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Cute Anime Kiss


Cute Anime Kiss

This page is about cute anime kiss and 21 anime series that leave you confused. After reading this page you will know about the cute anime kiss.

1. To Love Ru

The “To Love-Trouble-” series is very similar to the “Date a Live” series. The protagonist Rito Yuki is the love hobby of cute girls in school. They must compete to win love. Among these lovely girls are the alien princess Lara and Rito’s fiancé Sairenji (Sairenji). she has a childhood affair, Yui strict discipline. And also the ghost Shizuka. In the coming seasons, Rito’s Harlem area will include more girls. Including cute alien twin sisters “Momo and Nana” and Rito’s cousin Mikan. To Love, Ru is an endless series of cuteness overloads in each episode. The classic Moe show “To Love Ru”, where prime cute girls from wife materials gather, is a series that you will surely be absorbed in.

2. Dating live

Starting from the list, ranked 21st is Dive Alive. Which is one of the most popular harems in anime. The show includes a beautiful and lovely blockbuster actress named Celestial Spirits. Who is responsible for creating space earthquakes that cause huge damage. Which cause significant loss of life and property. When these beautiful girls feel angry or sad. They will unknowingly cause these spatial earthquakes. To ensure that these girls maintain a positive attitude. Shito will have to date them one day to curb their happiness. Therefore, the show explores these dating scenes.  One-day Shito has to listen to all the whimsical things of these cute girls living with him. Their everyday antiques are very interesting, fascinating, and most importantly very cute.

3.Attack On Titan Junior High

You might be wondering how the dark, gritty performance of the marching giant made it into the list of the best cute anime series. However, this has nothing to do with the original series. But with the adaptation of the program. All the characters in the “Chibi” format went to the same high school. As we all know, “Chibi” can quickly lead to cuteness. attack! Jumbo Junior High is different from the original series. Instead, it was purely an imitation designed for humour the boy provided it.

The gluttonous Titan is not a stealer, but a habit of stealing lunch. When Ellen’s lunch (including his favourite food cheeseburger) was stolen by one of the Titans. He was very angry and decided to eliminate Titan from the school campus. When you see your beloved character in the bright world. You have no choice but to smile with unexpected cuteness. Especially for fans of the marching giants. It is necessary to pay attention to.

4. Hanamaru Kindergarten

Cute Anime Kiss

Hanamaru Kindergarten is a lovely story. Which three children try to attract the attention of the caregiver Professor Tsuchida. In particular, the protagonist Anzu falls in love with Tsuchida. but unfortunately, Tsuchida is interested in her colleague Nanako. Who will teach the next lesson? The protagonist is Yasushi trying to attract Tsuchida’s attention and Tsuchida trying to impress Nanako. To be honest, there are a lot of cute things on the show. Especially for children. There are many things, such as Anzu’s courage. Gu Mei’s embarrassment, Heiira’s quirks, and the conflict between Heidi and Kenji. If you suddenly desire a daughter after going to Hanamaru Kindergarten, don’t blame it!

5. Itoshi No Muco (Lovely Muco)

Itoshi no Muco is basically a performance of Shiba dog Muco and its owner Komatsu. The show is based on a real Japanese dog with over 175,000 Twitter followers in total. This is a simple story that focuses on the daily adventures of Muco and Komatsu. The style of the animation is absurd. But this is a performance aimed at children, not adults. After all, many of its fan bases are made up of adults. Ito no Muco is a lovely series that will entertain you warmly. A perfect performance to cool yourself down after a tiring day.

6. Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls

Who says monsters are not cute? Every day, with a monster girl, break the monster that breaks the stereotype. She also becomes a terrible barrier to repel creatures. Make the monster type exotic with a monster girl every day and quickly redefine it as a “kawaii” state. The cute monster girl who lives with the protagonist Kimihito Kurusu. She fights for love appears. Every monster girl has a unique set of habits. Which are specially designed to create cuteness. However, please remember that the show has many fan service scenes. We use the cuteness of these girls to show off their more sensual and sexual aspects. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you do not see the monster girl of your parents.

7. Clannad

Keys’ visual novel game Canada and its successor Cranado: After Story is one of the most famous life slice series in anime. In addition to groundbreaking stories that made many people cry. Canada also has a series of anime girls who are cute enough to fall in love with at least one person. The show hosted by the lovely queen Nagawa Empress features crazy cute characters. Such as Fushu Fuko, Kotomi and Tomohiro Sakagami. These cute characters are at a loss and Canada will make you shed tears. So please prepare a napkin or two.


Toradora is a romantic comedy series that includes Tundele, the favourite of Osaka Okawa Animation. Okawa Osaka is notorious in the school for his strong personality. He is famous for wooden sword nicknamed “Palm Top Tiger”. On the other hand, Rumble is often called a criminal because of its terrifying face. Through the destiny of fate, they find that they are in love with each other’s best friend. They formed an unlikely alliance, and they spent more time planning together. They think about how to help each other and romantically fascinated them. Toradora is a cute episode, always laugh. You can quickly become acquainted with cute characters.

9. Kamisama Kiss (Kamisama Hajimemashita)

Cute Anime Kiss

cute anime kiss

Have you ever wondered what it means to be suddenly forced into a sacred position? Well, that was created by the protagonist Nanao Taozono. Nanami is a high school girl and one of the worst fathers in history. Nanami’s father is a gambling addict and has already shouldered a lot of debts. Worried about the financial situation of Asian Americans. He actually ran away, leaving his teenage daughter in debt. Nanami had no money to pay the rent. She was quickly evicted from the apartment.

Nanami is homeless on the street and has no money but fate has another plan for her. The person she rescued from dog harassment turned out to be a god on earth. He gave up his position and left Seven Seas to become the goddess of the New World. Before Nanami starts working at the shrine. He must first persuade Tomoe. Who is familiar with the stupid fox, to help her. But things are never as easy as they seem, and Tomoe is tenacious and stubborn. The birth of God is accompanied by a pleasant and lovely story that tells the evolving relationship between Qikai and Youjiang. The series has many cute moments and has established a solid position at the top of the cute anime series.


10. Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya

cute anime kiss

Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya is another unique show about cute magic girls. Basically a cute derivative of the popular Fate series. The protagonist is Shiro Emiya’s sister, Ilyas Feel von Einzburn (Ilyas Feel von Einzburn). The show has a lot of cute lolicon characters and is the prototype of characters. They are mainly known for their cuteness. But the show also provides more features. There are many good action scenes, well-thought-out stories. Some fan service scenes and popular characters such as Fate Stay Night. But aren’t we here? We are lovely things here.  The destiny Kaleidoliner Prisma Riya will not be disappointed by the delivery. Many of Ilya’s new friends are as cute as her, especially Miyu. Later Miyu became her main competitor. Overall, this series is absolutely outstanding. Especially for fans of the original “Destiny” series, it is one of the cutest anime ever.

11. cute anime series that confuse you

It is undeniable that “kawaii” is an important marketing tool often used in the animation industry. Therefore, when you enter the anime world. You will find an unlimited number of “cute anime girls doing cute things”. These cute anime girls are basically called “Moe”, and Squidoo has ranked in the top 25 among these cute anime girls. If you have not yet visited this link, you can check it. This time, we prepared the top 21 cute anime series. However, please be aware that if you feel choked by the overload provided by these shows, you may lose all your masculinity.

12.Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

cute anime kiss

It is safe to say that most anime circles like cute anime girls in maid outfits. But, do you know which one is better than the cute maid girl in anime? An answer is a group of lovely maid girls, just provided by Mr Kobayashi’s maid dragon. Not only ordinary maids but also dragon maids. Toru, the giant dragon in another area, thanked Kobayashi for pulling the sword from his back and expressed his gratitude to be a maid. After Kobayashi reluctantly obeyed, Toru’s aura began to attract a series of other dragons and mythological creatures, who acted as Kobayashi’s maid. Every dragon has an interesting and cute story that tells how it ended in the human world. These cute maids make Kobayashi feel overwhelmed, but it helps to further expand the cuteness of the show. Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon, a funny lily story, is still one of the cutest anime.


13. The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

cute anime kiss

Like Canada, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya has another masterpiece of “Slice of Life”. The performance cannot be excluded from the list for three things: these three characters are the quirky spring Japanese, the incredibly cute Asahina skin and the quiet and unobtrusive Yuki Nagato.

These three girls are classic cute, full of an indispensable cute halo. Every episode of Haruhi is an adventure, promising to experience an exciting journey with these three beautiful girls, and never disappoint. Kasuga and her whimsical behaviour are so popular that there are basically followers of the cult called Kasugaism. Needless to say Mikuru’s cuteness, Yuki Nagato kept quiet, especially in the scene where he hit the Samison’s head and talked. You absolutely must see the melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. If you haven’t seen it yet, please sit down and watch and enjoy the glory of our god Haruhi Suzumiya.

14. Cardcaptor Sakura

cute anime kiss

In an industry full of cute magical girls, Sakura Kimoto stands out in terms of quality and also sweetness. Sakura was only 10 years old. Because she unknowingly released a large number of magic cards from a mysterious book. She also stumbled upon, which were scattered all over the world. The mysterious beast Keroberos comes from a book that warns of what the cherry blossoms will release. These cards are incredibly destructive, dangerous, independent and sensual.

Because  Sakura is responsible for retrieving these cards before causing disaster to the world. Sakura was appointed by Keroberos as the cardholder. He holds a master key and is also responsible for collecting cards. But things are not that simple. Sakura will soon face major obstacles. How does she balance new tasks and daily activities? Card Captor Sakura is a wonderful and magical adventure story, but its cute feature has become one of the greatest cute anime ever, and it stands out.

15. Hanayamata

cute anime kiss

Hana Yamada is one of the perfect examples of the popular trend “cute girls do cute things”. After all, the show is original and lovely. Everything about Sekiya is medium level, with level, athletic ability and talent. So far, she has not realized her exotic dream. When seeing Hana, a transfer student from the United States, excited, Naru thought she was a fairy tale. When Hana realized that she was an ordinary girl like her. She was fascinated by Yosakoi who came to Japan to start a club. She immediately felt frustrated and decided to help Hana. Hanayamada is a group of cute high school girls. Who learn to dance Yosakoi. The visual effects are beautiful. The soundtrack is beautiful and melodious, but more importantly, the girls are very cute!

16.Love Live! School Idol Project

Cute Anime Kiss

cute anime kiss

Honoka Kosaka, a sophomore at Otonokizaka High School, is in trouble. Recently, the number of enrolled students has decreased.  There is also a risk of suspension. After witnessing the idol group A-Rise attracting a large audience at UTX High School. She decided to use the same technology to save the school. However, her attempt to start an idol band was strongly resisted, especially at the student union. However, with the help of her tenacious childhood friends. She successfully created a band called Muse.

She gradually received attention in the school, and finally, the students would admit their resistance. Their principal and deputy principal decided to join μ’s to fully support the band. In an event called “Long Live”, idol bands from all over Japan competed. and μ’s managed to win first place after fierce battles. Although disbanded after the competition.

The schools successfully advertised and saved Otonokizaka High School. longevity! The school idol project has many cute girls dancing and singing like idols. This is one of the cutest anime I have ever seen. In this way, we sincerely believe that μ not only saved the school. But also guaranteed that the show became one of the cutest anime series ever produced and topped the list.

17.The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou

cute anime kiss

Sorata Kanda, who was forced to rescue the stray kitten from the dormitory. He had no choice but to move to the Sakuraso dormitory. Where various strange characters are famous for their troubles. To return to the normal dormitory. Sorata began to look for people to take care of the many abandoned cats. He managed to collect. But when a strange girl Masahiro Shiina came in, his plan was futile.

Mashiro is actually a world-class cartoonist who behaves very strangely, like a child. She quickly gave him a strange smell and became Mashiro’s guard.  She mysteriously fell into Sorata. Sakuraso’s pet girl has an extraordinary character story. But most importantly, the scene is very cute. Especially Shihiro Mashiro’s various antiques. I mentioned that Sorata takes care of many kittens in this series. After all, the appearance of cats cannot promote the cuteness of animation works.

18. Nichijou My Ordinary Life

cute anime kiss

Every day, it is humorous, weird, super cute and shiny. This weird actor is composed of three childhood friends. Who has entered the same high school, a cute robot girl Nano, a 9-year-old genius? who created Nano, Hakase, and finally talked about cat Sakamoto? It follows the daily adventures of these six characters. In the blink of an eye. The time of day can go from normal to crazy and absurd. You can simply expect very strange things to happen suddenly, boys, boys’ reactions may be valuable.

Simply defining them as “cute” is a profound tone. A good example is Yuko’s reaction to the principle of witnessing a fight with deer. Of course, this is just one of many lovely moments in the show. Contrary to the title. Everyday life is nothing more than a masterclass comedy show in one of the cutest anime series.

19. Sweetness and lightning (From Amaama to Inazuma)

cute anime kiss

At Tsumug, Sweetness and Lightning boast some of the finest anime characters ever! As subjective as it is, it is still true that Tsumugi also stands out in the series from his epic kawaii level. The singer of Best Shark Song Tsumug is the daughter of Kouhei Inuzuka. Whose wife sadly dies. Leaving Tsumug in exclusive care. Inexperienced, lack of cooking skills and the hard work of a teacher prevent her from feeding her daughter. She often by buying her cooked meals at a convenience store. When one of his students, Kotori offers to bring his daughter to the Kouhei restaurant, Kotori obliges. Because Kotor’s mother is often away. They make a deal where the three prepare delicious homemade food for Tsumugi at the restaurant. Sweetness and lightning is a heart-warming story of family, friendship and food. It also makes you smile and melt your heart with Tsumug’s kindness.

20. Monogatari series

cute anime kiss

The Monogatari series is considered by many anime peaks of evolution. One of the best mystery thrillers / romantic comedy series of all time. Monogatari certainly has a fair share of kawaii moments. After all, there are a bunch of incredibly cute characters. That is all part of Koyomi’s harem. Cute girls in Monogatari usually have a problem with some supernatural oddities. They unknowingly seek help from the protagonist.

Monogatari is a character-based performance-based strongly on dialogue. It also interaction with characters rather than action. This in no way precludes the cuteness presented by the girls.  Of course, Koyomi herself can sometimes be cute. In some cases, there is also sexual eroticism in the form of fan service. Which also increases the number of cute scenes by blushing and moving. Which is a common anime technique. While splitting the arcs can be quite confusing. Almost everyone in the Monogatari series agrees that the series has established its position in the leading anime.

21. K-On!

cute anime kiss

We’ve figured out how cute idol girls can alive. K-on does an equally impressive job practice the kindness of her daughter. Who also members of the music group? Although Yui did not know music until he joined the Light Music Club. He is nonetheless convinced to join the club. Together with Ritsu, Mio and Tsumug. They decide to form a band and attend a school party. Yui learns to play the guitar. Before Violet Evergarden’s debut, for a long time. K-on Haruhi with Suzumiya was considered a masterpiece of Kyoto animation. It fully deserves this distinction. Not much to say here, K-on! is one of the best cute anime series ever.

22. Children of Tsurezure

cute anime kiss

Tsurezure children have only one major drawback. Because the number of episodes and the duration of each episode is too short. Tsurezure Children is a young love story for high school students. They are literally full of kindness. All characters give equal importance. And the stories of all the couples loosely connected. This leads to the difficulty of the proposal and the fear of rejected. But sweetly. It also describes the difficulties in couples who show more intimacy.

But also in a cute way. It seems to overprotect a younger sister. She is afraid of her brother. But also cute Honestly. There are so many cute cases that it can make your head fuzzy. Lightweight, heart-warming, comic. Entertaining and incredibly cute. It’s still not enough to portray Tsurezure kids. Every second of the show looks like something cute. Which can be a bit of a stretch, but you get the gist of it. Undoubtedly and unanimously. At Squidoo, we agree that Tsurezure Children is an all-time nice anime series.

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