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Anime Surprise Kiss | Surprise Kiss Is Forced Kiss


Anime Surprise Kiss

This post is about anime surprise kiss and contains brief information about anime surprise kiss. After reading this post you will know about anime surprise kiss.

Why should the surprise kiss go?


Some time ago I made a list of creepy things to stop being romantic. In response, I almost nodded, except for one item, the Surprise Kiss. Unlike everything else, people kept it. Instead of arguing with all the commenters, I decided to explain why Surprise Kiss didn’t appear in the story.
First, we need to define it. Surprise kisses start with two people who don’t soften up regularly. One of them wants to kiss the other. Instead of asking if the kiss is okay, they plant darts before the target objects or has a chance to avoid it. It is not a surprise kiss, as if they slowly lean forward, the opponent might move away. However, it is still not as good as clear communication.

Anime surprise kiss is forced kiss

Kissing your cheeks may be innocent, but mouth-to-mouth kissing is sexual activity. Surprise kiss targets do not have the option to deny this sexual activity. They didn’t kiss, so it doesn’t matter what decision they made about kissing. The person who kissed them could have held them. It has the same practical effect.

If you have any doubts about this, think about groping from behind when you are in public. Public tampering also uses surprises to avoid consent. Relying on speed and stealth doesn’t make it great.

We have the name of non-consensual sexual activity in any way. It’s called sexual assault.

Still, it is wonderful and romantic. In both Avatar Legendary Boy Anne and Avatar Legendary Boy Anne, the main romance begins with a surprise kiss. In both cases, the target character expresses sadness with a kiss that he disagrees with, but it turns into romance later anyway. This is an effective way for a non-consensual kiss to open a courtroom to someone and send a message that the target’s resentment will disappear later.

Now if you’re a fan of Anne, Kora, or another protagonist using Surprise Kiss, you’re definitely ready to get all the contextual excuses for their actions. But all those excuses are the ingenuity created by the narrators to justify wrong behaviour. Not in real life.

People’s choice

Anime Surprise Kiss

In real life, people don’t like someone who wants to kiss forcing them to kiss. But when real people are continually shown a story in which non-consensual kisses are presented as sweet and romantic, they think it is okay for them to force attractive people to kiss. maybe.

That doesn’t mean that everyone who gives a surprise kiss is a bad person. We all dance to cultural songs that are difficult to hear. But their cultural support doesn’t erase the damage. This is especially true when considering all outbreaks of the entire highly degrading population. So next time you or your heart should ask if you got lucky with your surprise kiss earlier.

Consent requires clear communication


The idea behind a surprise kiss is that, for some reason, everyone knows when someone wants to kiss without talking about it. In the Voyager episode “Body and Soul”, the alien captain befriends Seven of Nine. He mistakenly thought that Seven was romantically interested in him, so he decided to take Seven alone to the bridge of the ship and force her to kiss her.

This is a rare example of why a surprise kiss is bad. Seven didn’t want to kiss and was very angry that some guys stuck their tongues in her mouth without asking. Fortunately, it is strong enough to launch aliens across the room. Another might too scared to resist the progress of a much larger person. All surprise kisses can lead to this result, but fiction aims to show us a world where the kisser magically knows that the target wants a kiss. I will.


Culture  Expectations

Regardless of cultural expectations, body language is by no means sufficient to convey consensus among those who are hooked. It is too subjective. Non-verbal cues are incredibly misleading and exaggerated, even for those with strong social skills. The incorporation of people with reduced social skills or who are part of a different culture or subculture guarantees mistakes.

If we want to reduce the incidence of rape in our society, we must overcome the idea that romance occurs through a magical spiritual connection. Last time I checked, humanity had no telepathy.

This means that if someone wants to kiss a new person in real life or in a story, they should ask. It may seem upsetting or scary at first, but burdening potential victims with denial of sexual contact is unfair and must be overcome. The person initiating the contact is responsible for obtaining a free and inform “yes” before arriving at each base in the field.

Please think about it. If you can’t ask for consent with just one little kiss, how do you ask for consent about sex?

Consent is more romantic than sexual assault

Anime Surprise Kiss

As many other storytellers have done, you can use any number of justifications invented in the story to portray sexual assault as romantic. However, there are always people who see through this outfit and the number increases over time. The story can last a long time. Twenty years later, do you want people to duck during your romantic scene?

Consent doesn’t bother anyone and won’t embarrass the next generation. If he seems out of place in your romantic scene, it’s only because you’re new to him, not because there’s something unromantic about him. It may not romantic if it’s poorly implemented. But it applies to other conversations as well.

For an example of how consent implemented correctly, check out this short clip from Disney’s Frozen.


Writing romance is about adding tension and affection to even the most ordinary ones. Consent involves talking about two people kissing. It gives you a good start. If you can’t make it romantic, you need to put those romantic plotlines aside and focus on other things for a while. Or simply exclude sexual activity. There is no kiss in pride and prejudice.

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