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Fairy Tail

Introduction(Fairy Tail)

This page is about Fairy Tail. It contains information about Fairy Tail like characters, plot, and summary. After reading this post you will know briefly about it.

What is Fairy tales

Fairy tales are often children’s stories. It is with fantastic and mysterious characters such as elves, goblins, wizards, and even fairies. Its magical setting or magical influence in the story rather than the presence of a fairy character in the story. Fairy tales are often traditional.

Many stories that your parents or grandparents may have been telling you. If a story takes place in a magical land with fantastic creatures doing mysterious work. It is most likely a fairytale.

Fairy Tail Anime

Fairy Tail is an anime series based on the manga of the same name by Hiro Mashima. Produced by A-1 Pictures and Satelight, directed by Shinji Ishihara, it aired on TOKYO TV from 12 October 2009 to 30 March 2013. Thereafter, the broadcast continued on 5 April 2014 and ended on 26 March. 2016.

Parents need to know that Fairy Tail is a violent animated series with sexy content that is not for young children. The protagonist Lucy is not only incredibly plump but also knowledgeable in using her physical attributes to get what she wants from a man.

Fairy Tail Season 9 (Fairy Tail Season 3), titled “Fairy Tail: Final Season”, premiered on October 7, 2018, and concluded after 51 episodes on September 29, 2019. For another season, it’s obvious. The ninth season was the last of the show.

Fairy Tail Plot

Being a fantasy anime show, the show’s events take place in a mysterious place called Earthland, home to wizards, numerous guilds, and fantastic creatures of all kinds. Magic runs deep into the Earth and its inhabitants use it for all purposes, including transportation, utilities, and combat.

In this context, the show follows a dragon slayer named Natsudragunil, who is part of the Fairy Tail Guild. The show begins with Natsu exploring Fiore’s Kingdom in search of her adoptive father, a dragon named Igneil. In search of her father, Natsu meets other like-minded people and becomes friends with her. The first friend of the journey is a young celestial sorceress named Lucy Heartfilia, who immediately invites her to the guild.

Join Lucy and other Characters(Fairy Tail)

Fairy Tail

Soon, Lucy will be part of a team of Natsu and her partner, Happy. Happy is a cat-like creature of a breed called Exceed. As the show progresses, Lucy, Natsu, and Happy will join other guild members an ice wizard named Gray Fullbuster, a magical knight named Erza Scarlet, and another Dragonslayer-Exceed Duo-Wendy Marvell and Carla

As the show progressed, Natsu and his team of experienced and powerful guild members embarked on a series of explorations of epic proportions, hunting down criminals, fighting illegal dark guilds, and created by the Immortal Dark Wizard Zeref. After such a number of missions, Natsu et al. eventually meet Zeref, but when an evil black dragon named Acnologia arrives on the scene, things quickly get out of hand for the young adventurers. Acnologia is powerful and merciless, but the team managed to survive the onslaught.

The second half of the show

In the second half of the show, Natsu et al. He finds Zeref again and tries to fight him, but Acnologia interrupts their efforts again. At this point, Natsu’s long-dead father Igneil, who was trapped inside Natsu’s body, appears to be fighting Acnologia but is killed by an evil dragon as the helpless Natsu watches over him.

I was overwhelmed by the Igneil and Natsu murders and was furious. When they flee to fight another day, they start plotting revenge on Acnologia. Both Zeref and Acnologia are free and growing stronger day by day, so Natsu and her friends must work together as a unit, use their wisdom and wipe out their evil lands.

Fairy Tail Character

There are dozens of characters in Fairy Tail, but Natsu and the other members of Fairy Tail make up the list of the show’s main characters. Below is a brief background on them.

Natsu Dragneel

The main character of the show, Natsu, is a dragon slayer known to the masses as “Salamander”. Carefree, reckless, and always yelling at other guild members, Natsu can be quite annoying and unreasonable. However, he is a particularly loyal and protective friend and makes every effort to protect guild members and the people he cares about. Natsu also has the ability to make friends and has been shown to have a very powerful magical ability to fight dragons.


Natsu’s partner Happy is from Exceed Race and looks like a cat. But he has the ability to speak, he can sprout wings, fly at incredible speeds, and carry a person when he does. Happy has proven to be very close to Natsu and when he joins the Fairy Tail Guild, he will soon be friends with Lucy.

Lucy Heartfilia

A young heavenly sorceress, Lucy is the main female protagonist of the show. She starts out as an independent novice sorceress. She meets Natsu on her journey. At Natsu’s invitation, she joins the Fairy Tail Guild. She becomes part of Natsu’s party. Lucy is certainly a charming, self-confident and sexy person. She loves literature and wants to record her adventures in novels. As for her abilities, Lucy practices star spirit magic. Which allows her to summon spirits from another world and fight alongside her. These spirits have a very wide range of powers and abilities. And are a resource of the Fairy Tail Guild adventures.

Gray Fullbuster

Fairy Tail

Another member of the Fairy Tail Guild, Gray, is an ice mage. Gray has the power to shape and shape ice of his own accord. A fairly proud character often accused of being an exhibitionist. Gray shares a friendly rivalry with Natsu. Because the two are fighting each other to take the initiative and improve their skills.

Erza Scarlet

Fairy Tail

A beautiful young woman with long red hair. Erza is also part of the Fairy Tail Guild and is a powerful magical knight. Thanks to her magical abilities. Erza can wear many sets of magical armor and is a tough enemy in combat. She has also proven to be very strict. Erza is often seen berating other more childish members of the Fairy Tail guild. However, she is very loyal and protective of her friends and guild members.

Wendy Marvell

A dragon slayer like Natsu, Wendy is quite young and has the added ability to manipulate air. She has also proven to be a skilled healer and her magic can heal the most serious wounds. Even those caused by powerful creatures like dragons.


Fairy Tail

Wendy’s companion, another Exceed like Happy, Charles is just as powerful as Happy. The show revealed that Wendy found Charles as an egg and they have been together ever since.


Series overview

Date of the first broadcast of the episode of the season

Season    Episode                First aired                            Last aired                  Network

1              48                 12 October 2009                   27 September 2010          TV TOKYO

2             24                 11 October 2010                   24 March 28, 2011             TV TOKYO

3             28                 4 April 2011                          28 October 2011                  TV TOKYO

4               25              15 October 2011                     7 April 2012                        TV TOKYO

5            25                 14 April 2012                      29 September 2012             TV Tokyo

6              25               6 October 2012                    30 March 2013                    TV TOKYO

7              90              5 April 2014                        26 December 2015                TV TOKYO

8             12              9 January 2016                    26 March 2016                       TV TOKYO

9             51              7 October 2018                     29 September 2019            TV TOKYO




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