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Anime Yuri Kiss | 10 Anime Yuri Scenes

Introduction of anime yuri kiss

This post is about 20 anime yuri kiss scenes. This post contains 20 animes with yuri kiss scenes. after reading this post you will know about anime yuri kiss

Top 10 anime yuri kiss scenes

Glass transformations are extremely rare, and there are only two glass-specific transformations that actually exist. You can’t see two girls kissing, hugging and holding their hands in one special package, but they get a lot of glass kisses at the show, not at the glass. What is the best glass kissing scene because there are too many metamorphosis shows? And are there any differences in the glass kisses they found in non-metamorphosis? Well, you’ll know right away!

There are no big rules here: The list contains Top 10 Yuri kiss scenes where only kinky animations were found. We have chosen a metamorphosis program, so be prepared to read and watch some pornographic content.

10. Bible Black Gaiden(Anime Yuri Kiss

A group of girls led by Hiroko Takashiro is conducting fortune-telling and mysticism research for fun. They found an ancient magical book in a second-hand bookstore and began translating its contents to take a big break. By fascinating and cursing their goals with new finding power, they began to accept sexual demands and multiples. The more navigation you find in the book, the darker the situation, and well, the book is certainly evil.

The story is short and mainly involves the opposite sex, but there is one girl who can do anything to get what she wants to have a special taste for women. And finally, when the girl gets her hands, well, what she knows happens. Plus Bible Black is famous for its very delicate art, so here a typical Yuri kiss only stimulates the sex scene itself.

9. Shimai child (immoral sister)

Anime Yuri Kiss

Kitazawa Yukie is a mediocre housewife named Nogawa Takeda who had a car accident with a rich mischievous child. In a discussion about how to resolve the damage, Yukie signed a contract to help her and pay her body costs without even knowing it. After that, Yukie and her two daughters, Rumi and Tomoko, have a series of incidents related to the plot to return to their father.

Immoral Sister is a story of abuse and intimidation of power, but in reality, it has a decent story, and in the end, the twist was very unexpected and interesting. Sister Involved Most of the sex gods continue to be raped, but sometimes the two sisters feel comforting each other and deepen their relationship with the hot night.

8. G-Taste

Anime Yuri Kiss

G-Taste is a collection of three stories featuring a beautiful female cast and their uncontrollable libido and desires. The most popular of the three stories is the second one in which Sayaka’s teacher struggles to curb her sexual urges, and after a series of “telephone counselling,” she becomes a female student Misuzu. meet. Impulse like her.

The kiss between the student and the teacher showed a new rather forbidden relationship between the two girls who were short but ended together due to libido. The fact that Sayaka’s fellow teachers can set everything should not be. We are working together to help students in need of help now.

7. Cream lemon

Anime Yuri Kiss

Cream Lemon is a drama, a collection of stories ranging from drama to drama. And it features too many different types of sexual orientation to be displayed, but most importantly, there are many glass stories here. Regardless of how perverted or surrealistic the story, Cream Lemon is a classic with interesting stories and characters.

This series has a lot of huge and good Yuri kissing scenes, but to choose one, Story Escalation is a good choice. This story is the same as the pornographic version of Maria Nimga Rice, which all women’s Catholic schools, hopeless young protagonists, of course, start after a banned kiss between girls and adorable seniors.

6. Car Ono with age (Moonlight Lady)

Anime Yuri Kiss

Sujuna Kuraki is the daughter of the Kuraki family, who has a deep religious belief, and every few decades, the daughter of the Kuraki family must pay the consciousness that has been passed down for a thousand years. As the ceremony approached, the Kuraki family gave Sujuna her husband Koichi Hayama a handsome young man who resembled the man Sujuna had dreamed of. Let Koichi settle in the mansion A strange magic wraps everyone and releases their sexual desire.

What about stories related to mysterious energies that make people very excited? Like most listings, Moonlight Lady possesses one of the most beautiful art styles and, through Tomomi’s loyalty to Suzuna, shows what is a better way. Unexpected Tomomi who went to Suju’s private bath after completing one of the meditations appeared and gave a surprise oral stimulation.

5. Nikutai Ten’i (Body Transfer)

Anime Yuri Kiss

Body Transfer is a story of a group of students exchanging bodies and being trapped in Limbo after seeing a strange relic given to an archaeological club. This relic provokes the victim’s sexual desire and randomly returns and changes their body when they reach their highest sexual pleasure. Putting sexual desire into full throttle, students fall into an orgy and change their bodies endlessly.

The show’s most popular scene is that there is quite a lot of the opposite sex, but the glass sex isn’t leaked, and the scene where two girls can’t control their sexual desires share love in front of everyone sleeping It’s one of the hottest moments. If the girl continues to get all the smoothes while trapped in both sleeping bags, it’s likely that the source of the GIF, or WEBM, came from Body Transfer.

4. Stainless Night

Anime Yuri Kiss

The capsule came out at sea, among which is a beautiful android girl named Linea. Linea, who has no memory, wanders through the woods and eventually meets three girls at a robot research facility. One of these girls, Sayaka, fell in love with Linea, and one night her work was hot and unexpected.

Stainless Knight was once the first glass metamorphosis animation to exist, but sadly it was a futanari metamorphosis. Linea is a satisfying android for both men and women, so it can look like a pulsating purple glowing genital. Or is it a stupid way to check your genitals?

Nonetheless, Stainless Night boasts hand-painted animations of up to the ’90s, and animators have put a lot of effort into making one of the most delicate and beautiful kisses among girls.

3. Front Innocent: Mou Hitotsu no Lady Innocent (Another Lady Innocent)

Anime Yuri Kiss

Front Innocent is a story about a unique fetish influential baron, Fey, returning home to her father for a half-naked maid. Fay hurried into a quiet building with his girlfriend John and his childhood friend Sophia. That’s everything. Episode 2: So far.

Front Innocent is arguably the most well-drawn and well-animated metamorphosis. Everything is carefully drawn, with all the sweaty and unpleasant details of the background, the characters, the personal life of every character and the plot. Most sex scenes are heterosexual, but Yuri stole the show at Fey, Sophia and the finale in the middle of the night. They say that a kiss between lovers is a prelude to sex. But that is not always the case. After a long and passionate night, the two finished their trials with a simple yet warm kiss.

2. Shoujo Sect: Innocent Lovers

Anime Yuri Kiss

Shoujo Sect: Innocent Lovers, who adapted a glass cartoon of the same name, tells the story of two girls who met for the first time at a young age. Before they go home, they kiss each other, and the kisses are tied forever, even if they break up. Or the general story is going on. Ten years later the girl forgets and the other is still obsessed with this love. Do these two girls want to rediscover the love they broke in the fateful park, or do they have a crush forever?

In terms of glass monopoly metamorphosis Shoujo Sect: Innocent Lovers is the first extant glass metamorphosis and is currently the longest of the three episodes. Although the story focuses on model students Naitou Momoko and bad Handa Shinobu, Shoujo Sect has some burdens on the love lives of other girls. Since this animation is glass, many good kissing scenes can be misunderstood, and to be honest, kissing is frustrating and lovemaking (which literally doesn’t smoke) isn’t very interesting.

1. Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo-Anata to Koibito Tsunagi

Anime Yuri Kiss

The OVA, featuring a couple from the third visual novel of the same name, Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo-Anata to Koibito Tsunagi, describes the process of romance with a fragmentary story and confession of Sawaguchi Mai and Kawamura Reo.

Sawaguchi Mai returns her feelings to Kawamura Reo, and like any other tsundere, Reo disguises Mai as a joke. Not in a hurry, Mai proved her love as she approached Reo for a passionate kiss. Mai stroking each other’s lips sticks out her tongue and invites cute Leo despite a short French kiss. As we saw in Stainless Night or Body Transfer, it’s not the hottest kiss, but it’s certainly one of the cutest kisses.

Shoujo Sect: Innocent Lovers have a great and tragic story of metamorphosis, but suffer from short lengths. The show felt like everything was in a hurry, with many incidental stories. Sono Hanabira ranks first because it focuses primarily on couples in one easy-to-digest story. It’s a real glass with no police outs or distortions and will have the cutest kissing moments in the history of metamorphosis.

For final thinking of this topic(anime yuri kiss)

Is there a noticeable difference between metamorphic and non-metamorphic glass kisses? Yes. Kissing is an indication of their love when two women kiss non-metamorphosis, and they are (almost) surrounded by lovers forever. The perverted glass kiss is still a sign of love, but under normal circumstances, it can act as a catalyst for sex, a catalyst for love-sharing behaviour.

This list reflects this. There are many glass kisses in metamorphosis, but it makes more sense if the kisses lead to hot sex. Thinking about this may sound simple or obvious, in fact seeing metamorphosis for sex, nothing else.

Next, what do you think about the list? Please let me know if there is a metamorphosis glass scene!

Top 20 anime yuri kiss Series

Girlhood girl action can be one of the most popular searches on fun sites for adults, but looking at the glass, most people do it because of complex emotional relationships. Display. If you’re a fan of romance animation and have a complex relationship with drama, glass animation is always the way to go. Same-sex relationships are still a bit taboo in Japan, but that’s not all. Accepting sexuality is difficult even in acceptable areas, especially when nurturing the emotions of close friends, which are many large plots at glass shows. Therefore, prepare an emotional trip with anime of this genre that all romance fans can open and enjoy the right mind.

1.Sakura trickAnime Yuri Kiss

Well, if you haven’t seen it yet, start with the best song for quick reference. Sakuratric tells the story of two girls who were best friends in junior high school. If you go to high school, you’re not in the same class, but sitting on opposite sides of each other. When one starts making friends in their room, the other feels jealous. To build friendships, they decide to kiss a day they never do with other women. However, that one kisses both illuminates new emotions.

Sakura Kiss’s journey is the slowest of the two girls who know their true feelings for each other. Of course, that pure, new romance and 10-ton drama come out, but the real reason for number one is that, overall, there are a lot of surprisingly sweet kisses.

2.Revolutionary Girl Utena

Anime Yuri Kiss

Revolutionary Girl Utena is a revolutionary animation in every sense. Not only is it one of the first glass anime series, but it is also a type of animation that allows you to continue to discover new things to analyze. Utena is also a difficult series to summarize without ruining things. However, he transfers to a new school and follows Utena in a feminine version of menswear. She reveals that one day her dream is to become a prince. From there it becomes a complex academy politics with huge rumours of gender and gender identity.

3.Sweet blue flowers

Anime Yuri Kiss

Sweet Blue Flowers is for you if you are looking for a sweet and inspiring story of flowering love between two girls, with various types of glass plots for this. The story of two young friends who reunited with a high school freshman who broke up when they moved. The story is about them overcoming all the problems of high school life and slowly trying to reconnect with each other. Soft and touching in terms of plots, the animation is a bit more “May” than what this great glass story is worth receiving.


Anime Yuri Kiss

This is a very interesting glass animation. Gender and sexual identity occur in a world where they are not behaving as they are in the real world. Among them, everyone is a form of sex neutrality until the age of 17 and must choose a permanent gender. Of course, this adult cannot fly an airship that protects the country like NGE.

So it’s sexually neutral, but most women follow the story of young female pilots who grew up in adolescence. In other words, it’s a series of relationships like glass, but it’s not really because we didn’t actually determine the gender.

5.Whisper wordsAnime Yuri Kiss


If you don’t like “heavy meaning” or “strong content,” whispered words need one of the first choices in the glass anime series that isn’t embarrassing. It includes stories of tides that are not ashamed to signal interest for girls. She says she likes cute shy and feminine types. The problem is that her best friend secretly likes her, but she’s certainly not cute, ashamed, or very feminine.

Yes, this is an (almost unrequited love) love story, but there is also talk about how shared experiences can enhance everyone. Being gay in Japanese high school (or other life) is isolated, and the story depicts them discovering other gay students and forming circles to strengthen each other. I will.

6.Hello! Kiniro Mosaic

Anime Yuri Kiss

This is one of its “no plot” anime series that follows cute girls doing cute things. Of course, with its unique sub-genre and matching comedy, they also throw some glass. Glass explores more relationships and is much more fulfilling in the second season when large chunks of jealousy are thrown. Mixed.

7.Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

Anime Yuri Kiss

Do you know videos of cute animals that people like when it comes to making friends with dogs and cats? Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san is the same as animated videos. Nakayama is a dog-loving shy Tsudele. Inugami is a girl who loves cats and is familiar with masochism. Nakayama is always embarrassed, while they meet and develop emotions, but overwhelmed by this love affair. The episode in the short episode animation is only 3 minutes long, but it delivers a lot of soft plots without stopping the filler.


Anime Yuri Kiss

Kana, whose grandmother died and was left alone in the world, moves to a newspaper company as a deliveryman. However, her room has holes that her peers often use.

Kanememo One of the stories about glass that isn’t full of Nunyo protagonists, but all the girls around her just throw confidence in themselves. She is certainly the Queen of Harlem. I focused on comedy rather than glass romance, but overall there are a lot of fluffy moments, albeit a little mischievous.

9.Candy boy

Anime Yuri Kiss


imouto love should be straightened, who says? Strictly speaking, Candy Boy doesn’t have imouto because their sisters are actually twins, but they are very gay to each other. The two sisters are so intimate, like glass, that they like one of them, so there isn’t much conspiracy other than that obsessive junior who always interferes with them. However, it is one of the romance series with 10 tons of bullying, reaching out to the screen and kissing the two together in Toturimyon actually already.

10.Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

This series has no complaints about what it needs to be. Following a high school girl who abducted and stranded on the island. She kisses her and meets another victim who uses her awakening as a weapon. After that, the two fight against other female duos to deepen their friendship. Many mischiefs must do with many kisses. However, the plot and the characteristics of the overall fan service may not be all tea.

11.Netsuzou trap

There is a debate about whether this relatively new glass animation is trash, a masterpiece, or great trash. If you’re looking for it rather than a complete metamorphosis, it’s clearly one of the more graphic glass anime series, but it’s actually pretty sad. The NTR boyfriend and the two closest friends will eventually have boyfriends with each other. However, this relationship has been emotionally and physically abused, so abuse results in abuse throughout the series. I think quack distances make people the most unpleasant (probably similar to glittering girl flesh), but below that is a surprisingly emotionally complex story.

12.Strawberry panic

Anime Yuri Kiss

anime yuri kiss

Strawberry Panic is a plot of glass animation that I’ve always secretly wanted. Go to all-girls’ Catholic schools along with new transfer students. There she fascinates the girl at the top of the school’s complex hierarchy. As the protagonist quietly tries to live in the school. The queen of this school knows each other and, with her help, countered by a difficult past.

Strawberry Panic is a glass classic to maintain a clear and captivating balance of cute, mysterious and sexy as well as a somewhat stale conspiracy. Especially the new anime series is a treasure, a real jewel for delivering adorable things these days using Moe.

13.The destiny of the shrine maiden

anime yuri kiss

The Destiny of the Shrine Maiden is a whimsical show. It starts up a bit mediocre, but in reality, the more you look, the better. I try to make a love triangle between the boy and the two girls and confuse them, but if he wins, it’s not a glass animation! (Don’t worry about spoilers. OP / ED spoils a lot of results.) The premise is that two mediocre school friends must have a sun and moon shrine maiden to fight the evil Orochi. .. But Orochi is a childhood friend or a girl, who rethinks and creates a sacred battle for them. The glass ties are clean and you also get a decent mechanical fight.

14, Akuma no Riddle


anime yuri kiss

The name of the game in Akuma no Riddle is that the group of assassins is killing classmates, not assassins. But they only fit once. This looks pretty simple, but the problem is that it raises the emotions of one of the assassins’ girls and begins to protect her instead of trying to kill her. Glass assassin? For example, please. In most cases, the glass series has few fights, but this is pretty cool fighting.



anime yuri kiss

This is another story of a girl’s love ban between two sisters. Hazuki is a tall, dark and melancholy girl who has always been fascinated by her sister Hasumi. However, Hasumi disappears. Hazuki meets a new saying looking for her sister and goes into another world through a book together and looks for her. Along with a huge funny character cast, it’s an interesting concept in itself. However, the glass is a little touching. I know that listening to Hazuki’s sister’s words in the bathroom is obsessive love. It looks sweet, but to be honest, it’s a little weird.


anime yuri kiss

This glass does not start. It’s an old story of a woman who likes women.  A woman who hates people, and a man who rejected. However, the twist that he climbs the mountain he first met and trampled by a foreigner and returns to the girl. I know, a mediocre plot. The sad thing about this series is that he may be a woman, but he still has a lot of masculinity to do his job. You will be free from all this romance.

17.The Virgin Mary is Watching You

anime yuri kiss


Simply put, Marinate is a classic story for nostalgia. Focus on various relationships among many girls at the Elite Tokyo Catholic School. Besides the romance drama, there aren’t many conspiracies overall, but ah, it’s amazing to get closer. The girls craved for each other secretly in the way. They exposed, and of course, their relationship seemed destined. Somehow shrink as an adult. Some people consider all that glass emotion to be a step. And this is an animation that portrays the true complexity of the concept.


anime yuri kiss

This series does not have the pure glass. It’s worse than anything else, especially in spin-offs. But it’s one of a women-centric series with very clear subtexts, but it doesn’t go through the actual first steps. Nonetheless, Noir has an interesting plot if you don’t needfully realize glass. This follows two seemingly unrelated female assassins chased by the same Illuminati group. They meet and start learning more from each other. There are lots of interesting plots and great action scenes when it’s more important than a moment of soft romance.

19.Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

anime yuri kiss

This series has very strong tips for glass that has never fully realized. But I think it’s still worth doing. You may not get the kiss and hug you crave. It doesn’t change the fact that Mr Kobayashi’s dragon maid is a very entertaining watch. The basic premise is that Kobayashi walks around the woods from his ass after work and asks for a sword puller. To reward her, the dragon decides to work as her big-breasted Victorian-style maid who can transform into a human figure.

20.Yuri Bear Storm

anime yuri kiss


It’s just for fun. There is no such thing as a bad animation. But there is certainly no kind to expect from a conspiracy-friendly animation. In the glass bear storm, bears and humans can no longer coexist after a bear. Suddenly thirsts for the human body. Therefore, they create a wall between them. However, two bears cross it and sneak into a school disguised. As a human, killing the girl’s lover and falling in love with her.

There are many glass series and the overtones of the glass are stronger, so if you miss your favourite series from this list, let us know in the comments section below.

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