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Anime Lesbian Kiss | 21 Animes With Lesbian Kisses


This page is about anime lesbian kiss. It contains 21 animes with anime lesbian kiss. After reading this page you will know 21 animes with a lesbian kiss.



Top 21 best lesbian anime in the anime industry



Lesbian animation is becoming more and more popular in the mainstream world. Because it often referred to as lilies, also these shows take advantage of the romance. It is also between two women to explore emotional journeys. Because it sometimes leads to sexuality. So while things can get a little sultry in lesbian anime.  This genre also offers a lot more than just these fan service themes.

There are lots of high-quality lesbian animations. It also often tells beautiful painful and emotional stories.  Because some lesbian animations may prioritize showing the character’s sexuality.

You can choose from a wide variety of complex and different lesbian animations. Squidoo can help highlight some of the best lesbian animations. That has created over the years. So here is a list of our 21 best lesbian anime.


21. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Anime Lesbian Kiss

anime lesbian kiss

In fairness, Valkyrie Drive is one of the lesbian animations. It prioritizes sex scenes instead of developing characters and stories. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad anime. Because Valkyrie Drive doesn’t claim to be an intellectual show. It also only exists for Yuri fans. Who likes the naughty genre? There is also a lot of combat action with Yuri’s hot and humid scene.

A 16-year-old girl, Mamori Tokonome, suddenly taken from high school. In a mysterious island inhabited by exotic mermaids. Distracted by a sudden revelation. She meets another wanderer. Miley, who appears to have a basic knowledge of the island. She passionately kisses Mamori. Unleashes her power and turns her into a sexually aroused warrior. Overall, Valkyrie Drive is something you shouldn’t be watching with your parents. But it’s the first entry on our list because there are girls that are clear in their demeanour.


20. Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne No Musume-Tachi

Anime Lesbian Kiss

anime lesbian kiss

Mnemosyne is another lesbian anime that isn’t afraid to get a little sullen. Besides the very explicit sex scene. The story has a balanced mystery plot featuring an ultra-natural and sci-fi cramping horror element. The premise is very interesting. With mythical legends such as “Yggdrasil Tree” and “Time Fruit”.

The main character, Rin Aso, used to eat “fruit of time” which confers immortal power. As a detective, this ability becomes very useful.  she also can use it to escape or survive the death situation. Rin has something to do with his secretary Mimi. But it’s strongly suggested that the whole relationship remains ambiguous. Mnemosyne is on her list due to their pseudo-relationships and explicit sex scenes. Which are very popular throughout the series.


19. Tachibanakan To Lie Angle

Anime Lesbian Kiss

anime lesbian kiss

“Tachibanakan To Lie Angle” is a Yuri animation, reverse Harlem. Which is a pretty weird genre in animation. This series can be a fun experience with comedy effects and fan service. But there aren’t any solid assumptions or stories. After all, each episode is only 3 minutes long. So there’s no way it’ll turn into a bigger story. Fans of Yuri are initially tormented by the series due to their rushed production. Overall, the story mainly features fireworks for young girls. She catches some girls’ attention as soon as they return to her hometown. Fireworks Harlem is inherently not shy and will do everything. In its power to put the fireworks in a sexually endangered situation. Therefore, you can expect a lot of panties and boobs pics. But unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of other content.


18. Maria † Holic

Anime Lesbian Kiss

anime lesbian kiss

One of the funniest shows, Maria † Horikku, revolves around Kanako Miyamae, a girl. She enrols in high school. She hopes of finding a romantic partner like her parents. Kanako has an inherent fear of boys. Because of his childhood incident where recorders and gymnastics uniforms were stolen by boys. From that point on, she collapses whenever. She comes into contact with the opposite sex. The reason she enrols in All-Girls School is to allow her to find a pretty romantic girl for her partner.

Looking at Shinya Shito, Kanako is immediately convinced that she is looking for him. Sadly, Mary turned out to be a transvestite boy. Who attended school at the behest of his grandmother. Mary threatens to expose her impure intentions if she spills beans over


17. Maria -Sama Ga Mitru

Anime Lesbian Kiss

anime lesbian kiss


Lillian Women’s College is a prestigious all-women college. Known as elegant, elegant, pure and clean. The college has a system to select fresh “Suer” (basically sister in French) to help seniors develop. Their education and experience in school. When Yumi Fukuzawa enrolled in school. She felt embarrassed. When the popular Sachiko Ogasawara asked her to become a “Suer”. In the first year, she finally accepted. She immediately became the centre of jealousy and attention.

Yumi soon joined the Yamayuri committee to help the subtleties of the school. She was happy and busy supporting the council. But her relationship with Sachiko gradually deepened. Maria is not the classic lesbian anime of flirty panty shooting and fan service. In fact, there are hardly any sex scenes of any shape. The show contains more “life fragments” songs than lesbians. After all, a good lily show does not necessarily have to be dramatic or pornographic.


16. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Anime Lesbian Kiss


anime lesbian kiss


Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon is often referred to as the salvation of the show producer. Kyoto Animation since its release in 2017. Comedy shows have become very popular. The focus of the show is humour and fast-paced action. But this is the root of lesbianism. Especially after introducing Toru’s friends to the Kobayashi family. It can also be used as a pseudo reverse harem. When Mei Kobayashi opened the door. He found a dragon waiting to be picked up. And the show began.

The terrifying and embarrassing dragon continued to transform into a humanoid maid. Expressing her gratitude. Xiaolinshan’s Wuwu seemed to draw his sword from the dragon’s back. And even though he did not remember what happened during the drunken frenzy. A dragon girl named Toru claimed to be Mr Kobayashi’s maid and returned her kindness. Next came the pleasant development of the two. Tohru seemed to fall in love with Kobayashi. But was almost abandoned due to laughter. However, Mr Kobayashi’s maid is one of the most popular Lily animes in recent years.


15. Kannazuki no Miko (Destiny of The Shrine Maid)

Anime Lesbian Kiss

anime lesbian kiss


The shrine girls of Kanji are inspired by various Japanese folklore. Many characters and settings are based on this folklore. The two main characters, Himeko Kurukawa and Chikane Himemiya. They are the rebirth spirit of the sun and the moon. They started with a pair of lesbians in Ototachibana Academy. Their powerful power was activated by the resurrection of their arch enemy. The evil snake Orochi. To save the world from destruction and destruction.

Our two main girls must learn to guide. Their inner strength to overcome the coming threats of the world. The shrine girl of Kanaizuki is famous for combining elements of folk mythology and mechanical warfare. But it is not always useful for all fans. However, some intense scenes describe lesbian relationships. The scenes are therefore worthy of being included in our list.

14. Riddle Story of the Devil

Anime Lesbian Kiss

anime lesbian kiss


The devil’s riddle story begins in the dark premises of Myojo Academy’s Black Class. It supports and trains Protégé assassins. The task of the protagonist Tokaku Toku and 11 other assassins is to carry out. A fierce assassination of House. Due to the cheers of the dangerous family worries. About the assassination technique, Tokaku became unfriendly, cold and unsocial.

However, when looking at Ichinose, Tokusaku has defects around her. And tries to protect Ichinose from other assassins instead of pursuing her main goal. It was later discovered. Tokachi’s shelter was affected by Ichinose’s ability to be called the “Queen Bee”. As the series progressed. They began to develop emotions for each other. When Tokaku realized that his asylum might be due to Ichinose’s ability to manipulate. He tried to assassinate Ichinose simply to realize. That her feelings for Ichinose were real and natural. Fortunately, Ichinose survived, and at the end of the story, the couple seemed to be dating.

13. Strawberry Panic

Anime Lesbian Kiss

anime lesbian kiss


Like many other lesbian animated series, Strawberry Panic is set in the Catholic Girls’ Academy of St. Mediator’s. Therefore, the school is at the top of Astrea Hill. It is almost separated from the rest of the world. Strawberry Panic, as suggested by the anime community. It is one of the most lesbian anime ever. But a great place to start for anyone new to the genre. There are dozens of main casts in this series. The focus is on Nagisa Aoi, a transfer student who will eventually transfer to Saint-Mieter.

Overwhelmed by the beauty of the campus. He hurtled down a hill and was helped by an older student, Hanazono Shizune. Aoi was immediately fascinated by her beauty and quickly passed out. Meet my roommate Tamao Suzumi at the hospital. As she gets used to the hierarchical framework of the school. She meets a series of other girls. The show progresses by developing relationships between these girls. Some are platonic romance, others are pure friendship. Fan service exists on the show. But the scope of their sexual description is well controlled. For fans who don’t know about the love of girls. This is a perfect show in the first place.


12. Dear Brother (Onisama E….)

Anime Lesbian Kiss

anime lesbian kiss


A very unique and creative ’90s anime show. Dear Brother focuses on the Sorority Club of the prestigious high school for girls. Ceylan Academy, and the dramas that accompany it. The main character, Nanako Misono, is a freshman. He unexpectedly entered Sorority Club. Sorority clubs are generally very elite clubs. But their members generally have extraordinary talent, social sophistication, or wealth.

This makes her the envy of many students. They consider her not worth being considered part of an exclusive club. Nanako is reluctantly involved in school political drama, hated, ridiculed and even intimidated. The story is told in narrative form. Because Nanako reveals the difficulty of managing life. A series of letters sent to her former homeroom teacher. Dear brothers, this is not an obvious traditional lesbian story. But it is a complete capture of the trauma of being a lesbian.


11. Sailor Moon

Anime Lesbian Kiss

anime lesbian kiss


Another classic from the 90s, Sailor Moon, is one of the most popular lily pairs in anime. Along with Haruka Tenno (Sailor Neptune) and Michiru Kaioh (Sailor Uranus). Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon isn’t a lesbian anime program per se. But the love story of Haruka (Sailor Uranus) and Michiru (Sailor Neptune) is essential. A side relationship and is on the cult list after the couple reunion. I think it’s worth mentioning.

They are also one of the early pioneers of official lesbian relationships on the anime platform. Haruka, Otenba’s daughter, can be seen flirting with Michiru’s wife several times. They are most often seen onscreen together, holding hands and dating. Haruka doesn’t trust anyone other than Michiru, so they usually work together.


10. Sakura Trick

Anime Lesbian Kiss

anime lesbian kiss


Haruka Takayama and Yu Sonoda have been close friends since high school. At Misato Nishi High School, you will again be assigned to the same class. When they announced the school would close after three years. They looked fine and instead plan to enjoy it throughout high school. When Yu begins to make new friends, Haruka begins to be jealous. To prove that their friendship is special to others. They decided to do something they had never done. They kissed in an empty classroom after class.

But the kissing causes something with them, which seems to want more, and after a series of kisses. Their relationship takes a completely different path. When they start a romance. A cautious heterosexual society may not accept their secrets very much. Sakura Trick is a clever reversal of the heterosexual norm, exploring the relationship. Between two curious teenage girls and their newly discovered sexuality. There are also other lesbian couples in the same class in this series. Sakura Trick is a must-have for fans who love lesbian anime.

9. Simon

anime lesbian kiss


Simon will be performed in such an environment. It will be a utopia for modern feminists born as women. On Ogurigi Planet, you can choose a gender that will be a permanent gender at the age of 17. On this planet, the monopoly of spiral motor technology has made the Simulacrum nations the envy of most nations. Therefore, the war broke down. When other nations invaded the Simulacrum to steal its technology. Simulacrum owns a flying plane called “Simoun” to protect himself.

This plane can only be operated by two girls. They have not yet selected a permanent gender. After the killing of former pilot Amria in the operation.  The young ace pilot Air was recently hired to fly a “Simon” aircraft. Her flight partner, Neviril, still mourns Amria’s death. She finds it difficult to accept Air as her partner. Fascinated by the beauty of Never, Eyre was initially useless. But tried to approach her. In war and politics, the foundations of Aer and Neviril were shaken. But in overtime, their ties deepened and as the series evolved. Neviril accepted Aer as her new partner. Before the performance is over, the couple so far.


8. Whispered Words (Sasameki Koto)

anime lesbian kiss

Quiet words speak of the cruellest and most genuine form of unrequited love. But they cannot meet the physical standards of our loved ones. Sumika Murasame is tall, athletic and beautiful. She is currently attending high school with her best friend Ushio Kazama. Sumika loves Ushio very much.  Ushio’s sexuality is also good for feminization-unfortunately. It’s too feminine for Sumika. Ushio likes cute girls.  Sumika is tall and has a unique understanding of martial arts. So it’s hard to say that she’s cute. Sumika, who knows Ushio’s tastes. She cannot recognize her feelings and falls into a state of eternal pain.

Various characters such as Tomoe and Miyako, a lesbian couple, Masaki, a dress-up boy. He is crazy about Sumika, and Charlotte Karate lovers will appear. As the performance progressed, dramatic tensions increased, exploring various aspects of the relationship during the performance. The show worked well with a realistic depiction. The fragile boundaries between platonic friendship and romance. Eventually, Oxtail began to realize that he also had a romantic feeling for life. He began to hint at his feelings. Although the shows open-end. It can infer that these two shows will eventually take place after the finale of the series.



7. Mai- Hime (My Hime)

anime lesbian kiss


Dancing Girl is an underrated Yuri anime that many are unfamiliar with. Because the theme used by Mai-Hime is a mixture of fantasy and Shoujo-Ai. Which is less common in anime. The story and premises are very rich. Thirteen girls with magical and summoning abilities taken to the Fuka Academy. They have to fight a mysterious creature called an “orphan.” Establishing connections between different characters. With My-HiME’s character representation. Even with so many different characters-romance, jealousy, drama, or the opposite. This story doesn’t focus on other stories.

But the main character is Mai Tokiha, a transfer student at Fuka Gakuen and a sick younger brother. As the danger approaches, thirteen girls, call “Himeji.”   They had to learn how to work together. And  also unite to defeat the “orphans.” But things are not easy.

Their secrets about the essence of that purpose seem to reveal a mystery. Frankly, the show includes everything-magical elements. There were well-written storylines, storytelling suspense, intense action, exciting romance. And most importantly, Yuri’s content is also good.


anime lesbian kiss


Today, one of the most popular lesbian animations is the dramatic and bold “Citrus”. Aihara pomelo is a model of modern fashion, a fashionista and a socialite. When her mother remarried. She forced to transfer to another school. And also she couldn’t be more excited about the prospect. She continues to lead a charming life. Dreaming of finding a hot boyfriend and experiencing her first kiss. The reality will not disappoint. Her new school, Aihara College, is a strict all-girls school. All students are model students with outstanding academic and disciplinary records. Grapefruit inevitably finds it difficult to enter a new school. At that time, I met Mei Aihara.

The beautiful and elegant student council president. Who confiscated her mobile phone on the first day. After a hard day, Yuzu found that Mei Aihara actually her new sister and go home. In the beginning, It was difficult for the two to communicate. But May suddenly locked her lips with enthusiasm. As new secrets revealed. The Yuzi tried to resist the school’s strict policies. The two girls shared more physical intimacy time and time again. Citrus is so bold and vividly showing the lesbian scene. Also, many kisses and girl-to-girl actions can be expected throughout the series. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most intense lesbian animations you will find in recent years.


5. Sweet Blue Flowers (Aoi Hana)

anime lesbian kiss


Blue flowers surround the two main girls from different middle schools. Tadao Okuda from Fujiya Women’s College and Fumi Manabu from Matsusaka Women’s College. They were childhood friends and keep in touch again for the first time in a while. The story explores various relationships in the show. It is not just the two main actors. Having encountered a series of unfortunate events in her relationship. Fumi gets comfort and advice from her ex-best friend Ming Huang.

The blue flowers are a self-fulfilling story of adolescent sexuality, and curiosity reaches its peak. Many critics pointed to the show. When redefining the lily genre. Discarding the unrealistic lesbian metaphor used in other lily shows. The adventurous, bold, energetic and frank sweet blue flower releases the appearance of aesthetics. It romanticism in the lesbian culture. But it truly depicts how the real world treats homosexuality. I can paint it.


4. Asagao To Kase-San

anime lesbian kiss


Asagao and Kase are some of the most romantic lesbian shows in anime. The story is subtle, simple, sweet and sharp. Because Yui Yamada is shy and timid and is very familiar with plant science. She spends most of her study time in the garden. On the other hand, Tomoka Kase is almost the exact opposite, outgoing, popular athlete. And also she is a part of the school sports team.

The OVA episode of this series is only two lengths.  The first episode is only six minutes. But it works well in establishing the relationship between the two. Because it started with an innocent flower plantation. Which eased the tension between the two girls. They finally started dating. The two also are like all romantic relationships.  As the series progressed, obstacles overcome. Asagao and Kase are a simple lesbian story of two girls, but this is enough. This is just an excellent performance of simplicity.


3. Yagate Kimi Ni Naru (Bloom Into You)

anime lesbian kiss


“Being You” provides realistic insights into what heterosexual norms mean to young lesbians in the world. Yu Koito loves girl cartoons and sows the seeds. She believes that one day, romantic love will come and wipe her feet. However, the reality of the dream is constantly deteriorating. When the boy confessed his love to him. She did not feel what she had imagined. Instead, she felt empty, empty and disappointed.

After entering high school, he saw Nanami Toko Nanami. The chairman of the student union refused the help of the seeker. And also his elegance and maturity made him feel obedient. However, when Nanami fell in love and admitted her feelings. She fell into a completely unexpected situation. In the end, you will be a show that perfectly arranges. The void of love (love) and the discovery of love (Nanhai). The show is a true expression of a girl’s love. It is for lesbians during a beautiful journey that two girls have experienced.


2. Revolutionary Girl Utena

Of course, this list is not complete without Girl Revolution Utena. Girl Revolution Utena is a classic lesbian story. Dating back to 1997, redefining the genre of lily and innovating when it released. This 39-episode thriller tells the wonderful story of Utena Heaven. She vowed to become a prince because a noble prince comforted her after her parents died. The prince left her a strange crescent-shaped rose wreath and promised to see her again in the future.

A few years later, at Otori Academy. Utena found out that he was playing a deadly game with people. They were similar to other rings to win Rose Bride Anthy. After winning, Utena unknowingly began to wait for fate. Utena and his newlywed bride Anthy face endless obstacles. At the same time. The true purpose of Otani Academy revealed. And it depends on Utena to better change the world. Utena’s story is actually a literary novel. Her relationship with Anthy also began to flourish. She was not afraid to explore their sex lives. Girl Revolution Utena will continue to be a classic lesbian anime. It will continue to maintain this trend in the coming years.

1. Yuru Yuri (Happy Go Lily)


anime lesbian kiss


To summarize our list, among them is Yuruyuri, the number one Yuruyuri voted by the Japanese animation industry. Yuruyuri basically embodies the cuteness of anime programs. Like most excellent lesbian animations. But the show established in all-girls schools Nanamori Junior High. Because the “Tea Club” is disbanding. The main actors mainly composed of junior high school students. They will open a new club called “Entertainment Club”.

The four members of the club include the latest work of the protagonist Akari Akaza. The co-founder of the Yui Funami and Kyoko Toshinou series, and Chinatsu Yoshikawa. Although this is a lily show. This show vividly interprets life and comedy. The show mainly focuses on entertainment club activities. In club activities, they also spend time drinking tea and basically doting on each other. Friendly Moe lesbian anime, support gay humour. Because it is entertainment create only for entertainment purposes. The other programs on the list are not superior. But this is not a bad thing. Entertainment is also valuable, not everything needs to be taken seriously.


Last words

You have the 21 best lesbian anime series. We can think If you have any good lesbian anime shows that we have excluded. Please let us know in the comments section. Yuri forever!

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