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Anime Like Itazura Na Kiss | 9 Animes Like Mischievous Kiss

anime like itazura na kiss


This post is about anime like itazura na kiss and 9 animes like it. This post contains all iformation about these 9 animes. after reading you will know about 9 anime like itazura na kiss.

9 anime like itazura na kiss

This anime really reminds me of love. That’s what I recommend seeing first. Also, share with me my favorite animes like Mischievous Kiss. pleasant!

Lovely complex

Risa Koizumi, who is taller than a normal girl, and Atsushi Otani, who is shorter than the average man. Their constant hustle and bustle of the love-hate relationship is known throughout the school. They act the same way, love the same music, their friendship is full of laughter, shouting at each other and of course lots of jokes about each other’s heights. However, Lisa is worried because she finds that her feelings for Otan are growing.

He doesn’t know if he can see him more than a friend. She struggles to show her how she feels about her and the romantic relationship between a tall girl and a short man works because her friends take root for her to do. Oblivion Otani can’t make things easier, but he worked stubbornly hard in an unusual way, conveying his feelings to him and finally deciding to go back. If he could do it without driving himself or everyone else …

Special A

The main character, Hikari Hanazono, is always just after Kei Takishima. Hikari thinks Kei is a competitor and a little friend, but Kei loves Hikari. Everyone knows this, but he’s too dense to notice. Their wrestling-loving fathers first performed each other at the age of six. I think young Hikari was the best wrestler, he challenged Kay to a wrestling match, but he was completely defeated.

After that fatal incident, Hikari has vowed to defeat Kay in the school year. It is a sporting event. To do this, he enrolled in the same school as Kay from elementary school. He is currently attending Shiraizumikan, a super-elite college that costs a lot to be a carpenter’s father. Hikari and Kei are the first two students in the school, and Kei holds first place strictly.

Nodame Cantabile

anime like itazura na kiss
anime like itazura na kiss

At Japan’s leading music school, Shinichi Chiak’s arrogance is comparable only to his prestigious piano performance. However, when Chiaki and the teacher started the fight, he was demoted to the rejection class. Chiaki is left with his dream of becoming a conductor surrounded by Noda, an annoying girl who declared a losing musician and Chiak’s girlfriend. It is inevitable that Noda, who calls the name Nodame, will live next door.

kare kano

Yukino Miyazawa is really useless and loves to hear people praise him. She is always the best of all and always strives to look perfect. However, when Yukino went to high school, it was eventually completed. Soichiro Arima, whose score rose in the entrance exam and immediately caught the attention of the class. Coincidentally, Arima discovers that Yukino is just pretending to be, which begins with a series of events that make Yukino and Arima fall in love. Then they have to deal with many obstacles in their relationship.


Miki Koishikawa lived a normal life until his parents announced his divorce. He disagrees until his parents meet Yu Matsuura, the handsome son of another couple whose spouse changes. They now live in one huge house, and Miki and Yu are in love. They have to fight with their emotions, with the others they want to be with, and what the goddess of good fortune and destiny throws in their path …

Wolf girl and black prince

Erica tells her friends about her boyfriend and love, but she hasn’t actually dated anyone in 16 years. He thought the lie had reached its limits until one day he took a secret video of a good-looking guy he saw in town. She boasts that she is her boyfriend, but her name is Kyoya Sata and she just went to her school. He tells him what’s going on and offers to admit his lies, but under his sweet appearance he turns out to be a really nasty sadist. Grab Erica’s weaknesses and order her to become her dog.


Yamato Akizuki travels alone to Tokyo and studies at one of the high schools in the area. Lived with an aunt who takes care of the local women’s bath and started a normal high school life. One day she happens to meet a girl at school and is immediately fascinated by her beauty. He was later shocked to find that a girl named Suzuka was actually living next door. Since then, Yamata’s daily life has begun to change gradually.

Skip beat

Kyoko was able to take his true love and childhood buddy Shon to Tokyo and help him realize his dream of becoming an idol. She loves him so much that she does three jobs: cleaning, preparing food and doing nothing for herself but in return. Still, he is by his side.

But one day he goes to his office for delivery without notice and hears him talk about him. He reveals to his boss that he only took her as a maid and didn’t care about her at all. Hearing this, Kyoko does more than just sit and cry. He cuts and dyes his hair, changes his clothes and attitude, joins the entertainment world, and begins the journey to avenge Shoa.

Boys over flowers

Tosugina: A poor family girl wants to spend two years quietly in Eitoku Gakuen last year. But when he got up to his F4 friend and knew himself, he is one of the school’s four most popular, strongest, and richest boys. He gets a red card: F4’s “declaring war” method. But when they didn’t beat him and started falling into one of F4. Hanazawa. He begins to realize that there is more than visible …

Clannad: After Story

Are you ready to inject all your emotions to the point where you feel like you will never be able to recover? Welcome to Cranado: After Story. From the first season break, CLANNAD, Tomoya, and Nagisa graduate from high school, and Tomoya get a job to support his new wife, also known as Nagisa. They have a lot of problems, but together they can endure each other and Nagisa gets pregnant. They encourage kids to be cocktails, but how much does it cost? Keep the box of tissue close as it will make you cry.

When comparing the two, some are rejected. The Mischievous Kiss is a bright anime, but Clannad After Story is very serious. Aha! Here you have to look beyond the surface and first impressions. The story is actually very similar, and high school romance becomes one that leads to marriage. Nagisa and Tomoya experience the fight is very similar to Kotoko and Naoki. Growing pain increases. No one is a child forever.

Of course, there is a central theme like love, and really anyone can really enjoy these sets. The last important thing to note is that both animations really show what life is like during and after romance. Too many shows ending soon! But don’t believe our words, check out PV yourself!


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