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Fate/Stay Night

Introduction(Fate/Stay Night)

Fate/Stay Night

This page is about Fate/Stay Night. It contains Fate/Stay Night summary and characters with their category. After reading you will know Fate/stay night anime is based on the Type-Moon Fate/stay night visual novel. The episode directed by Yuji Yamaguchi and animated by Studio Deen.
Original release: January 7 – June 17, 2006
Number of episodes: 24
Original network: TVS, CTC, KBS, tvk, Tokyo

Fate/Stay Night is worth Watching

It’s pretty mediocre and it also doesn’t make sense if you don’t play the Fate/Extra video game. The game is also worth playing. But if you do not interested in play it. You should skip this anime. Both are pretty bad and not really worth seeing.

 Fate/Stay Night is romantic


Yes, there is definitely romance. However, unlike Saber Fate’s path and Sakura HF’s path, UBW is actually Shiro and Archer’s path (despite Lynn being the main heroine), so the romance is the other two. … first look at FSN2006.

Fate/Stay Night Summary

It is the story of Fuyuki’s Fourth Holy Grail War and is also the three main paths he can take. The parallel universe established in this canon. So it is impossible to be the same, but everything is a path of tulle.

The first path, Fate, tells the story of Shirou and his servant. The spirit of a dead hero, both led to obey also the orders of the Master to obtain the Holy Grail. Saber and their way of fulfilling his wishes and winning the Holy Grail War, find the true meaning of the Holy Grail and prevent him from getting exactly the bad things they can think of.

In the second path, Unlimited Blade Works, Shirou instinctively prevents injuries to allies and everything changes. It focuses on Shiro himself rather than Saber, his relationship with his classmates and Masters rivals in the war, and most importantly, his relationship with his Servant Archer. It’s like looking into a distorted mirror. Coupled with servants who can steal other servants for themselves, they play a major threat role.

The third path, Heaven’s Feel, is a sister of one of the rival masters, a Shiro who pays more attention to her longtime friend Sakura, and is as far from the plot as she has been seen by the others. she’s not. A lot of information is revealed, like characters that no one else can meet, and this path is roughly the same size as the text compiled by the other two. As you follow the path, many bad conclusions that lead to Shirou’s death occur in the spirit or soul of the body.

List of Fate/stay night characters

Main Character(Fate/Stay Night)

Shirou Emiya( Noriaki Sugiyama)

Shiro Emiya has a strong sense of justice and wants to become a guardian of justice after making a promise to his father, Kiritsugu. He has a strong desire to save everyone and respects Kiritsugu as the main character. He has no knowledge of magic and does not come from a wizard, but thanks to Kiritsugu he knows how to use projection magic. After becoming Saber’s Master, he works hard to protect her and end the Holy Grail War. He is Saber’s teacher.

Rin Tohsaka (kana ueda)

(Fate/Stay Night)

Rin is a classmate of Shiro. She is as smart as she is beautiful and is viewed favorably by others. Rin is very popular with male students. She is a powerful wizard who has been training for 10 years to win the Holy Grail. Rin is a master of archers.

Illyasviel von Einzbern(Mai Kadowaki)

Ilya is a girl from an aristocratic family. She may seem innocent, but she has a cruel and relentless side and she believes that if you hit someone, you should kill her and be done with it. You have a large magical circuit throughout your body. She is a Berserker teacher.

Kirei Kotomine (Jouji Nakata)

Fate/Stay Night

Legal guardian, sorcerer, and church father of Rin, who is also a member of the Association of Heretical Wizards. Kirei was Rin’s father’s apprentice and director of the 5th Holy Grail War. He takes over from his father, who was the director of the Third Holy Grail War. He is the teacher of Lancer and Gilgamesh.

Support character(Fate/Stay Night)

Kiritsugu Emiya (Rikiya Koyama)

Emiya’s adoptive father saved him from death in the last Holy Grail war. Before meeting Shiro, Kiritsugu was a stereotypical wizard who was only interested in his purpose and would achieve it at any cost. He was neither a cruel nor a cold-blooded killer, but he suppressed his emotions and killed his enemy. He is the winner of the former Holy Cup War, who was Saber’s teacher.

Sakura Matou (Noriko Shitaya)

Sakura is Shiro’s classmate and friend. She is also kind and caring because she always helps with cooking and doing housework for him. She is also Shinji’s sister and comes from a long line of wizards.

Taiga Fujimura (Miki Itou)

Fate/Stay Night



Fujimura is also Emiya and Isome Tensei’s teacher. She is fine and well. Because she has a habit of coming to Shiro every day for breakfast and dinner. He loves Sakura’s cooking. She is friendly, honest, and honest.

Shinji Matou (Hiroshi Kamiya)

Sakura’s older brother Shinji has been a member of the archery team since middle school and is a friend of Shirou’s. He is confident and proud and rumored to have been rejected by Rin, who broke his pride in him, so now he likes to embarrass the young club members in front of the girls. He is a master knight.

Servants(Fate/Stay Night)

Saber (voice: Ayako Kawasumi)

Saber is also Shirou’s servant. Because his identity is King Arthur, and his noble Phantasms are his sword Excalibur and his Avalon scabbard. She is also loyal, devoted with great honor and duty. Since the summoning is incomplete. Because the connection with Shiro is weak and cannot be restored. Her desire for her Holy Grail is also to go back to her time and fulfill his duty as king to her people, who weigh heavily on her. At first, I don’t know why Shirou is protecting himself, but eventually, she starts feeling emotional for him.

Archer (Voice: Junichi Suwabe)

Archer is Rin’s servant. He is brash, cynical, and nihilistic. Archer finds it naive that Shirou wants to be a guardian of justice. He fights with a double sword named Kansho and Byakuya. Archer can make as many copies as mana allows and can explode if he collides with an enemy. His Noble Phantasm is Unlimited Blade Works, a marble of reality that creates a bounded field full of swords.

Lancer (Voice: Nobutoshi Canna)

Lancer is a beautiful servant. His true identity is Cu Chulainn, an epic hero of Irish mythology. His noble Phantasm is the cursed spear Gae Bulg, inflicting irreparable wounds. He is a fierce warrior, but he believes in injustice.

Berserker (Voice: Tadahisa Saizen)

Berserker is Ilya’s servant. His true identity is Heracles, the strongest hero of Greek mythology. His strength is unmatched by any other servant. Due to his noble illusory divine hand, he must be killed 12 times to be defeated. This returns to Heracles, who had to endure twelve trials to atone for his sins, and to his previous life when the rewards were immortalized. Due to his insane improvement in him, he is completely devoid of thoughts and feelings.

Rider (voice Yuu Asakawa)

The knight is Shinji’s servant. His true identity is Medusa, the Gorgon of Greek mythology. For this reason, he covers the powerful Mystic Eyes of Petrification. She is silent, cautious, and always ready to protect her master. She has several noble ghosts, such as Bellerophon, who summons a Pegasus that can be ridden and attacked, and Bloodfort Andromeda, a bounded field that depletes the life energy from those within. His primary weapon is an unnamed dagger, a chained spear-shaped dagger that he uses to trap targets.

Assassin (Voice: Shin-ichiro Miki)

The Order of Assassins is a minion of the launchers. His true identity is Kojiro Sasaki, a mythical Japanese swordsman. Being a fictional epic hero, the killer has no past, nowhere to return and no wish to be given by the Holy Grail. He is stoic, looks down, and lives for battle. His main weapon is the Monohoshi Zao sword and the last hand is the Turning Swallow Strike. This is a secret sword technique that creates a multidimensional phenomenon where a sword appears in multiple places at once when you hit it three times in a row and leave the opponent. There is no room to escape.

Caster (Atsuko Tanaka)

The caster is the servant of Soichiro Kuzuki. She is also the killer mistress. Her true identity is Medea, a deceptive witch from Greek mythology. Noble Phantasm breaks the rules: a jagged dagger capable of countering all magical agreements. She is one of the main sorceresses of the gods and she doesn’t need a teacher. She first killed the first master and then she hid in the Ryudo-Ji. Her main offensive spell is the Rain of Light. This is a quick burst of powerful rays. You can use the creation of the territory to create an underground temple as a hiding place.

Gilgamesh (Voice: Tomokazu Seki)

Gilgamesh is an archer-class servant from the previous Holy Grail War. He also signed a new agreement with Kirei to allow him to remain in the world. Because he is the king of heroes in ancient history. Gilgamesh said to the oldest epic hero based on the myths of many other heroes. He obsessed with collecting treasures from all over the world. Because he has so many Noble Ghosts in Babylon’s Gate. He can summon at any time. Gilgamesh is proud, selfish, and cruel. He is also very arrogant and selfish and considers Saber his property.

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