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Detective Conan

Introduction(Detective Conan)

Detective Conan

This page is about Detective Conan characters, seasons and sources. After reading this you will know Detective Conan season 1 premiere worldwide on Crunchyroll.


Seasons  of Detective Conan

Detective Conan

Detective Conan was first unveiled at the Nippon Television Network System in Japan. On January 8, 1996, and is currently underway. Over 900 episodes have aired in Japan, making it the 16th longest-running animated series.
Crunchyroll is currently ending Detective Conan streaming affair around the world
The first 42 episodes of Detective Conan (aka Detective Conan) Season 1 will air worldwide on Crunchyroll.

Watch Sources of  Free Detective Conan


Starting today, fans keen to catch up with the popular animated series that can stream. Detective Conan on Crunchyroll in anticipation of the 1000th episode.

Detective Conan Season 1 premieres worldwide on Crunchyroll

Detective Conan


The latest episode of Detective Conan was primarily available. A simulcast on English-speaking Crunchyroll in the US and Europe, Australia and New Zealand. But fans can watch High School Detective Shinichi Kudo’s debut. I’m having a hard time adjusting to his new life as Conan Edogawa. In some regions, such as Russia. The release of these episodes is the first time a franchise has been released.

“I’m very happy to finally introduce Detective Conan to anime fans living in countries. Where I couldn’t see the series before, and to many names. He is currently enjoying the simulcast episode of Detective Conan. We hope these episodes of Detective Conan’s Early Adventures add even more fun to the long series. Said Masami Tokunaga, senior vice president of TMS Entertainment USA, Inc. I hope this brings joy to old and new Detective Conan fans around the world. This year we have a master plan for Detective Conan. So you can see more of Detective Conan. I can do that.”

The TV episode stream follows the announcement of the recently released feature-length Blu-ray. Case Closed Episode “One,” and the release of the 22nd feature-length Case Closed. Zero the Enforcer Blu-ray September 29. Both releases featured a whole new dubbed cast in particular. Follow TMS Entertainment on Facebook. Twitter and YouTube for the latest Detective Conan news.

About Detective Conan

A manga serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday published by Shogakukan in 1994. Total sales of the comic book series exceed 230 million copies. This series is one of the best-selling detective comics and is very popular around the world. The animated series was launched in 1996, further expanding the popularity of the series. The feature film has been theatrically released annually since 1997.  Box office revenue for the 23rd feature film”Detective Conan” in 2019 was around $ 115 million worldwide. And numerous box office results. office in Japan do.

Shinichi Kudo is a high school detective. One day, a suspicious black person forcibly poisoned him and shrunk until he was a first-year! He hid his identity and gave him a new name, Conan Edogawa. Conan now lives with his childhood friend Ran Mouri and his detective father. He is hoping to hunt down the Black Organization while being involved in the case. He faces many difficult incidents and confronts the infamous thief. But continues to solve the mystery to find the only truth!

characters(Detective Conan)

Detective Conan, Protagonist, Opponent, Cameo, and Non-Cannon have many characters.

There are many characters who take part in Detective Conan kiss anime.

Shinichi Kudo

(Detective Conan)

Detective Conan

Age: 16 years old     Gender  in Male

Shinichi Kudo, also known as “Modern Sherlock Holmes”, is the main character of the story. Shinichi is very good at soccer and very intelligent. His intelligence is very rich and comes from his parents, a well-known actor and mystery writer. Shinichi has a great passion for reading novels (especially mysteries). Shinichi is smart, but he almost ignores his relationships with his friends.

He finds it difficult to understand his feelings and what they are going through. Shinichi is often very arrogant or arrogant. He likes to attract attention and brag about being a “great sleuth”. Shinichi is quite astute and stubborn at times.  He really cares about those around him. Shinichi Kudo was reduced to a child’s body by a mysterious black organization.

He is in love with his childhood friend Ran Mouri. He doesn’t show any feelings for Ran and tries to hide it. While in London, he confessed his feelings to Ran (see Episode 618). He still tries to avoid being called a couple by hiding his feelings. His role models are Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Both of whom is his inspirations to become detectives.

He claims he only joined the football team to be a better detective. (See Episode 1.) He enjoys playing football, reading mystery novels and solving cases.

Conan Edogawa

(Detective Conan)

Detective Conan

Age: 6 years old     Gender  in Male

Conan Edogawa is an alternate version of Shinichi Kudo. He is the main character of the story. His real name is Shinichi Kudo, a high school detective. However, he hides his identity from others. He goes by the name of “Edogawa Conan”, a child who attends Teitan Primary School. However, he has knowledge of his identity and the secret-keeping of others. He loves to behave nicely in front of adults and get their attention, especially in the event of an incident.

Although he is the size of a child, he still has his intellect and adult spirit. Conan’s personality seems very simple and happy with adults and the elderly. But it’s the same as when he was Shinichi. He is a bit stubborn, knows how to calculate when he gets lost and is often impatient. He watches over the orchid and makes sure it is okay.

While Ran takes care of him and sees Conan as his younger brother. His relationship with Ran as Conan is seen as a more intimate brother-sister relationship. Detective Conan is treated as a different character from Shinichi by fans. He enjoys playing soccer, solving cases, reading mysterious novels and comics. Shinichi spending time with Ran.

Ran Mouri

(Detective Conan)

Age: 16 years old      Gender   in Female

Ran Mouri is a childhood friend of Shinichi Kudo. She is one of the main characters in the story. I don’t know that Conan Edogawa is actually Shinichi Kudo. Because I keep an eye on Conan and take care of him like my sister. In quite a few episodes of the show, Ran suspects Conan is actually Shinichi. But she’s Conan just a kid and Shinichi resolves a tough case somewhere.

It makes me think I’m quitting. She is Shinichi’s childhood friend, has a very kind and friendly personality, and befriends everyone. Her best friend is Sonoko Suzuki, who has been a friend since she was a child. She enjoys playing with her friends, cooking and reading romance novels.

Kogoro Mouri

Age: 45      Male in  Gender

Kogoro Mouri is one of the main characters in the story. He is a detective known as “Sleeping Kogoro”. (Detective Conan’s “Sleeping Detective”) Former wife Kisagarieri is a lawyer. He complains about his wife, but he takes care of her deeply, although he rarely shows it. Ran tries to get Kogoro and Eri back, but in most cases, it doesn’t work out as expected.

Conan puts Kogoro to sleep on a tranquillizer watch and uses a bow tie voice changer to solve the case. But Kogoro doesn’t know and doesn’t know that Conan is really Shinichi. I like to drink, listen to Yoko Okino’s music, play slingshots and watch horse races.

Hattori  Heiji

Age 16 years  Male in Gender

Heiji Hattori is known as the “Great Detective of the West”.  Shinichi is known as the “Great Detective of the East”. Hattori and Shinichi are seen as rivals. But Hattori has a close relationship with Shinichi. They often solve the case together. However, Hattori is known for his rivalry with Shinichi and often asks Conan who can solve the problem first. Hattori is from Osaka, so he has a strong Osaka accent. Kazuha also has this accent.

In the past, Hattori knew the Kansai dialect, so he could easily guess a part of the case. However, due to Hattori’s innuendo and the criminal’s clues, it was Conan who solved the case. (Episode 651). Hattori has been friends with Kazuha since he was a child. He has a romantic interest in Kazuha but unlike Kazuha. He rarely shows it and has yet to confess her feelings for her.

Kazuha Toyama

Age 17 years old      Female in  Gender

Kazuha can be very stubborn and computational, especially when he talks to Hattori. However, Kazuha can have a friendly and friendly personality. She has been friends with Hattori since she was a child. Her feelings for each other developed over time and they both began to have a romantic interest. Kazuha tries to hide her feelings from Hattori. Once confessed her feelings to Hattori, but when she confessed. Hattori ran away from her and didn’t stay long enough to listen to him.  Kazu usually tries to hide her feelings for Hattori from everyone.  Ran is a close friend and, like Hattori and Conan. They get together and talk about her “boyfriend”.

Haibara Ai

Age: 19 years    Female in  Gender

Ai Kaihara, the victim and creator of the APTX 4869 poison.  She shrunk into after trying to escape the clutches of the Black Organization. Agasa found Haibara lying on the ground in the rain. He decided to take her and live in her house for the time being. Haibara’s younger sister, Akemi Miyano, was killed by the Black Organization.

Haibara was deeply compassionate, had a close relationship with her sister and at one point. She screamed that she had lost her sister. (Episode 129). Haibara is classified as a quiet and mysterious girl. But when she’s with Conan and his friends, she can be quite sneaky and ironic. She kept an eye on Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta to avoid getting me in trouble.

Haibara also feeds Agatha a balanced diet, but Haibara is very excited because Agatha usually makes unhealthy decisions about diet. Haibara has a close relationship with Conan and can have a romantic feeling. However, she usually tends to hide it, obscuring her feelings with jokes and sarcasm. Haibara is known for her high intelligence and calm personality.

Ayumi Yoshida

Age: 6   Female in  Gender

Ayumi Yoshida is a student at Teitan Elementary School and a friend of Conan. She has a friendly personality. Ayumi Yoshida respects Haibara and often talks about her feelings for Conan. She tries to hide Conan, but she has a crush on Conan. She is quite jealous when she sees Conan with another girl or hears rumours that she has a girlfriend.

Ayumi is a close friend of Genta and Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya, and she has been friends with her since preschool. Genta and Mitsuhiko often get jealous when Ayumi hangs out with Conan and sometimes gets too close. Ayumi cares about others and is very energetic.

Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya

Age: 6    Male  in Gender

Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya is a student at Teitan Elementary School and a friend of Conan. Mitsuhiko is a smart boy with a simple personality. He praises Conan’s intelligence and is often envious of him. He is in love with the ocean but is afraid to admit it. Unlike Ayumi, who talks about Conan and Haibara’s feelings, Mitsuhiko rarely talks about Haibara and Conan’s feelings.

When he does, Conan usually tells him not to get excited for Haibara is a joke. Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya is one of the most mature boys in Tantai. He often behaves like any other kid his age and is very excited to see something interesting.

Genta Kojima


Age: 6 years old  Male  in  Gender

George Kojima is a student at Teitan Primary School and a friend of Conan. Genta has a strong appetite and especially loves eating her favourite food, rice with eel. His personality can be seen as stubborn and impatient, but he cares about his friends, especially Ayumi. He can be quite childish and loves to tackle the affair between Mitsuhiko and Ayumi. They call themselves “Detective Boys” without telling Conan.

However, Conan is generally aware of their habits and generally tries to avoid doing dangerous things. Friends at Conan’s elementary school don’t know what he is. when Genta usually says, “You’re just a kid. Don’t do anything dangerous,” he says, “You’re a kid too. . ” Correct Conan.

 Agasa  Hiroshi

Age:  45years     Male  in  Gender

Dr Agasa is Shinichi’s neighbour and Shinichi’s father’s best friend. He usually spends his time creating inventions and gadgets for Conan and his friends. Agasa creates a handy gadget for Conan to help you solve your case. The two most common gadgets used by Conan in the series are bow tie voice changers and stun guns.

Agasa introduced these gadgets to Conan during Detective Conan Season 1. Agasa is a very cheerful and friendly person. He was in love for the first time as a child. Agasa decided to find her with the help of a team of detectives. (See episodes 421 and 422) I took care of the Detective Boys as if they were my own children. And  I passed by Haibara Haibara, who found him lying in the street.

Agasa took care of Haibara and decided to keep her with him until she could return to her original state. And she is safe from seizing the Black Organization. Agasa also created several gadgets for the Detective Boys. The most commonly used gadget in the Detective Boys is the Detective Boys badge. It has been used several times in the series. Agasa also knew Shinichi and Ran from childhood.

Sonoko Suzuki

Age: 16 years old  female in Gender

Sonoko Suzuki is part of Ran’s childhood and is a close friend. Sonoko can see as a carefree and energetic girl. Like Kogoro, Sonoko quite frustrated when Conan sneaks around someone else’s business. The nickname Sonoko most often uses for Conan is “Glasses kid”. Sonoko’s favourite thing is finding a cute and attractive young man and getting attention.

She is known to the Boy Detectives for being a bit childish. She also enjoys choosing orchids by calling her, as well as Shinichi’s husband and wife, and her boyfriend. Sonoko’s boyfriend is Makoto, a world-famous karate champion.

However, Makoto lives far away and is always busy.  Sonoko finds it difficult to see Makoto and rarely spends time with him, as Ran rarely sees Shinichi. Sonoko is Ran’s loyal friend and tries to cheer her up when she struggles.

  Sera  Masumi

Age: 16   female in Gender

Masumi Sera is a mysterious girl who transfers to Ran and Shinichi’s high school. She claims to be a high school detective, while also talking about classes at school. She is the sister of FBI agent Shuichi Akai but has yet to reveal her to Conan and his friends. Conan considers her a pretty mysterious character. She usually watches her every now and then to see if she is doing anything suspicious.

Serra has many secrets, many of which do not reveal to the public and hidden from others. Because Conan notices a mysterious girl who has a cell phone with Serra. The identity of the mysterious girl has yet revealed. But she may have something to do with Sera. A victim of the same drug that turned Shinichi and Sherry into children.



Male in  Gender

Amuro is Bourbon’s secret agent. He is disguising himself as a trained detective and following Kogoro Mouri for advice and his recent incidents. I work with Azusa Enomoto at Café Poirot (a café under the Kogoro detective agency). He is very good at finding details, organizing what happened during a crime and studying crime scenes.

He is also good at making various deductions. Conan acknowledges  Amuro is a secret spy for the Black Organization. And also part of Bourbon according to a recent investigation. Amuro’s real name is Rei Furuya.


Eisuke Hondou

Age: 16 years old  Male  in  Gender

Eisuke Hondou is the brother of Eisuke Hondou, a former CIA agent. He also confirmed to Conan and his friends his dream. He was to become an FBI or CIA agents like his father and sister. Eiske classified as a little goofy and crazy. But known for figuring out details and asking questions like racing. Eiske is one of the few who knows Conan’s true identity. When Eisuke did know, he said he had known it from his first meeting with Conan, but he wasn’t sure.

Eiske promises Conan to keep a secret and doesn’t tell anyone. Eisuke has only appeared for two seasons.  But Gosho thought he would bring him back towards the end of the series. He undecided at the moment, but he could return in the near future. If the end of the series is approaching.


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