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Fullmetal Alchemist


This page is about Fullmetal Alchemist its characters and plot. It contains information about best powerful characters and the plot of Fullmetal Alchemist.

                Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist


The Fullmetal Alchemist franchise has two animated series all based on the original manga series.
Fullmetal Alchemist, the first animated series that first aired between 2003 and 2004.
It (Japanese: Fullmetal Alchemist Hepburn: Fullmetal Alchemist) is a Japanese animated television series with illustrations written by Arakawa Hiromu.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brother Hood The second animated series that began broadcasting in 2009. There are fun stories and great animations. It is clear it is one of the best animations. Also, the villain is always a good thing because it’s often unclear at first. At least the Brotherhood can see other parts of the Maestro.

The best animation given its amazing stories, cool characters, and great animations.

Why are there 2 versions of the Fullmetal Alchemist?

There are two versions. Because it was going faster than the first version, the Fullmetal Alchemist comic. So the producers put their own version of the story complete. But the Second Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is purely based on cartoons, so it has garnered a lot more comments and reviews.

Fullmetal Alchemist Plot:

At the young age of 12, the talented chemist Edward Alec and his brother Alphonse. They tried to resurrect their dead mother using a forbidden method known as human farming. But things get worse, and Edward not only loses both of his limbs but his brother as well. He used his chemical skills to somehow bind his brother’s soul to a giant temple coach. He also replaces his limbs with metal machines.

A year after these traumatic events, after much hard work. Edward was promoted to the full metal alchemist. Now he decides to find the philosopher’s stone with his brother. Only a handful of people know the exact location of the rock. It is rumored that their power and abilities could be greatly enhanced. He wants to get the stone from military resources. And also uses it to restore his arms and his brother’s body.

The following are the basic principles of alchemy. To get something, the chemist must first be willing to sacrifice something else. This is a principle on which Edward relies entirely. But when he begins to search for rocks. He realizes that there is more to it than that, and soon he Was You will be dragged into a very dark world of alchemy.

The Movie will be presented where the show draws the right conclusion for Edward Alec’s adventure. It can’t really reveal much about the movie plot, because it can give the spoilers in the first season.

The Best Characters of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

This is a list of the top 20  cool characters of the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, by personality, complexity, and story contribution.

20. May chang

Fullmetal Alchemist

This is a lovely girl who has a lovely pet like Mei. We’re forever grateful that she isn’t your typical pesky kid’s character.  May have the same goals as phosphorus. She is demanding the secret of the Sage’s Stone. In the end, it is to humanize a character. She was considered one of the most dangerous adversaries of the Elric brothers, woven with Scar.

May’s contribution to the story is included in her interactions with others. She’s the key to Scar’s vision change, Marcoh wouldn’t have very hard at helping anyone.  She returns to the center and orders to regain the true shape of the Envy. In short, May has made both good and bad decisions. We don’t expect our character to be perfect.

The fact that May understands what she is doing on her own. She knows when she really made her mistake makes her human. When she finds out that Edward Elric in her dreams is a short, sticky boy who is very nervous. Her reaction remains in our minds for the years to come.

19. Van Hohenheim

Hohenheim would be clichéd.  We came to believe that he was cliché. This was a wise tactic. He was shown to his father with no idea that his father wasn’t Hohenheim. Of course, the cliche was that the father of the hero was a villain. A tactic did thoughtlessly after George Lucas applied it. So brilliantly in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Hohenheim is a character who is determined to help millions, not just a few. It can seem that the reason he left his wife and children.  They have spread the spirits contained in various places in Amestris. This is a lengthy process that requires a lot of patience.

Edward is a friendly person despite his anger toward his father. The general strange attitude of his interactions with Hohenheim’s sons. Shocks this Edward after witnessing her father cry for the last message her beloved wife wanted to hear from him.

Hohenheim’s absolutely best moment is in flashbacks. Knowing that he was a slave to Xerxes, and his interaction with the dwarf in the flask is story-precious and the most delicious throughout the series, answering a few questions.

18. Maes Hughes

Maes Hughes embodies human tenderness, and when he begins to serve in the military. It is like the stupid parents of Brother Elric. He also loves a wife and daughter named Gracia and Elicia respectively. That love gets addicted and borders on and makes a good running gag between the first arc.

He is charming, faithful, and smart. In fact, he is too smart for his own interests. Before the story continued to evolve and revealed all of his father’s plans. The fuse had already deciphered what was going on.  He can’t share this information with anyone. Because he was attacked desire and killed by envy at the end of the arc. His death tells the Elric brothers how dangerous their journey is, and coming is the first big change.

Her own overall attitude at her daughter’s birthday party is fun. It really goes to the soprano when he threatens some boys. Because it’s cute when witnessing how adorable one his daughter is.

17. Gluttony

Gluttony is a baby. The attitude seems to be impossible to catalog him as a true villain. He is simply under the orders of his father and other Homunculus who care for him. His ties to desire are very strong, similar to the bond between his guardian older sister and his younger brother. He is one of the first introduced Homunculus. Gluttony is the original three members who were considered major adversaries in the first arc.

In fact, the last way he asks for permission to eat another character is absolutely terrifying. He still sends chills to our spine. Gluttony wants to take revenge on her after eating her Mustang. This is when you realize that Kurattoni is a faulty portal of truth. My father failed to create a genuine portal. Gluttony’s real form is grotesque.  When the father sees that he lacks the ability to regenerate and reproduces the little one.

The trash tone disappears from the story. Gluttony reappeared near the last favor again, growing to his normal size and supporting his pride and is currently supporting.  When Gluttony knows and agrees to take him to his father. We are really seeing Gluttony’s innocence and who he is if he doesn’t follow someone’s orders.

This is the moment to realize how much we are going to take care of Baby Gluttony. Honourable Mention: When the pride ate him up and cried out for help with Kurattoni’s desire, did someone else has a heart?

16. Scar

The scar is the opposite of the Mustang. The scar is looking for revenge.  While the Mustang is demanding reimbursement after a role in the Ishvalan Civil War. This is why the scar is initially presented as a villain and someone Edward and Al have to fight constantly. The monopoly man equally Giolio   Comanche and the hated Shou Tucker are some of his many victims. It was also revealed that Scar was the person who murdered Winry’s parents and set him as a bigger adversary.

Fullmetal Alchemist is a series of complex stories and three-dimensional characters. As the story progresses, we learn the reasons behind Scar’s hate and begin to sympathize with him. After teaming up with May Chang. One of the few characters who can’t see Scar as a dangerous killer. Scar’s character and story arc begin to change. Edward, Winry, and fellow Issue Balance Miles and his interactions give him a huge positive effect.

When the scar tries to kill Edward, he remembers how his brother tried to protect him from Kimblee. The contrast of the past and the present penetrated into his consciousness and he was unable to hesitate to take Edward’s life.

15. Winry Rockbell

Winry is Edward and Al’s old friend and Edward’s personal Auto Letter Engineer. She says Winry is mostly unaware of everything the Elric brothers do. As the state’s alchemist and the looming dangers faced all citizens of Ame Stories.

When she signed up for Edward and Al Adventures she had a clumsy friend Winry who gave up on her brother’s journey.  She takes all responsibility to ensure Edward and Al achieve what they want. When she is sent hostage to Briggs, she offers to join the group. Because she finds out what Ed and Al’s plans and enemies are trying to do. Between these favours, Winry’s quick accident offers an exceptional plan to help her group escape from Kinburi.

Winry is clearly reminded of innocence. She is also comfort of Edward and the Lost House and the ordinary life they don’t live in. While she isn’t an important player in the story, Winry’s emotional impact, especially on Scar al Edwards, plays a key role in the growth of these characters.

When Winry second scarred, but she now took care of her feelings and her feelings for the man who murdered her parents. She still can’t forgive him, but she decided to follow her parents’ example and help the man hurt.

14. Ling Yao

Ling’s sudden loss of energy soon needs to eat a lot of the character’s running gag. but Ling is also a very interesting character. He traveled away from Xing to find the secret of the Philosopher’s Stone and became emperor. This goal is basically the same as May’s goal. But Ling’s path takes him to a much different dangerous place. His body is, after all, the courage of greed. Lynn can stay there to interact with greed.  Sometimes he may even take the place of his own body.

Ling’s magic as a character is all in the relationship. He has achieved. He cannot miss the relationship between him and Fu and Lan Fan. There are many cases, in particular, to see how much he cares about Lan Fan. Likewise, he builds a strong bond with greed, and ultimately, Homunculus offers everything he had expected so far.

When Ling is crying next to Fu’s body. The pain of the tears of his voice being cracked and the loss of someone very important to him resonates with all of us.

13. Greed

Greed is the fifth character to be introduced as Homunculus. He kept reminding people to say that he was hoping for everything.  He became a complex homunculus that moved back and forth between being part of a hero and a villain. It doesn’t mean that he is necessarily neutral. He is simply hoping to do the best for him first.

Therefore, he is always thinking about what will bring the most profit. That’s one of the main reasons he isn’t with his father. Due to the nature of greed, he is not considered a real adversary. And his role in the series doesn’t bloom until there is a flashback of life before owning Ling’s body.

In the end, he stood with Ed so that he wouldn’t be alone and thanked Ling and Ed for giving him everything when he died. When he rebelled against his father and carbonized his arms and weakened him badly. It has always been great to see greed being a rebellious kid to the end.

12. Father

Father is an amazing villain. He cares about nothing and is determined to achieve what he wants. He was able to annihilate the entire population of Xerxes, gain the body of immortality. Expand the Amestoris state by war and genocide, and sacrifice the population as well. The father also has a personality flaw or sin that decided to get rid of it when creating a homunculus. Even these children of his are of little importance to him. Because he shows no interest in any of them. Since the father also claims to have the knowledge and achieve perfection. And also does not understand how bad it is to wish for them. The truth and his very short interview before he was kidnapped.

Of course, the father is the main antagonist and player in the series. His actions shape not only how the story moves. But also how the original story got there. As a result, the last and most decisive battle is against him. His defeat is the ultimate pursuit of the Elric brothers, despite the return of Al’s body. Which is mentioned throughout the show, the most important goal of the trip. This appears when Egg refuses to get his body back so that he can fight his father. Brother Elric understands that dealing with his father’s threats is their top priority, even though they want to get their bodies back.

11. Pride

It was created by the father of the first Homunculus and was introduced at the end. Pride is incredibly dangerous and terrifying. Basically, there is no human being who can endanger him. Selim Bradley Rayim looks like the most innocent character, providing a fun parallel between the most dangerous homunculus.

Pride is also the deputy commander, as it appears when he scolds the brother who gave orders. When we first heard Pride’s voice scolding King Bradley, we knew we were dealing with a terrifyingly powerful Homunculus. Pride is also cruel and does not hesitate to eat Gluttony as it gains strength. He is also eating Kimblee as he is giving his honour, but the logic behind his reasoning is simply lacking.

When Pride introduced herself to her Lieutenant Hawkeye and threatened her. You can’t blame poor Liza for being concerned about hiding in the shadows of his apartment after that interaction. Honourable Mention: Watching his pride panic when Edward tries to destroy the container, and his mom and dad’s memories are the last thing he can see.


10. Wrath

King Bradley was introduced as a kind leader but soon changes as he demanded the annihilation of the military and state alchemist Ishvalan. Anger understands what his role is and does everything he can to ensure that his father’s plans are executed. This is clearly exemplified when he realized he might have prevented the death of the last, but he knew it was not the right time to show his face as a Homunculus, so he decided not to intervene. King Bradley is also a very dangerous and very fast homunculus, and his sword-filled skills look like a mixture of Sith and the Terminator T-1000.

Interestingly, Bradley shows off his deep little complexity. He loves his wife because he chooses his wife. This is similar to the pride perception that my father felt like he had a real family he had always longed for and envied.

Wrath has amazing, exciting, and nicely animated revenge fights. Such fights included fighting Scar, In, and Lang fans, and how he blasted a tank built by the assault Briggs soldiers at Central Command. However, his fight with Greed/Ling, Fu, and a really nice Buccaneer was by far the best one in good animation history.

9. Lust

Lust disappeared too quickly, both at the right time and in the way. Her death was paying close attention. So we’re talking at the right time. But her character was so good and complicated. That tree is really fair to lose her at the end of her second arc.   When Lust is introduced. She is the commander and tells Gluttony what to do. You can see that she’s rebuking her envy after Maria Ross’ massive failure. It would be interesting to see how her relationship with her pride. Because all the other Homunculus were despising being with him.

Lust moves the gears between the first arcs to see if her father’s plans are moving into action. In addition, she is watching Edward and Mustang attentively. She is concerned about their safety as a potential bounty. Her Desire is wise, patient, and cruel. Lust simply does not hesitate to kill someone. She thinks is no longer helpful and does not establish relationships with the humans she interacts with.

She proudly died and told Mustang that her eyes were too cold. It wasn’t too bad to be beaten by a man without hesitation. Because she added that I can’t wait to see the same eyes dim with pain.The line remains until the end. When the Mustang loses her sight after forcing the Mustang to play a human. . The last word of the end is a subtle splendid double track that seems to be revealed only last.

8. Alex Louis Armstrong

Dear, handsome, beautiful, funny, and gentle Alex Louis Armstrong. Major Armstrong’s role in supporting the setting of the story was made clearer as the series progressed. The story was darker and tackled more complex topics. His role in the final arc also embodies his flawless comedy relief. Alex Louis Armstrong teamed up with his sister to fight Thrones. Because he get some of the best action sequences on the show. It is the greatest chemistry between the two characters.

Alex also has something that sets him apart from all the other alchemists and soldiers .They participated in the Ishvara Civil War. He couldn’t complete his mission. He was responsible for some heinous actions during the war. But in the end, he decided not to commit genocide.He obey the orders of the repressive regime. This decision may have hindered his military career.Because he affected his reputation. But his integrity has not compromised.

Major Armstrong has some really wonderful moments. He choosing one of them is particularly difficult. But if we had to go for a minute. When Major Armstrong visited Edward at the hospital.He ended up scaring the two Elric brothers. Honorable mention: When General Armstrong tells his men that their actions are very suspicious.


7. Olivier Mira Armstrong

Olivier is B-A-D-A-S-S. There is no hip. When her character was first introduced. We found a general who was very steadfast. It is as tough as everyone serving her put her on her pedestal. Her level of loyalty and respect demonstrates her strong. She has a unique character. Because she is one of the best characters of the Fullmetal Alchemist. She is also very interesting to see how different. She is from her brother. When General Armstrong speaks of Edward’s kidneys.

It is also noteworthy that he did not respond to anger like everyone else throughout the Edwards show. That’s how terrifying Olivier is. During the last courtesy, General Armstrong plays a very important decisive role in the capital. When Briggs soldiers attack using tanks built in the mansion. Armstrong will also fight with her brother first in a few wedge scenes following a battle with laziness on their own.

General Armstrong mocks a few high-ranking men of Central Order for their false senses. After that, she reminds them that she is not like Roy Mustang. She is carefully using his alchemy to harm soldiers without causing casualties. At the moment, she is shooting Lieutenant Gardner in the head.

Remind clients that she is the only heroic character that doesn’t hesitate to kill enemies like this. Honorable mention. When Olivier kills Lieutenant Raven at Fort Briggs. Honestly. The scene gave you goosebumps.

6. Alphonse Elric

Alphonse Elric is kinder and much more optimistic. He soon forgives and sometimes acts like a gloved Pinocchio. Alphonse Elric can easily manipulate things contrary to his interests. But Al is not stupid. This balance is fully displayed when he sacrifices himself to trick his very dangerous pride so that he cannot move. At first, he was working with Al Ed as a kind of partner. But it soon turned out to be an independent agent who shares the same goals as his brother.

If the egg is able to perform alchemy without requiring metamorphic circles. Because he becomes more powerful and independent. Al is very protective of the people he loves. It’s a feature you’ll always see in this series. He saves Liza and encourages her to continue the battle He uses himself as bait to useless his pride during an important battle. At that moment when he was trying to protect, his enemy was at the hands of King Bradley from dying.

When Al-Soul sees his body at the door and refuses to get it back because it is weak or that it is, such a body understands that he cannot help the loved one. This is a long-awaited moment to know. His quest is ending before his eyes and still decides to leave for the people he loves. An egg is always loyal to himself.

5. Izumi Curtis

Izumi Curtis’s introduction as a simple housewife. She is as legendary as many that have handed down to Armstrong’s line for generations. Along with Major Armstrong. She is the only other person who really threatened the Elric brothers. The fact that both Edward and Al know how to fight and use alchemy is due to her teachings.

Not only was Izumi a teacher of Brother Elric. But it is also very important to the story for the revelation that the baby. This news frees her from her guilt and her pain for losing her baby twice shaking her back and forth. Not to mention her big role in the final arc. Without her, she would have many major characters dead.

When she introduces herself to her villagers because she stops her river from flooding. Even if you show her vomiting blood the scene is perfect




4. Riza Hawkeye(Fullmetal Alchemist)

Riza Hawkeye is faithful, quiet, clever, and surprisingly dangerous. Another example of how to create a strong, convincing female character rich in luck is the Fullmetal Alchemist. Lieutenant Hawkeye is the most valuable member of the Mustang team. He serves as his trusty right-handed figure. Her closeness with Mustangs is like playing around with the show thinking they’re involved in romance. They have a strong relationship between the two doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic.

Her roles become increasingly important. As she faces many of her challenges, such as Gluttony Last, the fight against Envy. She keeping her cool when her pride threatens her. But the best part of her happens. When she confronts Colonel Mustang during jealousy and fights at the end of the final arc. She later plays the role of Mustang’s eye when facing her father, showing how close they are again.

When Liza shoots Last non-stop after telling her that her villain killed her Mustang. The Lieutenant behaves this way and usually does not lose its very controlled appearance and diligent behavior. Her response shows her pure primitive feelings. She felt it when she heard her news. And the apparent death of Mustang on her way to make her give up her all.

3. Envy(Fullmetal Alchemist)

Envy is by far the most complex homunculus. She is cruel and humorous, arrogant and jealous in sadism. The full complexity of their individuality is revealed through the show. Which is as if unwrapping Christmas gifts more slowly than ever. Jealousy is part of the 3 Homunculus. We first glance at it and is the Lust, Gluttony, and Envy classic trio we all love.  We could see that the envy Ishubaru was the one who pulled the trigger of the Civil War. To make matters worse, Envy is very happy to see humans suffer.

Envy is genderless and can be received in any form they want. The true form of envy is that of a giant lizard-like monster.  In its original form, a small parasite. Their preferred form is that of acute to benign humans. The envy between the first arc is the rescue during the riots They destroyed the fifth laboratory and killed the fuse. As their role became more important. It could be seen that envy also helped the start of the Ishval civil war by shooting children in the form of Amestrian soldiers.

When you show you are caring for Ed Homunculus. It makes things more fun. When you say that the envy Ed E Ishvaru started the civil war. Seeing flashbacks with Amestrian soldiers with the eyes of a red homunculus, the sign of jealousy that shoots a defenseless child, the malicious smile is definitely one of the most shocking scenes in the series. Honorable mention: If Ed caused the envy absolute collapse after they simply revealed that they were jealous of humans. “Hi, Edward Elric.”

2. Roy Mustang(Fullmetal Alchemist)

Idealist national alchemist Roy Mustang is one of the most powerful figures in the series. His ascetic attitude and responsibility are always tracked by others, including Edward. He also has a small and loyal team to follow him in fierce competition with General Armstrong. Even if the Mustang enemy splits the group to keep the Mustang under control. Mustang is one of the main players in the story according to the Elric brothers. Because his actions can define any story arc.

The first arc reveals that Colonel Mustang is presented as some nasty person in the military.  His fighting abilities are the same as the Mustang defeating two powerful Homunculus alone. Here, the Mustang displays both his great assets and his greatest weaknesses. Which is mostly being destroyed by rage when faced with envy.  He acts as his own eyes after overcoming these character flaws and the truth enters his sight.

During the fight with jealousy. Colonel Armstrong shows determined anger. That corrupts him from greatness to the extent that it is difficult to distinguish between good and evil. It is a beautiful portrayal of human anger. And how even a person who can be considered good can succumb to it. Honorable mention: When Mustang forced the human body ductility and the truth took away his sight. This is a perfect analogy. Yes, Kid Life is an unfair hater.

1. Edward Elric(Fullmetal Alchemist)

Edward is complicate. He’s very complicates. His own innocence disappeared to some extent. After he had to sacrifice his arm for a soul-binding metamorphosis so that he could not completely lose his brother. And then run the human body softness to take his mother. Ed can fall into being sensitive as well as self-esteem stubborn. As evidence of his interactions with Fuse and Major Armstrong, he doesn’t like to treat him like a child. But he is very intuitive and caring promises that no one will kill anyone. And understands why others behave like them.

Ed is also not optimistic enough to know that it takes time to allow his father to leave him.  Ed, the central figure in the series, has several awesome moments. But if we had to choose it. It’s the first time he sees an egg in the door and promises to come back for him someday. Since Ed has face-to-face with his brother’s body for years, this moment is filled with the emotions of his life.

Of course, the egg looks very weak. It is destructive to see Ed’s brother hold his hand and promise to return for him. And a sense of security gives us (viewers) the ultimate understanding that his brother’s journey is more than possible. Honorable Mention: Looking at the contents of Ed Pocket Watch. Grieving.


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