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Demon Slayer Kiss Anime | Anime, Plot, Characters And Movie

demon slayer kiss anime


This post is about demon slayer kiss anime it’s plot, characters, anime, and movie. This post contains much information about demon slayer kiss anime. After reading this post you will know about demon slayer kiss anime


The evolution of anime characters is certainly impressive. Each character has satisfying showtime and conveys a pure sense of their stories. And the way the characters have presented the integrity of the script. To understand a little more, mentioning characters would be the right choice.

No.10 Kamado Tanjiro(Demon Slayer Kiss Anime)

The protagonist of Demon Slayer. His hidden potential power can be classified as the strongest among the surviving characters. Kamado Tanjiro’s strength is his ability to fight without killing energy (total disinterest). He is so kind that he even feels compassion for demons. And fighting without killing intent makes it impossible for opponents to realize his killing intent. After reaching the state of mind of total disinterest, Tanjiro cut off Akaza, the top rank of the Twelve Kizukis. At least Tanjiro’s strength is in the column class.

No. 9 Obanai Iguro: The Pillar of the Serpent

His agility to avoid attacks. And also the technique to break the neck is exceptional in the columns of Demon Slayer Corps.

No. 8 Giyu Tomioka: water column

Giyu Tomioka has a calm personality but is compassionate. He saved Tanjiro several times. He fought with Tanjiro in the battle against Akaza while protecting him. His fencing is beautiful, even the martial arts champion Akaza recognizes and appreciates it.

No. 7 Sanemi Shinazugawa: Pillar of Wind

Sami Shinazugawa works best in a situation where they put him. He managed to survive the Moon’s breath attack at first glance, even Muichiro Tokito, a deeply wounded column of mist.
Even in a battle with Muzan. \He quickly discovered the conditions. For the activation of the Red Nichirin sword and set his red sword. Your skills are the highest of the pillars.

Also, his blood is rarer among rare blood (Mariachi). His blood can make an ordinary demon drunk solely from the smell. It is so effective that it can make even one of the strongest demons patient.

No. 6 Akaza: Upper Rank 3 of Twelve Kizuki

demon slayer kiss anime

Akaza’s fighting ability is enormous. In addition, it has high resilience. Even when he is overthrown, he is renewed. Finally, he stopped regenerating and decided to die. But what if he hadn’t returned to his memory when he was a Tanjiro man?


No.5 Doma: Upper Rank 2 of Twelve Kizukidemon slayer kiss anime

According to this ranking, I placed Doman above Akaza. But if I take the reform of Akaza’s head. Which is a skill that Akaza gained in the last battle, Akaza could be stronger.

However, Doma’s power is so strong that it would have been difficult to defeat him without Shinobu’s poison.

No. 4 Gyomei Himejima : the Stone Pillardemon slayer kiss anime

In Demon Slayer, Inosuke considers Gyomei Himejima to be the strongest of the Demon Slayer Corps. In the fight against Kokushibo, he reached a state of total disinterest. And before long, he used the Red Nichirin sword.

No. 3 Kokushibo: Kizuki’s Top Twelve Rankings

His name was Michikatsu Tsugikuni when he was human. He is the older brother of Yoriichi Tsugikun, the founder of Initial Breath. Kokushibo’s “moon breath” was one of the most powerful ways of breathing. His abilities were in a different dimension.

No. 2 Kibutsuji Muzan

demon slayer kiss anime

Kibutsuji Muzan is the main antagonist of the “Demon Slayer” investigation.
He is the only demon that can turn people into demons. Because the goal of the Demon Slayer Corps is to defeat the demon leader Muzan. Muzan turned Nezuko into a demon and killed the Tanjiro family. The way he fights multiple pillars makes you think that he really is the strongest demon.

No 1 Yoriichi Tsugikunidemon slayer kiss anime

He is the founder of “Early Breathing” and the younger brother of Kokushibo. She occupies the top twelfth rank of Kizuk. Show your overwhelming power to Muzan and instil it in trauma for centuries. If it hadn’t been for Muzan’s cowardice, she would have convinced him.

Why should you watch Demon Slayer?

Demon Slayer now has a record for best-selling mangoes. Not to mention that it finally outperformed a song manga. His production is a major anime studio, Ufotable, famous for its work on the Fate series. In addition to popular anime products, it is also known for the quality of animation. And another good thing that makes Demon Slayer a great anime is that it does not contain fillers. Despite this, there are some aspects that made the anime a true masterpiece.


The story follows Kamado Tanjiro, a young man who lives a happy life in the village selling coal. One day, a demon attacks his family and eats him. But the only one alive is the younger sister Nezuko, who turns into a demon. She may have turned into a demon. But Nezuko’s human emotions linger deep in her heart. She may wish to eat people. But anyway, Tanjiro decides to turn his back on a person for anything.

However, he trains hard to get stronger and joins the Demon Slayer forces to turn his sister into human form. He gains the strength to fight demons and prepares for the day when he defeats his last enemy. Doesn’t the plot look great? I mean, how many series have such a good setting.

Ostdemon slayer kiss anime

Anyone who has seen this anime can easily remember the name Hinokami Kagura when they heard the name ost. Ost ‘Kamado Tanjiro no Uta’ left a scar on the hearts of the people who saw him. And the opening “Gurenge” is an absolute masterpiece. When it comes to shopping, it’s all about the series.


Well, most people strive for the quality of the animation. And thankfully, those who also watch this anime are blessed with stunning visuals. And I firmly believe that animation is one of the key characteristics of Kimetsu no Yaiba. After all, Ufotable studios are never terribly done with animations, even with little possibility.

Emotional appeal

One part where viewers love this anime is “Emotion. “The way Tanjiro takes care of his sister and Nezuko takes care of Tanjiro is very comforting. And the devil wallpapers will make you cry. It’s not just the backstories that get you excited; each character has his own feeling.


Who doesn’t want entertainment? And fortunately, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba entertains the viewer to the limit. It is not also just about fighting situations and emotions. For fun, this anime will make you like it even more. No one can bear to laugh when Inosuke calls Kamado Tanjiro “Kamaboko Gonpachiro”. And literally, every scene with Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Tanjiro is full of entertainment. And there will be a sequel to the series. The movie is called “Mugen train” because Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba ended up on a huge cliff.

Movie of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train

As you can see, the “Demon Slayer” event got everyone excited about the movie. Because now the staff officially released their trailer. The new trailer shows the design of the film. Where Inosuke enjoys his first train ride. Zenitsu panics as usual and also Kyojuro Rengoku, Flame Hahira. They have an innovative look to talk about. They also revealed the image in the one that appeared.

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer – Mugen Train

And the movie is made by the same staff, and Ufotable is back in its animation. So we can expect a beautiful animation for the sequel. Viewers around the world are not only excited. But more than a few people sign petitions to bring the film to their turf. So there is no question. The movie is sure to be a huge hit in 2020.

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