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Code Geass

Introduction of Code Geass

This page is about Code Geass. It contains Code Geass introduction, summary, best 15 characters brief note, and about its two seasons release up and down. Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion a Japanese anime series produced by Sunrise.

Code Geass directed by Goro Taniguchi. It produced by Ichiro Okouchi, and Clamp’s original character design.  First public release in Japan
The first season, titled “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion” and “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion”, premiered on Mainichi Broadcasting System on October 6, 2006, to July 29, 2007, and aired on a total of 10 stations.

Code Geass has two seasons, each with 25 episodes. There are some OVAs, films, and spin-off series. It can get confusing as to what to watch after the season ends.

The series season 2 premiered on April 6, 2008, to September 28, 2008, on MBSTV. It aired on Tokyo Broadcasting System Television. It then broadcast on 16 other stations.

Code Geass Summaries(2006-2012)

After receiving the mysterious power to rule others. The exiled prince becomes the masked leader of the rebellion against the Almighty Empire. The British Empire invaded Japan using a giant robotic weapon called the Knightmare Frame. Today Japan called Area 11 and the people called 11s. Lelouch.

A Briton living in Japan at the time promised his Japanese friend Suzaku to destroy Britannia. A few years later, Lelouch in high school. But regularly skips school to play chess or gamble alone. One day he ran into a terrorist 11 who stole military secrets. He captured Suzaku, a member of the British MTF sent after them.

When the rest of the troops arrive. Suzaku shot for not obeying orders and the secret of the army. An immortal young witch, gives Lelouch the power of Geass, causing everyone to obey orders.

While Suzaku secretly piloted the brand new Britannia Nightmare prototype, Lancelot. Lelouch becomes a masked zero. Leading the rebellion and completely destroying Britannia.

Anonymous(Code Geass)


Continuation of “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion”. A year after the final event of the first season, Lelouch returns to Ashford Academy and has no recollection of his time as Zero, Gears Power, or his sister Nana Lee. The Black Knights were defeated in the Battle of Tokyo and all but a few were captured or killed.

The rest of the Black Knights are C.C. Together, she finds Lelouch and helps him find his memory. Lelouch then reprises the role of Zero as he tries to hide the fact that his memory has returned.

 Princess Tarah

Code Geass

After the Holy Roman Empire attacked and conquered Japan. He also reduced the former proud nation as an occupying nation exiled Crown Prince Lelouch. The Britannia Empire vows to fight Japan freely. He meets a mysterious girl named C.C. She gives him the mysterious power of Geass.

Will this new power help Lelouch fulfill his dream of defeating the empire or will. Does he succumb to the corrupt power of Geass?

Bhanu Kumar LabhCode Geass

In the future, the Empire of Holy Britain will invade Japan and call its inhabitants “11”. Children living in the empire witness. The death of their mother and the distress of their sister.

He was then involved in the pursuit of 11 rebels. Bhanu was given the opportunity by a mysterious girl. He uses obedience to take revenge on the empire.

Pel Par

Code Geass

In a fictional near future, the Empire of Holy Britain invaded. The world and numbered every territory. The Japanese people “currently called Area 11” were treated shamefully.  Even against the exiled young prince of Britain named Lelouch. Lamperouge gains a special power called Geass.

The absolute power to control the will of others and command them to do anything. His goal is to avenge his mother’s death. He also creates a world in which his blind and paralyzed sister can live happily.

important plot points



After the invasion of Japan by the British Empire. The country’s name changed to “Area 11”. A young Breton student living in Japan. Lelouch accidentally involved in a local terrorist attack on Britannia. He reunited with his childhood friend Suzaku and met a mysterious girl, C.C. Lelouch.

They cornered in a life or death situation, accepts C.C. of power. Give him the ability to command anyone to do something. Lelouch wages a war with the Empire. With a thirst for revenge on the British Empire for his actions against his family.

Lelouch goes under aka Zero to fulfill his childhood vows of destroying Britannia. He using newly discovered powers and tactical skills!


Code Geass is one of the best series ever and what makes it the best? Yes, that’s why these Code Geass characters are behind this amazing series.

Yes, I agree that Code Geass has a bit of a tide, but still, this series gave me an exaggerated and unforgettable experience while I was watching the last episode.

This series is full of mind games, mecha fights, village tales, and, in my opinion, a lot of fighting. This series is a must for all fanatics.

And this fantastic anime series would be nothing without that extraordinary character. So let’s count down these 15 Code Geass characters.

15. Akito Hyuga

Code Geass

One of the codes is the character’s name as Akito, who is a person who does not interact with others, always loves being around him, and has a twisted personality.

And this happened because of his traumatic childhood, and then he received Geass from his brother, and this disturbing experience throughout his life was of hatred for his brother.

Akito helped his personality by supporting Leia’s combat plans, and he too showed his Geas intelligence to help him on the battlefield.

Of course, one of the reasons for winning a battle is not just combated skill, but tactical knowledge is essential in combat, and Akito has always used both combat skills and knowledge to survive in all suicide missions.

14. Mao

Code Geass

Another Code Geass character is Mao. His behavior was like a normal person, but over time he seems to continue to destroy all his mental abilities and suffer from some mental illness in a way that increases the level of insanity.

She once caused Lelouch suffering when she threatened to blow up her sister, and he likes her because it’s a fun time for him because she loves to see others suffer.

This dangerous and unpredictable person is otherwise countless in the crowd of responsible people. He is an emotionally immature type of person and no one sympathizes with him.

13. Arthur

Code Geass

Arthur was a lost cat wandering the street in Area 11 when Euphemia met him and soon chose to keep him.

Suzaku takes care of me more. He causes a lot of inconvenience to the students of Ashford Academy and effectively destroys Lelouch, thus annoying Suzaku as much as possible. Why couldn’t I love Arthur?

The adorable eyes of him plan him! – And the adorable liveliness makes him a decent character from the power around him. I screamed from my head when he wore it with zero head protection.

12. Cornelia li Britannia

The second princess of the Britannia dynasty, the president of the imperial army likes to get her hands dirty. She has often participated in the fight against Knightmare Frame and, in any case, has built her name for her: the witch of Britain. She has a strong relationship with her sisters, especially Euphemia.

Although she is devoted to her family, she has some concerns for her brothers and father. Her character design, decent personality, and her fighting make her one of Britain’s champion princesses.

11. Villetta Nu

Biretta was one of the best loyal characters under his imperial lord. When he is despised, she remains faithful to him. This keeps her away from the Black Knights and Lelouch. Biretta is Lelouch’s main individual control and is along these lines previously presented as an important part.

He makes her very compelling for how she manages the account in all cases, for her loyalty to her, and for the desperate charm of the Black Knight.

10. Nunnally vi Britannia (Nunnally Lamperouge)

I had an accident when I was young, after which I went blind and paralyzed, but I resisted with a warm smile. Also, she is really nice and sympathizes with everyone around her. It was one of the main reasons why Lelouch chose to oppose Britain and wanted to create a world in which it existed and was sometimes visible.

Sweet, attractive and the necessary protection is, of course, a compass to measure the quality picture of Lelouch.

9. Lloyd Asplund(Code Geass)

Lloyd made a big name for himself in Britain’s top chips and eventually became the Duke. This is due to his inflexible methodology for science and innovation, which allowed him to sacrifice social aptitude and connection for the creation of Nightmare.

His abilities attuned to his extraordinary speech and behavior. Constantly fantastic and mixed, but almost unmatched in his cunning nature.


8. Kaname Ohgi

Throughout the series, we see him grow up as a person. He does not involve, constantly adapts to the situation. Kaname has an independent spirit. The fan is a full-fledged supporting role that does not exceed screen time.

Before Lelouch appeared and founded the dreaded Black Knights, Ogi was leading Japan’s obstacles against Britannia. He is a calm and reliable individual, constantly stating the necessary points.

7. Euphemia(Code Geass)

Euphemia, the third princess of Britain, is a compassionate and important person. Loved by her family and by the Japanese who knew her, she could be compared to Princess Diana. She is dedicated to a thoughtful majority debate on genocide and embraces the struggle to avoid it constantly.

When she met the young warrior Suzaku Kururugi, she became a knight. Her sympathy for the poor, the rich, and the solid make her a special harmony. Everyone loves Euphemia. Therefore, her appearance is one of the most ingrained in the series.

6. Suzaku(Code Geass)

After the death of his father, Japan’s last CEO, Suzaku joins the rival side. He accepts that political change can come from within and limits himself to strong change.

Although he was a hated Japanese, he quickly climbed up his position and became the sole Nightmare Lancelot pilot. His legacy is his mission, however, as the people around him oppose his elevated position despite being Japanese.

Many of his belief systems are flawed and also throughout the series. We realize because of how extraordinary his vision of Lelouch and the dictatorship is.

5. Jeremiah Gottwald(Code Geass)

Jeremiah is a fascinating character First. Because he is an idealistic supporter of Britain and a margrave of the Area 11 army. However, he humiliated and ruled Lelouch. He also separated the title from him and hinted at the Orange Boy.

The rest of his story is the angels’ study of his loyalty and quality. I thought he was going to be a minor supporting role. Because he sure made a big impression right up until the end. Also, I love Jeremiah’s refined plans.

He is imperfect from the start and is ready to lie. Jeremiah executes a guiltless man to hide the signs of failure. But it’s hard not to feel compassion for his undoing of him.

4. Schneizel El Britannia

Schneizel is much of Lelouch’s perfect expression. The second prince of Britain is also wise, and barbaric: the lonely Lelouch could not win at chess. The controversy is at the forefront of reality. As Lelouch discovers that the number of more successful siblings. Because he had a profound effect on his mother’s murder and his sister’s inability.

Selfish, luxurious, and specific decisions are characteristics of Schneizel. In many ways, he is simply similar to Lelouch. Despite Geass’s advantage, it’s hard not to consider him when he’s standing tall with his younger brother.

In any case, he soon finds it more ambiguous than many would have imagined.

3. Kallen Stadtfeld(Kallen Kouzuki)

Kallen made up of Japanese and British guardians. Because it means being on the Japanese side and defeating bad governance through psychological battles. Her stepmother is blue blood. She treated her real mother as a housekeeper.

He abuses her to the point of substance abuse, and in the long run. She currently hates Britannia’s top chips because of their cold blood. Kallen takes advantage of her aptitude at the fully competent Knightmare Frame to make up for the fight.

Karen is a solid character for her loyalty similar to Lelouch. She ready to play on both sides. But determined to fight for the persecution.

2. C.C.(Code Geass)

C.C. A strange woman many years ago. She cannot die and can renew herself from an injury. Because her age does not take into consideration. She can also give people the strength of Geass. Because this does not do on a daily basis. Therefore, when she first met her, she arrested for an experiment Britannia.

Lelouch saves her, she gives him the power of Geass and they create security. She wanders around as his most ingrained companion, especially those who know him as a ruler, substitute, and progressive.

1. Lelouch vi Britannia (Lelouch Lamperouge) (Zero)

The main character of the Code Geass series is Lelouch, known for his depressed attitude. He is not intellectually regular and has repeatedly claimed he kicked a bucket before. He enjoys life and the challenges that come before him. The group respects him.

But at the same time needs to trust him for his methods of the isolated and dominant society. He is also calm and has a significant impact on his professional struggle. Because his design is fluid and the animations made for the best action in the series.

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