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This page is about Beastars Season 1-Recap and Better Ending Description. after reading You will know Beastars plot, summary and its characters.

                   Beastars Season 1 – Recap

Anime – The story takes place in the world of modern civilized anthropomorphic animals, where a cultural divide exists between carnivores and herbivores. The name of this series comes from the space rank of Beastar, a talented, useful and notorious figure.

Adaptation of Orange’s anime TV series, which aired from October to December 2019 on Fuji TV’s + Ultra programming block. The second season aired from January to March 2021.


Episode 1-The moon and the beastars

Better starts things off with a mysterious shot of a small rabbit being caught by a wolf with a spoon and goes back a bit to get an introduction to an alpaca named Tem. You don’t have to remember this too much, as he instantly killed an unknown carnivore at school.

School accidents cause further division between herbivores and carnivores, increasing the tension between the two. Beastars includes the drama club that Tem belonged to, but since he’s dead, we need to find an alternative to playing him in the next play.

In Beastars anime, I met Els, who was wary of her grey wolf in her class, and thought he might kill her next time. She then meets the wolf. The wolf is the main character, Legoshi. It turns out he didn’t want to kill her. He was just a friend of Tem and he knew that Tem liked Els.

In memory of his fallen companion, he gives him a love letter from Tem, which he was thinking of giving to Els. She apologizes for being so scared, thinking he would kill her when he got close to her. This kind of bias is common to Legoshi, who says he is hated or feared by everyone.


New Character Louis(Beastars)


The next day, another new character will appear in a large deer named Louis. Legoshi paid tribute to Tem but found that Louis was clearly the lead actor in the next play, practically attending school. He said Legoshi had a new job for them, so they go talk.

Meanwhile, I met a pure white dwarf rabbit named Haru. Hull bullied his classmates who throw books and mattresses out of the dorm. Apparently, he has a bad reputation in school. Because there many people who like her and she forced to eat alone.



As she eats, another new character, Mizuchi, has the bones to pick with Hull while her boyfriend kissed her. Hull tries to get up, blaming himself, but still can’t stop the water from harassing him. Returning to Louis, she tells Legoshi that he needs to wear a new costume instead of the Thames, and yet another new face, a character named Kai, debuts.

Kai interrupts their conversation and says he should replace Tem. Louis then informs him that he will remove from the actor’s team, and almost ends up in the fight. Fortunately, Legoshi is there to neutralize the tension between the two and keep things from escalating.

Legoshi then tasked with helping them keep watch late into the night. Because they sneak into the theatre and practice their lines. He picks up the scent from the hull while keeping his eyes open. His predatory instinct takes over and brings us back to the non-consensual side opening scene.


Episode 2 – Academy Top Dog(Beastars)



It appears that Legoshi is fighting some kind of inner struggle against his instincts, telling him to eat Hull. He only succumbs to his instincts of him, but Tem’s successor, the new character Zoe, throws him out as he calls him. Hull started running before Legoshi couldn’t say anything, and he brought here.

He noticed that Louis had a leg injury while he was trying to stop Zoe from falling. The next day, the two men argue in the cafeteria, triggering Legoshi’s instincts again. Snap to both of them and let one of them start picking a fight with him. Louis steps in to stop the war, and then we find out that Louis is running for Beaster.

This title gives to a school hero who unites all students beyond fear and discrimination.


Louos Injury


Later, it revealed that Louis is doing his best to bring the game to the track. But his injuries are getting worse. Legoshi sent to collect flowers for the show, where he meets Hull. She accidentally hurt her with their little raid, but she says she can’t remember what happened when she asked her about it.

Legoshi helps him move something about her and when she says she wants to pay him back, he just wants to keep talking to her, so he doesn’t know how to respond. Hull misunderstood silence as something else and said he in a hurry. He thinks he’s a man, so he’s probably looking for sex. She so she took it off and offered to sleep with him in exchange for her help.

Episode 3 – A wolf is born(Beastars)

When Hull starts stripping off Legoshi, he panics and runs away. It then that he learned of his reputation for something of an indiscriminate. However, he still thinks he’s a good person or a good animal or something.

Then, talking to Kai, Legoshi discovers that everyone in the drama club has a strange story. By stirring his curiosity about what Louis’s past looks like, he finds that Louis’s injuries are definitely getting worse just before Legoshi comes to talk to him about some of the show’s lights …

Louis appears haunted trying to look harmless, even though Legoshi is clearly strong. He insulted Legoshi’s attempt to hide his power from him, even though he can’t control it like a deer. This causes some remorse for Legoshi, who discovers he’s not just a monster, but actually develops his feelings for Hull.

We come on the first night of the game, where Louis makes a brave face despite his injury. He fought through the pain and managed to put on a great show for everyone. However, in the finale, when the final curtain closes, Louis collapses.


Episode 4 – Give it all(Beastars)


The crowd unaware of his injury because the curtains closed before Louis fell. After the exam, Louis had a broken leg and will not able to do the second show tomorrow. Louis has decided to replace the Bengal Tiger building for his second exhibition. Legoshi has a minor role as a villain because he needs someone to play the role of Bill.

He jumps just before the show starts. There, Legoshi sniffs something in the building. When they are alone, Bill confesses that he drank rabbit blood before playing as a kind of performance enhancer. This offends Legoshi and they almost go into battle.

As the performance progresses, it turns out it’s not as good as it was when Louis was the main character, but they are doing well. When it’s time for the Legoshi scene, he destroys the character, attacks Bill, and hits and hits him. Bill retaliates by biting Legoshi’s back, which the audience couldn’t see.

This signals Louis to step in and split the two, making it seem like everything was part of the show.


Episode 5 – Both Sides of the Story(Beastars)


The two reprimanded for what had happened on stage and for Bill drinking rabbit blood. But no one gets into trouble because he claims that everything in the show planned. I met a Labrador retriever named Jack, a friend of Legoshi’s. He wasn’t acting and he came to get me because he was actually fighting Bill.

Jak also took Legoshi, who is probably in love. He provoked a strange reaction from Legoshi and confirmed the suspicion him. Then we jump on Hull, who appears to be sleeping with Louis.


the meteor festival

Skip a month before the crew is preparing for the meteor festival. They discussed a lighting ceremony where a couple with candles on a meteorite could happily live forever on the last day of the festival. Meanwhile, Hull is still in the crosshairs of toxic waters and her friends. Legoshi inadvertently discourages bullying and the two go out to dinner together.

Then Legoshi struggles to ask her for her name as he suffers from his instinct to tell her to leave him. On their way back to the dorm, they make real eye contact for the first time, and it’s a great time or whatever leads her to tell him her name.


Episode 6 – Blurred vision – Dream or Reality

Another herbivore killed in the news, which puts more strain on students. As he walks down the hall, Legoshi encounters a freshman wolf named Junho. Junho bullied some guys because she is a carnivore. She steps in to help her and discovers that she has just entered a drama club. Now, she walks into a club where second-year carnivores sent and you discuss the details of the festival with the city.

Before leaving, they warned Louis to leave the black market. Two new characters, Legoshi, Bill and Tao, and Aoba, arrive in town. They go running their town hall meeting, and then the kids talk about sex. Legoshi had just joined the club and pushed the brothers to talk to Junho. Returning home, I get lost and meet an old man who sells fingers and eats.

This indicates that they accidentally entered the black market. The black market is where carnivores go to get their blood and flesh. Bill says it’s such a place to keep society running smoothly and wants to spoil him a little and eat his finger.


Gohin Explains

Legoshi doesn’t want to participate in this, so he runs away. As he runs, he looks back at the conversation with Hull. He fascinated her, but deep in her heart, he can’t stop her predatory need to tell him to eat her. This led to him collapsing and when he woke up he was chained. He was taken to a makeshift doctor on the black market with a new face named Gohin.

Gohin explains that her romantic feelings towards Hull are likely a manifestation of her desire to kill her. His mind can mask his predatory need for her as a coping mechanism to justify his love and desire for her. Gohin does what a wise mate does and hooks him into rabbit porn. He surmises this could be a fetish, but if that doesn’t turn him on, Hull’s charm isn’t romantic.

Legoshi takes over rabbits porn. This will be announced by me, so we will all be on the same checklist together. On his way home, he ran into Aoba, resisted eating his fingers and left the market.

Episode 7 – Below the Fur Coat(Beastars)

I have prepared the filling content in advance, so I will try to pass it right away at the place where I meet a chicken named Legom. The egg salad sandwich that Legoshi likes is actually Legomu’s. This is her part-time job and she is proud to have the best eggs. Legoshi said something terrible about the egg, but it was a misunderstanding, so now everything is fine.

Now we see Hull as she does it with Louis and suggests a flashback to how the two met. Hull ran into Louis after the horns were released. He informs her that he intends to get fake horns, and in the meantime, she tends to hurt him. After inadvertently approaching her, the two begin to beat each other up. The downside is that she was taught.

She had to continue her pedigree. His family had already arranged a wife for him and apparently, despite their relationship, Hull knew it and that’s okay. After touching the rabbit’s cheek, Louis encounters Legoshi, who has come looking for Hull, as he goes out. Louis says he’s not there and says they were just friends. Louis also encourages Legoshi to talk to Junho.


Junho and Legoshi  Practice


Junho and Legoshi will practice choreography together and Junho realizes she has emotions. When she asks if she feels it too, the emotion goes over her head and it means she’s not doing it to him. The next day, Jack stumbled upon his rabbit pornography and was forced to explain to Legoshi his confusion about his feelings for Hull.

Then, while she works at the festival, Hull asks Legoshi for help as she is the only girl in the gardening club. She refuses because she thinks it’s best to keep a safe distance from her for now. However, Legoshi sees Louis interacting with Hull in the distance as she works.

This makes him aware that something is happening between them. Her jealousy confirms that she truly loves her, not just her prey.


Episode 8 – Caught like Floss in a Canine’s Teeth

Hull and Legoshi are some of the last students to leave the festival venue, so they’ll be back together. When they try to talk about how Hull seduced him when they first met, they ended up in a debate. She said she couldn’t understand her feelings about him and why she had gone to him that day, so she tried to leave. When Legoshi goes to stop her, bystanders claim she is harassing her.

Therefore, to avoid being arrested, the two must do so. They then calm down and admit that Hull lied about her not remembering the night Legoshi attacked her, but she still doesn’t know she is. She wants to be clean about everything. But she decides to object, fearing she might stop talking to him if she knows it was him.





Everybody forced to stay together


After everyone is gone, Louis agrees to help Junho do some rehearsals, but it looks like she is doing something. It’s not that bad. She stops Louis and declares that she will be her next best and she will make Legoshi her boyfriend. But then nothing happens. Junho is trying to keep moving with Legoshi.

Immediately after that, a sudden power failure occurred, forcing everyone to be together. Legoshi realizes that Hull may be alone and searches for her by following her scent. When he finds her, she mistakes him for Louis and hugs him.

Legoshi ignores false identities, just as the lights are on. But as she speaks, Junho finally realizes that she may have something for Hull.


Episode 9 – Into the Lion’s Den(Beastars)


Let’s take a quick look at the dark past that Louis continues to hide. When he was young, he caught on the black market to become a carnivore food. After trying to prevent one of his friends from being killed, an adult named Ogma, who also the head of the Horns conglomerate, decided to adopt him.

He imprinted on Louis and changed the world, but Louis doesn’t take it too lightly. And he explains why he influential at school. Returning to the present when Louis about to attacked carnivores, Legoshi can prevent the attack without Louis knowing.

When Legoshi talks to a carnivore, he discovers that Louis may be the next beast. By using herbivores as beasts, carnivores fear losing some of their influence. This led to only a handful of them deciding to kill Louis. Legoshi has set a new goal to keep Louis alive and watch over his back.


Hull   Kidnapped

He then arranges a meeting with Hull and confesses his feelings for her at the festival. Hull is kidnapped, he thinks things by himself. Some students came across his shoes and the news of the kidnapping eventually reached Legoshi. It turned out that the criminal was working with a group of lions, the Lions, who kidnapped her and fed her boss.

Apparently, it’s some kind of delicacy, so her boss forces her to undress and take a bath to prepare her meal. Informed of the mayor’s situation, Louis has no plans to do anything about it, but he regrets it and says he wants things to continue for the festival. This is a lesson in understanding that Louis has to hide some things from the general public.

She also says that if she bribes Louis and keeps things going, he will erase the records of the black market’s dark past. Legoshi comes looking for Louis and helps him get him back. But if he reluctantly refuses, things escalate until the two argue.


Episode 10-Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing(Beastars)


Only Legoshi looks for Hull on the black market. Eventually, he is attacked by several thieves, who are later rescued by Gohin. After explaining the situation to Gohin, Gohin doesn’t want to help him but finds a lion’s hiding place. Legoshi fought a lion’s son and was about to be killed, but Gohin intervened and saved him with a crossbow.

The battle sequence continues, with the two fightings through all the lions and arriving in Hull. Let’s go back to Hull. Hull looks back on her life thinking that she is about to be killed. We learned that she was always seen as the first helpless pet to die if something went wrong. It was only when she slept with the man that she was treated like herself and she felt that no one was merciful.

This led her to an indiscriminate path. Because it was the only way she knew how to escape, feeling like a helpless miserable animal. Thinking back on all this, she realized that Legoshi was the only one who didn’t feel that way. In the final scene where she is dying, she gets some anime clichés about her, but Legoshi makes her appear as her to save her.


Episode 11 – To the Neon District


Legoshi battles his boss and embraces the dark side of him for the first time, which leads to him beating him against his boss. After the battle ended, we learned that Legoshi didn’t want to be a killer, so he didn’t intentionally kill his boss. This is a good feeling or something. But he is nearly killed because he is trying to shoot him when he leaves.

Luckily, Louis saves the day, stops shooting, and keeps shooting and killing his boss for what he did. After the drama is over, Haru and Legoshi go out to eat. They miss the last train, so they have to find a hotel to spend the night. The two arrived at a love hotel and their legacy was finally cleared of being the predator that attacked her when they first met.

Hull explains that he was very cautious because she thought she was Legoshi. But she enjoyed spending time with him, so she kept it to herself. Things start to get a little hot and heavy, but it ends when Hull’s instinct prevents her from sleeping with him. Her body seemed to move naturally as he wanted to eat.

Episode 12 – In the Storm’s Wake

Hull ignores him and offers to sleep with Legoshi, but perhaps because she feels some kind of rape, she decides to object, nothing happens, and the two go back to school. You can see that a new rivalry has arisen between Haru and Junho.

Later, as everyone prepares for the festival, Legoshi discovers that Louis is missing and no one has contacted him, but the show must continue, so the theatre club and Legoshi Haru perform. He meets and officially confesses his love for her. But they get in the way when he’s pulled on stage to be admitted to saving Hull.

Junho then tries to get Legoshi to light a meteorite candle. Legoshi goes to find Hull instead. The two talk about their fear of their instincts, which leads them to tell him that he needs to be strong in order not to succumb to them. He just says he’s waiting.

Take a short photo of Louis, written on paper and still missing. In the final scenes after the credit, the invisible characters of Legoshi and his friends emit a smile and a creepy atmosphere for no reason.




Better ending, description


Never judge an anime by its style or character. “Beastars” is a perfect example. For starters, it’s just about the world where anthropomorphic animals exist. With a high school build and a human character, “Beastars” could look like a Slice of Life anime. There are some pretty nice moments, but it’s a lot darker than originally anticipated.

During his time of execution, he addresses several issues relevant to the modern world, such as racism, bullying, and human trafficking. And luckily it does so without forcing a comparison with any kind of metaphor or any kind of real event. With high school hijinks undertones, realistic romance, and plenty of drama, the show has a bittersweet yet satisfying ending.

This article delves into this conclusion, but first I will discuss the central themes in the context of intriguing characters.


The world of “Beastars” culturally divided between carnivores and herbivores. The two species legally protected to coexist and live in peace without harming other species. Of course, this law protects herbivores and forces carnivores to suppress their instincts. Also the main character in the series, Lego is a carnivore by origin.

Most of the students at his school often judge him, and some even fear him, because he is an imposing grey and vicious wolf. But the exact opposite turned out. He is a gentle, gentle, and harmless wolf and is doing his best to completely suppress his instincts. People who know Legoshi often laugh at the exact opposite of what he looks like.

Others just don’t assume they’re brutal carnivores wanting to eat Legoshi. No matter how kind he may be, he is often obsessed with stereotypes and sometimes even labeled as a killer. Another character who experiences similar cognitive dissonance is Louis. For most of the students at school, he is a popular and confident herbivore that no one is afraid of.

People even call him “Beaster”. He is an individual who binds all species together and is indistinguishable from other species. But his past suggests that he too wants to be strong and huge as a carnivore, and his celebrity status at school is how strong and huge he is. He simply reflects what you are anxious about.

Own identity

The female lead, Hull, is a white dwarf rabbit. She often despised, bullied, and even ashamed of a slut. But no one understands what she is going through. After being portrayed as a small, weak person for life, Hull simply begins having sex with everyone she meets and gets some sort of verification. Her version of her story reflects that satisfaction can mistake for self-acceptance.

Her orgy of hers is a town topic, but she can even stop the compassion. Asking others for verification only forces her to leave the person who actually accepts it. But eventually, after spending enough time on Lego, she didn’t judge her looks and started realizing that there were better people out there who accepted her looks.


Impossible relationship(Beastars)

Carnivores and herbivores swear to live in peace and to satisfy their desires, many carnivores can go to the black market and eat meat without killing anyone. However, there are still some boundaries between the two species. In the opening scene itself, the anime establishes that despite these rules there are carnivores out there who cannot control their natural impulses.

“Beastars” weaves more interpersonal stories that almost make you believe that such a society is possible. And what makes this representation more realistic is how to shed light on the potential problems the two classes face. When Legoshi first meets Hull, he has to give in to the carnivore’s instincts. But over time he begins to feel something very different.

Many other characters try to convince him that what he feels is not love. But his animal desire to eat it. But eventually, he realizes it’s not the only thing. Similarly, Hull also initially drawn to the idea of able to eat it. It is his instinct to eat carnivores.

we can choose  how we want to live

Hull and Legoshi are aware of their differences and will do their best to keep their distance. But for some reason, they keep finding ways to get back to each other. In the previous episode, despite all the hassles and differences between them. Hull finally begins to understand what he thinks of Legoshi. While Legoshi wants him to be with her.

The final moment of the episode describes Hull’s anxiety and how she begins to feel very small compared to carnivores. All the while, she didn’t care about bullied and she kept her anxiety about her staying away from anyone. However, after realizing that she indeed obsessed with Legoshi. she feels jealous and small compare to another grey wolf, Junho.

It is trying to get Legoshi’s attention. Legoshi later goes looking for her and tries to tell her how she really feels. But she still knows what she thinks about the world of them and how they react to their instincts. Legoshi is more determined than ever, discreet, and makes sure his instincts are under his control.

The closing message of the anime is simple. We cannot choose how we were born, we cannot choose our loved ones. But what we can choose is how we want to live


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