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Golden Time Kiss Anime

                            Introduction(Golden Time Kiss Anime)

This page is about Golden Time Kiss Anime/10. Anime like Golden Time kiss Anim. After reading this you will know about the summary and the love story of Babri, Coco and Mitsuo.

Golden Time Kiss Anime

Golden Time Kiss Anime is started with a boy named Banri who was involved in an accident and lost his memory. He has nothing to do with the past and wants to start over, so he moves to Tokyo and studies in law college. After the orientation, he found out that he did not know the way to college. He followed the two girls, but by buying ice cream he lost the girl and is now completely lost.

At the front door of the store, I found a boy from the same college following two girls and getting lost trying to buy ice cream. They quickly become friends and start to walk. As I walked around Mitsuo. I noticed that I was in a very awkward position. Because the girl got out of the taxi and hit Mitsuo with a bouquet of flowers. Banri later found out that Koko loved Mitsuo. But he didn’t love her back.

The scene of love(Golden Time Kiss Anime)

After starting college and seeing Mitsuo ignore Koko and look for Mitsuo everywhere. Banri feels sick and tries to talk to Koko. She hasn’t managed to make friends yet. Because Koko is so cute and belong to a wealthy family so everyone is afraid to talk to her. Banri can’t stand looking at Koko so sadly. So she tries to help him and slowly develops her feelings, but he doesn’t speak to her.

After ignoring Koko for a few days, Mitsuo finally tells Koko that she loves Chinami and doesn’t want anything to do with her. Coco, a stubborn girl, tries to run after Mitsuo but fails miserably. Banri finally told her that she loved him because she couldn’t stand to see her so sad and broken.

At first, Koko says she can’t love him. She just wants to be friends. Because the only reason Banri loves her. She was just abandoned and ends up forgetting about him. Banri doesn’t want to be friends unless he likes Koko. So he’s decided not to talk to her anymore. They will eventually become a couple. Banri suddenly begins to remember his past and becomes anxious and depressed. He can’t stand the idea of ​​forgetting his current self and here.

At the end of the series, Koko throws Banri away. She thinking that if the two are together Banri can hurt himself with a lot of pain, but she promises him. If Banri still remembers Coco after remembering her past. They will be together forever.

Golden Time is one of my favourite anime. There is no word to explain it. Everything has done in a better way.  This is a properly done anime.

About The Golden Time Kiss Anime


Golden Time traces the life of Tadabanri and all the complexity that goes with it. He was a freshman in Tokyo, and his strange situation brought him to Tokyo. After all, he suffers from amnesia! So now he’s trying to reshape his life without the past taking him away.

Then he meets Sachiko Kaga, an eccentric young woman who tries to change her life forever! Can Tada Banri live as he sees fit? Will he find new memories to make? Or does his past bother him? Banri embroiled in a memorable turmoil that defines his life and will change it as all the passing emotions and emotions come and go.

After all that has been said, I’m sure you’re here because you liked Golden Time. So, here are some similar anime for you to enjoy. There is an anime like Golden Time, so get ready now!


                    10 Anime like Golden Time Kiss Anime

1. Toradora(Golden Time Kiss Anime)

What if you put two non-sarcastic students together at school? Now, on the left, a young man is actually a nice guy who enjoys housework and is mistaken for a delinquent because of his intimidating appearance. Right, a young woman who looks like a fragile, weak doll. It is actually known as the “Palmtop Tiger”.

The two students are Ryuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka. And together, they’ve formed a suspicious tandem where both secrets are at stake! Will the unexpected collaboration work or lead to something bigger than originally intended?

2. Sakurasou no Pet an Kanojo


Sakuraso’s pet (Sakuraso’s pet)? This is none other than Shinshiro Shiina! And she is a world-class artistic scholar who only knows her art! It’s good to take care of her through what Sorata Kanda calls “Mashiro Duty” in the dorm.

Now it’s time for your shine! I can’t let go of the stray cats, and I end up with Sakuraso, a house that doesn’t correspond to genius! And there he begins to experiment with new things. New friends, new worries, new memories, new feelings – Sorata is about to leave each other in the most memorable and romantic time of her life!

3. Shigatsu was Kimi no Uso (Your lie in April)

Golden Time Kiss Anime

Music was his life and his mother. But when young Mitsuo Arima lost his mother to illness, his passion for the piano and music ceased. He couldn’t listen to her music anymore.

Two years later, Kosei is happy to move away from piano music and live a normal school life with his friends. It’s up to a day. A mysterious and joyful girl named Kaori Miyazono appears in front of him. It was all a whimsical fate that led to their meeting. Therefore, his passion for music and his life course, full of sounds and tones, resurfaced deep in his heart.

4. Nana(Golden Time Kiss Anime)

Golden Time Kiss Anime

Two girls with the same Monica? Is it a coincidence or a fate? Well, that’s what the two “Nana” are trying to find! Destiny certainly has a special plan for the two, especially when they meet not just once, but actually twice, and then further afield.

Nana Komatsu and Nana Osaki both try to experience all that life has to offer! Ups and downs, dramas, music, problems, everything! It is a moving story of two intertwined lives which, after the trials of life, ultimately create a unique bond.

5.  Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun (My little monster)

Shizuku Mizutani and Haru Yoshida are perfect for spending a lifetime with some mysterious and awkward social tendencies! It’s kind of weird that they first met, but the two aren’t really similar, they’re different.

Drops and spring are socially troublesome. They are both excellent in their purses. When it comes to friendship, that’s not much either. Therefore, their story begins! With nothing to lose and everything to learn, Shizuku and Haru will soon learn more about each other and the world as they discover the new emotions blooming within them.


6. Plastic Memories

Tsukasa Mizugaki eventually landed his job thanks to multiple connections to Terminal Services of Zion Artificial Intelligence Co., Ltd. What he doesn’t know is that his first job will have a huge impact on his life!

The terminal services of Sion Artificial Intelligence Corporation are responsible for the acquisition of Giftia. Giftia (or humanoid android) can only live 81,920 hours before losing memory and becoming hostile. This is where Terminal Services comes in. Giftia partner Tsukasa and Isla are at work! But in reality, there is more to work on than you may see. Especially if Isla is inevitably approaching her time.

7. Orange(Golden Time Kiss Anime)

What if your future self suddenly sends you a letter telling you what to do to make the right decision? Do you read it and follow it to the point? Or do you just throw it in the trash and see it as a joke? For Naho Takamiya, the question of whether or not she will regret will soon be decided by a letter from the future. The future is in his hands!

The Future Letter describes everything that is going to happen, so I wonder about the situation of Kakeru Naruse, a transfer student. As it stands, the letter links Naho, her friend and Kakeru. And what’s even more surprising is that the letter says that Kakeru no longer exists. Now it’s up to Naho to open up a future without regrets. But is it really that easy to change the future? Is it possible in the first place? She will find out soon.

8. Isshukan Friends  (Friends for a week)

Golden Time Kiss Anime

The story of a boy and a girl trapped in a cycle of friendship that always unfolds from start to finish. Kaori Fujimiya, a girl, is in a rare situation where she forgets everything but her family every weekend. And the boy, Yuki Hase, is determined to be her friend, even though she has to repeat the same scenario every week.

Kaori doesn’t want to hurt anyone, while Yuuki just wants to get as close to her as possible. Will everything work out in the end? Where will the two “One Week Friends” be forever?

9. Hentai Ouji to Warawanai  Neko(Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat)

Yoto Yokodera is a boy in the midst of metamorphosis and who wants to transmit the trend of metamorphosis to the whole world. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tries, his metamorphosis mistakenly seen as good intentions for everyone. So he finds a solution – a wish for a wish-granting stone cat!

Yoto’s facade has since removed! There is now a worldwide metamorphosis. But every wish has a price. Youto has to sort everything out for him and everyone to get things back to normal.

10. ReLIFE

Golden Time Kiss Anime

If you have the opportunity to start your life over, do you take it? If this opportunity brings you years from the past (eg high school life), do you accept it? This is the case of Shinta Kaizaki, 27, who has to live as a 17-year-old high school student for the ReLIFE experience.

Arata has been a loser in life since her disappointing first job. As a result, he switched from work to work and failed for no reason. When he has chosen to participate in the ReLIFE program, everything starts to change. New Lifestyles, New Opportunities, New Opportunities – Arata has a rare life-changing experience with new experiences and new involvement!



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