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Goblin Slayer Kiss Anime


This post is about goblin slayer kiss anime and contains its episode highlights, theme and trivia and many more. After reading this post you will know about themes and trivia and highlights of goblin slayer kiss anime.

Goblin Slayer Episode 1 Review: The Fate of a Moderate Adventurer

First light novels, then Manga and now anime. White Fox in collaboration. , Ltd. has set foot in big shoes with the latest Goblin Slayer app. Celebrated as a dark fantasy with some awful elements, Goblin Slayer is probably the dark horse of this anime season. But is this series built on impact values ​​or is there a lot of content in horror? Let’s start with the first episode and review it.

Original Japanese episode title: Yumi Adventurer

Introducing a young shrine girl who has just registered with the Adventurer’s Guild, just like you would start your own RPG game. He wants to go out into the world and is happy to start his first mission with the other beginners in the group. They plan to attack a nearby village and defeat a bunch of goblins who have kidnapped the girls. They left immediately because hey, who needs preparation! ?? Unfortunately, they are trying to figure out how things are going wrong.

Episode highlights(goblin slayer kiss anime)

goblin slayer kiss anime

Priestess Realism(goblin slayer kiss anime):

Watching the episode, I could already imagine viewers shouting. How weak the shrine maiden. He stared at the future dwarf without saying anything. He so just shivering and crying. But remember that the Shrine Maiden is only 15 years old. And also  this is her first trip to the “real world.” He thanked him for his realistic reaction to such a horrific situation so instead of hurting steadily and defeating everyone.

Violence(goblin slayer kiss anime):

This series, which was evaluated in PG13, had to shut down blood and bleeding to be in line with the classification. This was in their favour because death had a greater impact when it was shown off-screen or shown with small blood rather than absolute Gorefest. However, they did not censor the scene of sexual violence. It may upset some viewers.

Great entrance(goblin slayer kiss anime):


You have to provide props where you need them. Because our son Goblin Slayer really knows how to make an entrance. From fire to pulsating music, but it was as gorgeous as it could be.

Theme and trivia

It looks like no character has named yet. because in Manga, the characters are only referred to titles like “Priest” and “Fighter”.


The biggest point of the episode was always to do the research. Don’t dive into a situation without proportions and also plans.

Don’t trust others:

At the end of the episode, the Shrine Maiden comment. That it was normal for the adventurer to go to Gung HoAttack the goblin’s nest, and also never return. This, combined with the guild’s rather weak efforts to prevent the search for adventurers, leads me to believe that the world is a world that cares less about the well-being of others.




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