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Getting over it free


This post is about Getting over it free apk download. If you download from this site then this is free otherwise it is paid.

Getting over it free


Overcoming it with Bennett Foddy is a punishment climbing game and a homage to Jazzo’s 2002 classic B-game “Hiking“. And Just move the hammer with the mouse. With practice. Also, you will be able to jump, swing, climb, and fly. A big mystery and great rewards await the hiking masters who reach the top of the mountain.

To quote Jazzuo himself, “The action of hiking is very similar to the way you do it in real life. Remember, it will work.”

Climb a huge mountain with just a hammer and a pot.
Listen while making philosophical observations about the problem at hand.
2 to ∞ hours of painful play. The average end time for the testers was 5 hours, but the average was close to ∞.
Lost all progress over and over again.
I feel a new type of frustration that I didn’t know I could do.


Getting over it free




Getting over it free mod apk

A rather rare simulator game with elements of physics, the main task is to climb the top of the mountain, which is completely free to act, but very difficult to do because there are half the heroes. The body is in a cast iron tub and must be moved with a pick. The path is a pile of stones, rocks, and rock fragments. When you can still be on the top of the mountain, you will receive not only rewards but also answers to questions hidden by the author.

People reviews

Getting over it free

Dang, this game has been quite the journey. Gave up the first time I tried it and I picked it up again around 3 weeks ago. Was determined to finish it this time and I finally managed to. I love this game’s design and aesthetic, and I love how such simple controls can create such dynamic situations and gameplay. Also, despite what I’ve seen elsewhere, I actually found the commentary to be a great addition. The controls are a bit wonky sometimes, but overall would totally recommend getting it!

This is an interesting port. The controls aren’t the best, especially compared to the pc version, but isn’t that good? You aren’t playing getting over it to have fun, you’re playing it to suffer. The bad controls add to it. You at the mercy of a shoddily controlled hammer. It makes you suffer more than the pc version, which is the games main goal.

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