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Child Of Kamiari Month

Child Of Kamiari Month

The official website of Critical Universal’s Child of Kamiari Month anime film. Its project began because it showed the entire trailer for the film. The trailer features the motto of singer-songwriter Miwa from the movie “Kanna.”  And it also reveals new members are fake.   The opening of the film is on October 8th, On Friday.

The new fake members play as Kou Shibasakina as the mother of the Stock. Yayoi Hayama and Arata Iura also as the single parent of the Stock Norimasa Hayama.

Anime Expo Lite featured the film’s first preview in July earlier this year.

 Kamiari Month

Aju Makita plays the protagonist Kannan. Because he loses his love for abuse after his mother’s death. Maaya Sakamoto plays Shiro. A winged messenger from the gods of one wing.  While Miyu Irino records Yato, the one son.

Both appear earlier than Kanna and travel with him to Izumo. In the previous Japanese calendar. October called “Kannazuki”. But in Izumo. It is called “Kamiarizuk” because of the legend. Because countless Japanese gods gather in the shrine of Izumo throughout October.

Announcement of Child Of Kamiari Month

It is also a critical common announcement. Because commitment with its first crowdfunding marketing campaign in march 2019. The marketing campaign launch. The company’s “first commitment” from march to May 2019. The second crowdfunding marketing campaign was from July to August 2019. It was the “second” third crowdfunding marketing campaign launched from April to June.

Because Tetsuro Satomi, LIDEN FILMS Consulting Director. It is also the company’s animation producer. He and his cat  All Flowing  director Kazuya Sakamoto is a “creative leader.” Toshinari Shinohe is also responsible for the design.  He appreciated his unique work. While Takana Shirai gets a unique idea and animation director. Michihiko Suwa (Detective Conan Movies) and Teppei Mishima are the company’s designers and producers. The creator of the characters is Haruka Sagawa. The script  write Tetsurō Takita and Ryūta Miyake. Singer-songwriter Miwa performs the theme song from the movie “Kanna”.

Introduction of Child Of Kamiari Month

The girl’s journey to Izumo begins at the boundaries between gods and people

October was called “Kannazuki” all over Japan. Because it is also a cause called “Kamiarizuki” in the Izumo area.

 Kamiari Month
It is eight million gods from all over the country. It was said that they will meet for the Izumo accession meeting next year. The protagonist is a 12-year-old girl who lives today. A child who hates running and loved his mother in death.
The story of running towards Izumo on the gears of the gods who began to turn in the moon.
The rabbit and the boy invited the girl to the shrine. The voice actors are Aju Makita as the protagonist Kanna. Maaya Sakamoto is the priest’s bunny. Miyu Irino is the demon son based on the idea.  People are also Actors and gods are voice actors.

The main characters and voice actors who also support them retained the same feelings. The miraculous role materialized without audition.
A music team with sound made dramatic pranks.  They meet Miwa & Sony Music in France from the perspective of “I can speak the language of teenagers.” And also “I believe in my relationship with him”.

The stunning creators and producers, who have submitted many masterpieces.  The masterpieces in Japan and abroad. They also came together in a production team to draw pictures.
A nostalgic new road film featuring. Shimane and Izumo’s “Kamijitsuki,” written “at the root of this island nation,” is created by “Goen”.

Story  of Child Of Kamiari Month

The girl’s name is Kanna.  A child who lost his mother and was able to do so can’t face his favourite race.
With such a girl touches his mother’s memory on the brink of despair for a month. The gears start to spin. A rabbit appeared, the messenger of God. Invite Kanna to come to Izumo. The girl asks”Can you really meet your mother?”
The white rabbit answers, “If you have a connection.”  This is Yaksha, a descendant of a demon who blocks the road.  Wherever you go, you will meet eight million gods of different sizes.
The moon to which the gods disappear from all over the world call Kannazuki. Because it is a mythical land that welcomes the gods. Shimane / Izumo, the story of a girl. She believes in herself and runs to a place that sounds like the root of this island nation.



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