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Final Fantasy Tips And Tricks

Final Fantasy Tips And Tricks

Introduction(Final Fantasy Tips And Tricks)

This post is about Final Fantasy Tips And Tricks that will help you to win more battles in Final Fantasy Tips And Tricks.

Final Fantasy VII Tips and Tricks

The long-awaited remake of FINAL FANTASY VII is finally here. This is a game that is very different from what everyone expected. It’s like an action game. There is a new weapon system to learn, and developer Square Enix has added a side quest.

Here are some simple Final Fantasy tips and Tricks on what you need to know, and some things you should have known when I started. Fair Warning: There are some spoilers related to gameplay. However, we will not discuss plot points.

Upgrade weapons with surrender (Final Fantasy Tips And Tricks)

By upgrading the weapon, a new system introduced in the remake, you will only attack harder and become stronger. It also refocuses weapons so that the game is more than just a conveyor belt for powerful weapons. The iconic Buster Sword at the beginning of the cloud is a viable endgame weapon for remakes.

Each weapon earns skill points regardless of whether it is used or not. Always check with them to make sure they have been appropriately upgraded. You can change the weapon and create a character from the party. For example, all my Aeris wands improve her magic attacks and magic point banks, but Tifa’s gloves focus on defense, primarily to stagger enemies.

Also, each weapon has a limited number of skill points, but it’s much better to upgrade than not. The skills of each weapon can be reconstructed by paying a small amount for a new character named Chadley, who meets early in the game. You will need it, even if it is assigned to a skill you do not necessarily need. Notice the difference in combat.

Use weapons abilities

(Final Fantasy Tips And Tricks)

Each weapon has a unique ability or attack. However, using this skill enough times in combat will improve your “weapon proficiency.” Once you have mastered the weapon, your character will permanently learn that skill and will be able to use any weapon.

For example, the hard edge sword gave me a powerful down slam attack. After using it in multiple battles, you can use this decisive attack on the first buster sword in the cloud. Weapon abilities significantly increase combat options and make them convenient and make combat more dynamic and exciting.

Frequent rotation and replacement of material

(Final Fantasy Tips And Tricks)Final Fantasy Tips And Tricks

The material works the same as the 1997 original. Further use of material gives each orb access to a more powerful version of the spell. The cure will be Cura.

However, because this is a standalone game, Material can level up faster than you can remember and get the most potent healing spells available right away. Rotate. If you can afford to turn it off a bit, replace the upgraded material with a spare that does not.

In this way, higher levels of material are available throughout the party. Also, since the game has only four controllable party members you may need extra equipment.

Making money in this game is a bit difficult, so sell your higher-level gear to keep your wallet full.


Side quests can be missed until they are missed, so don’t stress too much.

(Final Fantasy Tips And Tricks)


Human lessons are at least a new addition to this section of FINAL FANTASY VII history. The game will notify you when the “side quest time” is reached. If you ignore them and try to move the main story forward, the characters in the game will spend a very long time being convinced of this decision. The game takes care of it.

It’s not. At the end of the game, you will be able to re-access any part of the game, leaving the items, upgrades, and levels intact. Thus, you can very quickly return to these “side quests” periods and complete them. The only problem is that you have to complete this entire chapter to register as a completed side quest (when you see the title card for the next chapter).

Therefore, if you are the type that skims the game only once, be sure to perform the side quest. However, if this is the game you’re reviewing, don’t worry too much about completing it now.

But it’s worth the end anyway. Many of them are boring healing quests. But they tied to new items, and more importantly, new character moments. These new scenes can only obtain completing all side quests in the designated areas and chapters. Traditional fanatics will not want to miss them.
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Please do not grind

(Final Fantasy Tips And Tricks)

Japanese RPGs know to have created “grinds” that fight low-level enemies over and over again until they reach a level sufficient to advance the game.

The remake eliminates the need for it. The game provides time to explore and some sections to find treasures and monsters, so you can still technically grind. However, tracing the game’s history must be more than enough experience to approach the game without a sudden stop.

Completed the game at level 38. If you want to maximize your statistics and become a Midgar monster, post-game activities provide more experience, but this is for finalists only.

Changing Characters quickly

Game bosses are not easy, and some require quick manipulation of character menus and abilities.

Pay attention to combat dialogues, as members of your party often shout advice on enemy weaknesses. This usually means that more strategic play need when this happens. Learn how to switch between characters and abilities at the start of low-pressure combat. Trial and error between the character and the menu will result in premature death as the difficulty increases.

Be Brave to switch to “easy” or “classic” mode

Square Enix has been trying to create “Final Fantasy for fans and beginners” over the last few years. Therefore, the “easy” mode of the remake is effortless. Enemies often fall without the necessary strategies mentioned above. In addition, the “classic” mode is a simple model that requires more minor operations. You only care about the unique abilities and items your character uses.

The game unlocks “hard” mode for those looking for a challenge. However, if you hit a wall, you can reduce the difficulty at any point in the game without penalty. People are there to enjoy the story, so use it if you want!

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