episode 1 I’m Standing On A Million Lives Release Date

I’m Standing in Million Live Season 2 Episode 1  will release on July 10, 2021. You can watch Million Live Season 2 online on Crunchyroll.


Characters  (I’m Standing On A Million Lives)

Yusuke Yotsuya(Voice: Yuto Uemura)

Yusuke is a third-year high school student and the main character of the series. He is unfriendly, very rational and selfish. Yusuke acts friendly with others, but likes to be alone, shows indifference to life, and has relationships with others. He was taken to the fantasy world with his classmates Iu and Kusue.

Iu Shindo (Voice: Risa Kubota)

Yu is Yusuke’s classmate first sent to the fantasy world. She is popular, beautiful, and the exact opposite of Yusuke in her class. She selects as a model due to her good looks.

Kusue Hakozaki (Voice: Azumi Waki)

Kusue is Yusuke’s classmate, and the latter send to the fantasy world. She is weak and very self-conscious due to her chronic illness. She often fights Shindo. Her dream is to go to college and study medicine. Although physically weak, she has great will and courage.

Yuka Tokitate (Voice: Makoto Koichi)

Yuka is an otaku girl who seems strange to her classmates. She can also give her opinion, which sometimes soaks her in hot water.

Kahabell (voice: Chiwa Saito)

Kahabel is a female knight from the Coltner city-state. She joined the Knights because she likes to cut raw meat.

Game Master (Voice: Takeshi Kusao, and others)

A mysterious being who claims to have come from the future and also brought Yusuke to the fantasy world. He gives players missions and answers one of their questions when they complete them. He has a special way of speaking.

Keita Torii (Voice: Toshiyuki Toyona)

The fifth player saves Yusuke in the real world and taken him to the fantasy world. His occupation is a warrior with a spear. He proclaims that he dropped out of high school and is the oldest member of the party. He is not good at thinking, but he is a cheerful, friendly and strong fighter.

Yana (voice: Ayana Taketatsu)

Ritual dancer on Griffon Island. She is 27 years old and has been working as a shrine maiden since the orcs ate her successor. She worries that she is too old to marry.

Aoi Yuki (Voice: Aoi Yuki)

Ritual dancers like Yana. At first, she misunderstood Yusuke and thought that she was a mercenary. She has a selfish personality and turns her back on him when she notices her mistakes. She is especially close to Yana of the same age.

Cantil (Voice: Shinichiro Miki)

A mercenary hired by the people of Griffon Island to defeat the orcs. He was the only one who had previously fought the Orcs, and his achievements and experience make him a leader in mercenaries.

Music Season 2  (I’m Standing On A Million Lives)

Ending Song:    “Subversive” by Kanako TakatsukiOpening Song: “Baddest” by Kaede Higuchi

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