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Anime Like Kamisama Kiss | 7 Animes Like Kamisama Kiss

Introduction(Anime Like Kamisama Kiss)

This post is about anime like kamisama kiss. This post contains much information about anime like kamisama kiss. After reading this post you will be able to know about anime like kamisama kiss.

7 anime God started(Anime Like Kamisama Kiss)


God Hajime is one of the kinds and soft reverse Harlem animations that will make you feel warm and vague without wrinkles. Personally, I recommend this anime mainly to female audiences, but its genres make it easy for men of the extremely natural/romantic genre to slide.

It’s really hard to find an animation that meets Kamisama’s standards. The reverses Harlem side isn’t annoying. The protagonist Nanami is a sweet and romantic development for his familiar Tomoelle and their unique relationship. It doesn’t show anyone romantic feelings. But what you need when you want to fill a gap in your heart on a rainy fall.

The following list is the best.

7. Youki x I SS (2012)(Anime Like Kamisama Kiss)
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Paranormal, Boy Section: 12


anime like kamisama kiss


In both cases, the female hero is a high school girl and shares living in the building with me (the fox monster) and other monsters. The monster comes close to the female hero, and the female hero falls in love with the male hero (fox monster).


The wealthy and antisocial girl moves to a safe and secluded mansion due to the presence of a partial ghost.

6. Ogami Girl and the Black Prince (2014)
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Girl Section: 12

anime like kamisama kiss

Both stories revolve around a happy schoolboy who falls in love with a bad boy who makes fun of him a lot despite his obvious charm/love.


When she was in high school, she was asked to show a picture of her boyfriend to her “friends,” and after taking a picture of the stranger Erika Shinohara got into a false network. It’s a shame that the handsome stranger is none other than the popular Kyoya Sada who attends the same school as him.

A fountain pretending to be a couple starts each other’s individuality and falls in love.

5. Fruit Basket (2019)
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Girl, Drama, Slice of Life, Comedy Episode: 26

anime like kamisama kiss

Both animations focus on problematic women with a sad past.

It also contains male characters who turn into animals under certain conditions.


The main character, Toru, is a hard-working and sweet girl who lost her parents and had to live in a tent until she moved in with three seemingly ordinary men (which happened to be very attractive), but in reality, the boys are in the possession of Animals on the zodiac.

How about this?

4. Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne (1999-2000)
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy, Devil, Drama, Magic, Mystery, Romance, Girl | Episode: 44

anime like kamisama kiss

Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne’s main female lead is very similar to Nanami, a high school student who may attack you like a normal girl, but she can turn into a reincarnation of Jeanne d’Arc – also normal Similar to Nanami, who looks like a schoolboy but is actually a human god. Parents reject both of them and can use their power to interact with supernatural beings.

The male protagonist is a strong handsome boy who later returns to the heroine’s feelings and does her best to protect the heroine.


The Japanese girl Jeanne finds herself a reincarnation of Jeanne d’Arc and takes on the task of destroying the evil that dominates the precious art with the help of angels.


3. Akatsuki by Jonah (2014)
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Action, Girl, Adventure, Comedy Episode: 24

anime like kamisama kiss

Both have a hard-working heroine concept, “lost” (due to losing their home) and surrounded by men who want to protect her.


The story revolves around Princess Yona of Akatsuki in the face because of the harsh reality of the Kouka kingdom.

After the sudden murder of his father and king, before betraying his beloved cousin, he was forced to flee with his childhood friend Son Haki. The reality is harsh – if Jonah wants to regain his kingdom, he must learn to fight and betray the power of Kouka’s new king.

2. The chairman is the maid! (2010)(Anime Like Kamisama Kiss)
Genre: Love, Comedy, School, Girl Episode: 26

anime like kamisama kiss
anime like kamisama kiss

Hardworking, independent, cute female protagonist? check.

A handsome, easy-going and wise person? check.

They both have high school comedy and general sweetness but don’t grab too much / annoyingly.

Plot overview

Misaki Ayuzawa is not an easy task. She is the first chair of the Women’s Student Council shortly after the school moved from the boys ’high school to the co-educational school. He can appeal to ambitious and disciplined people at school, but there is another side. Misaki works part-time as a maid at a maid’s cafe and helps her family financially.

One day, when some of the schoolchildren visit the maid’s cafe where she works, everything seems to be very hidden until her life is upset.


1. Snow White with White Hair (2015)(Anime Like Kamisama Kiss)
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama, Girl Section: 12

The rating is final. The best place to start God is snow white with red hair.

Both animes are independent, satisfy their love interests because of special circumstances, move to nearby areas where their love interests live, and eventually, their friendship develops into love. Follow the story of an ambitious heroine,

Both couples support each other well and can lean on each other.


The main heroine, Shirayuki, a teenage herbalist from the Kingdom of Tambarun, is a very unique red-haired happy girl. His life suddenly turns upside down when the prince notices him, telling him to come to his side room.

Shirayuki refused to do so, cut her hair, and fled to the neighbouring Kingdom of Clarines. Hiding Snow White, I run into a prince named Zed who was poisoned by an apple Snow White. He quickly helps the prince with his knowledge of herbs, poisons, and antidotes.

Shirayuki decides to pursue her dream on her way back to the kingdom with the prince. Because it is a proper court herbalist without Zen’s help. Can they be more than friends with such a big difference in social status?

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