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This page is about Godzilla. It contains a sequence of movies and the history of Godzilla. After reading this page you will know about it.

Godzilla filmsGodZilla

Godzilla has destroyed the city for 65 years and is still a strong (and scaly) atomic monster. It also the pride of Japanese movie studio Toho. In more than 30 movies, the killer monster appeared in a large and deadly mutant beast. And in the case of King Caesar, a strange dog, a missile. But was ready to cause havoc again. King of Monsters also released today. Because here’s an empire guide to all of its movies to date. Wear your head protection, also collect your biggest mothballs and dive in …

Godzilla (1954)

American Title: Godzilla, King of the Monsters

Director: Inoshiro Honda


The disappearance of some fishing boats also revives the legend of an ancient sea monster. Because announces own arrival for the first time. It also released a nuclear explosion. But emerges from Tokyo Bay Causing destruction. Kurosawa’s favourite Takashi Shimura is also one of the scientists in the case. Also Looking for ways to combat the enormous threat.

The original film, which is a clear anti-nuclear parable. Has a serious agenda, but it has been largely lost in the western world for years. And as only the American reissue King of the Monsters knew. Raymond Burr was included in this version as a documentary journalist.

… The first Godzilla is here! Designed as a hybrid of Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Iguanodon, and Crocodile. Its Japanese name, Godzilla, is a combination of the words “whale” and “gorilla.” He has the ability to regenerate “atomic breath”, that is, (in the sense of Wolverine, not Doctor Who’s sense), and is unaffected by conventional weapons.

Godzilla Raids Again (1955)GodZilla

American Title: Gigantis, Fire Monster

Director: Motoyoshi Oda


Two pilots landing on Iwatojima encounter and fight Anguirus of Stegosaurus. The two monsters arrive in mainland Osaka and continue to defeat them. Shimura can explain that this is actually a different Godzilla than last time, and probably awakened with his ancient dinosaurs by the same atomic experiment. US courts did not call him and changed his name to Gigantis.

Introducing the first wrestling dinosaur Anguirus.

King Kong VS. Godzilla (1962)GodZilla

US Title: The original title worked well.

Director: Inoshiro Honda


Godzilla, frozen at the end of the last movie, thawed, sank a submarine, was blocked from invading Tokyo, and then proceeded to the mountains. Fuji. Meanwhile, the TV tycoon goes to Faro Island in search of monsters to increase the audience. He encounters King Kong. It can also suck electricity and blow things up in his Japanese incarnation. Regretting their decision also to transport the uncontrollable Kong to Tokyo. Because the authorities succeeded in capsizing it.  And also transporting it to the mountains. Fuji that Godzilla deals with.

A series of King Kong’s first appearance.

Mothra VS. Godzilla (1964)GodZilla

American Title: Godzilla vs. Things

Director: Inoshiro Honda


Scientists have found a large egg in the wreckage of a typhoon, which comes from Toddler Island, where the lepidopteran god Mothra lives. Godzilla initially buried in the same typhoon, emerges from the mud and begins to be crushed again, and the Japanese petition “Infant Island”. Seeking a loan from a Japanese monster. Mothra is eventually killed. But leaves hatches eggs, releases two larvae. Sprays silk on sinks it in the sea, and returns home. Yes, in this story Mothra and his family are treated and is a great evil.

The first appearance in the series … Mothra, the Great Moth (formerly her own movie star in 1961).

Three Great Monsters Ghidorah (1964)

American Title: Three-headed Monster Ghidorah

Director: Inoshiro Honda


After making his debut in his own 1956 film, Rodin emerges from Monte Crater. While Aso and Godzilla are reappearing from the depths. Princess Serena, possessed by the Martians. Predicts these events and warns of the arrival of the three-bone dragon Ghidorah, formerly the destroyer of Martian society, for her next prophecy.

And look! The newly landed meteorite turns out to be an egg, and Ghidorah hatches on Earth. Mothra tries to persuade Godzilla and Rodin to unite against Ghidorah but fails at first. But when she was beaten by Ghidorah, Godzilla and Rodin were impressed enough to work with Detente and Mothra to send Ghidorah back into space with extreme prejudice.

Introducing the first series of Radon (a pointed mutant pterosaur) and Rei Ayanami (a three-headed space dragon).

Invasion of Astronomical Monsters (1965)

American Title: Monster Zero

Director: Inoshiro Honda


A newly discovered planet named “Planet X” by the Earth, where a Japanese-American joint space mission sways behind Jupiter. It turns out that the inhabitants also call it Planet X. What is your chance? The planet Xi’an then seeks Earth’s help in response to King Ghidorah’s recent problems. Send Godzilla and Rodin, and they will rematch to win. Everything looks fine until Planet X releases the newly acquired monster triumvirate to their land and tries to take over the Earth. When the army fights the monsters that destroy Tokyo again. Boffin on our planet finds a way to defeat Xi’an in science. With broken mind control, Godzilla and Rodin attack King Ghidorah, and the three disappear into the sea.

… Introducing the first series of N / A

Ebirah, fear of the abyss (1966)

American Title: Godzilla vs. Sea Monster

Director: Jun Fukuda


The fraudulent terrorist Red Bamboo hires slave workers from Mothra’s hometown of Toddler Island to make heavy water on a secret island. When the ship’s crew arrives on the island after encountering the giant red-spotted shrimp, they try to escape from the red bamboo, but in the process accidentally cause Godzilla. Godzilla then fights Ebirah and the giant bird Ocondor before Mothra appears to rescue his congregation.

Introducing the first series of shrimp and Kondor.

Duel of Monster Island: Duel of Monster Island (1967)

American Title: Godzilla’s Son

Director: Jun Fukuda


Scientists working on climate control systems have been damaged by two giant mantes, the Kamacuras. inconvenience. After that, the eggs are found and the baby Godzilla hatches. Godzilla will send a telepathic distress signal until the full-size version arrives and requests it. Called a “manilla” (not Godzilla), he grows to half the size of Godzilla and learns some tricks from adoption pops that help with the sudden attack of the giant spider Kumonga.

Introducing the first series of Minilla (Godzilla’s adopted child). Kamacuras (giant mantis); and Kumonga (giant spider with web and stinger action).

Destroy All Monsters (1968)

US Title: Not Required


Inoshiro Honda


Toho’s 20th monster movie was a celebration aimed at marking the final appearance of Godzilla. This didn’t work. The premise set in the second half of the 20th century is that all monsters were gathered in a research centre called “Ilhados Monstros”.

This composition is fine until the Killers aliens throw a wrench into the piece to define all the monsters in the major cities of the planet and force us to conquer them. After beating several times in New York, London, Beijing and Moscow. Earth puts the monster back under control and puts it at the killer base in the mountains. Fuji. However, Killers still has King Ghidorah on his sleeve

Introducing the first series of Gorosaurus. Manda; Baragon ; and Varane.

Godzilla, Minilla, Gabara: Attacks of All Monsters (1969)

US Title: Godzilla’s Revenge

Director: Inoshiro Honda


Godzilla’s tenth film was the first movie, especially for children. It involves learning how young Ichiro (Tomonori Yazaki), ignored by his working parents and threatened by his colleagues, deals with his life through frequent dream visits to Monster Island. While sleeping, he was rescued from the fall of the cave by Minilla. Who saw Godzilla fighting Kamacuras, Kumonga, and Ebirah. And revealed that he also had a threatening problem. Ichiro helped Minilla defeat the demon Gabara and gained the courage to defeat his own executioner and a group of thieves in the awakened world.

The first appearance of Gabara, a demon that exists only in Ichiro’s dream. It will never appear again.

Godzilla VS. Hedra (1971)

American Title: Godzilla vs. Smog Monster

Director: Yoshimitsu Banno


Hedorah is a toxic sea monster that seems to have evolved from a microscopic alien lifeform. Apparently due to the pollution of the Earth. Because transforming creatures cause such destruction and are invincible. Humanity really holds parties to mark the end of time. It was desolate. However, dehydration turns out to be the key. And Godzilla helps dry Hedorah with electrodes. To win!

Introducing the first series of Hedorah, a sea monster powered by acid-spitting pollution.

Godzilla VS. Gigan (1972)

American Title: Godzilla on Monster Island

Director: Jun Fukuda


Haruo Nakajima, who played Godzilla from the beginning, appeared here in his last costume and fought again against King Ghidorah and the giant Nebula M space insects. So-called aliens are planning to somehow impersonate humans and use the giant alien cyborgs Ghidorah and Gigan to destroy all the Earthlings. Godzilla and Anguirus have other ideas.

Introducing the first series of … Gigan, a cyborg bipedal dragon with a circular saw in its stomach.

Godzilla VS. Megalo (1973)

Title in the US: Nothing I think you need

Director: Jun Fukuda


The result of the design contest for Japanese schoolchildren was not initially intended to be a Godzilla movie, so he is the second violin of the giant robot superhero Jet Jaguar. The story shows the Earth’s water race against Seatopian, frustrated by decades of nuclear tests and plans to free their undersea god, Megalo. The inventor of Jet Jaguar initially lost control over the Seatpian, but regained its advantage with a convenient secondary control system and sent the robot to the Monster Island to search for Godzilla. Faced with a surprisingly flipped table, Seatopians send a distress signal to Nebula-M asking for Gigan …

Introducing the first series of Jet Jaguar (a giant robot designed by the winner of the contest) and Megalon (a type of cockroach / giant beetle).

Godzilla VS. Mechagodzilla (1974)

American Title: Godzilla vs. Bionic Monster

Director: Jun Fukuda

Synopsis: Godzilla, who I thought was an ally today, goes through the mountain. Fuji and his old trampling tricks resume. Anguirus has a word to say, he was defeated, but not before he injured a creature that exposed a shiny metal endoskeleton. Not Godzilla! Yeah … you are far ahead of us. Then, a real Godzilla appears, and Mechagodzilla appears as a superweapon of aliens wielded by monkeys like monkeys from the third planet of the black hole. They don’t like King Shisar joining Godzilla to take off Mechagodzilla’s head.

Introducing the first series of Mechagodzilla (Godzilla, a giant robot from space) and King Caesar (a giant mythical lion/dog creature).

Fear of Mechagodzilla (1975)

American title: Godzilla’s horror

Director: Inoshiro Honda


At the end of Godzilla’s original movie series, this begins with Interpol’s agents searching for Mechagodzilla’s wreckage on the ocean floor. Fool! They were soon attacked by the submarine Titanosaurus and wanted to destroy humanity, and were invented by crazy Japanese scientists colluding with the alien Black Hole Planet 3. Titanosaurus and the recently rebuilt Mechagodzilla have destroyed Yokosuka, and Godzilla is struggling to deal with a joint attack. However, Interpol’s discovery that Titanosaurus is vulnerable to “sound waves” leaves Mechagodzilla as Godzilla’s sole focus. With the help of Mechagodzilla’s human/cyborg controller, the organic version has won. He changed his mind.

Introducing the first series of … Titanosaurus, an aquatic dinosaur with a tail that can cause whirlwinds and hurricanes.


American title: Eh, Godzilla

Director: Hanna-Barbera production


For us of a certain age, this is the first Godzilla we have encountered and remains an indelible memory. The format contained a group of American marine scientists aboard a hydrofoil called Calico. When you are in danger of a sea monster, you can summon Godzilla by pressing the big red button. Since this is an American cartoon, there are also cute elements in the form of Godzilla’s most useless nephew, Godzilla.

Godzilla has several features borrowed from Minilla, such as the ability to blow a ring of smoke. This was not Godzilla’s first incarnation on television: he had previously appeared in the Japanese live-action series Zone Fighter in the ’70s. In 1997 there was also a short Godzilla island (Japan, live-action) and another series of comics. American after the 1998 Roland Emmerich movie. Netflix recently joined Animation Godzilla, providing western distribution for the animated feature films Planet of the Monsters (2017), City on the Edge of Battle, and Planet Eater (both 2018).

Introducing the first series of … Godzoooooookyyyyyy …

Godzilla’s Return (1984)

American title: Godzilla 1985

Director: Koji Hashimoto


After 10 years of his retirement (not counting cartoons), Godzilla is back in the first series of a new series, celebrating his 30th birthday. This restart was a direct sequel to the original 1954 movie, ignoring all movies since Godzilla’s counterattack. A few years after he gradually became a friend of mankind, he emerges from a volcano on Daikoku Island, eats a nuclear power plant, and sees a big G in a hostile mode that leads to a massive evacuation of Tokyo. Mankind’s first defence volley was a Super-X military fighter, but when Godzilla dropped a building on it, Plan B would lure it into another volcano. In addition to the guys in suits (Kenpachiro Satsuma, former Hedorah and Gigan), the film used a 20-foot animatronic Godzilla. The American version revived Raymond Burr in the same role as in 1954.

Introducing the first series of … Super-X-plane.

Godzilla VS. Violent (1989)

US Title: Same

Director: Kazuki Omori


Five years after returning to Japan, Godzilla’s restart cycle will begin for real. Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka was reluctant to reuse the monsters of the series’ heyday, so she was raised here in Frankenstein’s lab, combining the DNA of Godzilla, roses and a scientist’s dead daughter. Obtain the Biollante Trifido / Octopus. why? Humanity will try a new version of Super-X against the double threat, along with experimental antinuclear bacteria. However, basically, Godzilla and Biollante defeat each other. Godzilla will return to the sea again and Biollante will orbit the Earth in the form of giant flowers.

Presenting the first series of Biollante. It was the result of another public design contest that the dentist won.

Godzilla VS. King Gidra (1991)

US Title: N / A

Director: Kazuki Omori


Following Biollante Farago, Tanaka surrendered to his “classic without monsters” government. Allowing Godzilla’s greatest enemy to return. This has time travel. it is complicated. The UFO reaches the mountain. Fuji will drop the pilot who returned from 2204 to 1991. They call themselves “Futurians”, claiming that Japan has been destroyed in the future and plan to bring current scientists back to the 1940s. To stop the creation of Godzilla in the first place. So they do it, but in the process, they deliberately make King Ghidorah and plan to use it to conquer Japan.

Because the Japan of the future has not been destroyed, but it is the greatest superpower in the world, and the people of the future want to destroy it. But instead of stopping to make Godzilla, a future man accidentally created a second Godzilla (the first Godzilla was actually killed in the 1954 film). Godzilla then fights and defeats Ghidorah, so the Futurists return to the future and seek King Mecha Ghidorah, a cyborg created from the wreckage of the organic version. After that, Godzilla defeats the King of Mecha Ghidorah at the bottom of the sea.

The appearance of the first series … Future Cyborg Ghidorah, Mecha-King Ghidorah

Godzilla VS. Mothra (1992)

USA Title: Godzilla and Mothra: Battle of Earth

Director: Takao Okawara


The previous film was so successful that it decided to be the path to classic monsters. This turned out to be the right plan, as the film was officially the most economically successful of the entire Touhou series and second only to Jurassic Park in Japan’s box office revenue in 1993. (It was a good year for a giant lizard). Several natural disasters arouse not only Godzilla but also Mothra and Battra (some translations call it “Black Mothra”). The culminating battle will take place at the trade fair.

… Batra’s first series. Originally thought of as the evil twins of Mothra, he arrived on the screen as something a little different.

Godzilla VS. Mechagodzilla (1993)

American title: Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla II

Director: Takao Okawara


It is not a remake as the Japanese title suggests. Also nor a sequence that Americans have. It is just what it is. The United Nations rescued the remains of King Ghidorah of Mecha and built a flying ship called Garuda and Mechagodzilla to defend the Earth. Godzilla and Rodin are attracted to the telepathic signal that emanates from a mysterious egg. After a bit of turbulence, Godzilla defeats Rodin and the eggs hatch a new Godzilla baby. When Godzilla searches for the baby, Mechagodzilla is sent, with disappointing results. Then Rodin reappears and the United Nations must instead deploy Mechagodzilla to him, who arrives in the aftermath to defeat the weakened Mechagodzilla. Finally joined to the baby, Godzilla sets out to sea with her adopted son.

Not to be confused with Minilla (or Godzilla Junior), Baby Godzilla’s first series is here.

Godzilla VS. Space Godzilla (1994)

US Title: N / A

Director: Kensho Yamashita


New Godzilla is created spontaneously in space, thanks to the effects of the fission of some cells and black holes removed from the world by Biollante and Mothra. SpaceGodzilla destroys NASA’s space station and, as it approaches Earth. And Japan sends a giant mecha penguin, Moguera, to intercept. Surprisingly, this move was unsuccessful. Space Godzilla lands and attacks Baby Godzilla. Godzilla fights Space Godzilla, but is defeated, leaves Space Godzilla and builds a fortress of solitude in the middle of Fukuoka, sucking energy from the centre of the earth. Godzilla and Moguera form a team and run over.

Featuring the first series of SpaceGodzilla (Godzilla of space, with large crystals on the shoulders) and Moguera (160-foot mecha penguins that can be separated into flying tanks and warships).

Godzilla VS. Destroyer (1995)

American title: Godzilla vs. Destoroyah

Director: Takao Okawara


In the final film of the second wave, we gathered claims that this was probably the film that would eventually kill Godzilla (when Toho cleaned up the Roland Emmerich film platform). Godzilla develops a rash-like disease and attacks Hong Kong with delirium. It turns out that its reactor-like core is approaching collapse. The problem is that he will probably conquer the world when he leaves. Japan will deploy another new Super-X with cold weapons to prevent this.

Meanwhile, another plan to use an “oxygen-destroying device” that destroyed the original Godzilla in 1954, instead turns some Precambrian creatures into giant crabs called Destoroyah. Baby Godzilla, now turning into Godzilla Junior, is sent to intervene under the control of telepathic humans. Godzilla will eventually die. But in the process, it will not destroy the Earth and its atomic energy will be directed to Godzilla Junior. Godzilla Junior grows to full size to replace his adoptive father as King of the Monsters.

Introducing the first series of … Destoroyah. A giant insect-bat-crab that accidentally evolved from crustaceans.

Godzilla (1998)

Japanese title: Godzilla

Director: Roland Emmerich


Post Jurassic Park, CG Godzilla is the brilliant of Hollywood and led to this. Effort by Roland Emmerich and Sony. A nuclear test in French Polynesia illuminates an iguana nest. Decades later, the results will appear in New York to irritate Matthew Broderick and Jean Reno. Helicopter pilots cannot make branches that allow them to escape the beast by increasing altitude. This Godzilla lays eggs, so it looks like a woman. She entangles herself mortally on the Brooklyn Bridge, but there is still a mess of eggs to deal with – and one of them is overlooked …

Introducing the first series … Toho folded this iguana-like monster into its own continuity like a “Jira”.

Godzilla 2000: Millennium (1999)

USA Title: Godzilla 2000

Director: Takao Okawara


Toho Phase III ignores everything that has happened so far in Godzilla’s poetry, except for the original 1954 film. The film assumes that there is currently a Godzilla forecasting network formed to predict its movements, such as natural disasters based on climate. A mysterious million-year-old UFO emerges from the Pacific Ocean and begins collecting computer files about Godzilla in an attempt to replicate the monster’s regenerated DNA. The millennial generation resembling a giant jellyfish that they have created/have created turns into a 60-meter gorilla/snake/shark, Olga, due to the Earth’s unknown atmosphere. It carries the weight of Godzilla’s nuclear pulse.

Featuring Olga’s first series that can open her snake chin, swallow enemies and transform into her form. He also has a death ray on his shoulder.

Godzilla x Megaguirus: Extinction Strategy G (2000)

American title: Godzilla vs. Megaguirus

Director: Masaaki Tezuka


Humanity is now replacing nuclear energy with clean “plasma energy”, but Godzilla has not yet disappeared. A nasty scientist working on a weapon that creates a small black hole accidentally opens a wormhole where prehistoric dragonflies appear and lay eggs. The egg then splits into hundreds more, and when it comes into contact with the water, it hatches a larva called Meganura, causing some damage in Tokyo. Godzilla shatters them, but some of them can extract some of their vitality and inject it into Megaguirus, the giant dragonfly gremlin and the Mega larva that becomes the Queen of Meganuras. After that, Queeny chases Godzilla …

The first appearance … Megaguirus flies at very high speed and can steal energy from enemies with a large needle.

Godzilla, Mothra, King Gidra: Total Attack of Giant Monsters (2001)

US Title: GMK

Director: Shusuke Kaneko


After Emmerich attacks New York, Japan prepares for the return of Godzilla. It destroys a nuclear submarine. Baragon causes an earthquake. Mothra attacks some teenagers. Researchers are furious that Japan forgot its sacrifice after discovering that it is possessed by Japanese soldiers killed in World War II. It fights against Baragon. Mothra fights against Godzilla. Ghidorah fights with Mothra and Godzilla. The Self-Defense Forces feed missiles to Godzilla.

Introducing the first series of … No one except Mothra, King Ghidorah and Baragon has been significantly modified to make Godzilla look more powerful.

Godzilla x Mechagodzilla (2002)

USA Title: Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla

Director: Masaaki Tezuka


Scientists get together to create a Godzilla cyborg from the skeleton of the 1954 dead version. Mechagodzilla is reborn – again! – and received the name Kiryu. Supposedly by remote control, Kiryu is then essentially possessing it from 1954. Thanks to his organic remnants, when he hears the roar of the current Godzilla. Then it moves. Oops. Brought back to human control, at first remotely and then with a pilot on board. The fight against it is proper. Creating the opportunity for the launch of the incredible Cannon Zero Absolute Bang.

The appearance of the first series of  Kiryu, a new Mechagodzilla.


USA Title: Godzilla: Tokyo SOS

Director: Masaaki Tezuka


Kiryu is under repair, and representatives of the Mothra fairies warn the Japanese government that it is probably worth returning Kiryu’s Godzilla skeleton to the bottom of the ocean. Mothra says he will fight for Kiryu if that happens. Godzilla arrives properly, but Mothra struggles to defeat him. Kiryu contains a crack. but he is also beaten. A repaired Kiryu later manages to injure Godzilla, but his roar awakens Godzilla’s soul in 1954 inside Kiryu again, and the mecha takes Godzilla to a safe place, accompanying him to the bottom of the sea.

The appearance of the first series of … Kamoeba, a kaiju turtle, although in the form of cameo. Previously, he appeared solo in Space Amoeba from 1970.


US Title: N / A

Director: Ryuhei Kitamura


In 2044, kaiju started to appear all over the world. Anguirus appears in Shanghai. Also Rodan takes New York. King Ceasar goes to Okinawa; Kamacuras takes Paris. Kumonga arrives in Arizona; Ebirah enters Tokyo. And Sydney gets lucky with Zilla (Emmerich Godzilla). After much destruction, the Earth is apparently rescued by the timely intervention of the Xiliens aliens, but it turns out that they really want to harvest us to eat. I hate it when it happens.

When we resisted, they set the kaiju against us again. Fortunately, Godzilla was frozen at the South Pole in 2004 and is therefore not under the control of the Xili’s kaiju mind. We thawed him and he defeats all the kaiju sent against him. Also sparing only Anguirus, Rodan and King Caesar. And breaking their mental control. Gigan, King Ghidorah and Mothra also appear, as does Minilla, who convinces the eventually triumphant Godzilla not to step petulantly across humanity to be sure.

First appearance of the series of … CGI versions of Manda, Mothra and Kamacuras, in addition to Zilla’s only appearance in a Japanese film. She hit the Sydney Opera House in the fastest battle in the entire franchise. This is what you can draw little attention to.

Godzilla (2014)

Japanese title: Godzilla

Director: Gareth Edwards


Second Hollywood attempt In 1999. Scientists discovered that a monster had escaped from a destroyed uranium mine in the Philippines. Shortly thereafter, the disturbance caused by the earthquake caused a catastrophe at the Janjira nuclear facility in Japan. Fifteen years later, scientist engineer Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston) is obsessed with the disaster that killed his wife. And much like a giant cartilage spider and the praying mantis hatch and spread.

With his wife, who was arrested for invading Janjira’s place. The creatures are called “MUTOs”. And the only hope for humanity to survive is a balanced agent previously crushed by a nuclear bomb in the 1950s. After a sinister accumulation, Godzilla emerges from the sea, causing the uproar of MUTO, and in the process. And the Legendary MonsterVerse begins.

Introducing the first series. Let’s call it the legendary Godzilla. Plus MUTO.


American title: Godzilla Revival

Director: Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi


This is a restart of Toho’s own franchise. Because it was impressive for the first time. Even in the original film on the disc giving Godzilla a modern origin. Returning to the classic adversary mode. Also this Godzilla arrives as a purely destructive agent of choice. The improvised “Special Task Force of Unidentified Creatures” struggles to find alternative solutions to the threats. But instead of the planned UN nuclear weapons in Tokyo. Freezing is the definitive answer.

Introducing the first series of … Well, in the words of history, Godzilla. again.

Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Japanese title:

King Kong: giant skull god

Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Synopsis: Rock paintings and roaring after the credits of the Kong film. Because the protagonist of Skull Island surrounded a dubious Monarch agency. And speaks in a scene revealing that Skull Island and Godzilla in 2014 are part of the same series. Also, define its pair. Kong, by Adam Wingard in 2020.

First appearance in the series. Legendary MonsterVerse Kong.

Godzilla King of the Monsters (2019)

Japanese title: Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Director: Michael Dougherty


In the first direct sequel to Godzilla in 2014. You can once again see humans connected to Monarch waiting helplessly. While protects the world from a new era of monster gods. As another franchise says: Titan! will! collision!

Featuring the first series of Legendary versions of monsters from Rodin. Also Mothra and King Ghidorah.

Godzilla King of the Monsters opens in cinema starting May 29. Click here for a review of the Empire.

10 Myths About Godzilla that Some Fans Still Believe

Godzilla’s legacy is so long-lived that it has spawned countless rumours and myths. But some of which fans still believe today.



With over thirty films and hundreds of pieces of media spanning nearly seventy years. It is one of the most recognizable figures in all of popular culture. But as with anything that has become so enshrined in our collective imagination. There are more than a few falsehoods about many people who continue to believe.


While most hardcore fans are not likely to fall for such fibs, newer fans may be none the wiser. Below are ten common misconceptions about it. Some of which continue to be told today.

Godzilla Is A Dinosaur

Comparisons between Godzilla and dinosaurs are a given. Considering the close resemblance between the two. However, while some casual viewers could be forgiven for mistaking for an oversized T-Rex, the real answer is far more complex. In the original Godzilla (1954). It’s explained that is a member of an undiscovered pre-historic species of amphibian. They were exposed to large amounts of radiation from a hydrogen bomb. This alone discredits the theory that a dinosaur because dinosaurs were not amphibious creatures who could survive underwater.

The one exception to this is its vs. King Ghidorah (1991). where it’s revealed in a time travel sequence that the second was a mutated dinosaur that had the characteristics of pre-historic reptiles. But in most of the movies. Though, Godzilla’s lineage has remained constantly dino-free.

Godzilla’s Origins Are Always The Same

Like Spiderman and the Fantastic 4., It got his powers from somewhere. In most storylines,  got his powers from nuclear weapons. However, depending on who’s in charge of production. \That can change on a whim. Lately, filmmakers have toyed with its origin, sometimes without the influence of the bomb.

2016’s Shin Godzilla, for example, changed the culprit to the irresponsible disposal of nuclear waste. In the recent American incarnation of the classic monster. It is the sole survivor of a race of titans that lived back when the earth was bathed in radiation. This is actually the first in the franchise who was born with his radioactive powers, rather than attaining them later in life.

Godzilla is green

This mainly stemmed from the North American ad for the first G movie. Which portrayed monsters in bright green tones. However, throughout most of the franchise,  show in grey or charcoal skin.


Except for  2000, this property remains the same in most cases. Because  2000 is actually the first creature to turn green.

Godzilla blows fire

Another misconception can be traced back to the first announcement. The idea that Godzilla blows fire. Is so common that even some enthusiastic fans make assumptions. In light of this, Toho always carefully points out that Godzilla is breathing “atomic breathing”.

. Also making it the first line of defense against its enemies. In the first movie, the breath felt like the contents of a fire extinguisher, a kind of smoke. Because the Subsequent films made the breath more vibrant. And also even played with its strength.

Godzilla is a man

In the English translation of Japanese movies. Because it is not uncommon for characters to call a man. Even this article used his / her pronouns when describing creatures.

However, in Japan, the genre is not well defined. In most movies, the characters call the big G “it”, assuming the gender is uncertain.

Godzilla is always a hero or a villain

It may have begun his life as a villain, but due to the influence of late Showa movies, many today consider him a hero. From Godzilla vs. Hedorah and Godzilla have maliciously become guardians of the Beastland. This is the route that Legendary Pictures took when creating MonsterVerse and is status as an Alpha Titan.

However, in most franchises, it was in a moral grey area where his status as a hero or villain was unknown. In many of the Showa and Heisei films of the mid-to-late 1960s.It was often the smaller of the two evils, and the greatest threat came from the larger, more powerful beasts. .. In many of these situations, siding with the last resort and usually culminated at the end when all other options were exhausted.

Godzilla does not die

Toho has been spreading the belief that is an immortal being that cannot be killed by conventional weapons for many years. This is true, but ignoring the 1998 remake climax. And it could have met its creator in a franchise. The most obvious of them was when it was killed by an oxygen destroyer at the end of the first movie. G fans are also familiar with vs. Destoroyah when it died in a nuclear collapse.

Godzilla also died in a pair of. Mechagodzilla II, after his second heart, was shattered by the G-Force metal doppelganger. But it was revived by Rodin, who sacrificed his life to give his friends his vitality.

Godzilla won the Japanese version of King Kong vs.

This is one of the most persistent rumours associated with Godzilla. And is still widely accepted today. So, the myth is the American version of the 1962 movie King Kong. It has been significantly edited compared to the original version to make it look like King Kong has won. After its release, it was mistakenly stated. Because the English translation was changed at the claim of Universal Pictures (who owns the rights of King Kong). Which won in the Japanese version.


In fact, the Japanese version ends in a draw and no definitive winner is crowned. For years, this ending was only accessible in pirated or international copies of the movie due to licensing issues. Fortunately, this issue was fixed when the Criterion Collection released a remaster of the movie with the original Japanese version as a special feature.

Godzilla vs. Megaguirus was a sequel to 2000

This is fan theory above all, but some monster fans take it for granted. And this is because its costume used in 2000 (1999) is used again in vs. Megaguirus (2000). Usually, the costume is reused only if the two films are the same continuity, and Megaguirus has nothing to show that it was not a sequel.


But don’t worry,  Megaguirus does not share a period with its predecessor. Except for Godzilla x Mechagodzilla (2002) and  Tokyo S.O.S (2003).

Godzilla’s longtime composer refused to mark its resurrection

Akira Ifukube, a Japanese composer.  Because it is best known as the person who conducts the soundtracks for all of its movies in the Showa era. Also, he was responsible for some of the most iconic tracks in the series and created Godzilla’s iconic roar. So when the franchise returned to the big screen in 1984. And fans are worrying. And when Akiaki Ifukube didn’t come back to compose return.

It is long believed that Akiaki Ifukube rejected the movie soundtrack. Because it’s height increased from 50 meters to 80 meters. Thanks to out-of-context quotations. Later, this was a joke, and it became clear that the real reason Akiaki Ifukube couldn’t get the movie soundtrack was that he was teaching at Tokyo College of Music. Akiak Ifukube returned to it’s vs. franchise in 1991. He composes King Ghidorah and also the soundtrack to the next four films in the series.


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