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Her Blue Sky

Introduction(Her Blue Sky)

This page is about Her Blue Sky, plot summary explain the main characters and conclusion. After reading you will know Her Blue Sky,s explanation.

Her Blue Sky

After producing a heartwarming anime series like That Flower, Tatsuyuki Nagai released another heartwarming film, Sky Blue Him. The film addresses real problems by communicating them to the audience in a supernatural way. Growth, regret and one-way flow of life are the main aspects of this story. When it’s over, it raises a question: what if our past self meets us? Will they be proud? Or will they look down on what happened to us? The blue sky of him is based precisely on this idea.

Characters(Her Blue Sky)

There are many characters in the film that influence the plot. However, it revolves around the four main characters, Aoi Aii, Akane Aii, Kanomura Shinnosuke, and Shinnosuke’s past self, Shinno. Throughout the series of events, these characters reflect on their choices, compare their feelings and accept regrets.

Aoi Aoi (Her Blue Sky)

Aoi Aii is a high school student in the rebellious period. He has short hair, a strong face and a mole over his white eyes. He has a bad tongue and gives a devious answer whenever he needs it. Aoi wants to a musician inspired by Akane’s ex-boyfriend Shennong. I lived in Chichibu surrounded by mountains. He explains that living here makes you feel like you are in prison.

As a child, Aoi fascinated by the bass and wanted to learn it. He is often seen clinging to Akane. He also tries to protect her from Shennong when he thinks he is mistreating her.

The larger the Aoi, the more discreet and rebellious. I feel like I’m putting a burden on my sister Akane. As a result, I decided to go to Tokyo and join the band so that Akane could live as she wanted. She is often told how wonderful she is her sister, something that makes her want to rebel more.

Aoi has a simple, searing look, but you can see she has a soft side too.

Akane Aioi (Her Blue Sky)

Her Blue Sky

Aoi’s sister is Aoi’s sister. She has long brown hair and can be seen wearing glasses all the time. Everyone likes Akane’s kind personality. She is also very reliable and remains calm in stressful situations. She is always seen with a smile, even if things are worried about her. Aoi just snaps and says he doesn’t want to be like her, and Akane laughs sadly. About her, He takes care of the people around her, especially Aoi.

Akane prioritized Aoi above all else. Even after my parents die, I will raise Aoi in the best possible way. Even though she’s no good, she works hard to hide her sadness about her and keep her sister happy. She believes that just because some things are true doesn’t mean they need to be said. This is how she describes her adulthood as her. This makes her very different from her sister hers.

Shinnosuke Kanemura(Her Blue Sky)

Her Blue Sky

Shinnosuke was Akane’s boyfriend in high school. He currently is a member of a travel artist’s band. He is a professional guitarist. Shinnosuke has brown hair and a bristly face. He is tall, small in size and good looking. Unlike his past self, his eyes look tired and sad. He is modest and has an arrogant personality at first. After that, in interacting with Akane, I saw him joking and he showed me a whole new side of him.

Shinnosuke has his debut song “Her Blue Sky”, but he’s not very proud of it. The lyrics of a song that sounds like it’s dedicated to Akane. He is filled with feelings that contradict his regrets for his hometown. He wants to be as calm as any other friend. As the film progresses, it is very easy to connect with this character. Shinnosuke represents the regrets and compromises he faces as he pursues his dreams. He is dissatisfied with what has happened to his life and often seems to question his choices about him.

Shinno Her Blue Sky)

Her Blue Sky

Shennong is Shennong’s past self and is roughly the same age as Aoi. He is summoned into the future as a living spirit as a result of unresolved emotions. Shennong has bright red hair. Like Aoi, he also has a mole on his white eyes. Unlike his future self him, he is full of life. He is optimistic and bit immature, but he has a kind heart.

Shennong represents a part of human life that adults tend to forget. In the various holes of life, people leave behind some of them they loved. Shennong is only a part of Shennong. For Aoi, Shinno and Shinnosuke are two completely different people, one who doesn’t like it and the other who eventually falls.

Shinnosuke and Shinno are the same people, but they are called different characters who play very different and important roles in the story.

Plot Summary(Her Blue Sky)


The story begins when Aoi and Akane watch Shinnosuke’s band train as kids. Aoi is immediately interested in the bass. Shinnosuke promises her that one day she will be the bassist of her band. Shinnosuke teaches Aoi to play bass and Akane happily watches them.

Akane and Shinnosuke are dating right now. They had planned to go to Tokyo after graduating from high school and attending a vocational school.

Around this time, Akane and Aoi’s parents died in a car accident. Akane takes responsibility as Aoi’s older sister and decides to return to Chichibu together. Shinnosuke suffers when Akane refuses to go to Tokyo with him. But he has decided to carry on his life to fulfil his dream and return for Akane when she has fulfilled her dream.

After 13 years

Akane and Aoi live in Chichibu. Akane works at the town hall. One day, the mayor invited a famous artist, Dankichi Nitobe, to write a song about a place that attracts more tourists. Akane has become an assistant to Masamichi’s event manager, who she seems to like romantically. Somewhere, I can see Shinnosuke, an adult, opening the box, but the contents have not yet been revealed.

On the day of Shintobe’s arrival, Aoi is practising bass in the room where Shennong and her band practised. Surprisingly, Shennong appears. However, the Shennong she sees is 13 years old. Aoi runs away because she’s afraid, but she doesn’t tell anyone. She thinks Shinnosuke must be dead and must be a ghost.

When Nitobe arrives, Akane and Aoi encounter another shock when they see Shinnosuke playing the guitar in the background. After Nitobe’s welcome, the band members and city hall employees gather for a drink. I wonder if Masamichi and Akane are the same things in Nitobe. Before Akane denies it, Masamichi gives an answer that neither accepts nor denies the facts. Shinnosuke listens to the conversation in silence but is clearly worried if he continues to drink. Later that night, Akane goes to leave him. In the apartment, Shinnosuke tries to move her but is rejected by Akane when he leaves.

Aoi meets Shennong

At the same time, Aoi confronts Shennong but takes Masamichi’s son Tsugu. Shennong is still there and apparently doesn’t recognize her until Tsugu calls her “Ao-chan”. Even Shennong doesn’t know the situation. The last thing she remembers is that Akane refuses to go to Tokyo and is with him.

Character’s Adaptation

Tsugu speculates that Shennong is a living soul made up of unresolved emotions. The only way to resolve this was to reunite Shinnosuke and Akane. However, as time goes by, Aoi sees a difference from Shinnosuke and begins to fall in love with Shinno. Shennong was grateful and kind, but he became aggressive and arrogant. He begins to wonder what would happen to Shinno if Shinnosuke and Akane got back together and fell into a dilemma. She wasn’t ready to part with Shinno yet. Shinno was able to connect with her.

Akane and Shinnosuke After 13 years

Shinnosuke has a problem with him. Dissatisfied with his life, he has become a moody adult. He no longer has a glint in his eyes. He now looked down on himself and didn’t want to go back to Akane. Furthermore, he has given up on the upbeat and positive lifestyle that he had previously led. It’s not hard to realize that Akane, who isn’t married yet and regrets knowing about the girl he was dating, still has deep feelings.


On the day of the music festival, Aoi confesses her feelings to Shennong. But she tells him that she loves Akane more. For her, she was as attached to Akane as Akane was as attached to her and she couldn’t change that. Knowing how much Akane sacrificed of her no longer burdened her but instead thanked her. Seeing Akane laugh with Shinnosuke shows that he the only one who can truly make her happy, so all of her dilemmas solved.

Shinnosuke returns to the room where he practised when he was a teenager. Here he meets Shennong, who ridicules his choices and what he has become. Shennong claims that she has not kept what she promised her and actively explains that no matter how hard someone works, it is important that fate and the connection succeed.

At the same time, Aoi runs and tells Shennong that Akane trapped in the cave due to a landslide. Shinnosuke is calm and says he is safe. However, Shennong is angry at his calm. Shinno, who unable to leave the room due to an invisible barrier, forced out with Aoi’s help. When I leave, I take Aoi and fly to Akane to see if I’m okay. Shinnosuke, who has enlightened alone in the past, runs towards Akane.

Shinnosuke’s flashback shows that he had opened a box that had been locked for a long time. He chooses a photo of Akane and Aoi with him and his bandmates. The same photo he has in the room where Shennong trapped.

Conclusion(Her Blue Sky)

Shennong meets Akane and talks about Aoi. Here, Shennong accepts how important Aoi is to Akane. When he begins to have only love with her, the feeling of resentment towards her rejection disappears. After saving Akane from the cave, you can see Shinnosuke and Akane talking. He confesses that he hasn’t given up and Akane silently accepts her confession.

Shennong disappears and Aoi sees her cry knowing that she \ gone. In the credits, you can see  Shinnosuke and Akane got married in 2021 and Aoi promoted to professional musician.

Description(Her Blue Sky)

Her blue sky is about accepting the reality of life. Compromises are necessary, but not necessarily mandatory. In the film, Shinno appears the moment Shinnosuke opens the box that contains all of his memories. After rejected  Akane 13 years ago, he decided to return as a musician, but after a while, he gave up on this dream. The guitar I bought with Akane is an anthropomorphic version of his youth.

Feeling With Eachother

He leaving the anthropomorphized guitar leaving a part of himself, which bound him to Akane. The fact that Shinno cannot leave the room expresses Shinnosuke’s feelings towards Akane trapped. Which Shinnosuke doesn’t want to show. However, when the guitar strings break, Shennong is not tied to anything and just wants to see Akane’s safety. Adding more beauty to this moment of confrontation is Shinnosuke’s awakening as he starts running towards his emotions rather than letting them go.

Shinnosuke put his memories in a box and sealed them. He was trying to avoid what said from the bottom of his heart, so he decided to summon Shennong from the past. Shinno came to remind him what he trapped in as he knew nothing of the grudge he felt for his life.

A well-designed film will thrill the viewer. The film has that moment, but it’s a little late. At some point, the excessive suspense seems to have lost the audience. But the film is very interesting overall and definitely worth a look at.

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